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  1. Love these updates, but have found one error in the latest update. Mauricio Pochettino is currently set as Tottenham's Assistant Manager.
  2. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Here are my Stage 3 Results: Really interesting challenge, it certainly helps that you start at one of the best teams in the league. It may be tough to bring in Viking players during the first season, but the current players should be good enough to get you promoted if you are struggling to find players. The best bit of advice from me is to try and bring in some Scandinavian staff asap. That really allows your scouting knowledge to increase, which in turns will show you more Viking players. Initial Setup: Leagues Loaded . Database Extras | Start Manager Profile . End of Season 1 Profile . End of Season 2 Profile | Results: Season 1 Competitions . Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 | Season 2 Competitions . Fixtures 1 Fixtures 2 | Team: Transfer History Season 1 . Transfer History Season 2 | Squad View Season 1 . Squad View Season 2 | Goalkeeper: Marcus Engebresten History | Defenders: Adam Mansa History | Casper Abildgaard History | Frederik Nielsen History |Kristian Larsen History | Lukas Talbro History | Pal Fjelde History | Sebastian Lodahl History | Snorre Strand Nilsen History | Midfielders: Asgeir Snekvik History | Benjamin Mbunga Kimpioka History | Kristoffer Iversen History | Saban Ozdogan History | Attackers: Adam Persson History | Henrik Johansson History | Isak Malvik History | Magnus Langseth History | Marco Hjorth History | Vetle Myhre History | Points: (Wasn't sure about Yellow Part 2 if we include substitute appearances or not, have added points for both. Also wasn't 100% sure on Stage Win points. Do we get + points for the amount we sell for or just players sold? Again I've added points for both!) Yellow Jersey: Part 1 = 1st in VNL 30 pts | Part 2 = 636 Starts (126 Subs - 21 Pts) = 106 Pts / 127 Pts | Grand Total = 136 Points or 157 Points Green Jersey: Winner x2 = 40 Points Polkadot Jersey: 4th Qual. Round = 2 pts & 3rd Round = 7 pts | Grand Total = 9 Points Stage Wins: + = £30.5k or 7 | - = 0 or -23 - - - - - I think that is everything. If I have missed something then please let me know. Something to add is that in the players history it only counts the league games played, so for the Yellow jersey points I have taken the games from the Squad Views as they include the competitive cup games played.
  3. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    How is everybody getting on? So far I have finished the first season and walked the league. Now it's all about trying to find another 7 Scandinavians to get this team ready for the new season.
  4. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    I have actually found something worse than the finances. Bloody players refusing to leave, even though they've asked to. Cant move 3 or 4 of them and have had offers accepted on all of them.
  5. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Has anybody else been struggling financially? Seem to be losing money at an alarming rate.
  6. FM18 - Tour de Challenges

    Looking forward to the new stage. I want my Yellow Jersey back @TheEarl so be warned!!!
  7. Ok so how do I fix that issue?
  8. I can run the game now in full screen mode, but I cant change to windowed mode or start in windowed mode. I can run the game in windowed mode on a different user account. Any reason why I can't do it on my main account?
  9. Ok I have just sent the email. I hope that it gets to you ok, and everything that you need is in there.
  10. Ok, I have attached my dxdiag, I hope that it uploads ok. I have tried removing all custom graphics etc. and I am still having the same problem. I have the Norton Security anti-virus. I don't know what the exact program/name of it is, all I can seem to find is that it is called Norton Security. Hope that helps DxDiag.txt
  11. Yes the game disappears when I switch to windowed mode. When I try and start the game in windowed mode it disappears. It is loaded ok and waiting on the main menu but I can't get onto the game. I have updated all of the drivers on the graphics card.
  12. A bit more information. Using Nvidia GeForce Experience, I was able to get the game to start in Full Screen mode, but I don't like to play in full screen. I tried to switch to windowed mode but that is when the screen disappeared again. Any ideas what is happening?
  13. I have just started having this problem. I can load FM ok but the game never shows up. In the taskbar I can see that it is loaded, and when I hover over the icon I can also see that the game is on the main menu. The problem is that I can't get onto the game. I click on the taskbar nothing happens. I click on the pop up window after hovering on the taskbar icon, nothing happens. It's not hiding behind other programs either. I'm hoping that there is a very easy and quick fix, but I just don't know what it is. Can anybody help?
  14. Supporters Shield | Western Conference Playoffs | MLS Cup Final | Results 1 Results 2 | Squad Stats 1 Squad Stats 2 | Transfer History Trade History | Finally I have managed to finish the season off and it turned out a lot better than I could have ever imagined. When I arrived the squad was in a mess with the club over spending on wages and no room for me to move and add some much needed players. I was able to save a lot of money by getting rid of Blanco and Mabiala. By trading them to other MLS teams it meant that I could bring in 4 foreign players on a free transfer, promote 2 youngsters from the academy and also recall and register the backup goalkeeper. After taking over I said that my initial aim for the season was to target the US Open Cup. That failed miserably as I rested a lot of my starters and stupidly thought that the players coming in could beat lower league team Cincinnati. Oh well, next season once I can bring in my own players and can add some much needed quality depth players. The league however was a different story. We would end up winning 16 out of the remaining 23 games, including a 10 game winning run which really moved us up the table. Towards the end of the season we had a couple of big injury's which looked like it was going to threaten all our good work, but thankfully the team rallied and we ended up winning it all. The 2 conference games were relatively easy, the 4-2 away leg against Colorado put us in a commanding position that we didn't let slip. The key to the Conference Final against Dallas was the 3-0 first leg. We didn't allow them a single shot at goal and thankfully we were able to score enough goals that would allow us to be comfortable in the 2nd leg despite a late scare. The MLS Cup final was all going fantastically well for 77 minutes. We were 2-0 up and cruising until Atlanta scored their goal. After that it was all one way traffic but thankfully we managed to score on the counter to finish off the game and be crowned MLS Cup Champions. We are now entered into the North American Champions League, with the 1st Round coming on the 1st February. I didn't realise that it happened so quickly but it will be very interesting to see how we get on. I would imagine that I would be here this time next season, but I really need to get the US Open Cup won this year. I wont be making the same mistake as last season, my best squad will be playing every game. Not long after the season, a few Asian international jobs opened up after the Asian Cup. I was offered the choice of Japan or South Korea. I chose South Korea and have therefore added their leagues to the game. They will join at the end of the season hopefully in time for the 2024 Olympics where I will be the manager. CLUB Season | Club | League pos. | Continental qual. | Cont. Achievements | Notes | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017 | Solomon Warriors | 1st | Yes | Wasn't in it | Entered Oceanic Hall of Fame 2018 | Solomon Warriors | 1st | Yes | O-League Finalists | Won the Melanesian Cup, Left after League Season 2019/20 | Auckland City | 1st | Yes | O-League Winners | Won the Charity Cup, Left after O-League Win 2020/21 | Alajuelense | 1st | Yes | Wasn't in it | Won the Closing Stage, Qualified for Champions League 2021 | Suva | 1st | Yes | Already Eliminated | Won the Domestic Treble. Left after the Season 2022 | Portland Timbers | 3rd | Yes | Wasn't in it | Won the MLS Cup, Qualified for Champions League INTERNATIONAL Season | Team | Tourn. qual | World ranking | Trophies won | ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2017-18 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | 2018-19 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | 2019-20 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | 2020-21 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | 2021-22 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | 2022- | S. Korea | TROPHIES WON 5/25 League Titles (3/3 Oceania (Solomon Islands, Fiji & New Zealand)0/3 AFC, 0/3 CAF, 2/3 CONCACAF (Costa Rica, USA), 0/3 CONMBEBOL, 0/3 UEFA, 0/7 Other) 0/25 Domestic Cups 1/9 Continental Club Trophies (O-League) 0/1 Worldwide Club Trophies 0/7 Continental International Trophies 0/3 Worldwide International Trophies TROPHY LIST 2017: Telekom S-League (Solomon Warriors) 2018: Telekom S-League (Solomon Warriors) 2019-20 ASB Premiership (Auckland City) 2019-20 O-League (Auckland City) 2020-21 Closing Stage (Costa Rica) 2021: Galaxy Premier League (Fiji) 2022: MLS Cup (USA) MANAGER STATS Reputation: Fairly Good 60% License: Continental Pro Earnings: £250K Played: 148; Won: 115; Drawn: 20; Lost: 13; For: 522; Against: 193; Diff: +329; Win %: 77