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  1. I have been using both files and haven't had any problems with them.
  2. I'm playing as Gremio Novorizontino in Brazil Serie C, and the big clubs have made a bid for my star striker. I have managed to agree terms that include the transfer will go through at the End of the Season. However, when I finally go to confirm the transfer it goes through straight away. I have uploaded a save game called End of Season Transfer Bug. You can just continue all the way until the transfer confirmation date. Some other teams will make transfer bids, you can try to negotiate with them to see if you have similar results to mine.
  3. Really progressing well now. Cant wait to see what the Model Citizen can do to your mentoring system. Hopefully by the time you reach the Premiership you'll be having Model Citizens coming from everywhere!!
  4. I'm giving this a go in Brazil with Gremio Novorizontino. Here is my initial profile.
  5. Really nice @PequenoGenioare you planning on releasing it?
  6. Go to Preferences. At the bottom of the box should be a reset button. Click on that and then click on Clear Cache.
  7. Fantastic work with this update, cant wait to get started with it. Out of interest in the above screenie, how did you get the media logos to show up instead of the default face etc. Also presumably would it therefore be possible to put the Athletic logo instead of the journalist's face?
  8. Are you planning on releasing this? Love your Manager Profile page.
  9. Thanks for this. I presume that this file means that I no longer need the specific English and German versions?
  10. Congrats on the promotion. Some fantastic work going on and its great to see the cup runs continue! Do you think you'll be in a position to challenge for promotion soon, or will it take a couple of years to build a promotion winning team? Also on the local list don't forget Rugby Town, Nuneaton & Banbury.
  11. Perfect. Could I request China. Their club names are a bit of a mess!
  12. Looking forward to starting this out in Brazil later today. Does anybody have a definitive list of all the ratings/hidden ratings that each personality has? I thought I had a list but after reading through the last few pages it appears that my list isn't correct.
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