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  1. Brilliant work on this @_Ben_ Can't wait to see your next save.
  2. Sorry I didn't understand that! I tried changing the colour of the goalscorer myself but I also didn't have any luck. I'm not 100% sure on what I'm doing however so maybe somebody else can get it to work.
  3. I'm pretty sure that code is for the Assister and not the goalscorer. Try looking at the code that I posted a couple of posts up. I think that is the code for the goalscorer, but haven't been able to check recently.
  4. @lembergman For the logos on the match preview and top right, do they have to be a certain size or at least an ideal size, or would any size work? Also, do you know if its possible to have the top right logo show up on 2D pitch or is that not possible?
  5. Out of interest and slightly off topic, but do you know which one of these 2 controls the goal scorer name and details? I don't know a lot, so they seem to be the same to me, and I don't want to ruin either!! <widget class="text" entity_layout_id="at0`" id="PlNA" alignment="centre_y,left" auto_size="horizontal" needs_width="true" height="20"> <animation class="fade_animation" start_value="0" end_value="1" duration="0.4" delay="0.7" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse" trigger_id="hidden" trigger_value="false"/> <string id=
  6. I figured as much but thought that I would just ask and check!!
  7. That looks great. Just thought that I would also ask this question before everyone else! I'm guessing that you can't replace the Sky Sports logo for the goalscorers face?
  8. Thanks for the info about the vacant space, I'll have to look into the icons! Do you have any idea what the widget ID's are or how to go about getting them? @michaeltmurrayuk
  9. Is it possible to have Junior Coaching & Youth Recruitment star rating underneath the Training Facilities & Youth Facilities on the Club Overview page? I have attached my Club Overview panels if anybody can see a way of adding them. As you can see from the screenshot there is plenty of room to be made as the Positions | Division | Media Prediction could be made smaller as they take up a lot of space. club overview details panel.xml club overview panel.xml
  10. Does anybody have a shortlist of some go to players that work really well in these tactics? Obviously, I don't mean all the best players but players that just perform stupidly well in these tactics.
  11. This is fantastic. Where can I download the tv logos? I can remember seeing them somewhere but cant seem to find them!
  12. Haven't commented for a while but I've been keeping up to date with it all. Good to see your establishing yourself as a premiership team, just a shame that the board seem to be going against you most of the time. The personalities of your current squad are fantastic. Great work buddy keep it up. Out of interest how are Worcester getting on?
  13. I had the same problem with the manager last year. I cant remember what the fix is but if you go back through this thread it should be in there somewhere.
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