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  1. Absolutely brilliant work with Castellon. Cant wait to see who your next club is. Would love to give your tactic a go, did you make it from scratch or did you download it from somewhere?
  2. Does anybody know what is the best/reliable database to download to use this. My last attempt of this challenge was before the latest update and the database doesn't work anymore.
  3. Love the new update. It's been a while since I played the game but wanted to say a big thanks for also moving the NCAA up the list of playable leagues. I wasn't a massive fan of having all the available leagues loaded as there are too many available jobs that never seemed to get filled. Is there anything that can be done about that? The other big thanks is for all the work on the graphics. To be able to have all logos and kits working straight away is perfect, as I get pretty anal about not being able to have the right logos and kits. For the next update, is there any chance that you could have a look at the home and away kits in the NCAA. I find that a lot of them have the same colours for the home and away kit. It is very odd when playing a game and your meant to be playing in white, but everything is in red! I understand that it would probably take a lot of time and effort, so if it is too time consuming then don't worry about it. Thanks
  4. An additional idea that I've just had is that before the tournament starts, maybe a month before, you are offered the chance to place job advert for any available positions that you have. You will then be given a list of staff members that are open to joining your staff for that tournament only. The extra bit that would be interesting is if you had managers who were recently sacked, or staff members currently at clubs who normally wouldn't accept the job offer, but will for that tournament. Another option for this is being able to offer staff members contracts that have an expiry date of the when the tournament ends.
  5. I personally think that during international tournaments that you should be able to set training schedules and more importantly be able to rest players. The majority of tournaments have games every 2/3 days and there is no chance that players can recover fully. If we had the option to rest players for the days in between then at least it would improve the chance of improving their condition.
  6. Can anybody help please? I'm not sure what has happened (or what I have done) but how can I get the numbers on the club kit, back to normal?
  7. I suppose considering Billy Beane is involved with the ownership group of Barnsley, maybe try them?
  8. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but is there any way to get rid of the Suggested box on the Social Feed page and make the regular boxes bigger to take over the vacant space? (Hope that makes sense) Also, on the club overview page is there anyway to add the boxes underneath the kits to say home, away and third with the colour of that kit?
  9. Leagues Loaded: Asia: Australia, China, South Korea | Africa: South Africa | N. America: USA | S. America: Argentina, Brazil | Europe: England, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Spain * * * * * Season 1 So, after waiting and applying for any and every job, I was finally given the opportunity to manage Witbank Spurs in South Africa. I had really hoped that I would be able to get a job in China, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. I arrived towards the end of January with the club currently sitting in 7th place. I hoped to be able to make the top 3 by the end of the year, but the club was in a real state. Finances were terrible, and getting worse every day. We were recommended to have only 4 coaches, we had 7! We have a director of football who is terrible, but I cant sack him because he also happens to be the owner!! Every single player bar one, is scheduled to leave at the end of the season. Results Fourth Period Table Final League Table Playoff Mini League End of Season Squad Stats Transfer History So overall really happy with how we did in just a short time. The squad is a complete mess! I am very much looking forward to ripping it apart and completely rebuilding while trying to stay in the premiership and improve the finances. Getting Emmanuel Letlotlo in on loan was a massive help. He was clinical most of the time and always seemed to score when we needed him to. Lets see what happens in Season 2!
  10. Going to give this a go. Really struggling to stick to one save, so hopefully the fact that you have to move clubs will help keep this save going!
  11. That's fantastic thanks. Quick question, what if your primary colour is white? Is there any way to change the colour of the right side? I mean the Career, Fantasy Draft, Online Career button etc..
  12. @bella699 Don't suppose you have a link to that skin do you, it looks really nice
  13. Having seen some of the replies about not being able to get into a game, which I can relate too a lot, this is what I have found that can sometimes help me get into a game. I load a bunch of leagues depending on how my pc will handle them, and then go on holiday for 4-5 months, start as an unemployed manager and see what clubs become available. Hope that helps give somebody a different idea, if they don't know who to manage.
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