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  1. I can't seem to find a post about the Gibraltar league but this link shows that they have the licence for Gibraltar, along with them saying it's post release. If you go into the steam workshop, (which i believe is where you have to get the Canadian league from) the only files that are there are: Canadian Premier League Canadian Logos Canadian Kits Canadian Facepack Gibraltar League I don't know if that is enough or if somebody can find something official from SI that says thats it's an official SI add on. Hope that helps
  2. Ok sweet, I must have completely missed that. That's good news though. Might have to start this again with the Canadian League. Thanks
  3. @fmgrandtourer I hate to be the bearer of bad news but unfortunately you cant have the Canadian league loaded as it's an add on and not a default league that comes with the game.
  4. That is one hell of a season. That last game was ridiculous! How did Zlatan get on for you. I've really struggled to get him scoring. Were you playing the 4-3-3 that you showed higher up? On another note, that season by Ronaldo is mental
  5. No, I quite like the look of the challenge, plus I always play with first transfer window turned off so nothing really changed.
  6. I've just started my game, and forgot that I had Australia set as the start date, so I took over at the start of October with the club currently sitting in 8th. It's taken me about 1-2 hours looking through and trying to sort out my staff and transfer targets etc. So far I've pretty much followed what you did and have deals agreed to sell Bonaventura (£10.5m to Guangzhou Evergrande), Biglia (£2m to Beijing Guo'an), Borini (£10.75m to Crystal Palace) & Reina (£675k to Galatasaray. Regarding transfers in, I am obviously trying to bring in Tonali. I would also like to bring in a couple of centre backs. I am looking at Onguene & Akanji. Has anybody used either of them before? I had a bid accepted for Bonifazi but he wanted to go from £18.5k p/w all the way to £75k p/w! Not going to happen. I am also looking to try and bring in Pellegri from Monaco. EDIT: Also does anybody know why, when adding a player as a Transfer Target or when negotiating a new players contract it is asking Franco Baresi (Director) to do it instead of my director of football? I have triple checked my staff responsibilities and there is nothing with Baresi's name anywhere.
  7. Is there any chance that you could send it my way as well please. Thanks
  8. Yeah that's what I thought, shame that! Canadian League Info
  9. Pretty sure that I know the answer to this but could I add the Canadian League & Gibraltar leagues to this challenge as they are official SI updates/uploads or can it only be leagues that are in the original game?
  10. Personally, don't think so, because like you said earlier then you might as well add the African domestic comp.
  11. Don't know if this is possible, but is there any way on the player ratings section that you can have them ordered by position/see what position they are playing? Hopefully this picture will show what I mean/am asking for.
  12. I can't say that I disagree with any of these points, my only sort of counter point would be, that the Olympics is a multi continental tournament, whereas the domestic African tournament is only for African teams! I can't of the top of my head think of any other multi continental tournaments that could potentially be added to the list instead of the Confederations Cup.
  13. I think that it would be a good idea personally. Also an idea, why not add the Olympics as a World Competition to win?
  14. @bluestillidie00 Any luck with adding Instant Result to this skin?
  15. Ok thanks for this. I will start making a copy of these instances.
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