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  1. Sorry, I completely missed that! Thanks for the screenshots. Will give it a go.
  2. Can anybody who has got this take a couple of screenshots of what it looks like please. I am very curious about how it looks before I go and implement it into my game. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the update. Quick question, do you have your referee backgrounds in a separate folder or should they be in with the staff? Mine are currently in a separate folder but with the latest update I wasn't sure if there were any referee backgrounds in the update as there wasn't a separate folder and it's got me questioning things!! My OCD really can be a pain!
  4. That looks great. Is there any chance you could upload those panels?
  5. Cant wait! Just a heads up if your updating the China backgrounds. They have added 4 new clubs to the top 2 leagues. They are only new in a name sense but they will need their id's changing.
  6. Brilliant work on this @_Ben_ Can't wait to see your next save.
  7. Sorry I didn't understand that! I tried changing the colour of the goalscorer myself but I also didn't have any luck. I'm not 100% sure on what I'm doing however so maybe somebody else can get it to work.
  8. I'm pretty sure that code is for the Assister and not the goalscorer. Try looking at the code that I posted a couple of posts up. I think that is the code for the goalscorer, but haven't been able to check recently.
  9. @lembergman For the logos on the match preview and top right, do they have to be a certain size or at least an ideal size, or would any size work? Also, do you know if its possible to have the top right logo show up on 2D pitch or is that not possible?
  10. Out of interest and slightly off topic, but do you know which one of these 2 controls the goal scorer name and details? I don't know a lot, so they seem to be the same to me, and I don't want to ruin either!! <widget class="text" entity_layout_id="at0`" id="PlNA" alignment="centre_y,left" auto_size="horizontal" needs_width="true" height="20"> <animation class="fade_animation" start_value="0" end_value="1" duration="0.4" delay="0.7" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse" trigger_id="hidden" trigger_value="false"/> <string id=
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