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  1. Have you got the backgrounds set to show on stadiums? If you have then the only other thing I can think of is when you go back to look after a game and it doesn't show up, try backing out of that match and then going back into the match. You might have to try a few times. Sometimes I have the problem of the stadium not showing and that normally sorts it out.
  2. Is there anybody that could create/update the current Chinese Leagues please. There has been a few changes for example the 2nd division has increased from 16 teams to 18 teams, while the third division (unplayable by default) has gone down to 10 teams per division. Here are some links to the forthcoming season along with correct teams etc. 2020 Chinese Super League | 2020 Chinese League One | 2020 Chinese League Two | Thanks
  3. That looks insane!! Are you planning on doing the same intro for all comps or can it only be set to 1 competition?
  4. Thanks @mamba34 just managed to get this to work for me. Appreciate the help and easy to understand instructions.
  5. Sounds like you need to change the config file. If it's replacing the faces then the config will end with /portrait"/>. Try changing that to /background"/>
  6. Are you running any custom databases that include media sources? If you are then maybe the id's of the media sources have changed and don't work with the current config. That is the only thing that I can think of as like Steve said everything in the config file seems to be ok.
  7. I am pretty sure that this is the line you need: <record from="benitez-r" to="graphics/pictures/player/4203246/background"/> The bits in bold you will need to change yourself to the background name of the picture and player id. Hope that helps
  8. Fantastic work Steve. Thanks a lot!
  9. Do you mean have a universal logo for all Websites, Newspapers, Radio etc. A bit like they are now but with the athletic like you said?
  10. So I've been having a look at what I think is the panel that controls the small logos that were looking to change. From what I understand, I don't think it will be possible to change the logo's for each individual media company. Like you said each different type of media source (magazine, radio, website etc) uses a generic background image. I would therefore imagine that if we put the sky sports logo for example as the default background for websites then it would show up for every website and not just sky sports. I'll upload the panel for websites that I was looking at, and maybe somebody can see a way in which we can incorporate having individual logos for each media source etc. object portrait picture news feed media source website.xml
  11. They look fantastic, really love the L'equipe one. Have you also made the logos for these or are they available to download somewhere?
  12. Does anybody know if we can change these logo's? I have tried changing the line in the config to icon but that hasn't changed it. Anybody else got an idea? EDIT: So I've been looking around on the resource archiver and I think I have found this panel. I dont know what I might be looking for in regards to changing the logo or even if its possible so maybe some clever cookie here can have a look at it and hopefully come up with a great idea to replace these logo's with real ones. press conference inbox panel.xml
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