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  1. Thanks a lot, I have high hopes for Di Giorgio as long as I can find him a place to play! Having a bit of a brain fade, but can players still qualify to represent San Marino if they have played at the club for 5 seasons? Same as lived in the country for 5 years?
  2. San Marino Calcio Squad | Serie D | Serie D Cup | Fixtures 1| Fixtures 2 | Transfers | Finances | Season Review Season 1 Review This season was all about getting promoted at the first season. Thankfully we managed to do that. It wasn’t until writing this season review that I realized quite how dominant we had been. We won the league by 12 points but as you can see on the combined screen, at home we were unbeaten and only conceded 6 goals all season and never more than 1 in a game. Initially I wanted to win the Serie D Cup but it became more about resting my main league players and giving the rest of the players game time and the opportunity to push for a league role. We never really impressed and the worse thing about the way we knocked out is that I forgot to change to my Cup team! The main transfer philosophy this year was very simple, loan in players for the league season. We loaned in 7 players at the start of the year and the a further one in January. All of the players coming in on loan were bought in without paying anything and this is key while the finances are in a mess. The added bonus of bringing in loan players is that if they start to moan about a lack of game time then they can just be sent back to their parent clubs and we are no worse off. The free transfers of Mazzolli & Verdun were key signings and both were a big part of our first team this season. As expected the finances are a mess although I feel that it could be worse. I will hopefully try to bring in some big money friendlies during the pre-season but I think the finances are probably going to be in the red until we can get into Serie B/A. A good cup run would probably be helpful next season but just like this season the cup isn’t going to be as important as the league. Other News Following our promotion from Serie D we have have become a professional team. While it will probably take a year or two to get all players sorted onto professional contracts the most important thing for me was that I could employ some more coaches as our training will need to be improved as we move up the leagues. I forgot to take a screenshot of the youth intake which wasn’t great for San Marino players although the best prospect Sebastiano Di Giorgio has already received his full international cap before he has even played for our first team. Hopefully next year I can integrate him into the first team and try to improve him. Maybe he can break Andy Selva’s record of 72 caps? * * * * * San Marino National Team Overview | 2016 Fixtures | 2017 Fixtures | World Rankings 2016/17 Review So far the national team has really surprised me. Their worst defeat has only been 3-0 including a visit from World Champions Germany, and even better than that a 1-1 draw at home to Northern Ireland. The scoreline doesn’t reflect the full scale of the game though as you can see. So close to a famous home win. A draw to Gibraltar at home rounded of a very promising year for the national team. 2017 started with a disappointing result at home to Azerbaijan but they quickly got over that loss with a win away to Gibraltar. Although they lost the next game to the Czechs to only lose 1-0 to a side ranked 44th in the world is a step in the right direction. * * * * *
  3. I think that I will take your advice and wait until I am in a better position with the club team. Does the current manager ever leave the team?
  4. I'm thinking about giving this a go. I have always wanted to give this a go but have never got round to it. Quick question... Can you start with the international job as well as the club one or do you have to wait for it to become available?
  5. fm2017 skin

  6. fm2017 skin

    This looks really cool. You have clearly put a lot of effort into it, the premiership match screen looks different class. I will give this a try for sure. Out of interest where did you get the face for your female press officer? Is that just your default female picture? If so could you upload it please. Thanks
  7. Absolutely phenomenal year Steve. Looking forward to seeing how you do in the Champs League. Out of interest where did you get your competition backgrounds from? They look ace especially the youth league ones. Keep up the fantastic work.
  8. Thank you for doing this. It looks amazing. Thanks
  9. Thanks that would be amazing. I had a look at the skin and some of the guides but I really didn't understand much of it at all. Thanks
  10. I am wandering if it is possible to change my Club Overview to something like this: Please excuse the really poor job that I did with paint but I hope that you get the idea. Obviously It would be neater and the results and kits section not stretched. The other main part is to get the small stadium picture to show up without changing the size of the individual panel that it is in. I have absolutely no idea about how to change any of this, so if anybody can help me that would be amazing.
  11. Brilliant, that really helps. Thanks a lot.
  12. Looks great. Any chance you could upload the panels that you have changed please?
  13. Really interested in playing that game William Hall, but after clicking on the link that you gave, it said that you need a decryption key? Any ideas?
  14. Brilliant thanks. Out of interest is there going to be downloadable kits for the Canadian clubs?
  15. Really interested in this. Is there any chance of some screenshots of the leagues? Also I'm guessing that there is no draft or wage cap?