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  1. After my slight FM burnout the last month, I cant wait....
  2. Yes, thats true. I pressed holiday yesterday and I couldnt decide. So I gave that job to the tomorrow-me.
  3. Looking Back At Stade Rennes - 2023-2026 2023/24 The 1st season after my, they had a decent season under their new manager Jess Thorup. (IRL Manager of FC Kopenhaven) They got also in the cup semi final, but lost once against in the 2nd KO round of the EL. 2024/25 In the 2024/25 they got a really good 2nd place. In the cup they only got into the quarters and they lost again in the 2nd KO round of the EL. 2025/26 In 2025/26 Rennes got once again a CL spot with a 3rd place finish behing Lyon and PSG. In the cup they got in the semis again, but lost sadly on pens against Metz. Talking about Metz...the WON THE CUP AND GOT RELEGATED!!!! In Europe they managed to finaly get past their death round and got into the quarters. I can still see some familiar names, but also a lot of new ones. The Overall best team got still mostly the players I brought in. Only Tanguy Ndombele made it into the first XI. Look at those players...most of them are still there. Ofcause not all: Svensson is gettin in his last years a big payday in China. Maouassa is now playing in Donezk, which a bit sad. Pepe didnt make the jump back to England, his now playing for Celta Vigo Koita is playing for...RB Leipzig, which is pretty funny, since we bought him from RB Salzburg, After my time at Rennes I said the goal was to establish Rennes as top 3 team in France. And looking back....Im proud of archiving exactly this.
  4. Part II - FC Groningen I think I had a decent spell at Groningen. In the 1st season we got a solid 9th place combined with a cup semi final. In the 2nd season we got a surprised push for the league title, where we lost it on the last day of the season. But we captured the Dutch Cup after 10 years again. In the 3rd season we hold our level in the league, but more imporatant we got into the Euro League Final. With FM 22 knocking in less the 2 months, I think we can do atleast one more team.
  5. End Of Season Review 2025/26 After a strong 3rd place last season, we got a solid 4th again. The team developed pretty well and Im confident for the future. Im really proud of the EL final. But Im a bit disappointed about the cup. Really really healthy. We had a well rounded team this season. Im was not really happy with the attack, but the defense I thought was pretty decent. Im kinda scared, how this team will look like in the next 2 years. Probably everybody will be sold, because every players is wanted.
  6. May 2026 Part 3 We gave our best...but in the end Tottenham was just to strong Still Im proud of my boys. We archived in Europe more with Groningen as with Rennes.
  7. May 2026 Part 2 And we finished the league behind the big 3 teams. Feyenoord are damn good at the moment.
  8. May 2026 Part 1 Two perfect counters from Zuma! WE ARE IN THE FINAL! UFF
  9. April 2026 Part 2 The 1st semi final leg we got a really nice draw away from home.
  10. April 2026 Part 1 We started with a loss against Ajax, which means we were set on a 4th place. But we managed to beat Southampton two times...semi final time. From 3 French teams to 0 French teams. Villareal will be a tough game.
  11. March 2026 The march was pretty rough. Mixed results in the league, but we smashed Dinamo Moscow in the 2nd leg. This will be a tough game. Southampton is a regular in Europe in the past years. Well..look at the tree. I see 3 French teams and 1 I knew pretty good.
  12. February 2026 Well.... The league is gone and the cup... We played not good vs Breda. Full focus on the EL now!
  13. January 2026 Part 2 - Transfers OUT Both players cried, so byebye. IN Veerman was listed and he looks pretty decent.
  14. January 2026 Part 1 Beat Sittard in extra time and got into the 1/4 final of the cup. The league should be done.
  15. December 2025 Undefeated in Europe! But a bad loss against Breda in the league.... Sadly I dont think we can do something in the league- Feyenoord looks to good this season. After January I decide in which direction we go, league or cups.
  16. November 2025 We are not losing games...thats a positive. But we struggle to keep a lead until the end, this could be 100% green. We are into the next round of the EL, Im excited.
  17. October 2025 Im really happy with our performance in Europe. The league will be a tough one again, its looking like a group of 5 teams for the title. Lets see how it developed in the next 2 months.
  18. September 2025 Only draws in Rotterdam, a good game in Heerenveen and our first victory in Europe.
  19. August 2025 Part 3 - Transfers OUT The major one are Kuki, Siebenhandl and Halilovic. Since we got into Europe, we need to go a bid more Dutch. Sadly Thiago retired...he never really done much...he was always injured. IN Im really happy with the transfer window. Only Ouattara I kinda regret, I didnt really saw his defensive stats. Since we are in Europe, we got only Dutch players this time. Daley Blind on a free is an absolute nobrainer. He is the mentor for the entire midfield and a solid rotation option. Eloy will just be a backup backup keeper. I expected to lose atleast one of our CBs so after I saw Pierie listed, I insta bid on him. In the end...we lost no CB. I thought his technique was the tackling...but still he looks good. Hoegee had a 7 mio release clause and I wanted to buy him last april. In the end I decided to cancel the deal. After the season turnover he got listed by Sittard for 2 mio less. I saw Gino last season in the Dutch U21. After I saw that Napoli listed him for loan and I insta put in a bid. He looks damn good. Idk how the season will go, we got a 20 mio buy clause for him.
  20. August 2025 Part 2 Good start to the season. Lets see how we can continue.
  21. August 2025 Part 1 Decent group. Lets see what we can do in Europe.
  22. After Im finished with Groningen next season, I will take a look at Rennes and what they are doin. Small spoiler, they are doin great.
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