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  1. I think I created a monster. I never got a 433 to work in my entire time in FM. We absolutly smashed one of the two biggest teams in Morocco.
  2. September 2020 Dominated Libya from the start. Until finally Ziyech score the winner. Im liking the xG, but we need to score those shoots. Hakimi as Box2Box mid is fn incredible.
  3. August 2020 Part 3 After a long preseason we started with our first win in the season.
  4. Squad September 2020 Our first 2 games! I only made 2-3 chances so I can play my desired formation. Hakimi will be playing in the midfield, since he is wasted as RB.
  5. August 2020 Part2 There are 3 players, which are avaible and would instant make the first team. Sadly nobody wants to say yes... I think Malcuit could be a possiblity.
  6. Ty. He will be our main striker for the next 2 years atleast. Maybe even longer, since Im planning to use a DLF at the front.
  7. August 2020 Part2 Thats the current state of the national team. I can finally use Ziyech, which I really like IRL. Also we got Hakimi and El-Nesyri, which should be the main guys for the next years. This year will be focused of the qualification for the Africa Cup. This should be an easy task.
  8. Youth Intake 2020 Since Im using custom DBs, I clicked on "add players to playable teams" to fill some teams. So we got a first generation. Only one possible good prospect. But after exploring the youth challenge this year for the first time, I love the mix of 2nd nationalities. Pretty much all nations, where we are lookin to get our players. Youth Intake 2020
  9. August 2020 Part 1 The board want top half, I think we can do that. Finances looking tough. We got a decent team which will be the team for the first year. There will be only 1 free signing possible.
  10. After a slight break and one month of youth challenge later...Im ready for a new challenge. Yes, my OFK Beograd save is paused, which I will finish, but I wanted something new. I really enjoy the first interation of the "Can You Buy A World Cup?", especially the national team part. So here we go, we are heading to Africa...North Africa...Maghreb. The focus will be on 3 nations..Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. We will start in Morocco, since it the lowest in the world ranking. In Saudi Arabia I spent money like a drunken sailor. This time I cant
  11. Yes! and every couple months try and renew it with just a bit more money.
  12. Holy... I would use every possible clause for his contract. And rise his wage every time, I could give him a new contract.
  13. I think I found my new journey. There were I like to manage the most...Eastern Europe. Also Oilc and Manzukic played there, which are 2 of my favorite Bayern players from the past decade.
  14. Player Name: Marijo Cheezey Nation of birth (choose from: France, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion) Martinique Month and date of birth (year will be set for all) 23 Dec Ht/Wt (in meters/kgs) 1.90/85kg position(s): DR (secondary DC) Assign one attribute (4 total) (technical/mental/physical) at 18, 15, 12...and 3. Rest of attributes will be randomized by the database.: Positioning - 18 Work Rate- 15 Marking - 12 Corners - 3 You may select one PPM Arrives Late In Opponents Area
  15. Quick update on that. 2 major injuries later...its looks we are goin down, which means the save is dead...
  16. Maybe just put it on hold and start a new one. So you can get fresh ideas and maybe can turn things around.
  17. I do 7 days. But Im always scared fro crash, so I always save before and after games.
  18. After losing 2 more players in the summer, we are down to 7 original players. Thats combined with 15/16/17 y/o players... This might end sooner then later...
  19. End of Season Review 2022/23 Transfers + Released // Media Prediction Upgrades/Downgrades/Misc National A Licence Copa del Rey Results // KO Tree We drew a fellow Canarian team in Las Palmas, we gave them all we had. Segundo Division B - Group IV Results I + Results II Another secure midtable finish. Not happy..atleast we are clinical if we can shoot. Its getting worse every month with no upgrades in sight. Top 3 Regens
  20. Every HoYD got a prefered formation. I that how the players gets created? So If I pick a HoYD with no winger formation like 4312, how does this effect the intake?
  21. UD Lanzarote - Youth Intake 2023 Decent intake. Finally a striking option with more the 7 finishing. Adding 4 nations to the pool, two time Africa and one Mexican/Brazilian. The rest is still only Canarians. Youth Intake Map - 2023 Youth Intake Map - All Time
  22. Our biggest problem is the defense and the attack. So I take a good CB and maybe a winger with good finishing.
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