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  1. I took over a decent team with 24 players and already got a little gift. Driven!
  2. Like I said, I wasnt feelin france and GOAL FC. I didnt really enjoyed it. We secured promotion and put the save straight in the bin. We are now heading to Luxembourg....eh Belgium! Wait its still Luxembourg! My manager will be my favorite newgen player from my Okinawa SV / Hamburger SV save in FM20.
  3. Dont put the head in the sand. This sh*t is tough, even for experienced players. Im a chronic overarchiever and this bite me in the ass for this challenge. Its great that I managed to get promoted in the first season from div 3 to div 2, but now I facing the downside. My defense is at div 2 level I would think, but my attack is utter sh*t. Well this will not change in the next seasons. I will finish this season with GOAL FC later today and then I need to think a bit.
  4. GOAL FC - Season 2022/23 Half Season Update Tough start, but once we sattled we started to play some football. We got a nice 11 points gap to the relegation spots. Lets bring it! Also the first two youth players turned 16, so they are in the team. Manafa is pretty ba.....fit! Gerber could maybe a player for the feature, atleast as rotation option.
  5. Yay finally, lets see how high I can get it before the next intake.
  6. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 End Of Season Review In February we had a rough time, but in the end we secured automatic promotion on the last day of the season.
  7. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 Youth Intake I will only take 7 players to fill some positions if needed. Nothing fancy, here is the best one:
  8. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 Half Season Update Pretty decent as promoted team. I think we can get into the playoffs. I dont expect much in the first season, but a good AM would be nice.
  9. Decent start for us. I took over a pretty balanced squad, which can cover all positions atleast twice.
  10. Thank you for your help. Then I will try this challenge for the first time with....
  11. I did exactly that. Just to make it clear and right, I can take one of those 4 promoted teams?
  12. Does somebody know the the date for france to get different teams?
  13. Beta save is goin fn great. Idk how we are there where we are.
  14. I will start like the previous years with Cagliari. I blame that on Nicolo Barella in FM18.
  15. On my list there a couple of things: 100% completion of brazil, which means win all possible leagues and cups American Journeyman, work my way from the south to maybe the MLS create a nation, most likely with an asian country But I will start with one of those: Restauration of Widzew Lodz, 2nd tier Poland. no restrictions Find the new John Obi Mikel at Lyn Oslo, 4th tier Norway, africa focus on players Reunited Yugoslavia with OFK Beograd, 3rd tier Serbia, Sign and develop only players from the 7 countries Similar to Yugoslavia, Reunited Czechoslov
  16. Oh...I didnt know this thing is a thing. Thank you guys for the nominees.
  17. End of Season Review 2028/29 What a season! Big part of this where the 3 player we scouted, bought and trained at Okinawa. Roger Nguidjol was the key factor in the team. His partner on his side Georges Diallo finished the dream duo. And Mohamadou Ngomba was the inside forward I was hoping for the entire save. Also the fact the main japanese striker where already in Hamburg was a good sign. And with the win of the Bundesliga I finish this save. The goals was to recreate the success of HSV in Japan. We only needed 3 more leag
  18. May 2029 We are in year 2029, so it took 46 years to bring the league title back to Hamburg. Most chances, most goals and 3rd in goals conceded. Also Roger Nguidjol played brillant. I know he was to good for Okinawa, but I didnt expect he can dominate to Bundesliga.
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