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  1. YES CENTER BACKS!!! And this might be one from Portugal!
  2. 0:1 down..."Demand more"..OK. FM21 #004 - Lyn TF.mp4
  3. We got our first player, which won a international trophy! And yes, its bloody Iceland!
  4. Man its so important to have a great captain for this challenge. If you pick the right one, he can talk every player to stay or drop their concernes. Thank you Stian, you even rejected Lazio.
  5. This team is not eligible. Also you need to holiday one season.
  6. Youth Intake 2026 With all the changes thats goin on, I take this mediocre intake. We got better personalities, but the quality is not that good. Sadly the better our recruitment gets, the less nations pop in. We got our 2nd player from Africa with Morocco. North America get of the checklist with USA (sadly born in Oslo), now we need some from Australia. Also we got our 2nd Icelandic player, which is also good.
  7. End Of Season Review 2025 - Eliteserien (1st tier) Media Prediction A solid 2000-1. Coaching Badges: Cont. B Licence -> Cont. A Licence Youth Recruitment: Good -> Excellent + Excellent -> Exceptional Junior Coaching: Excellent -> Exceptional Transfers: Part 1 + Part 2 Cleaned up the reserves and U19. Only one regen retired so far, the rest is still active. 2025 Part 1 + 2025 Part 2 A lot of players got their debuts. Games: Braathens Cup We made it into the quarte
  8. He finally wanted a new contract and not leave the club. I already excepted as bid from Bodö on 100k + 50%, but he turned that down. After that, he was unhappy and wanted a new contract. But now he needs to step up and play better, as DLP he sux.....
  9. We got our 2nd senior capped player! And yes, its bloody Vietnam.
  10. Nah, Im more then happy to see more of this. I love to see those things. I couldnt really try it, since my 4231 clicked at that time. But I will try it this season with some tweaks. Im not sure about the high lines, but in the preseason it looked fine. The main problem is, I got only striker with max 10 pace. Thats why I dropped one to the AMC spot.
  11. Thats exactly me. I love this and with google maps its pretty damn easy to make.
  12. Youth Intake 2025 Again some pretty good players. Sadly to many bad personalities, which means I will change the HoYD. Here are the best ones, I really like Kirkerod and Kirkemo. Germany, Estland and bloody Mauritius (sadly born is Oslo) making their debuts.
  13. End Of Season Review 2024 - OBOS-Ligaen (2nd tier) Media Prediction Dropped from 14th to 15th. Coaching Badges: Cont. C Licence + Cont. B Licence Over the year we got 3 more players, which are gettin some international football. Bachleda got called up for U19 Poland and Green is gettin his chance for England. Also we got our first senior capped player in Said, he decided to play for Palestine. Games: Braathens Cup Again we lost in the 3rd round vs KFUM Oslo. League Part 1 + League Part 2 Despite having a
  14. Forward? Yes please, but one with atleast 10 pace would be awesome.
  15. I expected a 20 somewhere at some point in the future, when I got all badges. Well
  16. I hate those players. Small, no pace, no heading, bad defense stats. tbh, I would offload him asap. EDIT: Like @XaWsaid, BMW or Anchor Man. But with 7 marking, 4 Teamwork puh..
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