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  1. @darren1983 Uruguay - January 1st 2022 Reset date 2 Teams are gettin promoted, 1 direct (you cant check it) and maybe 1 via playoffs September 1st 2021 for different teams September 5th 2021 to check if your desired team in the playoffs September 8th 2021 to check if the team won the playoffs
  2. @darren1983 Austria - Save on April 30th to get different teams.
  3. Well.... got sacked after not winning the state cup after 4 months. Time to search something new.
  4. Found my new adventure. Welcome to the AaaBbbCcc FC! And I picked the player, which impressed my the most. My keeper, which I went full Donnarumma on.
  5. Dont worry. Lyn is basicly on steriods. They got a squad, which is already ready for tier 3rd or even low tier 2nd. After a long sleep last night, I decided what I will do. I will start my main save today and my 2nd save, a YC save next week. But I will take it easy this time, so no daily updates.
  6. Take a small break, I dont know yet. I think, I will do a "normal" save for the rest this year as main save. Enjoy the things like transfers, scouting, exploring new stuff etc. But maybe after some time I will do 2nd save, a YC save on the side. I still got the Berwick save, but idk it might be a new one. I would love to try something which is not Europe. Maybe China or Mexico or South America. Sadly Korea is not possible. I will be here everyday to check your updates and follow the stories. But I need a small break, it burned m
  7. Thank you. The hardest part playing in those small nations, is to keep your players as long as possible. I tried to give them new contracts as soon as I can. And ofcause with all the clauses. Especially Norway produces so many good regens every year. I knew, this would be a tight fit. I took over with Molvadgaard as full 5*/5* player. And only cuz we got promoted in the first season, he stayed. Once we got a relation, he wasnt angry about rejecting bid from them in the 1st tier. Ofcause I lost some players, but they a
  8. Nothing special tbh. That was my tactic for the past 5 years. I saw it in our tactics forum here, something about Villareal. I had all players for all the positions (minus the BPD), so I went for it For every oponent I played with some of the instructions and mentality. I figured out, that we cant really counterpress, so I let the oponent do their stuff. As long as we can finish 8/10 of out chances, we are fine. In the final, I started on Cautious, Waste Time and Play for Set Pieces. And the rest was pure luck, who can expect 2 red car
  9. Nah, all good. I was checking at work. Probably around 7-8pm I will start my game today.
  10. Puh idk if I can... I cant beat this man... Im a die hard Bayern Munich fan and I love Arjen so damn much.
  11. Managed to get a late draw in the first leg. Then this happend in the return leg at home.... FM21 #005 - Lyn TF.mp4 FM21 #006 - Lyn TF.mp4 I go to bed, I cant do that today.
  12. Also a big part of this is, I play my wonderkid Rodrigues at CB. Why? Cuz somebody popped off in the U19 And its one of the Iranians boys.
  13. If I could explain it, I would. I play Mourinho until they get a goal, then I just yolo it.
  14. Oh boi...What a story this would be. Lyon, Milan, Napoli, Chelsea are always the clubs, they are puttin in bids for my players. Which at the end I almost always lose. Tomorrow will be a big day.
  15. Youth Intake 2031 An OK intake. I give the new HoYD some time, like 2-3 intakes. Sadly not many nations.... Nilson will feature next season and Skogvik could be someone for the future. Sadly no new nations, just 2 players directly from Poland and Germany.
  16. I would say Nordic nations gettin a lot of 2nd nationalities from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. South Europe nations like Spain, Portugal, Italia, Andorra is Africa the number 1.
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