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  1. I always do the individual training. Since this year I try the team training too.
  2. Always larger. Dont worry if you get smashed, since its all about the money. Im curently 2* and I always played 2,5* teams. If you get bigger, you might can get good foreign teams, to bring some money.
  3. There are 2 good reason to appreciate this long preseason. 1. You can sustain your youth setup with those scammy friendly leagues. They give like 150-200k each. 2. You can play all of the youth and give them playtime against stronger players.
  4. The question is how do I get those TM to work? My main striker is a TM and 2 of the best youth striker are TMs. Also we got tons of wingers and Viggo the great DLP prospect.
  5. Youth Intake 2024 I dont know how to judge this intake. Too many bad personalities, but a very good GK, AMC and TM. Sadly not much in case of nationalities. But we got one guy all the way Philippines and from the Faroe Islands.
  6. Ah...and before I forget, we also won the U19 regional league. Last year we were 2nd.
  7. End Of Season Review 2023 - OBOS-Ligaen (2nd tier) Media Prediction Coaching Badges: Nat. A Licence We also had our first international call ups. Games: Braathens Cup Lost in the 3rd round, since I thought we can do it with a rotated squad. League Part 1 + League Part 2 TLDR; We can hang with all semi-pro teams, but not with the pro teams. Slowly the team is gettin better. Now we need to find the right formation. Top 5 Regens
  8. More Wingers and keepers. But the last one had this too.
  9. Thank you all. I think I try him as DLP first, since I need a good one. He is already the best player in CM.
  10. What to do with him? Striker? Nah Winger? Yeah? I was thinking of AMC. His off the ball is sh*t, but he is 15. The rest looks pretty good.
  11. Youth Intake 2023 Wow. At this stage I dont expect such a good one. Only 2 Unambitious guys, the rest you can work with. Innavaer and Bekteshi are really looking great. We got one guy from Iceland out of a city with the beautiful name Hrunamannahreppur. Also Bulgaria, Kosovo and a 2nd player from Syria.
  12. A model citizen, an English-Irish Mercenary and a Portuguese-Moldavan player. Fn great.
  13. Im aware of the history of Lyn, thats why Im really interested in this save. My plan this year was to do a "normal" save with an africa focus. But I want to do this chellange this year, so why not just go with it. The offseason is pretty boring, but I enjoy the rest.
  14. Ok I wanted to wait, but I really like this one. The Berwick save is not dead yet, but... I lovin my time in Norway. End Of Season Review 2022 - PostNord Avdeling 1 The media prediction was a solid 8th. We got this guys as first rengens, when Lyn was still unplayable. All ready 3 great combinations. Then we got the first real intake and I was gettin better. Vietnam and Bolivia! Also one guy appeared all the way from England. And we got a pretty decent guy with Palestine roots. The best one ar
  15. Uff a fullback, which are always hard to get in my eyes.
  16. OK, I found my new save until further time. I always wanted to do Norway again, after failing pretty hard in FM19. Already in heaven with those regens.
  17. Ok I said I play "private" but I have a question. His mentals and personality are insane, but how important are the WWY, JPA and JPP? And can get this better?
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