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  1. WAFF Championship 2021 Part 1 The toughest games will be against Iraq and Syria in my eyes. You need to finish 1st to get into the final. I hope, we can do this.
  2. June 2021 Part 3 I decided to give Adam the start over Firis. And he thanked that with a hattrick. Coming next is one more friendly and then the WAFF Championship.
  3. June 2021 Part 2 Our U20 got 4th in the U20 world cup. And thats my U19 keeper.
  4. June 2021 Part 1 We only managed to get a draw vs Oman. :/ But South Korea beat Japan, so everything looks alright. We need to play Jordan and Japan. And Syria need to play Japan and South Korea.
  5. Thank you. Not by spreadsheet, but I went through all tier 1 and tier 2 teams yesterday. Every player which could become a Saudi in less then 2 years is on my shortlist. So if someone puttin in a bid, I can react as far as I can. Currently they only wanted by other Saudi clubs.
  6. Squad June 2021 Yes he does. He is still the best Saudi player in the game.
  7. Offseason 2021 Part 1 Idk who calculated the projection. At the start we were supposed to lose like 15 mio over the year. Yes, I sold some players, but still far off.
  8. End Of Season Review 2020/21 The decision to sign Luisinho was absolut right. He banged in 19 goals in 20 games. Halilovic played a great season too. There is interest from french clubs and he got a 3 mio release clause.
  9. April 2021 Part 3 Well we had a slight chance to get the title, but Al-Nassr is too strong.
  10. Youth Intake 2021 After doin a youth challenge, this is so bad Only signed one.
  11. March 2021 Luisinho is fn insane! We had a pretty easy path to final with only facing a tier 1 side once. That was Al-Ittihad in the semis.
  12. March 2021 Part 2 We were all over Syria and scored a deserved goal. Japan choked! Stop the count!
  13. March 2021 Part 1 The ref called a pen in the 88th minute...... We need to beat Syria in the next game.
  14. February 2021 Idk how. Either the league is too easy or my transfers were good. We are right in the mix for the title.
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