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  1. End Of Season Review 2030 - Eliteserien (1st tier) Media Prediction Finally we are gettin the respect, we deserve. Next upgrades are in the pipeline. Transfers: Out Part 1 + Out Part 2 Really tough this season. Valerenga was almost the entire year on the same points with us. They even beat us, but they bottled it on the last day of the season. League Games: Part 1 + Part 2 Scored 92 goals in the league! Supercup: Game Won via pens against Viking. Braathens C
  2. Yes since we are in the Eliteserien. We pay some peanuts every year. I hope, we can build a new one in the next 2-3 years.
  3. Picked up some injuries in the preseason, but still....Im happy. Its a long way.
  4. Youth Intake 2030 Top 4 all with bad personalities -> HoYD fired on that same day. The rest...I dont know yet... 4th player from Poland. Uganda and Italy are making their debuts.
  5. If I had one decent young prospect in the midfield I would. But this would destroy everything I build. The chairman finally doesnt blindly accept it.
  6. End Of Season Review 2029 - Eliteserien (1st tier) Media Prediction One place up. With all that money, we finally could upgrade our trainings facilities. Transfers: Out Part 1 + Out Part 2 League Games: Part 1 + Part 2 Rosenburg is not that good anymore. Best attack! But maybe our defense is good too and the game doesnt reads it well. We dont play with counterpress, we let the oponent do their stuff. Supercup: Game Its only the Super Cup, but every trophy is a trophy
  7. The most annoying part of this challenge are the low ball bid from the big clubs. Why should I sell him for 2,8 Mio? Im so happy he decided to come all the way from Portugal to us.
  8. Coming from the "master" of this challenge...Thank you. Yes, Norway seems like a really fun Nation to do this in. You get the right mix of difficulty in the league, great talent and "weird" nation mixes.
  9. Got our friends from Russia again in the next round of the ECL. Well....ofcause. I think, its time to win against them!
  10. Youth Intake 2029 An ok intake. Those two Iranians are lookin pretty good! 4 boys from Baerum, prob drove all in the same car. Iran and Somalia are making theirs debuts. Poland returns after 5 years.
  11. It took us 7 seasons to get a CB with the holy trinity. I got some high hopes in him this season.
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