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  1. March 2022 With the victory against Al-Nassr, this should be the title for us.
  2. March 2022 Happy with the offense, but not happy with the defense. Luisinho had a good first game, he got 2 assists.
  3. Squad March 2022 Time for Luisinho to make his debut. Im not happy with the team then The B team, which I use as "reserves", looks like this....
  4. I wish I had some more time atm.... February 2022 Part 3 Luisinho enjoying his life atm. Well this is a first for me, never had this message.
  5. February 2022 Part 2 One more transfer on deadline day. He got some potential and i dont want to lose him back to Brazil. And Joao Victor left us after 18 days, because he was mad that I didnt register. Cheeky quick 800k
  6. January 2022 Part 4 First start from Panya and two goals. One was this pure domination:
  7. I always use the squad view from Loki and remove or put in some stuff I want. I uploaded it, if you want it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2374721970 Ty ty, no problem. I makes me want to do this save with all those comments and interactions even more. Sounds great. Gibraltar is a tough one. Ty Ty. Ty Ty.
  8. It think, it works like this. 5 years in the country to get a pass and then wait like 6 months to be eligiable. I will monitor it with other players. Sounds great. There is just a simple "7 foreign players are allowed. rule. So I need to fill those spots wisely. In the AFC CL u can only use 3 foreign + 1 asia foreign. I didnt really expect that tbh. The league is basicly like what I call "LLM". You need a working tactic and gettin the right players and you dominate the small league or get promoted to the top tier pretty easy. The national te
  9. January 2022 Part 2 @Jogo Bonito @flix909 IT JUST TOOK SOME TIME!!!! YES YES YES!
  10. January 2021 Part 1 - Transfers OUT Napolitano left us after 1 year. Sadly he didnt show much. One of the fails transfer went to China in Al-Malki. We made some profit too. And Galeano left us too after 1 year out of loan in South Korea. Napolitano / Al-Malki / Galeano / Al-Zaqaan IN Ofcause I invested some of the money. Since we are playing in the AFC Champions League there are different registration rules. 3 foreign + 1 asia foreign So I treated myself with a Thai beast. Cabral and Correia will join the loan arm
  11. Awards 2021 Messi still goin strong. Son like expected. Oh boi he looks dirty. I kinda want him. He looks like he got the potential for Europe.
  12. End Of Season Review 2021 We had an amazing year of 2021. We won the WAFF Championship for the first time and managed to qualify for the World Cup 2022. Lets see, what we can do in 2022. We are finishing the year on place 45th in the world rankings. We peaked for a short time place 41st.
  13. Now I only need to get rid of the board plan of "Sign players and sell for profit" so they dont accept every bid. Despite injecting over 24 million oil money each year. The following plan I will try to follow the next years: - make groups of players with the same language, so they can help themself and feel themself "home" I got now 3 Argentines and 4 Brazilians and 1 French. Once Uvini get naturalized I got a foreign spot free. I got a 20 y/o French man on the shortlist from Monaco for peanuts. Same as Zagre, no youth caps and no 2nd nationality. I
  14. December 2021 Part 1 I found out that we are gettin 2,1 mio per month from the chairman. Oil Money.
  15. Transfer & Squad Overview - Summer 2021 Quite a busy transfers windows. From bargains, great players and fails, something for everyone. It might looks a bit much, but I had a plan, I promise. IN Two Saudi Internationals! One is Al-Sharani with 70+ caps. Giraldez was just a 18y/o free one, he is in the U19s. How do i explain? The only two transfer i regret...is Al-Malki, since I got 2 Saudis CM for free and the loan of Ando, but he can play in the U20. My plan had 4 steps: 1. Sign good Saudi players to replace the bad
  16. Normally it looks like that He got the same basis. Only diffferent is that "Nations Eligible For" shows Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  17. November 2021 Part 2 Last game of year we beat Canada. Australia finished the job and is goin to the World Cup.
  18. November 2021 Part 1 We gave them all we had. We could have scored 1 or maybe 2 goals early, but yea... Still happy we went 70 minutes 0:0 with 6th WR placed Uruguay. Australia won the first leg in the WC playoffs.
  19. Yes the legendary Abdulrahman. He is back "home", he is played at Al-Ahli He wanted 30k per week. If not he would be playing for Al-Fateh.
  20. Nope. The message showed that he wants to play for us. But he isnt eligible.... Lets hope, this is a one off. Or this save would be over....
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