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  1. He don't need a study because a study that says that determination dont matter is wrong. All the attributes matters in a complex way with each other. Determination do matter a lot in matches. Just try to play with a team that are low on determination.
  2. The video have some points, but determination do matter. In my games if I have a determined team it is more likely to come back from being behind or turn draws into late wins.
  3. Great start with this career! Datro Fofana will be class, but is most efficient as a striker.
  4. Fun story, good luck getting back to the top
  5. Molde has been relegated before, they were down last time in 2007. Other than that love this thread, hope you make TIL the greatest team in Europe!
  6. Anychance you can make the Norwegian Elitserien ball: Winterball:
  7. This is amazing work, Weiry! Just one question, do plan to make Nigeria?
  8. Well if you're not happy with his work, then don't use it... Or do it the way you want it to be by yourself...
  9. @Timo61, don't let people that behave like this pull you down. You're work is enjoyed by so many on this forum.
  10. Have you reported this in the bugs forum? Congrats on promotion, and good luck in the Championship!
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