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  1. You can do pro/rel, but you have to delete the MLS and create a new top division competition and add the teams into that competition.
  2. BTW, I follow the African thread of yours too... That will keep me occupied until you return to this thread.
  3. Sorry, this comment was about the pyramid system that didn't work with the promoted teams.
  4. What about deletong the MLS and creating a new competition, won't that solve the problem with the hardcoded rules?
  5. Man you deliver as always Uncle Sam. Still will the file be expanded with a playble PDL and NPSL (the non pro version), and what about NISA? I ask because playing PDL and NPSL was a thrill to play with in FM2017.
  6. I don't think you should appologies, Claasen! You are a legend in the community for making leagues for years. If you don't have time, motivation right now people should acknowledge and appreciate what you already have done. Then when times come by and you deceide to stop making leagues anymore the community should applaud you forever.
  7. I wonder what knowledge you have to say what a really good DB is. The thing is the DB you use is great on having many players, but still there is a problem, the CA and PA levels are way to high for the rest of the DB, making Japan as a Nation and the Japanese league much better than what it is IRL. The DB is made of people who don't have the knowledge of the Balance in CA and PA compared to the official DB. Foss on the other hand is a researcher that knows this and therefor his DB won't make Japan unbalanced to the rest of the DB. In that way Foss DB is a really good Japanese DB, the other one isn't bad, but it's unbalanced.
  8. I have a game were all African, Oceanic and Asian Leagues has worked fine with the level 22 pyramid. Even added an expanded Ireland into the mix. Seems to me that FM 2018 is handling the added ID's better than FM 2017..
  9. Yeah, but in game I've seen players beeing bought for £20 millin plus and then never being played. IRL they are atleast given some matches....
  10. You can find ENglish and Scottish names around South America, they are descendants of English immigrants.
  11. The follow up question is then, do they have the correct cities set?
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