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  1. I have a game were all African, Oceanic and Asian Leagues has worked fine with the level 22 pyramid. Even added an expanded Ireland into the mix. Seems to me that FM 2018 is handling the added ID's better than FM 2017..
  2. Number seven

    Clubs buying players for nothing

    Yeah, but in game I've seen players beeing bought for £20 millin plus and then never being played. IRL they are atleast given some matches....
  3. Number seven

    Make South America Great Again!

    You can find ENglish and Scottish names around South America, they are descendants of English immigrants.
  4. The follow up question is then, do they have the correct cities set?
  5. You should swap Bobby Gould with Dave Basset, Gould just fed of Bassets superb work with the crazy gang.
  6. Do all the clubs in all the lower leagues have the stadiums and team colours set?
  7. Jacksonville Armada is playing in NPSL this year: http://jacksonvillearmadafc.bonzidev.com/sam/teams/index.php?team=5937288
  8. Great work! Do you plan to go even deeper into the pyramid, adding f.ex UPSL, APSL GCPL etc?
  9. Number seven

    More random hikes in CA

    In my view the "late bloomer" aren't to well dealth with in FM. If a player haven't developed fully until around 25 he won't do it at all. IRL it does happen, as the OP said, Jamie Vardy is an example. It doesn't happen to often, but there should be the possibility of a CA burst so that ingame there will be a few players like Vardy that reach their potential at a later stage of the twenties.
  10. I think this is a feature that should be included, but I think it is more important that the board acts smarter when selling a player. Now they to often accepts large upfront bids, in the real world even the boards manages to negotiate add-ons, clauses and next sale fees.
  11. Number seven

    Stadium Name Change doesn't work

    With .lnc files you don't need to start a new game, so it is something else that prevents the change from working.
  12. How is Tromsø, the main rival of Bodø/Glimt doing?
  13. Uncle Sam: I just saw in the Career Updates forum that some USSDA teams have all their players on vacation in the play-offs, is this a bug with the file or something hardcoded? The thread I saw the big in is this: