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  1. Sounds great, does this mean that the UPSL teams are in? Do you have teams from Hawaii and Alaska?
  2. Is this version with only clubs that exists IRL or have you added fantasy teams and extinct clubs too?
  3. Are the teams in this DB, the teams that are active IRL or have you added extinct and fantasy teams?
  4. Do you plan to add the Pacific Coast Soccer League in future versions?
  5. Would be fantastic with the UPSL and other lower divisions. What if you set a cut off date and clubs that are in the league at that date then use those teams?
  6. Canada should have been on the list of new countries to vote for and USA should have been on the add lower level....
  7. Guangzhou Evergrande will be a great next step, lots of money and you will trounce your/the Mariners dominance in Asia quite easy...
  8. Would be cool if you take charge over Wellington Phoenix after the Mariners, and make the Kiwis a winning team.
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