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  1. I think this should be posted in the bugs forum.
  2. One of these: https://community.sigames.com/forums/forum/263-football-manager-technical-help-and-bugs-forum/
  3. I like the Russian only profile, but why not naturalize the South Americans?
  4. In depth leagues will be fanatstic, as you said the DB improves a lot, so I hope you go down the route of making the leagues as relaistic and as deep as possible.
  5. Maybe playing CBJ as a center back could be an option. I signed him when I took over a fallen Wycombe in league 2. I only used him in the centre and he was the leader and the best player when we climbed to the PL in four seasons.
  6. Fantastic, because someone disagree with you or don't agree with the video they're trolling... Congrats with the hig level of amazing quality posting.
  7. He don't need a study because a study that says that determination dont matter is wrong. All the attributes matters in a complex way with each other. Determination do matter a lot in matches. Just try to play with a team that are low on determination.
  8. The video have some points, but determination do matter. In my games if I have a determined team it is more likely to come back from being behind or turn draws into late wins.
  9. Great start with this career! Datro Fofana will be class, but is most efficient as a striker.
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