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  1. I still would suggest New Zealand, as everytime I've managed there it's been quite easy to develop the nation and make huge strides at the FIFA-ranking.
  2. That is most extreme rise up the rankings I've ever seen...
  3. Have you tested the files in game. I've never had this problem, the creates new ID's when you have several files.
  4. You should buy JMM (BAS), he will score a few and you actually have a chance getting your money back in a few years time.
  5. Man this thread is amazing! Would love it if you did Stade Reims and then Panathinaikos, those together with Malmö must be the big underdogs of the teams you have left now.
  6. Please keep on going with this, I really like reading when you explain your actions. It's inspiring.
  7. You can do pro/rel, but you have to delete the MLS and create a new top division competition and add the teams into that competition.
  8. BTW, I follow the African thread of yours too... That will keep me occupied until you return to this thread.
  9. Sorry, this comment was about the pyramid system that didn't work with the promoted teams.
  10. What about deletong the MLS and creating a new competition, won't that solve the problem with the hardcoded rules?
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