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  1. If anyone notices anything weird with the new Database update please let me know
  2. Hey guys unfortunately I could figure out how to update a steam workshop file at this time, so I included the 2nd version of the database in the main link, for anyone interested I made an error in the original U20s that prevented them from playing U18s
  3. How do I update a database I have uploaded to the steam workshop? It only lets me republish for some reason
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2401324988 Uses the Canadian Megapatch as a base The Fully Integrated Canadian Pyramid combines all the leagues in Canada into a singular pyramid with Promotion and Relegation. The Top two leagues are populated with 32 teams and all play for the Sinclair Cup across the season. The rest of the teams are added to Tier 3, a system spanning 3 leagues, regionalized between Western Canada, Ontario, and Quebec All of these teams combine with the 3 teams in the MLS and play for the Canadian Championship. 3 regional
  5. I have no idea what setting I toggled so that it doesnt work correctly, but for whatever reason "Home grown" rules demand american players from Vancouver, despite playing in a Canadian hosted tournament As far as I can tell this doesnt happen in a fresh database. Im not looking to restart my work, that would be insane. Can anyone help?
  6. Despite being canadian competitions, The United States requires a team in League1 Ontario, and the Quebec League, making it for whatever reason impossible to play the MLS if you restructure canada
  7. Anything? I literally cant use the editor for what I want until this is fixed
  8. Does anyone know how to activate this for FM21? Ive tried asking in other threads but no luck so far
  9. Open up any database, add any nation, convert to advanced rules I try clicking either add or duplicate, and my editor crashes
  10. Would it be possible to use this database as a base for a modified fantasy canadian pyramid?
  11. Does anyone know how to enable a new nation? I cant seem to find anything about editing the continent field this year
  12. Start up a fresh database, add any country as a ruleset, and add a league Convert to advance rules Go to list, click add Editor crashes
  13. Two questions: How do I enable continent editing for a nation this edition and Is it just me, or can I not edit Canada? I tried making a file and the league rules didnt stick, while all other edits did
  14. I have this problem in Germany Baynern II My head coach (The player), my 2nd Team Headcoach, and my 1st team Assistant coach are not available to coach the team
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