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  1. Does anyone have the file that allows for editing of continents? Mine causes a crash when I try to load the editor, citing its loading too much data Edit: Nevermind I found it
  2. You can download it here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207059284 If you would like to continue to play the original version, with FC Edmonton, you can download it here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316493591 The original file will now be updated to be the real world Canadian Championship
  3. Nation Rule. I for whatever reason couldnt get it to work with Continental rules
  4. The Canadian Championship is borked for me, and I cant edit it at all So I Just create a new Comp, copy in the history and stuff, and then in the advanced rules qualify a team for the NACL with the qualifier 1 and it will behave like normal. This is how I added the League1 Ontario and Quebec league champions for 2018 in my database, if you want to see how its done you can check it out here
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207059284 I made it as authentic as I could possibly make it, all teams have their correct stadiums (I think), and new teams were added to reflect the real world leagues. I had to create a new cup for the Canadian Championship as I have no idea what the 2018 canadian championship is gonna look like, so you'll have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. But now the league1 champions and Quebec league champions can play against Ottawa and Edmonton for NACL qualification There are no reserves or youth leagues, other than the Canadian Soccer League Second Division. If you select this update, but dont use it, the canadian championship will be unplayable for those in the MLS If you use it, keep me updated. 242 people supposedly subscribed to my 2015 version, so lets see what happens this year The Following Leagues are playable: League1 Ontario, Quebec, Pacific Coast, Canadian Soccer League, CSL Second Division The Following Cups are active: Canadian Championship, League1 Regular Season/League1 Playoff, League1 Cup, Quebec cup I highly adding players to playable teams Please let me also know if anything is messed up
  6. So as it turns out I was missing "Positional Playoff" in the "Top Playoff Rules" section
  7. Im mucking around specifically with positional playoffs and I cant quite get them to do what I want. I created a test league of 20 teams, which play a schedule that gets 2 points for each game regardless of result to force them to tie. I then sort by wins and test run a few years what I want to see is teams play a positional playoff game to determine playoff qualification, so I made a 2 team playoff round where the top 2 teams in the league qualify. However, what I see happening is the top team plays the 2nd team to determine their tie breaker... then they play another game to see who wins the cup. which I dont think any league in their right mind would ever do. An example of the tiebreaker can be seen in the Memorial Cup (Canadian Hockey League) Rules http://mastercardmemorialcup.ca/tiebreaker/, which the League1 Ontario soccer rules follow. I attached a further example of something that should have gone to a playoff. I ticked off "championship" from the playoff, thinking that it would stop the top 2 teams from playing off, but now no one plays off
  8. I spent the last few hours finishing up a database I didnt back up (of course), if I load up either Football Manager 18, or the editor File in the editor it comes up with XML Parsing Error!: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 23419 of Cascadia.xml. Error offset invalid - corrupted buffer? Function: 'SITOOLKIT::LOG_MANAGER::display_error' File: '..\..\generic\logs\log_manager.cpp' Line: 197 How do I fix this? It wont let me load it in the editor so I cant import/export/merge anything
  9. Ive noticed this happens when I turn off "max teams" for the league
  10. I really want FM to support multi-nation pyramids Its getting really old seeing the Whitecaps as a top team in the United States, that's just not fair to us in North America, we share leagues. IE the NHL is the top league in the pyramid of Canadian + American ice hockey, and the MLS is the top Canadian, and top American league for soccer.
  11. No Changing the reputation of countries was one of the first things I did
  12. I set all nations to 1 reputation, And I compared a 9000 team to a 250 team and the 250 team had grey players with 8 in all attributes
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