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  1. I have no idea what setting I toggled so that it doesnt work correctly, but for whatever reason "Home grown" rules demand american players from Vancouver, despite playing in a Canadian hosted tournament As far as I can tell this doesnt happen in a fresh database. Im not looking to restart my work, that would be insane. Can anyone help?
  2. Despite being canadian competitions, The United States requires a team in League1 Ontario, and the Quebec League, making it for whatever reason impossible to play the MLS if you restructure canada
  3. Anything? I literally cant use the editor for what I want until this is fixed
  4. Does anyone know how to activate this for FM21? Ive tried asking in other threads but no luck so far
  5. Open up any database, add any nation, convert to advanced rules I try clicking either add or duplicate, and my editor crashes
  6. Would it be possible to use this database as a base for a modified fantasy canadian pyramid?
  7. Does anyone know how to enable a new nation? I cant seem to find anything about editing the continent field this year
  8. Start up a fresh database, add any country as a ruleset, and add a league Convert to advance rules Go to list, click add Editor crashes
  9. Two questions: How do I enable continent editing for a nation this edition and Is it just me, or can I not edit Canada? I tried making a file and the league rules didnt stick, while all other edits did
  10. I have this problem in Germany Baynern II My head coach (The player), my 2nd Team Headcoach, and my 1st team Assistant coach are not available to coach the team
  11. It happens to teams such as The New York Cosmos, or Indy Eleven, or San Antonio FC It Doesnt happen to teams like the UBC/Vancouver Thunderbirds, or Dallas Roma FC, or Vaughn Azzuri The threshold for this seems to be one and a half stars of reputation. It seems to only be happening to teams in the vanilla US leagues by default. Teams without a division in vanilla arent affected I should mention this is FM18, Im not sure if the glitch/hardcoding continues in future versions
  12. FC Dallas would be in the City of Dallas, is in the local region of Texas. The local region of Texas is in the Nation of Texas, the city of Dallas is also in the nation of Dallas. FC Dallas is now Texas, Texas, Texas, for nation, based nation, and conintental competition. The Players FC Dallas produce are from the City of Dallas, with the secondary nation of Texas, with the Primary nation of the United State Vancouver Whitecaps as another example, is in the City of Vancouver, Local Region of BC, both are in the nation of Cascadia. Vancouver is set to Cascadia, C
  13. I tried creating regional nations like Cascadia and Texas, however the MLS teams, and other higher North American league teams from those nations continue to produce Canadians or Americans, granted its with Dual Nationality, but still. How do I stop this?
  14. The first instance of not storing past winners: I have multiple competitions for a tier of play, meaning there will be a certain number of groups per number of teams. It ranges from 3 to 1 [a league]. The league is storing past winners fine, but the groups arent. Theres a 2nd league after the group stage for all competitions, and that is only storing past winners if a league preceded it. If it was a group state, it wont. This is despite the league settings being identical The 2nd instance are multi stage cups. Single state cups are working fine, but for whatever reason the multi st
  15. Does anyone have the file that allows for editing of continents? Mine causes a crash when I try to load the editor, citing its loading too much data Edit: Nevermind I found it
  16. You can download it here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1207059284 If you would like to continue to play the original version, with FC Edmonton, you can download it here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1316493591 The original file will now be updated to be the real world Canadian Championship
  17. I really want FM to support multi-nation pyramids Its getting really old seeing the Whitecaps as a top team in the United States, that's just not fair to us in North America, we share leagues. IE the NHL is the top league in the pyramid of Canadian + American ice hockey, and the MLS is the top Canadian, and top American league for soccer.
  18. I would really like to edit multiple nation rules in the basic editor without using advanced rules
  19. To add on to this because it involves a conditional, adding in "Get all teams with condition" would be great. Imagine every team from British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon coming together forming a cascadia cup. Or ALL teams from a division, because divisions can fluctuate in size it wouldn't be fair to get 12 teams from a division when theres 13 and the 1 left out is the best team. I dont know if its in the advanced editor, I should probably man up and figure that out, and im also not sure if you're able to just get the max teams from a division and not have it bug out, I should probably c
  20. It also doesnt work Setting a max age disables the ability to use regular coaches as it treats the main team as a youth team
  21. I would love to be able to promote and relegate teams based on something like a percentage, or funky that wouldnt lead to 1-1 promotion relegation like if there were relegation playoffs with 8 teams from 2 leagues north and south, 4 of those are the top leagues teams, so 4 and 4. responsibly 2 teams would get promoted, but I would like to make it so that the best north team gets promoted, and the best south team gets promoted, but if for example if 5 teams from the north were better than the first team from the south then it would be cool to see 6 teams get promoted and see the league gain 2
  22. I mentioned new currencies and languages for complely fictional databases, so that something other worldly like Republic Credits and Mandalorian would be respective options Also the ability to WIPE a database. Delete every continent, nation, competition, etc and be left with a "YourCountry" with "Your compeition" that speaks "Basic", and uses "Credits" and has a capital city of "City", with 2 teams, "City FC", and "City United" or something easily overridable so that a database can be completely mine and not have to worry about overwriting the world cup and other things like that
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