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  1. PaulHartman71

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    Just get Wembley full for the next game and have people give them a round of applause etc
  2. PaulHartman71

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    Could argue they “deserve” one for doing that well, but would be a bit embarrassing to have one for 4th really.
  3. PaulHartman71

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    I reckon with Sam that none of Pickford, Maguire or Tripper play a single minute in the tournament. He almost certainly has Hart still in goal, possibly still starts Cahill in defence, with Rooney being taken to the tournament a real possibility, him actually starting wouldn't even be completely out the question imo. Wilshere and maybe even Walcott probably end up going too I reckon,
  4. No reason why a striker of his quality couldn't get double figures in the games we played if we could actually create from open play. I think one of Southgate's strengths was perhaps clocking on that we were pretty poor from open-play, so along with having Kane drop deep to help out, he focused heavily on set-pieces to make us a massive threat from set-pieces. We were also helped by utterly moronic defenders not clocking on that pulling shirts from corners would be punished by VAR.
  5. PaulHartman71

    Okay. Would Big Sam have brought it home?

    Think we 100 percent lose that penalty shoot-out with Big Sam in charge
  6. I think it's easy to slam him for it and the vast majority of the goals were tap-ins/penalties, but I think considering his role in the team he did well to get that many. I'm not sure what exactly Southgate has him instructed to do, but he was dropping so much deeper and coming out-wide a hell of a lot more than I've ever seen him do for Spurs. Think that overall it seemed to work as it got us through the tournament, but think he could've easily ended the tournament in double figures if we had the players to play to his strengths like Spurs do.
  7. Thought it was a weird game. Almost felt like a final.
  8. Yeah. Mad to think how badly it has been implemented in England when you look at it really.
  9. Tbf think that's influenced by VAR giving a lot more pens than usually would be
  10. World Cup Semi 1-0 down with 10 minutes to go, just get up ffs KdB and Fellaini awful there too, hesitating to cross, then Fellaini not even going up for it. (definitely a free kick of course tho)
  11. Kinda weird coming into this thinking "wow should be a big game, good teams against each other in a semi final" - then sort of hits you like, hang on, we're in a semi final. A SEMI FINAL.
  12. Tbf I don't think we'd give the slightest **** Just reaching a Semi Final in my lifetime is mad, a final would be ****ing mental. Actually wining it would be indescribable. Imagine the scenes ffs