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  1. Interesting idea for a thread. Will be following.
  2. My votes have been sent
  3. Will send votes in soon sometime soon.
  4. Thanks for all of the kind words guys. I do have a new save in the works but I'll be waiting until FM17 comes out to start that.
  5. A special thanks to everyone who has followed or contributed to this thread in anyway: whether you've followed from the start, won or lost a load of imaginary money in BET-PH71 or simply just lurked in the background the entire time - thank you. I hoped to finish this save when I started it but I never could have imagined the incredible journey and save game it would go on to be. It's lasted 49 years in the save game and just over 14 months in real life, during which I've seen a load of incredible things that I never thought I'd get to have in a save game, such as getting (an admittedly quite poor) in-game son, as well as having a stadium named in my honour. There's been loads of other incredible things too, such as having Roy Keane following me around the world as an Assistant Manager, being able to manage world class players like Paterne Kabongo, Ivan Talajic and Wolf Bruneel, as well as being able to follow Kabongo's pitiful management career. That's not even mentioning some of the trophies I've won, as I've won everything from the World Cup and the Champions League to the Johnstone Paint's Trophy - and I even picked up an Olympic Medal! Here's a nice little banner I made which shows every club/nation I've managed throughout the save, as well as showing some pictures of some of the save's more memorable moments.
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club Division Position Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 Arsenal Premier League 2nd League Cup winners 2015/16 Arsenal Premier League 1st Premier League winners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga 3rd German Cup & Europa League winners 2017/18 Borussia Dortmund Bundesliga 2nd Euro Super Cup & German Super Cup winners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 Cameroon N/A N/A Confederations Cup runners up 2018 Cameroon N/A N/A N/A 2019 Cameroon N/A N/A African Cup of Nations winners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Dinamo Moscow Russian PL 2nd Russian Cup winners ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Everton Premier League 2nd N/A 2020/21 Everton Premier League 7th League Cup winners & Champions League runners up ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020 France N/A N/A N/A 2021 France N/A N/A European Nations League winner 2022 France N/A N/A World Cup winner ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 Getafe La Liga 5th Qualified for Europa League 2022/23 Getafe La Liga 9th Europa League semi finalists ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022 Holland N/A N/A N/A 2023 Holland N/A N/A N/A 2024 Holland N/A N/A European Championship runners up ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2023/24 Ipswich Town Championship 1st Promoted as Champions 2024/25 Ipswich Town Premier League 13th N/A 2025/26 Ipswich Town Premier League 4th N/A 2026/27 Ipswich Town Premier League 4th N/A 2027/28 Ipswich Town Premier League 1st Premier League & FA Cup winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2028/29 Juventus Serie A 1st Serie A, Italian Cup & Super Cup winners 2029/30 Juventus Serie A 1st Serie A, Champions League, Italian Cup & Super Cup winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2030/31 Kuban Russian PL 6th Qualified for Europa League 2031/32 Kuban Russian PL 7th Left in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2031/32 Liverpool Premier League 6th Joined in November. FA Cup winners. 2032/33 Liverpool Premier League 2nd Europa League & Community Shield winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2033/34 Man United Premier League 1st Premier League, League Cup & Community Shield winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2034/35 NAC Breda Eredivisie 3rd Qualified for Europa League 2035/36 NAC Breda Eredivisie 7th Left in December ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2035/36 Olympiakos Greek SL 3rd Joined in December. Greek Cup winners & Qualified for CL. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2036/37 Porto Portuguese PL 1st Portuguese PL & League Cup 2037/38 Porto Portuguese PL 1st Portuguese PL, FA Cup & Super Cup 2038/39 Porto Portuguese PL 4th Super Cup winners. Left in April. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2038/39 Q.P.R. Premier League 19th Relegated 2039/40 Q.P.R. Championship 2nd Promoted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2040/41 Rangers Scottish PL 3rd Scottish Cup & League Cup winners 2041/42 Rangers Scottish PL 1st Scottish PL winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2040 Spain N/A N/A N/A 2041 Spain N/A N/A N/A 2042 Spain N/A N/A World Cup quarter finalists. Sacked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2042/43 Toulouse Ligue 1 4th Qualified for Champions League 2043/44 Toulouse Ligue 1 5th Europa League semi finalists 2044/45 Toulouse Ligue 1 3rd Europa League winners 2045/46 Toulouse Ligue 1 3rd Champions League & European Super Cup winners 2046/47 Toulouse Ligue 1 3rd World Club Cup, European Super Cup and Coupe de la Ligue winners 2047/48 Toulouse Ligue 1 1st Ligue 1 & Coupe de la Ligue winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2042 U.S.A. N/A N/A N/A 2043 U.S.A. N/A N/A Gold Cup runners up 2044 U.S.A. N/A N/A N/A 2045 U.S.A. N/A N/A Gold Cup winners 2046 U.S.A. N/A N/A World Cup Group Stage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2043 U.S.A. Under 23s N/A N/A Copa America Group Stage 2044 U.S.A. Under 23s N/A N/A Olympic Games runners-up ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2048/49 Villarreal La Liga 6th Spanish Cup runners-up 2049/50 Villarreal La Liga 3rd Europa League winners 2050/51 Villarreal La Liga 3rd Spanish Cup runners up 2051/52 Villarreal La Liga 3rd Spanish Super Cup winners 2052/53 Villarreal La Liga 1st La Liga winners 2053/54 Villarreal La Liga 2nd Spanish Cup winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2054/55 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 2nd German Super Cup winners 2055/56 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 1st Bundesliga & German Cup winners 2056/57 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 1st Bundesliga & German Super Cup winners 2057/58 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 1st Bundesliga & Champions League winners 2058/59 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 1st Bundesliga, Club World Cup, Euro Super Cup & GER Super Cup winners 2059/60 Wolfsburg Bundesliga 3rd Champions League, German Cup & German Super Cup winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2060/61 Xanthi Greek SL 1st Greek Super League winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2061/62 York City League 2 7th Johnstone's Paint Trophy winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2062/63 Zenit Russian PL 1st Russian PL & Russian Cup winners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trophy Cabinet World Cup x1 - 2022 (France) Olympic Games Silver Medal x1 - 2044 (U.S.A. Under 23's) African Cup of Nations x1 - 2019 (Cameroon) North American Gold Cup x1 - 2045 (U.S.A.) European Nations League x1 - 2021 (France) Champions League x4 - 2029/30 (Juventus), 2045/46 (Toulouse), 2057/58, 2059/60 (Wolfsburg) Europa League x4 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund), 2032/33 (Liverpool), 2044/45 (Toulouse), 2049/50 (Villarreal) European Super Cup x4 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund), 2045/46, 2046/47 (Toulouse), 2058/59 (Wolfsburg) World Club Cup x2 - 2046/47 (Toulouse), 2058/59 (Wolfsburg) Premier League x3 - 2015/16 (Arsenal), 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2033/34 (Man United) FA Cup x2 - 2027/28 (Ipswich), 2031/32 (Liverpool) League Cup x3 - 2014/15 (Arsenal), 2020/21 (Everton), 2033/34 (Man United) Community Shield x2 - 2032/33 (Liverpool), 2033/34 (Man United) Championship x1 - 2023/24 (Ipswich) Johnstone's Paint Trophy x1 - 2061/62 (York City) La Liga x1 - 2052/53 (Villarreal) Spanish Cup x1 - 2053/54 (Villarreal) Spanish Super Cup x1 - 2051/52 (Villarreal) Ligue 1 x1 - 2047/48 (Toulouse) Coupe de la Ligue x2 - 2046/47, 2047/48 (Toulouse) Bundesliga x4 - 2055/56, 2056/57, 2057/58, 2058/59 (Wolfsburg) German Cup x3 - 2016/17 (Borussia Dortmund), 2055/56, 2059/60 (Wolfsburg) German Super Cup x5 - 2017/18 (Borussia Dortmund), 2054/55, 2056/57, 2058/59, 2059/60 (Wolfsburg) Greek Super League x1 - 2060/61 (Xanthi) Greek Cup x1 - 2035/36 (Olympiakos) Serie A x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus) Italian Cup x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus) Italian Super Cup x2 - 2028/29, 2029/30 (Juventus) Portuguese PL x2 - 2036/37, 2037/38 (Porto) Portuguese Cup x1 - 2037/38 (Porto) Portuguese League Cup x1 - 3036/37 (Porto) Portuguese Super Cup x2 - 2037/38 (Porto), 2038/39 (Porto) Russian PL x1 - 2062/63 (Zenit) Russian Cup x2 - 2018/19 (Dinamo Moscow), 2062/63 (Zenit) Scottish PL x1 - 2041/42 (Rangers) Scottish Cup x1 - 2040/41 (Rangers) Scottish League Cup x1 - 2040/41 (Rangers)
  7. Season 49: (Z)enit You can't really ask for much more than a double in your last season. Would've been cool to do more in Europe, but the team weren't amazing so that was never too realistic. Squad part 1, pt 2 We had a host of good players this season. 20 year old striker, Roman Kuzmin, scored 20 goals in 20 games which was a fantastic achievement for him and helped us no end. We had a good right winger in Andrey Kuznetzov, who chipped in with 22 assists and 9 goals. We had a very good CM in Mustafa Shayesteh, who is a 32 year old from Afghanistan. Our star player was of course the £50M Brazilian man signed in the Winter transfer window, Clodoaldo, ended the season with 11 assists and 8 goals in 15 games that helped us on our way to the domestic double.
  8. June It was a very nerve racking match as we just couldn't seem to find a goal, that was until Roman Kuzmin's strike rattled into the net in the 66th minute. This ultimately won us the Russian Premier League, in what is ultimately my very last match in my career. It also meant Yenisey finished rock bottom of the table and were relegated. I'd actually forgotten about the in-game Hall of Fame, but in an incredibly fitting coincidence, this popped up after we'd been confirmed as champions.
  9. May Not the best month for a title run in, as we dropped points away at Tom in a highly competitive 3-3 draw. We went into the Krasnodar knowing we could not afford to lose and we at least managed to avoid defeat, with Andrey Kuznetsov's 72nd minute equaliser getting us a point. We very nearly failed to beat CSKA Moscow despite being 4-0 up at half-time, with the away side somehow launching a comeback in the second half and giving me an almighty scare! This leaves the table like this though. Tom managed to get a draw with Krasnodar as well in their game in hand, which means all we need to do is beat Yenisey to not just win the title, but also relegated the 'Y' side who messed me around. The Russian Cup final proved to be a far easier match than our game with Krasnodar just a few weeks earlier in the league. I think they're suffering from having such a good season, as in the space of a week they had their crucial game in hand with Tom, the Russian Cup final and then just a few days later they have a Europa League final to worry about. Either way, it was a very comfortable win which was a pleasant surprise.
  10. Kabongo is back in a job as League 2 side Tranmere Rovers have taken a chance on him being the man to get them promoted. They finished 14th this season which is apparently not good enough for them. Let's hope Kabongo can work his magic for them next season.
  11. It will be the end, yes. There's a fair few tough games left though, especially the away trip to Krasnodar, so there's definitely every chance of another season or so just yet.
  12. April An important goal from the very expensive signing, Clodoaldo, gave us a win against Yenisey to reach the Russian Cup final. Fabulous scenes. We kicked the month off with a high scoring game and 3 points at Rubin. We managed to win all of our other matches this month, but my word we left it late at Kuban ffs Our fine run of form has put us 1 point ahead of Krasnodar with 5 games left. We do still have them at their place, which is a game we can seldom afford to lose. Yenisey have slipped down the table which is great to see, we actually play them away from home on the last game of the season, so it would be amazing if we could win the title there and relegate them at the same time
  13. March We lost 2-0 to Lazio which unfortunately means we're out and I have potentially played my last Champions League match. It would've been brilliant to have gone further but realistically we were never going to win the thing with this team. A 2-0 win to see us through to the Semi Final. We play none other than Yenisey in the Semi Final, fingers crossed we can beat them as I would hate to lose to them. Clodoaldo got his Zenit career off to a fine start with a brilliant brace in a 6-3 win over Khimik, whilst Roman Kuzmin was on fire with 6 goals in 3 games this month. Krasnodar still lead us by 2 points. The match at their place will be extremely important in deciding who will be the champion.
  14. February Not a very busy February as the Russian season doesn't really get back underway until March, but I did have a Champions League game with Lazio, as well as a new arrival. I spent £50M of the £50M transfer budget I was given thanks to that windfall of money. I wouldn't usually have spent it all on one player, especially not a 29 year old CAM, but he was the best player available to me who would join and since this is probably my last season in the game I thought **** it. I'm treating myself - Sir Alex Ferguson style! He is a very good player and would possibly be worth the £50M if we were a massive club, but oh well. Go big or go home. We unfortunately lost 2-0 away to Lazio, which actually saw a goal come from 34 year old Dylan Nifiore. Dylan's a man I have a long history with, having barely used him at Toulouse as a youngster and then he scored that winning penalty against me for Lazio when I was in the Champions League final with Villarreal. It seems he may well have contributed to me going out of the Champions League once more. I think we were really unlucky to draw Lazio despite winning our group, as Lazio are really good and won the thing last year. But oh well, there's always the home leg to try and do something.