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  1. Moving the captaincy to Lukaku today, couple of goals wouldn’t go amiss
  2. Yilmaz was a terrible shout. At least can take the captaincy off him
  3. Meunièr and Kimpembe in for Tierney and De Ligt. Captained Yilmaz given the weird captaincy rules that let you change it each day.
  4. This is the one I used. Maradona currently at Napoli. Ronaldo should be interesting when he pops up as if he stays injury free he may be even more of a menace than he was in real life.
  5. Didn’t even know you could still make changes for injuries. Is it a goalkeeper specific rule?
  6. 50 with Kante, Jota and Kimmoch to play. Reasonably happy with how it’s gone, Tierney and De Ligt injured not ideal but seems neither would have got clean sheets anyway. Yilmaz a candidate to go, but know if I transfer him out he’ll score against Wales so will likely leave him in I think.
  7. No Shevchenko yet, but an 18 year old Sergiy Rebrov is at PSG joining in the summer for £500K No Harry Kewell yet. Rivaldo is at Deportivo who are 2nd tier in Spain. Redondo is currently at Tenerife. A very young Totti has just come through the ranks at Roma in the last intake, still in their youth team. A 16 year old Nesta is currently in the Lazio U18 side. No Buffon or Seedorf yet. Edgar Davids is a first-teamer at Ajax, whilst Roy Keane is currently a squad player at United. I believe the Owen goal against Argentina was the 98 World Cup.
  8. First England home game at a major tournament for 27 years and you take a flag protesting against Marxism to the stadium Have a ****ing day off
  9. I understand it with the back 3, but if his plan is to primarily use Trippier at left back throughout, seems pretty odd to take Shaw and Chilwell as well.
  10. Who are the 3 that didn’t make the bench then. Maguire and Wait Sancho didnt make the bench
  11. No time for English journos leaking potential lineups tbh
  12. Just going into the 92/93 season. Will have a look next time I’m on. Not seen Shevchenko or Rebrov yet I don’t think, pretty sure a pretty young Batistuta is at an Italian side. Napoli seem to struggle domestically, although Maradona did help them to UEFA Cup glory last season. Will be interesting to see how Argentina get on in the 94 World Cup, think Brazil won it originally iirc. Have been keeping an eye out for Vieira but don’t think he’s around yet. Petit I noticed was at Monaco the start of last season, enquired about both him and Makelele and where Monaco ha
  13. A pretty decent group of Red Star, Sarajevo and Galatasaray for Arsenal. Maradona's Napoli winning the Europa League of course means there's 5 Italian sides in the Group Stage, Maradona's team will face off against Man United and Celtic in a tough group. Barcelona and AC Milan have to be the favourites I think, with Inter, Juve and Real Madrid all up there too. I think us and United have a decent chance, especially if Fergie makes use of some of the younger lads, as whilst he didn't spend big in the summer, he has got a lot of young talent like Giggs, Scholes, as well as Beck
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