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  1. Andy Kilday steps up to take the first penalty. He's scored twice already today, he looks confident... the keeper guessed the right way, but he couldn't keep it out of the bottom left corner! A fine penalty! WEDNESDAY 1-0 CITY El Amrani up first for City. Brauer in the Wednesday goal looking to name for himself, he's let 2 in today, but he is German so penalties may favour him... OHHHH AND HE DOES SAVE IT!!! In fairness not the best penalty from El Amrani aiming for the bottom left corner, but Brauer dives like a salmon and he acrobatically keeps that one out! WEDNESDAY 1-0 CITY Espinosa up next. Their new right back by trade, will he be any good at scoring from 12 yards. He smashes it, it's hit the keeper but thankfully for Wednesday it still finds the back of the net! WEDNESDAY 2-0 CITY Llodra up next for the Champions. He goes for the top right corner. He finds it, Brauer wasn't keeping that one out! WEDNESDAY 2-1 CITY Another full back up for Wednesday, this time their left, the young Belgian, Claude. Ohhhh. That's a special penalty. He's sent him completely the wrong way as that fires into the top right corner. Lovely stuff from the left footer! WEDNESDAY 3-1 CITY McDonnell for City. He's taking a big run up here... keeper guesses right, but he's hit that so hard he was never keeping that out! Top right bins, lovely. WEDNESDAY 3-2 CITY Yianni up next for Wednesday. The substitute came on, his closing down forced the equaliser, can he make it 4 from 4 for Hart's side? HE CAN! The keeper guessed right, but he almost dived over it as it went into the bottom left corner. WEDNESDAY 4-2 CITY Nsingi has to score for City and this is a real chance for Brauer to make a name for himself in the run-up to the season... NSINGI....HE'S HIT IT DOWN THE MIDDLE AND BRAUER CLINGS ONTO IT LIKE IT'S HIS FIRST BORN CHILD!!!! SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY HAVE WON THE COMMUNITY SHIELD... an upset win for Adam Hart and his team, a memorable shootout victory here!
  2. 93rd minute: It's all over! And against the odds, Wednesday have taken this one to a shoot-out! City have made all 4 of their permitted changes, I'm not even sure if Adam Hart knew he could make 4 changes as he looked quite confused when he saw City make their 4th!
  3. 89th minute: Brown looking to ping the ball down the right wing in the City half, but he's well over hit that pass to Yianni and the left back Jak Gray will pick that up easily... oh but GRAY HAS FAFFED AROUND AND YIANNI NICKS IT OFF HIM! Yianni on the edge of the box out wide, it's just him and the keeper, ohhh and Bargozza is running across to deal with Yianni, but all he's doing is playing Kilday onside, he hasn't seen him but Yianni has and KILDAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY HAVE DONE IT! It's MANCHESTER CITY 2-2 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY! It's an absolute horror show from Jak Gray who has absoutely gifted them that one, but Wednesday will take it, because this has almost certainly forced the game to penalties!
  4. 83rd minute: City look the only side likely to get another goal here. Jak Gray the substitute is on and causing a nuisance of himself down the left wing, he runs past Espinosa and looks to cross it in to EL AMRANIIII.... but that's another big save from Brauer to keep his side in it!
  5. 60th minute: A corner for Wednesday. They've not had too many clear chances but they could get a chance here. Dale Lewis to crack this one in the middle and IT'S LUCIOOOOOO.... I don't know how that's not got in! A real chance for Wednesday!
  6. 55th minute: A free kick in a dangerous area for City. This is a good chance to make it 3. It's Magdic to strike itttttt.... but Brauer does well to get a big hand to it and keep it out!
  7. 45th minute: Peep-peep! It's half-time! City are leading as many would've expected going into this one, can the Sheffield side get back in this one in the 2nd half?!
  8. 37th minute: McDonnell deep in Wednesday's half. They're not content to go in level at half-time. He finds Bailey, he goes pasts 1 defender and he's just outside the box they've got to be careful because he might cut in AND HAVE A SHOTTTTTT!!! It's a poor shot but it doesn't matter because it's deflected off I think Lucio to fly past the debuting keeper. A nightmare for him, as it's MANCHESTER CITY 2-1 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!
  9. 28th minute: Brown making some progress into City's half on the right wing. He passes across the pitch to Dale Lewis who is about 40 yards from the goal... Lewis with a nice first time pass to Kilday 10 yards ahead of him, Kilday across to Riahi, ohhhh and Riahi holds it and plays a nice ball in to Brown who is running into the box on the right hand side.... a lovely layoff across goal AND KILDAY EQUALISES!!! It's come against the run of play but Wednesday are level from a very similar goal to City's opener. It's MANCHESTER CITY 1-1 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!
  10. 16th minute: City going for another one here. Jovanovic looking to cut open the Wednesday defence, he finds Bailey who has Magdic and Vieira ahead of him, he finds Magdic who takes a touch and HAS A GOOOOO.... big save from Lukas Brauer making his debut in the Wednesday goal!
  11. 7th minute: Bailey on the attack for the Citizens. Ohhh he hits a nice low pass out wide left to Celorio who's running into the box... he cuts it back and VIEIRA IS THERE!!! He smashes it home from 5 yards out and it's MANCHESTER CITY 1-0 SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY early doors.
  12. A new look Sheffield Wednesday side lineup at Wembley, with 7 changes to the team that started and beat Stoke in the FA Cup final. Adam Hart's first ever Community Shield, how will he and Wednesday get on against Manchester City?!
  13. The summer saw 4 notable departures. The biggest saw left winger Ian Hepworth get his wish to leave for Liverpool, pretty funny for a guy who originally came through as a United youth prospect. He will be missed but Liverpool came in with a more than fair offer for him so I let him go. Bart van Gastel was a strange one. In the lead up to the end of the season a fair amount of players like Hepworth, Rodriguez, Dale Lewis and Lucio were making noises about leaving for bigger clubs, so when Bart van Gastel said he was interested in negotiating a new deal I was made up and ready to reward him for being so loyal. Then his agent told me that he wanted 110K A WEEK?!?!! I told them to **** right off He wasn't happy after that and I let him go when Newcastle offered £20M for him. Rodriguez was a decent keeper and he did really well in the FA Cup Semi against Arsenal, but he made me anxious at times due to his tendency to flap at shots leading to the ball dropping in the area. Most of the time a defender got there or he sorted it, but it wasn't nice to watch and was going to cost us in a big game sooner or later. I didn't plan to sell him but Dortmund came in for him and I made an £8M profit on a 28 year old. Marinaccio was the best money of the summer though, £18M with the chance to rise for our unfancied 3rd choice striker, don't mind if I do We spent about £75M this summer, a bit less than what we got in, but that's not taking into account wages and new contracts and the wage rises that came with them for a whole host of first team players like Kilday, Verdier and Dale Lewis. Clement Claude was the biggest buy of the summer, with the 21 year old Belgian international joining us to be our new left back. It is fairly big money for a left back, but he's very young, has room to grow and there's re-sell value for sure with him. Xavier Girard is a new young French CB, he's played for Bournemouth the last 2 seasons and my scouts liked the look of him. Jose Ignacio Espinosa is our new right back, the 24 year old Spaniard joins us from Fulham. Cagatay Karmil is a young Turkish left winger who joins to replace Hepworth, I'm paying him a bit more than I'd like to be paying a 21 year old untested at the top level, but he was the best value player I could get, with others being cheaper and wanting even more in wages, or ridiculous signing on fees or just being unattainable due to work permit issues. Leigh Brown looks to be a bargain at £7M, similar to when we initially signed Hepworth, he's a young winger unfancied by United that will get his big chance with us. Hopefully he can be a success too and be sold on for a nice profit in a few years when the time is right. Lukas Brauer joins us from Dortmund and he again looks a great pick up at that price, he appears to have been their first choice keeper before they bought Rodriguez from us, so in some ways selling him ensure not just a profit but a cheaper replacement! The rest of the signings are younger players. Sergio Stucki and Jordan Yianni are both younger strikers with high potential who will understudy Kilday and Verdier this season, whilst the others will all be sent out on loan. I actually got an interview question that was basically saying we were stock piling players and giving me **** for it If Chelsea can do it to make some money, so can we!
  14. Season 41: Sheffield Wednesday An excellent season. We perhaps could've done a bit better in the league, but I'm overjoyed to have won the FA Cup and qualify for the Europa League next year. That will give us a real chance to progress and I hope we can take it. Squad Lucio was the standout for me this year, he was an absolute animal at CB and amazing value for £11M. A lot of the time it feels a waste having 2 scouts in South America as it's so rare to get a work permit, but it's worth it purely for the rare players like Lucio where you can get one. Ian Hepworth had a really good year down the left flank, his stats aren't amazing but he's really good at opening teams up and creating chances - he's got a few bigger sides interested in him so we may well lose him this summer if he kicks off. Andy Kilday had a decent season up-front, he didn't reach the 25 in 38 PL top scorer heights of last year, but he did reasonably well and assisted more - 40 goals in 2 PL seasons for a guy I paid £6M for, I can't really complain. Ethan Verdier was okay alongside him with 9 goals and 7 assists in the league, but I do expect a little bit more from him, I'm hoping if I stick with him next season he can grow into the Premier League and kick on in Europe too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club Division Position Achievements/Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 8th Eastern Counties League Cup winners 2017/18 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 11th Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 13th N/A 2018/19 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 10th Left in December -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Carlton Town United Counties Premier League 8th United Counties League Cup runners-up. Sacked. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Basildon United Essex Senior League 3rd Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy winners 2020/21 Basildon United Essex Senior League 17th Left in November -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 11th N/A 2021/22 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 17th Left in December ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 13th N/A 2022/23 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 18th Left in January ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022/23 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 7th N/A 2023/24 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Sacked in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2023/24 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 12th Joined in January 2024/25 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 3rd Left in March ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2024/25 Canvey Island Isthmian League Premier Division 23rd Relegated 2025/26 Canvey Island Isthmian League 1st Division N 23rd Sacked in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2025/26 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Joined in January 2026/27 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 5th Left in March ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2026/27 Stourbridge Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegated 2027/28 Stourbridge Southern League 1st Division C 5th Promoted via Playoffs 2028/29 Stourbridge Southern League Premier Division 15th Left in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2028/29 Lancaster City Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegeted. Sacked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2029/30 Southport Northern League Premier Division 14th N/A 2030/31 Southport Northern League Premier Division 5th Left in April ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2030/31 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 3rd Lost in Playoff Final 2031/32 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 2nd Lost in Playoff Final 2032/33 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 6th Left in January ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2032/33 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 8th N/A 2033/34 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 3rd Qualified for Europa League via Playoff 2034/35 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 5th Welsh Cup winners 2035/36 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 2nd Welsh League Cup winners 2036/37 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 1st Welsh Premier League winners 2037/38 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 1st Welsh Premier League & League Cup winners 2038/39 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 2nd Left in December -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2038/39 Yeovil Town League 2 22nd Sacked in March. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2039/40 Salford City Conference 14th Joined in October. FA Trophy winners. 2040/41 Salford City Conference 4th Promoted via Playoffs 2041/42 Salford City League 2 22nd Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2041/42 Blackpool Conference 1st Promoted as Champions 2042/43 Blackpool League 2 1st Promoted as Champions 2043/44 Blackpool League 1 18th N/A 2044/45 Blackpool League 1 4th Left in April --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2044/45 Swindon Town League 1 6th Lost in Playoff Final 2045/46 Swindon Town League 1 17th Sacked in September --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2045/46 Gillingham League 1 9th Joined in December 2046/47 Gillingham League 1 6th EFL Trophy winners & Lost in Playoff Semi 2047/48 Gillingham League 1 4th Promoted via Playoffs & EFL Trophy winners 2048/49 Gillingham Championship 16th Left in December --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2048/49 Cardiff City Championship 21st Joined in Decemember 2049/50 Cardiff City Championship 17th N/A 2050/51 Cardiff City Championship 11th FA Cup Semi Finalists 2051/52 Cardiff City Championship 19th Left in December --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2051/52 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 13th N/A 2052/53 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 5th Lost in Playoff Semi 2053/54 Sheffield Wednesday Championship 3rd Promoted via Playoffs 2054/55 Sheffield Wednesday Premier League 10th N/A 2055/56 Sheffield Wednesday Premier League 11th N/A 2056/57 Sheffield Wednesday Premier League 9th FA Cup winners --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trophy Cabinet FA Cup x1 - 2056/57 (Sheffield Wednesday) League 2 x1 - 2042/43 (Blackpool) EFL Trophy x2 - 2046/47, 2047/48 (Gillingham) Conference x1 - 2041/42 (Blackpool) FA Trophy x1 - 2039/40 (Salford City) Eastern Counties League Cup x1 - 2016/17 (Ipswich Wanderers) Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy x1 - 2019/20 (Basildon United) Welsh Premier League x2 - 2036/37, 2037/38 (Port Talbot Town) Welsh Cup x1 - 2034/35 (Port Talbot Town) Welsh League Cup x2 - 2035/36, 2037/38 (Port Talbot Town)