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  1. Think the teams might’ve ended up more balanced if it was still 1 player from each country per team but not 1 per round. Must be so many good players the better squads who will go unused whilst our teams fill up with Georgian and Romanian players
  2. Charles De Ketelaere (Belgium) At work, not sure who’s next sorry
  3. Marek Rodak (Slovakia) please Probably the first one I'm not really happy with but not much I can do at this point and the 1st choice keepers of all the nations left have already gone @JD nawrat
  4. Couldn’t they just take a younger or older keeper as not part of the official squad and still have the extra outfield player. Either way the 4th choice isn’t going to play
  5. Sounds good to be fair. If we got 7 subs for a squad would likely mean the overall quality of everyone’s team improves too
  6. Yeah I’m in 8th, hoping for something half decent this time but not too optimistic
  7. I kind of assumed we’d have to replace with someone from the same nation anyway to be fair. Think there’s a risk Coufal doesn’t go but never crossed my mind I’d be able to replace him with Walker/Trippier rather than the actual Czech RB
  8. To be fair pretty hard to cheat no? Like if you deliberately or accidentally picked someone not called up from a country that’s called up the squad that’s one thing, but surely most the nations you could deliberately pick someone not going like England etc you’d just pick someone good anyway
  9. Caglar Soyuncu (Turkey) please Will check who is next and tag them ASAP
  10. Ooh this came round quicker than I thought. Will pick soon.
  11. Oof 15th pick. I’ve had a shitter with this
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