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  1. Farage has retired from politics more times than Terry Funk retired from wrestling. Not sure why people still give him the time of day. Bet there’s loads of people involved with that Reform party who have put a lot of time and money into trying to help it take off with him as leader and he’s just bailed after 5 minutes
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07T88YS54/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_G8Y7ACFE7XBRJ3DA70NV?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 This is what we got. Very easy to set up and holds up stuff stronger than I expected for something that cost £20 or so. Only been up about 2 weeks or so but not shown any signs of falling or slipping down yet with both of us showering and moving stuff off/on it each day.
  3. I think part of the problem with a lot of peoples attitudes to benefits is that loads of people for years did quite well off of working tax credits, but never actually considered themselves as being on benefits as they were working. A lot of people who say started off on that 10-15 years ago and got to a point comfortable enough to not claim again pre Covid probably assume that sort of help is still there now. A lot of people I think kind of have this false impression everyone on Universal Credit is unemployed as it replaced Job Seeker’s, but I imagine certainly before Covid there were fa
  4. Guy at work went to Turkey for this not too long before the first Covid stuff began to happen last March. Think he paid about £2000 for something he got quoted £10000 here for. Seemed to look pretty alright from what I remember.
  5. Did a bit of DIY today, put up some of those sticker type shelves in the bathroom and then put up a 4 part IKEA bookcase that makes that section of the living room look a bit like our very own Waterstones.
  6. I think it’s hard to compare with lockdown though. If you were offering me 80 percent wages to not work if it wasn’t a pandemic then I’d find it a lot easier to fill the time and do stuff than during lockdown. One of my mates got so bored he became a borderline alcoholic gambling addict to the point we had to do a mini intervention to try and put him straight. Massive respect to anyone furloughed who has taken the time and used it to better their life or themselves by getting in shape, learning a language, renovating their home, doing some kind of course etc. Perfect time fo
  7. Having worked throughout the entirety of the last 12 months, I literally cannot imagine anything worse than spending this pandemic not working/furloughed.
  8. The hilarious thing about Tories calling for Sturgeon to resign is that it’s the new found atmosphere and unwritten rule that you don’t need to resign over anything now that will mean she won’t need to.
  9. It could actually be more than 8 seats as I only went on 26 most marginals, might have a look later to see if there’s any more, but I’d argue 8 seats is massive, wasn’t May 8 short of a majority in 2017? I don’t even particularly identify as a Labour supporter, I’m not nor never have been a paying member, have never canvassed for them etc. If we had PR I’d certainly consider voting Green more than I would now. But in England, with the system we have, most seats it is a choice between Tory or Labour, or Tory or Lib Dem. If you’re voting Green, then surely, surely at the l
  10. If people want to make this argument with Starmer then that’s one thing, but I’m talking about people who voted Green when Labour had a socialist leader who believed in the Green revolution they all say they want. If they wouldn’t vote for Corbyn’s Labour, when would they ever vote for Labour? Did they want someone even more left wing?
  11. Green Party voters in 2019 would almost certainly have more in common with a Corbyn run Labour Party than a Johnson run Conservative Party. We don’t have PR in this country. There’s a reason why Farage stood down the Brexit party candidates in every seat that would’ve cost the Tories the seat, as in small marginals even 1 percent of the vote going differently can have big implications. The vast majority of seats in England are two Party seats. Some due to current and historic links may have ties to Lib Dem’s or Brighton have Green etc, but the vast majority of the seats it is
  12. Surely they don’t hate him so much that if given the choice they’d let their vote put a Tory into power in their seat just to “win the argument”?
  13. Bury North, Kensington, Bury South, Bolton North East, High Peak, Gedling, Heywood and Middleton, Blyth Valley. That’s 8 seats (maybe more only found data on 26 most marginal) where if everyone who voted Green instead voted for Corbyn’s left wing socialist and Green Labour they would have defeated the Tories in their area. Would be fascinating to interview or survey the Green voters in these areas and ask them if they could vote again knowing if they voted Labour it would keep their area from flipping Tory whether they’d change or not.
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