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  1. Allegri's Arsenal were back to winning ways this year, as they regained the Premier League, their 3rd in 4 years. There was a repeat final in the Champions League this season, with Mourinho's United retaining their crown after beating Zinedine Zidane's PSG. Doncaster Rover's Premier League dream didn't last long, as they finished rock bottom this season and will go straight back down. Not to worry though, as Huddersfield Town have replaced them as the plucky underdog side, as they won the Championship Playoff this season to go up. Elsewhere, Wayne Rooney's Cambridge United side came a Playoff final away from going straight up to the Championship having gone up in the League 2 Playoffs last season. Charlton Athletic finished rock bottom of League 2 and unfortunately have lost their status as a football league club. That same fate happened to Southend United last season, but they've come straight back up after blitzing the Conference. Barton Rovers continued their massive rise up the Pyramid as by winning the Conference North Playoff they've got promoted for the 3rd season in a row, having been an 8th tier side just 3 years ago.
  2. Season 16: Port Vale We did okay this season but should've gone up really, obviously got unlucky with the Goalkeeper kurfuffle in the Final though. I thought we did reasonably well in the Northern League Challenge Cup considering I didn't bother with it really until the Quarter Final. I would've liked to have done better in the FA Cup but we got unlucky with the draw early on. Squad Overall we had a pretty decent team for this level, could maybe do with a few additions over the summer but that will depend on what sort of budget I'm given by the board. Mark Pritchard ended up being the star of the show up-front, with 29 goals and 13 assists in 45 games. He's actually on a rolling contract after refusing to re-sign a deal at the end of last season, but rather than leave he stayed at the club and is still here a year later, I've tried to get him to sign a new deal but he's refusing to as we don't match his ambition etc. Seems a bit mad as I'd happily improve on the £600p/w deal he's on now if the board would let me, but he doesn't seem interested so I'm happy to let him take that deal still. Ryan Laird did sign a new deal and is on more than double what Pritchard is getting, yet he only got 20 goals and 17 assists. Laird will probably want a contract increase in the summer which I'm hesitant to give him, as I think for the money he's on I could get someone in who would score just as much anyway. Greg Hancock at left wing was a very good loan signing from AFC Telford - he's definitely someone who will need replacing in the summer if we can't get him again next year as he was always a threat. Career History --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club Division Position Achievements/Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 8th Eastern Counties League Cup winners 2017/18 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 11th Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 13th N/A 2018/19 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 10th Left in December --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Carlton Town United Counties Premier League 8th United Counties League Cup runners-up. Sacked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Basildon United Essex Senior League 3rd Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy winners 2020/21 Basildon United Essex Senior League 17th Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 11th N/A 2021/22 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 17th Left in December --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 13th N/A 2022/23 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 18th Left in January --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022/23 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 7th N/A 2023/24 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Sacked in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2023/24 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 12th Joined in January 2024/25 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 3rd Left in March --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2024/25 Canvey Island Isthmian League Premier Division 23rd Relegated 2025/26 Canvey Island Isthmian League 1st Division N 23rd Sacked in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2025/26 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Joined in January 2026/27 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 5th Left in March --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2026/27 Stourbridge Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegated 2027/28 Stourbridge Southern League 1st Division C 5th Promoted via Playoffs 2028/29 Stourbridge Southern League Premier Division 15th Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2028/29 Lancaster City Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegeted. Sacked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2029/30 Southport Northern League Premier Division 14th N/A 2030/31 Southport Northern League Premier Division 5th Left in April --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2030/31 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 3rd Lost in Playoff Final 2031/32 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 2nd Lost in Playoff Final --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trophy Cabinet Eastern Counties League Cup x1 - 2016/17 (Ipswich Wanderers) Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy x1 - 2019/20 (Basildon United)
  3. It's all over. Another Playoff Final - another loss. I feel we got really unlucky with the injuries to the two keepers and I think without those we do win the game and go up, but unfortunately something as unlucky as that in just 1 game can cost you a whole season's work sometimes.
  4. Not sure he saves this even with a proper wrist. 3-2 and we're just 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Not looking good.
  5. With a fully armed and operational wrist he probably saves this. Right before half-time as well. 2-2. Peak times ahead I think. Not sure whether to keep him on or sub him for an outfield player with the best GK rating
  6. This guy is looking ropey as ****! That save has probably taken it from a sprain to a break DeFreitas on the line to bail us out.
  7. When you're 2-1 up in the first half in a Playoff Final and your 2nd choice keeper, who came on as a substitute for your injured 1st choice keeper, sprains his wrist just 10 minutes after coming on...
  8. Another 1-0 win against Hyde. As you can see they had a man sent off in the 53rd minute, after that we shut up shop a bit, stuck to keeping possession and playing the waiting game whilst we tired them out. It took longer to get a goal than I hoped but it did come in the 79th minute and that killed them off, we parked the bus and kept hold of the win. We've got Workington in the final and tbh I'm a bit worried after they thrashed Gateshead and that Sang fella is in fine form, with 4 goals in 37 minutes in that game. We beat Workington at home but lost to them away, so it really could go either way on the way.
  9. I think I'm thankfully a long way off that just yet but I think I'll just keep going with both, unless the international jobs get a bit much alongside the club roles in which case I'd just stick to clubs and maybe have a little flutter with international management after "retiring" from clubs.
  10. We've got Hyde in the Semi Final. We just beat them 1-0 in the final game of the season, it was a fairly tight game but they didn't offer too much going forward really. Fingers crossed for a win.
  11. April We've ended the season in great form and qualified for the Playoffs with no trouble. We got a good win against Shaw Lane and a draw at Nantwich, before beating two of our Playoff rivals, in Liversedge and Hyde. This gives me a fair bit of confidence going into the Playoffs now. Weend the season as fairly comfortably the 2nd best team. Hopefully we can make sure we are the 2nd team that get promoted.
  12. The main trouble this season was Long Eaton were too strong. I'm not sure what's happened with them but they've got very strong resources somehow and have managed to win the 8th tier and the 7th tier on the bounce, improving all their facilities on the way and turning Professional on the way. It's not a Tycoon takeover but I think they must've got a fair chunk of money somewhere.
  13. I've just been given a 1 year extension! The timing of this means it should put off any clubs from coming in for me at the end of the season too, so not bad overall. They haven't given me a wage increase, but I do have a clause in my contract that gives me an extra 15 percent if we go up.
  14. March An anti-climatic end to our Northern League Challenge Cup run, but we did get a difficult away draw against Hyde, where we unfortunately lost 3-1. I went into this month very nervous as we were in poor form and had a huge Playoffs 6 pointer at home to Workington at the end of the month. It started terribly with a 1-0 loss at Spennymoor, but thankfully we managed to beat Ossett Town and then got a huge win against Workington. We then ended the month with a solid 3-1 win against Trafford. Overall, a very good month of wins. This actually shot us up to 2nd place with 4 games to go. It's not over just yet because we still have tough games against Liversedge and Hyde to come, but thankfully both of those are home games. We also travel to Shaw Lane and Nantwich.