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  1. PaulHartman71

    Which players are you most excited about watching?

    **** me. Imagine how smug Henry would be on Sky Sports if him and Martinez won the World Cup for Belgium Such a weird duo and combination. Always quite liked Martinez tbf (and Henry obviously...)
  2. PaulHartman71

    Do we still need the third place playoff?

    Don't see the value of it at all, but it does mean this year I won't miss the final, as I'm at a festival Saturday night. If this wasn't on I imagine it'd be on the Saturday and I'd have missed it!
  3. PaulHartman71

    England's World Cup 23

    I think by Wilshere's standards that was a pretty decent statement, possibly says more about him, but he could've done a lot worse. Think he comes across a bit entitled the way he words it as if because he's been fit he should go, which isn't true, not like he's Lampard, Gerrard or Scholes. Although tbf Southgate did say if he could show he was fit and playing week in, week out he'd be called up again, which was a dumb thing to say as he then called up loads of players who were injury prone or not playing. But tbf to him he has left Lallana out. I think Joe Hart's statement sort of shows why he shouldn't have gone even as a back-up option. He's a very loud character and I think with the Pickford/Butland thing already causing some questions, having him as the 3rd wheel acting a tit in training would be another unneeded distraction for those lads. Nick Pope still strong competition for them but can't see him being a bad influence in that way. Pope undoubtedly deserves to be there too imo.
  4. PaulHartman71

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    Yeah I do remember hearing that. Not sure how true it is though as whilst they might have taken the pedal off the gas in the second half, makes sense to save themselves a bit for the final, I don't think at the top level even at 5-0 you'd go out of your way to try not to score. The Germans of all teams certainly wouldn't and I don't think the attacking players would care enough about the Brazilians feelings to not try and get as many goals as they could, as it's not every day you get to score in a World Cup, let alone a Semi.
  5. PaulHartman71

    England's World Cup 23

    Actually saw a decent article today about what it would have been like if social media was around for Euro 96: http://lebuzz.eurosport.co.uk/viral/if-it-happened-today-gazza-euro-96-and-the-dentists-chair-12661/
  6. PaulHartman71

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    That first half was mental. Most surreal game I've ever seen. Just couldn't believe what was happening. Would've been amazing if they'd hit double figures which they probably could have, remember them being absolutely gutted that they even let 1 in when they were 7-0 up
  7. PaulHartman71

    World Cup Underdogs

    They're basically England circa 2002-2008. Load of great players but don't seem like that much of a team. Be amazed if they get past the Quarter Finals. Would be cool to see if they did though, certainly got the players to do it.
  8. PaulHartman71

    Who do you think will win the world cup?

    Germany or Spain for me. Gun to my head I'd go with Germany though. France do a look fine side, fancy them to get to the Semis but just fall short, reckon they'll be a force to be reckoned with at the next Euros and World Cup though. I don't really rate that Brazil team's chances too highly, obviously Neymar having the likes of Firminho and Jesus alongside him is a hell of an upgrade, but again, I think their core team won't come into it's own and be real contenders for the tournament until 2022.
  9. PaulHartman71

    World Cup Predictor

    France/Germany final for me with the Germans winning it.
  10. PaulHartman71

    World Cup Underdogs

    I don't think they'll win it but I think Egypt could get to the Quarter Finals. You'd fancy them to get through that group as even on home soil I don't think Russia are up to much. Can't see them beating Spain but if they get Portugal I could see them beating them and getting through. I fancy Nigeria to get through their group and I think they could get to the Quarter Finals too. I can also see Japan getting to the Quarter Finals, certainly out of their group and I think they can get past either England or Belgium.
  11. PaulHartman71

    What will you be looking forward to?

    I'm in Dam for the first day of the tournament, then have a 9 night holiday in Malta the week after, as well as the 3 day 2000 Trees festival in July. So I was actually kind of gutted that I'd miss most of the tournament, but on further inspection I won't actually miss a single knockout game (apart from the 3rd place playoff, but, yeah who cares) so I'm really buzzing. Should be able to catch whatever group games I want at the hotel bar on holiday too, gonna have to venture out from our little bed and breakfast hotel on the first night before we check into the all inclusive the next day, as that's England/Morocco.
  12. The idea that they can’t show any national pride for Turkey because they play for Germany is so dumb. Had a mate at Uni who had an English mum and an Indian dad. He was for all intensive purposes English, never even knew he was part Indian until his Dad came to pick him up at Christmas (which, yes, he celebrates). Whenever football or rugby was on he was as much an England fan as everyone else, but as soon as there was cricket on he was the biggest Indian fan you’ve ever seen. Sure some would say something like HURRR WHY DONT YOU SUPPORT INDIA IN FOOTBALL THEN IF YOU LOVE INDIA SO MUCH?!?! But who cares.
  13. Probably not the smartest PR move on their part, but dropping them from the World Cup?