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  1. In an interesting twist, Chelsea have actually managed to steal Marcus Llorente away from Real Madrid. He's replaced at Real by Douglas Costa, who leaves his post as Brazil NT manager, where he recently won a Copa America.
  2. An updated look at the Overall HOF now that everybody in the Top 20 has officially retired. I'm interested to see if anyone can actually break out onto and up the leader-board in the near or long term future. Darren Fletcher is a prime candidate if he can stay at United for the rest of his career, he's 61 but has 2,289 points already, so another 8 or 9 years at United and you'd have to fancy him to get on the leader-board. Marcus Llorente is only 50 years old and has 1,473 points, the key factor is that he's at Real Madrid who are dominating La Liga and doing well in the Champions League every now and then. If he can manage to stay there for a number of years his points will rack up and up and he could well make it up there by the time he calls it a day. Neymar is 53 and has spent the last 13 years of his career managing his hometown club of Santos. He's won various Brazilian trophies and is currently on 2,574 points, so whilst he probably won't rise up the list dramatically, if he stays at Santos he will slowly move up. There aren't really any other candidates who particularly stand out, I guess a regen manager who I don't really keep tabs on could do something impressive. It will be interesting to see who gets the Chelsea job once Weinzeri is officially retired though, as that's certainly a good job to have.
  3. In what was to be Markus Weinzeri's last ever season in management, he went out with a bang by winning yet another league title for Chelsea. Rosicky's Arsenal came just 3 points behind in 2nd, with Sergiy Rebrov's City in 3rd and Fletcher's United in 4th. Darren Fletcher made up for 4th place by winning the FA Cup and the Champions League though, with the Red Devils beating Lloris' PSG side to claim their 3rd CL in 5 years. Man City, maybe motivated by that too, decided they'd had enough of Rebrov and sacked him, their replacement was an interesting choice, Wes Morgan formerly of Leicester City fame, who has spent the last 9 years managing Sevilla. It was a good season for West Ham who finished 5th, with Newcastle also doing well to get 6th, ahead of Liverpool and Tottenham in 7th and 8th. Spurs' 8th place finish saw Leighton Baines sacked, the former Premier League and Champions League winner as United manager surely can't believe his drop off since then. It was an even worse season for Southampton though, as they were relegated to the Championship after 23 years of top flight football. Wrexham's rise up the Football League continues as they gained automatic promotion from League 2 under manager N'Golo Kante, with Barrow joining them. Meanwhile, an awful season for Scunthorpe who exit the Football League after finishing rock bottom of League 2. Morecambe went down again after coming straight back up last season. Preston North End won the Conference to avoid their absence from the Football League being too extended.
  4. Season 29: Swindon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Club Division Position Achievements/Other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 8th Eastern Counties League Cup winners 2017/18 Ipswich Wanderers Eastern Counties Premier League 11th Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 13th N/A 2018/19 Coventry Sphinx Midland Football Premier League 10th Left in December -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018/19 Carlton Town United Counties Premier League 8th United Counties League Cup runners-up. Sacked. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 Basildon United Essex Senior League 3rd Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy winners 2020/21 Basildon United Essex Senior League 17th Left in November -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 11th N/A 2021/22 Lincoln United Northern Counties East Premier League 17th Left in December ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 13th N/A 2022/23 Swindon Supermarine Southern League 1st Division S/W 18th Left in January ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022/23 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 7th N/A 2023/24 Trafford FC Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Sacked in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2023/24 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 12th Joined in January 2024/25 Hythe Town Isthmian League 1st Division S 3rd Left in March ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2024/25 Canvey Island Isthmian League Premier Division 23rd Relegated 2025/26 Canvey Island Isthmian League 1st Division N 23rd Sacked in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2025/26 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 11th Joined in January 2026/27 Farsley Celtic Northern Premier League 1st Division N 5th Left in March ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2026/27 Stourbridge Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegated 2027/28 Stourbridge Southern League 1st Division C 5th Promoted via Playoffs 2028/29 Stourbridge Southern League Premier Division 15th Left in November ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2028/29 Lancaster City Northern League Premier Division 21st Relegeted. Sacked. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2029/30 Southport Northern League Premier Division 14th N/A 2030/31 Southport Northern League Premier Division 5th Left in April ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2030/31 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 3rd Lost in Playoff Final 2031/32 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 2nd Lost in Playoff Final 2032/33 Port Vale Northern League Premier Division 6th Left in January ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2032/33 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 8th N/A 2033/34 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 3rd Qualified for Europa League via Playoff 2034/35 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 5th Welsh Cup winners 2035/36 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 2nd Welsh League Cup winners 2036/37 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 1st Welsh Premier League winners 2037/38 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 1st Welsh Premier League & League Cup winners 2038/39 Port Talbot Town Welsh Premier League 2nd Left in December -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2038/39 Yeovil Town League 2 22nd Sacked in March. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2039/40 Salford City Conference 14th Joined in October. FA Trophy winners. 2040/41 Salford City Conference 4th Promoted via Playoffs 2041/42 Salford City League 2 22nd Left in November --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2041/42 Blackpool Conference 1st Promoted as Champions 2042/43 Blackpool League 2 1st Promoted as Champions 2043/44 Blackpool League 1 18th N/A 2044/45 Blackpool League 1 4th Left in April --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2044/45 Swindon Town League 1 6th Lost in Playoff Final --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trophy Cabinet League 2 x1 - 2042/43 (Blackpool) Conference x1 - 2041/42 (Blackpool) FA Trophy x1 - 2039/40 (Salford City) Eastern Counties League Cup x1 - 2016/17 (Ipswich Wanderers) Gordan Brasted Memorial Trophy x1 - 2019/20 (Basildon United) Welsh Premier League x2 - 2036/37, 2037/38 (Port Talbot Town) Welsh Cup x1 - 2034/35 (Port Talbot Town) Welsh League Cup x2 - 2035/36, 2037/38 (Port Talbot Town)
  5. We can't complain too much as Blackpool were much the better side and dominated us for pretty much all of the game. A real shame to miss out on promotion, but if I have to see anyone go up I guess I'd rather it was Blackpool who I've helped build back up over the last few years. I'm fairly confident we will go up next season anyway, hopefully we can join them if they stay up.
  6. 93rd minute: It's been a sad day for Swindon fans. Their side have given their all but Blackpool have been the much better side on the day, surely they'll be put out of their misery any moment now...yes! The referee has blown his whistle. It's all over. The Blackpool fans, players and staff celebrate wildly, as Adam Hart watches on. You'd certainly pay a penny for his thoughts right now!
  7. 84th minute: Swindon really are running out of time now. If anything it looks like Blackpool might get another. They've got Ryan Kennedy sprinting away on the counter, he finds substitute Aaron May ahead of him, it's Aaron May who try to go it alone here... oh and that's a decent save from Connor Monelle to keep Swindon in the game for the time being.
  8. 75th minute: It's looking quite bleak for Swindon at the moment, but if they get a goal back soon you can't write them off completely. They've got substitute Scott Beale coming forward with the ball now, he finds Blackmore ahead of him, Blackmore spots Eddie Hunt just outside the Blackpool box...Hunt to have a strike... oh and it's a good save from Jodi Wells to deny him!
  9. 69th minute: Allan dribbling with the ball on the right hand side of Swindon's half. He passes it to Keita who is in a more central position, Keita knocks it up to Taggart who is just outside the box with his back to goal, Taggart twists his way past 1 red shirt... oh and he's got away from the other one...IT'S TAGGART!!!!! THE NORTHERN IRISHMAN HAS DOUBLED BLACKPOOL'S LEAD WITH HIS SECOND GOAL OF THE GAME!!! IT'S SWINDON TOWN 0-2 BLACKPOOL and you have to say that it's a very long way back for Adam Hart's Swindon side now.
  10. 60th minute: A corner for Swindon. There's a lot of red shirts in the box for this one. Gonsalves hits the ball in... IT'S ALESSANDRO LONGOOOOO......OH HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN! That looke destined for the net, but between the Blackpool defence and goalkeeper they've managed to keep it out.
  11. 53rd minute: Swindon are trying to dust themselves off and get back into this game. Paul Docherty leading the attack, he's got Gonsalves and Harrison along for the ride with him, Docherty to Gonsalves and now Gonsalves looks to play in Harrison...Harrison is 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper, he must score... but no! David Goncalo comes sliding in and saves the day for Blackpool! A great tackle.
  12. 45th minute: That's all we are going to see of this half. Blackpool go in at half-time 1-0 thanks to their goal that came just a few minutes ago - and it's Martin Taggart, who is very much an Adam Hart man, who has given Blackpool the lead that will help them on their way to victory against his old manager.
  13. 42nd minute: Blackpool have another free-kick from around 30 yards. It's Beck standing over it again. It looks like he will have another shot. It's Beck...oh and he's caught Swindon out, instead of shooting he's hit a through ball into the box to Martin Taggart... Swindon switched off there and TAGGART DRIVES IT HOME!!! Adam Hart's men are appealing, they think it's handball but - no! The referee has given it! IT'S SWINDON TOWN 0-1 BLACKPOOL just before half-time!
  14. 37th minute: A free-kick for Blackpool in a tasty position. It looks to be Lewis Beck who will take it, he's 30 yards out, it would take a special strike to find the net from here, but it looks like Beck will try it...ANOTHER BIG SAVE FROM CONOR MONELLE TO DENY BLACKPOOL ONCE MORE!
  15. 25th minute: A corner for Swindon. Gonsalves standing over it. Gonsalves' ball... Jodi Wells comes out to punch it, but it falls to Mark Black on the edge of the's MARK BLACK... Wells saves it but it falls to PAUL HARRISON.... it's the side netting! Swindon come inches away from taking the lead!