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  1. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    I've ballsed up a little bit as the good young CB we signed in the summer for £250K has already left us. He wanted a new deal a few months back so I got my DOF to negotiate it, but unbeknownst to me he put in a £325K release clause for teams in the Super League. Couldn't do anything to stop him from leaving once it was accepted ffs Hope this doesn't cost us promotion.
  2. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    June Our form improved this month drastically, as apart from a 1-0 loss at home to top of the league Hangzhou, we won all of our games. We showed good character too as we came from behind to win at Huanghai and got a late late late winner at Tianshan. It didn't look like we'd beat SY Urban as they put 10 men behind the ball and frustrated us the entire match, but luckily we won a penalty and got a goal through that. We're back in a good position, but we're only at the halfway stage and there's a lot of teams close behind us waiting for us to slip up.
  3. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    A draw and a win, with late goals from Zhang Yuning, sees Felix Magath's side book their place in the Final Round of Asian WCQ... This is the draw for the final stage, with the top 2 in each group making the World Cup in Australia automatically, with 3rd place entering into a playoff with each other, before another playoff. I actually think they've got a pretty solid group there, only the UAE are a higher ranked side in the World Nations. Group A certainly looks more difficult with the likes of South Korea, Japan and Iran too. We could well see China in a World Cup before I even take over, which would be great and give me a head start.
  4. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    May We put up a good fight against Shanggang but they were too strong for us. Elsewhere, a disappointing month in the league, with 3 draws and an infamous loss at Chaoyue, not an easy stadium to go, particularly due to the fact that they have a marquee tent blocking one of the goal's for the entire match.
  5. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    April Our fine form continued, with 2 wins and 2 draws in the league, as well as a 5-4 away win in the Chinese FA Cup.
  6. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    March A bit of a bummer to lose on the opening day, but Yanbian are a strong side and one of the biggest threats in our promotion bid this season. Other than that, 3 wins from 3 including a dominant win against relegated Liaoning who have troubled us in the cups in recent years.
  7. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    5 new players have come in. Wang Ziming and Thomas James join to add some new options upfront, Ziming is a good Chinese talent, whilst Thomas James is an Englishman who was released by Central Coast Mariners of the A-League. I spent £250K on Zhou Zijian, he's an 18 year old CB who looks good and will get even better. Cao Haiqing also joins to be our new first choice left back and give us more depth at full back, with Duan Yunzi joining to give more depth in midfield.
  8. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    In his first full season as Guangzhou boss, Andre Villas-Boas brought the title back home. It seems a running theme that each year the side with the best manager wins it. There's nobody really of real note left in the division, with just Fabio Cannavarro at Quanjian being a name people might recognize. The most notable transfers of the season saw Quanjian sign Anthony Modeste and Willian Jose. Guangzhou did the double as they won the Chinese FA Cup too. Felix Magath has done pretty well following his Asian Cup success. With just 2 games to go, they are all but qualified for the next round of the Asian World Cup qualifiers. Got tanked by South Korea, but picked up 2 good wins against Japan and North Korea in the East Asian Cup. Zhang Yuning has 6 months left on his contract at West Brom. He's actually currently on loan at League 1 Blackburn Rovers, where he has 5 goals in 15 games.
  9. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    I'm currently being flogged a 34 year old recently released Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. A few nice technical stats but I don't think he's worth bringing in even for just 1 season in the Chinese 2nd tier.
  10. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    Season 2 I think the fact that I ended up a little disappointed that we didn't go up this season probably means we had a really good year. I think we've got a solid foundation for a real challenge for the top 2 spots next year. Squad The squad is quite good, not a whole lot of depth though. Chang Weiping going back to his parent club will be a big loss upfront too, we'll have to replace him over the winter for sure. GK Zhou Yuchen had a good first season. He's not like super amazing but he does a good enough job and unless someone amazing appears I don't have any need to upgrade until we go up. DF Liu Haidong was a good signing, other than that I'm not hugely confident at CB as the other first choice, Yang Wenji, is quite injury prone. My man from Mozambique, Casimiro Soares, did okay at RB. He's still making the transition from a wing back to a full back, so I think he will be a lot better next season. MF Cui Ming'an joined in the summer to be our new DM and for the most part I was pretty happy with him. His only drawback is he loves the occasional leg breaker, I'm not sure if they're malicious or just really badly timed, but he got sent off on two occasions for what were some of the most dangerous tackles I've ever seen Wang Dongsheng had a good year on the right wing, he hasn't got amazing goal or assists stats, but he's really good at starting counter attacks and contributes a lot going forward. Wang Jin was an absolute revelation in central midfield. An absolute bargain even at 200K, he really reminds me of Fabregas and pretty much every team that is any good in China is already coming in with bids for him. I don't want to sell at least until we go up as he will be really good for this level next season, but to sign a new deal he wanted a £1M release clause, which I thought was fair enough. ST Han Jiabao had another cracking year, on paper he really doesn't look anything special, but in the target man role you can't go wrong. 20 goals and 9 assists in 35 games is great for him. Chang Weiping alongside him was really good, the 18 year old loanee ended up with 18 goals and 7 assists in 32 games - be a shame not to have him next season, but we can't afford his £2.5M price tag. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Division Position Achievements ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2018 Chinese 1st Division 8th N/A 2019 Chinese 1st Division 5th N/A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    October A strong end to the season, which included a ding-dong 4-3 win at home to Hangzhou. We miss out on promotion in the end, but a pretty good season overall.
  12. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    I’d consider leaving if one of the big clubs came in for me, but at the moment I’m happy enough. The facilities are bad but the board seem happy enough improving them and the money seems to be there. I think we have a solid foundation to really push for promotion next season, then we can see how we do in the Super League.
  13. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    September A good late win at Renhe, but other than that it was a really poor month given our promotion aspirations and we've probably got not chance of it now. The loss to Beikong especially was really disappointing as they're rock bottom of the league. 3 games left and it would take a miracle for us to go up now. I'm pleased with how we've done this season though.
  14. [FM18] The Hart Chronicles - Volume III: The Hart Dynasty

    First intake of the save: Pretty bum, but with our facilities, youth recruitment etc it was very unlikely the first 2 or 3 would have any players worth shouting about. Zhu Yeng is the best of a bad bunch, he's got some pretty decent stats for things like finishing, first touch, bravery, flair - but a terrible personality and really bad determination and concentration doesn't fill me with too much confidence. I'll give him a tutor for a year and see how he gets on, but I don't see him getting a look in at all especially if we go up in the next 2-3 years.