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  1. Just get Wembley full for the next game and have people give them a round of applause etc
  2. Could argue they “deserve” one for doing that well, but would be a bit embarrassing to have one for 4th really.
  3. I reckon with Sam that none of Pickford, Maguire or Tripper play a single minute in the tournament. He almost certainly has Hart still in goal, possibly still starts Cahill in defence, with Rooney being taken to the tournament a real possibility, him actually starting wouldn't even be completely out the question imo. Wilshere and maybe even Walcott probably end up going too I reckon,
  4. No reason why a striker of his quality couldn't get double figures in the games we played if we could actually create from open play. I think one of Southgate's strengths was perhaps clocking on that we were pretty poor from open-play, so along with having Kane drop deep to help out, he focused heavily on set-pieces to make us a massive threat from set-pieces. We were also helped by utterly moronic defenders not clocking on that pulling shirts from corners would be punished by VAR.
  5. Think we 100 percent lose that penalty shoot-out with Big Sam in charge
  6. I think it's easy to slam him for it and the vast majority of the goals were tap-ins/penalties, but I think considering his role in the team he did well to get that many. I'm not sure what exactly Southgate has him instructed to do, but he was dropping so much deeper and coming out-wide a hell of a lot more than I've ever seen him do for Spurs. Think that overall it seemed to work as it got us through the tournament, but think he could've easily ended the tournament in double figures if we had the players to play to his strengths like Spurs do.
  7. Yeah. Mad to think how badly it has been implemented in England when you look at it really.
  8. World Cup Semi 1-0 down with 10 minutes to go, just get up ffs KdB and Fellaini awful there too, hesitating to cross, then Fellaini not even going up for it. (definitely a free kick of course tho)
  9. Kinda weird coming into this thinking "wow should be a big game, good teams against each other in a semi final" - then sort of hits you like, hang on, we're in a semi final. A SEMI FINAL.
  10. Tbf I don't think we'd give the slightest **** Just reaching a Semi Final in my lifetime is mad, a final would be ****ing mental. Actually wining it would be indescribable. Imagine the scenes ffs
  11. Some interesting points I guess, but ultimately nonsense imo as it implies that our problem has been not enough talent or top class players. The 'Golden Generation' were maybe a bit over-rated, but man for man, certainly our starting 11 on paper could go to toe with any of the top sides from that period that the likes of Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal etc had. The squad of players we had in 2002 for example was more than good enough to reach a World Cup Semi Final. People look back at that tournament and say "oh, well we had Brazil in the Quarter Finals, not more we could've done", well yes there was, because if we hadn't somehow contrived to not score against Nigeria in that final group game, we would have had a route to the Semi Final of Senegal and Turkey, no worse than Colombia and Sweden. You look at 2004 and think, well if we'd managed to beat a Portugal side we were better than (on paper) normal time or lucked out on penalties, then our path to a European Championship win could've been a Holland side that didn't even qualify for the last World Cup and Greece in the final. We were awful in 2010, but again, looking at the squad we had, if we hadn't somehow contrived to not top a group with USA, Slovakia and Algeria in it, our path to the Semi Final would've been Ghana and Uruguay. Not saying we have any right to beat either of those sides and they were both good sides back then, but that squad was more than good enough to get to a World Cup Semi Final. Ultimately I think, whatever Ferdinand and co might spaff of about "club rivalries", it's pretty obvious that it's always been about mentality and the squad's mental state. Sure, for sure, there's other things that have impacted that including poor tactics, media witch-hunts, shoving big name players in out of position for the sake of it, taking players who are obviously not fit, not dropping players who are out of form for players who are in form, calling up players to the squad purely based on what club they play for, shoving Scholes out wide, Lampard and Gerrard as a midfield 2 and of course - the players themselves not performing to a good enough standard or simply bottling it. For that, you have to give Southgate an immense amount of credit. You can only beat what's in-front of you and who's to say we couldn't have got past a Germany or a Spain if we'd needed to, but despite the wins in the last two games, I don't think we've looked thaaaat great. I don't think he's tactically an amazing manager. I think there's been some in-game tactical decisions that have been wrong and against better teams would've cost us. But what he has done to the mentality of the squad is second to none. It's incredible. The set-piece coaching they've done has obviously been absolutely first class and the system itself does work. But yeah, overall I find it hard to agree with those reasons as to why England have done "badly" in tournaments the last 10-15 years.
  12. Basically said he didn't mean it to be taken the way it was, wouldn't mock a fellow keeper about their height and thinks Pickford is a great keeper etc.
  13. Fair play to Courtois clearing up the Pickford thing
  14. Think that's going over anyway tbf, fair play for getting to it though
  15. Neymar Be hilarious if he got a pen then missed it tbf
  16. That looks like a pen, although don't think Gabriel Jesus will have helped himself out by going down so theatrically
  17. Fair play to the ref but surely has to book him
  18. Get the point you're making but bit harsh on him to define his reign at Wigan like that when he won the FA Cup with them ffs
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