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  1. don't know if it was mentioned but England only won one of their last 5 games at this WC if you exclude pen shootout
  2. Hysaj, Ajeti and Memushaj having a really good game for Albania. Nobody's worth mentioning in the other team, especially the leftback was poor.
  3. Surely 'Tomas Rosicky's thread' Second game away at Leicester is far from ideal, they may still be carried by the euphoria and not influenced by having to play more games due to CL.
  4. Job's done. Shame Ni are not looking like they can take points off UKR or GER. Kapustka's such a great prospect, he was a bit stressed at start, but grew as the game continued. He's only 19 FFS We were poor on set pieces and lacked good final ball/good cross, which is the reason it didn't end 3 or 4 to nil. However the decision to play Szczęsny ahead of Fabiański is going to cost us at some point.
  5. But he didn't have Arteta in 3-0 vs MU. But that's not important, the thing is you indirectly agreed with my original point that there was a huge problem deep in the centre of midfield. You believe it will be addressed by Xhaka and I hope you're right.
  6. We struggle while adequately pressed (probably just like almost any team in football) I agree of course, and yes, Cazorla's presence was not preventing this. He was helping organize the play, especially in the transition. For me the simple thing was we were able to use quick attack with him, we struggled at it when he got injured. We scored all 5 goals at Leicester from counter attacks. Of course if Xhaka is going to be so good at the ball then great, as I said I don't know him.
  7. 1.No they were not. I know he was moved from your 'liked' to 'hated' group for some reason, but with him in the team we had our best spell last season. Not to mention the season before. 2. I know nothing about Xhaka, from what I read here and there, his game is based on aggression and he's best at defending and not at controlling play - that would mean he is an upgrade on Coquelin and not a younger Arteta/a stronger Cazorla. But of course I would love him to be a solution - as I said I don't know the player but what was advertised wasn't exactly what I believe is needed. But since you appear to know him better - do you think he could be effective paired with Ramsey? Or Wilshere?
  8. I thought it was obvious the problem was in the centre? After Cazorla's injury we started to get worse and worse and nothing Wenger tried was helping. In many games we looked like having no midfield at all, noone to control the game, just 4-5 players forward waiting for the ball, we stopped being dangerous from counter attacks etc. Ok, maybe Cazorla's going to stay fit all season but he's not getting younger.
  9. Iwobi, Gabriel and Flamini starting, Campbell on the bench, Chambers not making the squad
  10. Ok I'll start. It won't be what the audience is expecting I'm afraid but then again I am sure they will get what they came for eventually. The whole situation could be and perhaps should be analysed in wider perspective of club management, player handling and selection etc. But I will just address some details. 1. We've been playing badly starting at Christmas, with that Southamption defeat. We were lucky on some occasions like Newcastle, we were decent in some games like Barcelona to a certain point but generally something was wrong, we didn't look like hitting some sort of form. We were one man team at some stage and maybe that carried us through late autumn period but something changed around Christmas. 2. The first months of the season it looked to confirm the team was being built with the thought of a rapid counter attack being its main asset. If you go back to the win away at Leicester, I think all 5 goals were scored after quick, precise counters. It suited us very well IMO. At some point, I think it was the time we looked like real favourites to win the title, it seemed to to have completely change. We started to go all out forward with 4 players totally committed to attack. At the same time we started to get ourselves exposed the 13/14 style, with teams often running with 4-5 players at our 2 CBs and maybe a mispositioned DM. For me this is no coincidence. 3. We are poor defensively and actually do not have an effective midfield. Don't want to start a Ramsey discussion, the thing is he has been playing well (apart from finishing ofc) but I have a feeling it is not helping the team much. Maybe he's not really ready to be the CM in this team and be better played out wide. Yeah, I know some will say this team is not ready for him being the CM in it, but then again the so criticised Cazorla was doing extremely well as a CM in this team. I said last year Cazorla was the one who is going to be hardest to replace in our new system and it seems to have been true. 4. Wenger's stubbornness and sticking to his 'original concepts'. Campbell was and is in good form yet in many recent games he was omitted or Walcott or even Iwobi preferred to him. Just because Theo is ranked higher. I am a big fan of Walcott but since return from injury he has been mostly useless. Yet Wenger refuses to take form into consideration when he has his principles like playing Ramsey/Sanchez/now Walcott no matter what. I believe it cost us a few points. 5. Gabriel is not good enough and probably will never be. All that said, what has recently happened is just absolutely unbelievable and unacceptable.
  11. I'd be extremely happy if we signed Rooney. Or anyone as god as him. I prefer him over Higuain not to mention Villa.
  12. We're getting some unexpected help from Aston Villa. I think we are going to make it, even though we were lucky in some games recently. Beating Wigan is vital also because it may guarantee Newcastle's safety before the last game.
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