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  1. Alisson vas average before the last season, tbh. But as you said, there's countless examples.
  2. Oh, **** off with your bloody trolling. Whole f-ing Europe was impressed with his performances against Barcelona, especially in 1v1 situations against some of the best offensive players in the world and you're here strawmanning me with some irrelevant site. As for FM stats, who even cares. I've been complaining about two players for years and they never change anything. Brozović has been running like a madman for years, breaks all the records in distance covered during WC and is still at 14 stamina and workrate.
  3. The point is that those ratings are flawed. 2-0 loss in Barcelona, Danilo has 6.8 and Škriniar 6.5 even though Danilo is to blame for the second goal. Directly. Handanović has 8.3 and 6.6 against Atalanta in a loss, even though his saves were much more difficult against Atalanta. Just skimmed across some stats. For example Calhanoglu has higher average rating than Romagnoli. He has done literally nothing useful whole season long, while Romagnoli has been Milan's best defensive player by far.
  4. Few things well done? Are you serious? Or are you just trying to bait me? Whoscored? Just checked it. Perišić has better avg rating than Škriniar even though he's been literally useless whole season long. Basically didn't have a good game since world cup final. Doesn't deserve even 6.5 avg rating. Argument completely invalid. Handanović has 6.81 and D'Ambrosio has 7.02. One basically single-handedly wins 10-15 points for Inter every season, the other one is directly responsible for good amount of the goals conceded.
  5. Are you serious? Literally brought him on a free on my save and sold him and Kwadwo to Real for 100mil combined at the start of the third season.
  6. He's currently at Inter primavera irl, has something like 15mil€ option to buy. Doesn't look like anything special to me on FM, at least not on my save. Average player, mid-table Serie A winger.
  7. How's your defending against wide formations? 4-romb-2 is one of my favorite setups, but I haven't tried it out yet in FM19.
  8. Bastoni, Mancini, Varnier, Zaniolo, D'Amico, Pinamonti, Cutrone, Caldara, Conti, Adjapong, Pellegrini x2.
  9. Probably the best DLP in the game after 4-5 seasons.
  10. GunmaN1905

    Inter Milan scouters

    During the first season or so, a lot of players, mostly South American will have half of their attributes hidden. But still, if there's a player who's potentialy good, you just do the detailed scouting. It's usually obvious when a player is not good enough.
  11. GunmaN1905

    Inter Milan scouters

    I set the assignments manually if that's what you meant. If I'm not mistaken, chief scout can't be assigned, so he just updates me with reports.
  12. GunmaN1905

    Inter Milan scouters

    My usual setup: Next opposition One for loaned players One each for Serie A, B, u20 Two-three for main EU regions and South America (they split SA now, though) One-two for minor EU regions, Northern Africa, North and Central America I don't scout other competitions or nations, just regions. Usually works out well.
  13. GunmaN1905

    Inter Milan scouters

    It's been like that for a decade. I just send them around the world and they eventually increase their knowledge.
  14. GunmaN1905

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    There was actually just a huge sh**show about this kid. His father went to the club and basically scammed his way into them releasing the kid. Will probably be a free agent on the next update. Huge potential irl.