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  1. This is just awful ME at work. 66, 61 and 53 goals for top3 teams. Really low number of points total. Only one player with more than 20 goals.
  2. Club World Championship is completely broken, still. Two weeks between CL final and first CWC game, players are all still in top condition, but are probably in "holiday mode" and can't recover between games, even when it's 5 days of rest.
  3. No. There are plenty of teams who play in the same way top possession teams are trying to play, just with worse execution. In FM we don't even get poor execution, but players straight up refusing to play in a certain way. Goals from set pieces are common when you have a lot set-pieces per game. Conversion rate in this ME is just ridiculous. With this latest version, deep indirect free-kicks from central position are a bigger goalscoring threat than shots from inside the box from open play. There's no way to defend it except for pure luck, not for AI or for the player. No matter how you set the defense up, the attackers always somehow manage to get good shots off with the ball perfectly falling around the 8-10 meter zone. Having 10+ games with 20 shots on target and only 1 goal every season is bloody ridiculous. Just makes everyone lose motivation for the game. If the keepers were on this level in real life, most games would end with less than 2 goals. This is the shot chart from my last game. 35 shots, 19 on target, 1 goal (from a counter attack where my CM somehow found himself in 1v1 situation with the keeper). Now please do enlighten me about how my tactics suck.
  4. The goalkeepers at semi-decent level (something like League One and better) are just too good and probably balanced in a way to keep the scorelines realistic. I set up a friendly against a local side and scored 19 in 41 shots on target...even players with low finishing seemed to take perfect shots. Which just doesn't happen in actual competitive games. Everyone just blasts the ball and hopes for the best. First two games of the season end up with a ridiculous amount of shots on target from inside the box being saved. Took a couple of days off after my last rant, but this is just unbearable. You can throw the whole tactics FM20 subforum into the bin because it's worthless at this point. It just comes down to creating a high-press tactics and hoping for the best. I don't care abut "it's your tactics" posts, I'm probably not a top tier player, but I'm more than capable enough to see that this is a waste of time if you want to focus on developing tactics and how your team plays. Literally 20 games per season with 15+ shots on target and 0 or only 1 goal scored. That's unheard of. I always pre-ordered the game as soon as it was available because I think that you guys at SI are one of the rare game developers who're worth my money in this day and age, but I don't think I'm preordering FM21 until I see the reviews. It's March and we still have terrible bugs (not just issues, but bugs) in the game. Mainly FKs that are obviously a direct shot threat being registered as wide or low shooting threat FKs and pressing patterns being broken with multiple players attacking the goalkeeper with "prevent short GK distribution" instruction. That's just flat out broken, not badly balanced. Another evening wasted, possibly my last one unless there's a major ME overhaul, have a nice night.
  5. I agree, FM20 is the best game if we exclude ME. But Football Manager is all about ME and this is just unplayable. Beyond frustrating. Hopefully there are no more "new features" in FM21, just fix the ME and AI behavior when it comes to transfers and that's it. Would be a perfect game. The only way I could enjoy FM20 is by just being the technical director, managing transfers and player development, without even looking at the games. If 90% of my games come down to 1-0, 2-1 or at best 2-0 wins with 15+ shots on target, something is wrong. Multiple saves, various formations, mentalities and instructions and it always comes down to the same thing. Way too easy to create chances which are impossible convert at a decent rate. I won't even mention some of the blatant bugs which haven't been fixed for 3 patches straight. Like free-kicks at the edge of the box and the game registering them as free-kicks with low chance of shot, resulting in only one or two defenders in the wall. And the situation obviously ending with a direct shot on target. Another thing are deep free-kicks from 35-40m. AI just lobs the ball in the 7-12m zone and you can't stop it. GK won't come out, defenders won't sit deeper and I concede a couple of chances like that in most games. Which obviously doesn't matter, because AI can't convert the chances, either. 3 striker formations still being broken and you can use them to basically break the ME. AI can't deal with those. Pressing patterns are also broken. For 3 patches straight I'm watching both of my strikers in 2 striker formations run at the keeper to prevent a short pass, which is just ridiculous. And there's no way to stop it. Both of them will run at the keeper all the time if you have the "prevent short distribution" instruction selected.
  6. Idk what to say except that I'm sad. This just isn't working. Gave it one last try, but I just can't play this ME, with all due respect. My last 14 games: 235 shots 120 on target 19 goals Out of those 19, 7 were in 2 games where everything seemed to go in, mainly set pieces. 12 games with: 202 shots 99 on target 12 goals 2 from penalties 1 own goal 3 from set pieces 2 from counter attacks with ccc finish 2 long range volleys 2 crosses into a header Obviously, mid and lower table teams just sit deep and defend, but top class players still can't do anything about it. "Medium" range shots (like 13-18m) barely go in, even the best passers and playmakers can't fool the defense or create anything and you're better off with b2b midfielders who cover more space and press. My Villa save I played over the past few patches was the best test for this ME. I barely changed my tactics from the 1st (finished 13th) to 5th season (won EPL). The better your team gets, the more you dominate. More chances, shots...but not goals. Disclamer: I'm not blaming anyone or anything, but I'm just sad that I can't play the game I've been playing for more than 20 years now. A lot of effort has been put into it, it's amazing...except for the most important thing, ME. ME in FM20 just comes down to if you're willing to resort a few gimmicks which make the game way too easy. Everything else is just random and doesn't work.
  7. I'm just gonna use him as DLP-D on DM. Good marking/tackling, but poor finishing, off the ball and crossing. Isn't that fast, either. Just played a couple of games, but Lukaku and Lautaro are unstoppable. Lukaku has 18 pace now. I enabled transfers because I can't stand Candreva. Bloody Moses is absolutely useless and has 9m€ per year salary, can't be terminated.
  8. No, I started with 4-1-3-2. DM and 3 CMs. He's loaned back, will sell Godin after the first season and Kumbulla will take his place. Also got Tonali for 35m€.
  9. 7.5+17m€ and percentage of profit from next sale. With loan back for one season. Btw, he was born in Italy and has Italian passport, so doesn't count as foreign player.
  10. Looks like a must buy for any bigger club, imo.
  11. Škriniar is a difficult case because both him and Godin obviously can't play in a 3 man defense. His passing should be like 11-12 at the most, though. Brozović still has the same long shots rating as Vecino though.
  12. Well, if you transfer list Candreva at the start of a new save in this .3 versions, MUTD instantly offers 12.5m€.
  13. I'd say Bologna. They have a really good squad and are well covered in each position. Also, it's a bit more challenging. Some Inter players also got updates. Lukaku's finishing is 17, Handanović's positioning 18, De Vrij's passing 15. Lautaro is way more aggressive and is a pressing forward now, Bastoni is way faster, Barella also got some upgrades. Vecino also had some changes.
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