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  1. Idk what happened to match UI, it seems to be completely glitched. Dugout will be completely empty and for example when assistant gives opp. instruction advice, it's just greyed out and can't be applied directly from dugout. The pitch itself and players have more clarity, visibility is better in 3D. I've noticed some new animations, which is nice. I continued playing my Beta save so I can directly compare how ME plays out, didn't change a thing in my tactical setup. And I have to say that ME is still unenjoyable. I had high hopes during beta because
  2. Another bad VAR offside call, will upload pkm to the bug forum tomorrow. Ball went directly to De Vrij from the corner, header went straight over the keeper to the opposite top corner. Offside because #10 Martinez, even though he wasn't even close to the play. Something seems to be wrong with the game determining if a player who's offside is in active play.
  3. Check the second image. <.< At the time of the shot, he's pretty much in line with defense, he was moving back from offside position.
  4. Should I report this as an offside bug? VAR check said Martinez was offside and goal was disallowed because of it (player on the red line), but as you can see he wasn't even close to the play.
  5. Don't want to create a separate topic, but kit selection for games where both teams have two-color or striped kits is questionable to say the least. Some screenshots in the spoiler. Imo, the game should always go for biggest difference possible when it comes to kits.
  6. The best FM experience in years, really great job. There's just one thing that's really annoying for me. Kit selection makes the games hard to watch a lot of the time. I suspect it has something to do with striped kits and the primary color they have. Some examples:
  7. I play on fastest match speed and the new "checking for penalty" VAR thing takes too long to disappear. When I slow the match down, it's gone before the play resumes. But when it's on fastest setting, "VAR decision, penalty" is still there and penalty already gets taken (or the play resumed), before it disappears. With VAR picture blocking the pitch. Just need to make it dissapear faster if match speed is on fastest setting.
  8. Should be thrown in a dungeon with a TV. Schalke beating BVB in FM21 Beta being played 24/7 on that TV.
  9. Banter is nice, but all of you people trolling that it's actually out can go f yourselves.
  10. Done with all the work for today, just going to start this and listen until white smoke in SI office appears.
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