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  1. Should any club except for Juventus be capable of winning it? Yes. Should any club except for Juventus (I'm referring to AI managed teams) win it? Maybe. But it bloody happens in every single season. It's not realistic that top teams barely win 80 points and that no striker scores even 20 goals and that total goal tally for every team is lower than 60. It's not about winning the league, it's about overall quality. I have an easier time scoring goals against top teams in CL than in home games against relegation zone teams in Serie A because match engine is terrible and strikers are unusable in any remotely normal tactic. As I wrote in tactic forum, I literally resorted to downloading tactics after 10 years just to see if it's me or the game is actually bad and I still couldn't score a decent number of goals with my strikers using downloaded tactics that have great feedback.
  2. Serie A is broken this year due to match engine being terrible when your opponent is emplyoing a very defensive tactic, which happens in most Serie A games. Look at the screenshot posted by @Raymond85 , 80pts is enough to win the league. And that happens literally every season I've played. 86-89pts is basically a guaranteed title with no stress.
  3. Try playing Serie A. Just finished the second season, won the CL and I'm upsest because ME is a joke. Look at that. Ronaldo played as AML, btw. Not a single striker cracked 15 goals in the league. A joke. My team and stats. Wingers and Škriniar in double digits. Again, a joke. Full season results. Look at that. Bloody struggle every single game and nearly bottled the league. Most of my goals came from set pieces or shots outside of the box. They just sit at 25-30m away from the goal and you can't do anything. Then score screamers in typical FM fashion. On the other side I easily dispatched Arsenal, Atletico and City away. Counter-attack -> ball to the wing, easy. Or corners. Scored 3 in 4 shots in the final. Ridiculous. Just look at the number of goals scored. Extremely low for top table teams.
  4. Completely on point. I love every other aspect of the game and I'd pay to have some of the older ME versions reverted onto this because this is maddening.
  5. What do you mean freeing up places? There's no limit on how many non-eu players you can register for Serie A. Limit is two non-eu signings from abroad per season.
  6. It's 23-4-3 total, but 90% of my games against teams that go very defensively (probably from 8th position and lower) are incredibly frustrating and I barely win by 1 goal even though it should be easy 3-4 win in almost every game. Posted this in official feedback thread. No player that's playing in striker position has more than 11 non-penalty goals after 30 weeks. That's ridiculous. CR plays on the wing, btw. And has 6 penalty goals. This ME simply doesn't allow strikers to get involved against very defensive teams and when they do, their chance conversion is awful.
  7. Just counted the stats after a typical FM home loss. 30 games into the season, I've scored 49 goals and my top scorer is CB with 7 goals. 24-4-3 in the league. 17 games in 2020, goal difference of 21-8. 11-4-2.  Haven't scored more than 2 in one game in that period. 249 shots. 109 on target. Probably at least 15 more woodworks.  I had an away game against Lyon in the second leg of first knockout phase. Was leading 1-0 after the first game and my winger and striker squandered 4 clear cut chances. Open shots from inside the box. I simply cannot tolerate this game in and game out. I can live with turgid games, weeks, but I simply cannot live with this happening every single game. I've scored more goals from corners and shots outside of the box than clear cut chances in two seasons. This is the definiteve proof that something's wrong with strikers, at least in Serie A. CR plays on the wing and has 6 penalty goals. So, no striker in the whole league has more than 11 non-penalty goals after 30 games! And half of those goals they score are probably after set-pieces. Every mid-lower table team sets up so defenisvely that it's impossible to create a normal tactic in this ME that would allow strikers to score. Even when they get the chances, it's like 20% conversion ratio. Inexcusable. I've played like 10ish Serie A season since the game was released and it's always like this.
  8. 30 games into the season, I've scored 49 goals and my top scorer is Škriniar with 7 goals. This match engine is the worst one that I've ever used for as long as I can remember. Shame since the rest of the game is great. 17 games in 2020, goal difference of 21-8. 11-4-2. Iditotic. 249 shots. 109 on target. Probably at least 15 more woodworks. What the bloody f can I do? More than half of goals scored are from set-pieces. I just want to f-ing see my players that have excellent stats not act like ******* in front of goal.
  9. Check out my transfers for the second season I posted on this page and that's about it. I'm also struggling with the tactics this year. I win and eventually win the league, but it's really turgid. Try and develop all the young strikers. Pinamonti, Merola, Colidio, Vergani. Dimarco is great and keep him from second season onwards. Zinho and Bastoni also have huge potential. As does D'Amico. Basically get rid of every midfielder except for Brozović, Nainggolan and Gagliardini. Politano and Vrsaljko are worth redeeming. Try and utilize Naiggolan properly, he's just amazing in the game. Not much to say about Handanović and CBs. Everything else iz up to you.
  10. Terrible. Screenshot from the end of the first season. I always managed to create a tactic that would have him score 30-40 goals even in the first season, but this season it's just awful. Every day I nearly ragequit because of terrible reactions in front of goal from all of my strikers.
  11. Yeah, also have him out on loan, but doesn't look like he's going to be on other CB's level. I ship out everyone when they start nearing their 30s and a good offer comes.
  12. Idk, I'm also getting Mancini because he has 21mil release clause. He's on par with De Vrij stats-wise and if someone offers 70+mil which has already happened on my last save, he's gone. I also like Varnier from Atalanta and have Bastoni and Zinho on loan. I usually play CB+BPD, but I prefer having 4 equal CBs because of injuries, suspensions and fatigue.
  13. Just noticed that Škriniar has "doesn't enjoy big matches" at his scouting report. Are you serious? Since he came to Inter, Inter only lost 2 games against top6 teams (both against Juve, 1 goal margin) and he was one of the best players in CL stage, especially against Barcelona. So could one of you clarify where does this trait come from?
  14. After trying and trying and trying, idk what to say except for that I just can't enjoy this ME. There are days where I really want to play FM, I start it up and after like an hour I just can't do it anymore. I literally reloaded whole seasons multiple times to try and get my damn strikers to score at a decent rate. Played with teams that have top class strikers just to try and get it to work. Didn't even care about results. It simply doesn't work. I bloody resorted to downloading tactics for the first time in probably 10 years. It doesn't work. You can't get proper no9 strikers involved at all and when they do get involved their conversion ratio is ridiculously bad. It's not even the tactic. What can I do if a striker with 16+ attribute in every needed category just does the dumbest possible thing most of the time. No, I won't use those cheesy 3striker DLF formations, I don't enjoy playing like that. Yes, this is a a rant, but I don't blame anyone for anything. I'm just sad that I can't enjoy the damn game. I'd pay to have one of the older match engines replace this one, because I really love every aspect of the game except for the actual ME.
  15. This whole year I struggled badly with getting my strikers to score even 20 goals in a season. It's come to the point where I don't want to play the game anymore for the sake of playing it, but I'm just trying to get a damn tactic that will work. Since I've been playing in usual 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 variants, but without high press and possession, I wanted to try something different. Your tactic looked ideal. And it's great. Except that bloody strikers won't score. I'm playing with Inter and I made another save with the same club just to compare the results. And it's still the same. Didn't change anything in the tactic, jus switched WBs to FB-A and in midfield tried playing with DLP-D and two B2B midfielders. Also played with default midfield setup. Tried changing their instructions with getting more often or more risky passes and so on, tried messing with striker's instructions, but nothing helps. I only changed set-pieces because my setups provide great results. Here's the team and the stats at the end of the first season. More of the same continued later on in the second. Managed to win the league, even had only 4 goals conceded after 19 games. Defense works great, possession is usually 55% or over, but it's still the same in terms of offense, regardless of the tactic I employ. 90% of the goals are either winger to winger crosses, mid-long range shots from wingers and CMs or set-piece/penalty goals: I don't think there's been more than 5 proper striker goals inside the box from open play. And I just don't want to play the game anymore because of that. Every single game is a turgid fest. I've even tried 4-2-4, removed one midfielder and fielded another striker against relegation zone teams. Same stuff. When strikers get into the chances it's usually a half-assed volley from 15m instead of taking control of the ball or those usual unexplainable misses. I refuse to use those cheesy 3 striker formations or DLF/Treq strikers. I want to bloody have a proper no9 that scores 30+ goals in the season. Up until this year, I always had an easy time getting 40 goal seasons from my strikers. Players an the stats. 3 wingers have 33 goals between them, 3 central midfielders that player the most have 18 and two strikers have 21, with maybe 7-8 of those coming from penalties. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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