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  1. GunmaN1905

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    There was actually just a huge sh**show about this kid. His father went to the club and basically scammed his way into them releasing the kid. Will probably be a free agent on the next update. Huge potential irl.
  2. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    What exactly do you want me to say here? Report came on 30th of September, friday. It probably happened during that week because I don't check the profiles every 2 days. Nothing else was reported, nothing happened. It's a 18yo player training with the senior squad, but playing for u20s. Has his status set as available for u20, 90mins. That's why I'm bloody asking about this, because nothing that would suggest the drop happened.
  3. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    What does when have to do with anything if nothing was reported except for the usual minor unhappiness in training? In all cases it dropped by 1 whole point. Not by 0.5 or similar.
  4. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    Sorry, I didn't know what you were referring to. No, coach reported nothing about training situation, only normal training reports and I just noticed it.
  5. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    One of my youngsters that's training with the first team just also had a -1 to determination. I think it's the training. Both him and Barella were unhappy with the training workload. I have it set to double for everyone over 80% condition. 2 team daily sessions with third one being free during weekdays. Whenever I set it to 3 sessions I had a lot more injuries. So, whenever a 18yo kid is unhappy with something that he's not even right about (there's much better options for training right now than individual quickness training, his attributes are more than good enough for his age), his determination drops? Btw, I'm trying to retrain him as RB, currently has LM-CM-RM as his positions.
  6. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    No, I didn't mentor him. Signed him at the start of the second season and his agent demanded a key player role right away so I didn't mess with the mentoring because in previous versions it wouldn't work. Tonali for example got driven personality from Radja.
  7. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    Just went over everyone's profile, because I'm really interested in how things work. Squad: professional - Handanović, Lautaro balanced (backup gk) light-hearted (backup gk) fairly professional - Jamerson, Politano fairly determined - De Vrij, De Angelis (regen, 18yo), Barella, Lombardi (regen, 18yo), Ibanez (regen, 18yo), Fekir perfectionist - Bastoni, Škriniar, Vrsaljko, Icardi resolute - Mario, Gagliardini, D'Amico fairly loyal - Marcelo (on loan, not a full time squad member) spirited - Telles, Chiesa driven - Nainggolan, Tonali fairly ambitious - Keita Squad hierarchy: Idk, as I said, really interested in how this works.
  8. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    I mean those are all class players, it's fairly obvious. And squad personality is officially listed as very determined.
  9. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    And I provided a screenshot with mental attributes and as you can see everyone is basically a model professional or even better.
  10. GunmaN1905

    Training determination

    I don't understand this, either. Both Barella's and Lautaro's determination went down by 1 due to "squad characteristics". Can we please get a FM where players don't act like teenage girls for every minor inconvinence? I don't understand what's even wrong in this case.
  11. I have all of my top prospects in senior squad. That way they can get better training and they still play for u20.
  12. It's not even the budgets, it's AI clubs tendencies. You don't need 100mils to make good transfers. Buying two 31yo, injury prone players for 65mil total after you sold two of your best forwards for 200mil? That's just ridiculous.
  13. But someone in the research team has a huge hard on for Monchi because all Roma signings are apparently world class players in the making. I'm giving up on FM until the update, this is beyond sad. Both transfers and match engine.
  14. GunmaN1905

    Counter-attacks after set-pieces

    I just alt+f4, so there won't be any gifs, my bad. Anyhow. On all offensive set pieces I have 2/3 players stay back and 1/2 stay back if needed. Every time my set piece ends up being a counter-attack for the opposition (which obviously happens in football), the situation ends up like this. First one is after my throw in, second is after a corner. All 4 of my players that kept back during the set piece chase that single offense player with the ball as if they were kids on the playground. Opposition player usually takes the ball out wide, all 4 of them follow him and 1-2 other opposition players are left completely wide open on the other side. This is beyond ridiculous.
  15. After another 3 or so days cycle where I just give up on the game, decided to give it another shot. Second game, typical home game against a lower-table team, 24 shots, 9 on target, with 1 goal. Then I concede from this: This happens way too often. My team has a throw in on the opposition half and it ends like this every other game. I have 3 players set to stay back and one more to stay back if needed. Opposition clears the throw, their winger gets the ball, drags 4 of my players with him as if it was some pre-school game where everyone runs after the ball and that leaves huge amount of space open for the opposition in the middle. This is ridiculous. Please show me one situation where any remotely good defense would allow themselves to end up in a situation like this. Even with Messi on the ball. And of course it ends 1-1. This is the worst match engine I've played on since forever. The only thing that works are those idiotic 3 striker formations that basically exploit the game. EDIT: next game, this time after corner, same thing. Just alt+f4ed after this. Won't be starting this season until ME is fixed. If it doesn't, then I won't be playing.