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  1. Were Asamoah, Kurany, Boateng, Rudiger, Khedira ever insulted? I don't recall such incidents. You can't bring AFD into this, they're basically nazis and insult everyone and everything that isn't pure.
  2. After reading the statement my opinion of him got even worse. As if it was written by one of those organizations that specialize in getting offended. Is that because I'm a Muslim? Really?
  3. TL;DR? Btw, there's no way he wrote that amount of text by himself. One of the most overrated players of this generation. At least until everyone realized he's overrated.
  4. GunmaN1905

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Bloody Theo Walcott scoring a hattrick in Zagreb is all you need to know.
  5. As I said, I don't blame anyone for supporting the team. I tried, but I have no positive emotions towards them. As we call it here, their private dowry and there's no way I can related myself to that team. Fans who protested against the FA were called monsters and terrorists, bans and even jail time was handed out. Not even radical measuers like flares and swastikas made them even think about stepping down. But it's OK for a guy who killed 4 people in seperate instances with his boat to be in the VIP stand. It's OK for a former prime-minister who was convicted of various crimes to be in the stadium. It's fine that FA vice-president who was sentenced to 3.5 years is still in position and is sitting right next to the president. While the main guy in all process runs away to neighbouring country following his 6 year conviction. And yeah, he's close friend of country's president. Even organized her birthday parties. You know, the guy who laundered millions and who keeps the likes of Modrić and Lovren on a tight leash. And meanwhile while they're having a wonderful time in Russia, at the expense of tax payers, they completely f-ed the country over and literally hundreds of thousands are immigrating. And the common folk all have the stance of you'd also steal if you were in position of power. Typical peasant, backward mentality. When the Greece situation happens in a couple of years, nobody will remember those terrorists that tried to change something. And I'm done with discussing about this matter.
  6. GunmaN1905

    How does this WC fare compared to others?

    I was referring to stadium atmosphere, wasn't there so I wouldn't know about the stuff going on in the cities. When South Americans got knocked out it was basically done. Really disappointed by English fans. For as long as I can remember you guys had amazing support and I always admired it. Now you get all the way to semis and it was awful. Croatian support was also awful, but understandable considering that most people who actually go on football games stopped following the NT. Other European countries were predictably bad, except for Iceland and somewhat Sweden. Shame Netherlands didn't qualify.
  7. I don't blame you for thinking that, because if you don't know how things really are, everything looks amazing. Can't wait for Šuker and his pals to waste another 30mil$ in prize money on coke, gambling and prostitutes. I'm not suddenly going to change my opinion about the FA and the players after like 5 years based on a couple of won penalty shootouts. Nothing like Lovren, the perjujer, calling out the politicians and institutions to make things better.
  8. GunmaN1905

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Until every last person that's currently employed in the FA doesn't f**k off, together with the whole refereeing organization, I don't believe anything. For example, head physio's daughter just got the FA spokesperson job. That woman you saw on the bench is the wife of one of the main writers in most popular daily sports paper in Croatia. Not a single bad word towards the people in FA has been written by him even after all those convictions.
  9. GunmaN1905

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    Technically, if we go by coefficents, it would be close. 14 slots, iirc Croatian league was 15th by UEFA rankings.
  10. GunmaN1905

    Do England deserve a parade or at least a welcome-home ceremony?

    Quality of their NT has nothing to do with league quality. Managers from top6 clubs are all foreign, except for Tottenham no key players are English.
  11. GunmaN1905

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    To sum it up = TLDR Btw, Allardyce got the boot because of something far less significant to what our FA and players are doing. That's how things work in normal countries.
  12. GunmaN1905

    In your opinion, handball or not?

    He can't possibly predict that Matuidi will miss the ball, look at his head, do you really think he handballed it on purpose?
  13. Never tried 3 striker formations. 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3 could work. On my Inter save, I retrained Lautaro and he was natural as AML in like two seasons. Didn't use Dybala this year, but two of them as inside forwards with Icardi as AF looks ideal. Dybala+Icardi only could also work in 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2. I dislike 4-2-3-1.
  14. GunmaN1905

    The Sarri Experiment for FM18

    (Haven't read all the posts, sorry if I missed something.) Sarri adapted to the players he had. When Higuain was there, he was your typical forward. AF or CF-A. I'd put Jorginho as DLP-D on DM position because it works better in FM. And Willian is clearly better than Pedro. Winger-Attack.
  15. GunmaN1905

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Two days after the game, I can't get rid of the impression that this Croatian team wasted it's potential for like 10 years now. And since I've made my opinions on them clear, I'm not saying this as someone subjective. FA completely ruined this generation and this final was salvaged at the end of their peak. 2008 - Young team, got knocked out by Turkey because of inexperience and conceded in 121th minute, lost on penalties. Everyone's optimistic about future. If that idiot didn't butcher Eduardo, I dare to say finals appearance wasn't unrealistic. 2010 - Terrible qualifiers, got battered by England twice, couldn't beat Ukraine at home at the end of qualifiers. Didn't qualify. 2012 - This is where it all goes downhill. After beating Turkey 0-3 in the first leg of playoffs, noone seemed to care that another victory gives Croatia the higher pot seeding on the following EURO. It ends 0-0, Croatia ends up in the group with Italy, Spain and Ireland. Good performance. Lost to Spain because of terrible refereeing and missing a few sitters. On the other hand, Russia kept the seed and were in group with Poland, Czech and Greece. 2014 - Instead of keeping Bilić who was doing really well or getting a proper coach, imbeciles in FA bring Štimac on. An even bigger imbecile and a complete moron. He nearly gets knocked out and gets fired. But he was there to push their agenda of Sammir and such players getting NT invites. Kovač gets the job and salvages the day. Obviously, our players' mentality doesn't fit with his German discipline and he didn't have any prior coaching experience, so they spent him quickly. Even though he's proven to be a good coach in Frankfurt and got the Bayern job. His biggest downfall was Keeping 35yo Pletikosa, who was way past it on the goal, instead of fielding Subašić. 2016 - Kovač completely lost control and got sacked after a loss in Norway and they replace him with Čačić, TV maintenance guy that lives close to the stadium (literally). He somehow gets out of that average group (needed Italy win against Norway to qualify directly). Croatia actually played well on the tournament, but he bottled it against Portugal and 2008 scenario repeated itself. Our side of knockout phase was pretty easy in 2016, too. 2018 - Čačić nearly bottles another qualifiers, gets sacked after drawing at home against bloody Finland. Dalić replaces him and manages to get to the World Cup. I don't see him as some great coach, but he obviously has man management skills and with top class midfield you don't really need to give them a ton of instructions. Croatia played on their usual level, nothing special. A win against inexperienced Nigeria from two corners, win against terrible Argentina that gifted the first goal, win against average Iceland that had to attack. In knockout phase there was that god awful performance against Denmark and also an unimpressive game against Russia. First great game was that second half and ET against England. And first top tier team batters them. Subašić saved them in first two knockout rounds and then conceded two easily saveable goals. In the end, this is a historic result no doubt, but only incompetent criminals in FA and players that have no self-respect or anything resembling a spine prevented themselves from getting a couple more semi-final appearances. Worst thing was that they couldn't realize they'd have more money to launder if they let Bilić stay in charge or if they brought a competent coach back in 2012. To sum it up, I felt like I was living in a parallel universe during these final couple of games. If someone told me Croatia would be in WC final and I wouldn't give two sh**s, I'd call them insane. But unfortunately, that's how these past years played out. Since 2013 or so I've completely lost all of my emotion for this team. Few penalty shootout wins on WC can't change that half of those players are moral abominations led by convicted criminals whilst our president watches the game alongside both them and other convicted criminals don't have direct relations to FA. And now they will keep bringing this result up for like 20 years when anything bad happens, even though they didn't attribute to it in any way. They were more of a detriment. Reading the it's coming home topic made me sad because I wish I could still have that emotion about my NT.