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  1. Selling players has been a dreadful experience for me. 2023 on my last save. Won two scudetti in a row with Palermo. EL finalist and CL semi-finalist in those seasons. My best players are valued at 55-60mil€. Yet the best offers are those non-negotiable garbage offers full of bonuses that will never be completed. Like 50mil€ max. Even got some loan offers from mid-table teams, lol. Not a single good offer in 6 seasons. As for the foreigners rule, selling players doesn't impact it. It's just non-EU players signed from abroad. Nothing else. If you for example sign 10 non-EU players over 5 seasons, you can register all of them. But you can't more than two new ones per season.
  2. I'm currently on a nice Palermo save. Won B in first season. 10th in second. 2nd in third. 4th in fourth with 1st knockout CL round. Won the league on last matchday in fifth and lost EL final due to horrible scheduling (that Qatar WC season, had to play two key league games and EL final in like 5 days). Won the league easily in sixth season but got annoyed because I got knocked out in CL semi-final against Salzburg in typical FM fashion. They also defeated City in the same way. 4-3-3, high press. Perin Lazzari-Varnier-Romero-Dimarco Murgia-Gagliardini-Paredes Vignato-Arp-Kean Also have Despoli, Luca Pellegrini, Fabinho, Riccardi, Sarr, Ziyech, Suso... The save will become boring now because everyone except for Napoli is incompetent and has fallen off already.
  3. Yes, actually it's hard when I can't rewatch games properly. The next/previous highlight feature just auto-resets to kick-off whenever I try and scroll through a couple of highlights to save those 1on1 situations. And I can't find the option to go to specific shots because I really don't have the time or will to waste 20mins on rewatching each FM game. I already said my part. The game is by far the best it's ever been except for actual chance conversion and those pinpoint crosses from deep. If you can explain to me how to find those specific situations easier without having to rewatch the whole game because previous/next highlight feature is buggy, then I'll upload some highlights.
  4. Idk how to say this, but I'm not bloody blind and you make it sound like I'm an idiot. I watch the game, I don't care what the shot count as in the analysis section if ME shows a player (especially when it's a good player) that just decides to blast some first time shot from 20m instead of going closer because there's noone in front of him.
  5. Well, it's certainly been a fact on like a dozen of my saves. I'll do some research on my current save tomorrow. Both for clear cut chances and conversion ratio. Better players, more shots, more shots on target and about the same number of goals with the same tactics. And it happened on every save.
  6. Yeah, except that every single striker, from Sunday league one to top class player just smashes the ball in every single 1on1 situation. 80% of them go either straight at the keeper or way off target. Haven't seen a single player round the keeper, chip him or place a shot. It's just smash it and hope for the best. Those situation where strikers shoot from like 20m away when they have a clear path towards the goal are especially entertaining.
  7. I pretty much gave up on the game some months ago. Felt like playing last week and got my motivation to play again. Amazing manager game. Terrible coach game. The actual games are just unwatchable for me. 80% of the goals are exactly the same crap. I've played with teams that should dominate the league, with relegation battle teams and everything in between. And I've watched AI games just to confirm this. Basically, a fullback to opposite winger deep cross is more dangerous than a 1on1 situation. Lower league and top class players react the same. They just bottle like 80% of clear cut chances they have. And I just can't watch that anymore. High defensive line, offside trap? Here comes a deep cross to the other side of the box and a 15m volley. Deep defensive line, tall fullbacks? Here comes a deep cross to the other side of the box that falls just outside your 5m box. And of course, set-pieces. Hoofing it into the box from 40m set-piece is a legit tactic. And I don't really believe in those theories, but it's just ridiculous how your conversion rate drops as soon as you dominate games and have like 20+ shots. It's like the game compensates for bad defensive mechanisms by reducing the conversion rate. Outside of ME the game is perfect except for some minor issues and I'd have no problems paying for FM20 that would be exactly the same game, but with proper ME. Even one from older games.
  8. I've also had some schedule issues in Serie A. 9.11 to 30.11 gap. One week is for international break, but I had another skipped matchday for no apparent reason. And now 1.2 to 19.2! Missed two weekends. Meanwhile, look at this: Teams vary from 19 to 24 matches played.
  9. Can someone reupload the 19.3.0 file? That site requires premium account to download. Thanks.
  10. They play 4-4-2, but in the game the team is much more suited for 4-3-3, imo. Relatively easy save, they have a very good squad and enough money to bring in a couple of players.
  11. Gianluca Mancini's idol should be Materazzi and he's an Inter fan. Even said his father took him to games and that he wears #23 because of Materazzi. But those are minor things compared to one of the best young CBs who's an amazing big game performer having that terrible trait.
  12. Should any club except for Juventus be capable of winning it? Yes. Should any club except for Juventus (I'm referring to AI managed teams) win it? Maybe. But it bloody happens in every single season. It's not realistic that top teams barely win 80 points and that no striker scores even 20 goals and that total goal tally for every team is lower than 60. It's not about winning the league, it's about overall quality. I have an easier time scoring goals against top teams in CL than in home games against relegation zone teams in Serie A because match engine is terrible and strikers are unusable in any remotely normal tactic. As I wrote in tactic forum, I literally resorted to downloading tactics after 10 years just to see if it's me or the game is actually bad and I still couldn't score a decent number of goals with my strikers using downloaded tactics that have great feedback.
  13. Serie A is broken this year due to match engine being terrible when your opponent is emplyoing a very defensive tactic, which happens in most Serie A games. Look at the screenshot posted by @Raymond85 , 80pts is enough to win the league. And that happens literally every season I've played. 86-89pts is basically a guaranteed title with no stress.
  14. Try playing Serie A. Just finished the second season, won the CL and I'm upsest because ME is a joke. Look at that. Ronaldo played as AML, btw. Not a single striker cracked 15 goals in the league. A joke. My team and stats. Wingers and Škriniar in double digits. Again, a joke. Full season results. Look at that. Bloody struggle every single game and nearly bottled the league. Most of my goals came from set pieces or shots outside of the box. They just sit at 25-30m away from the goal and you can't do anything. Then score screamers in typical FM fashion. On the other side I easily dispatched Arsenal, Atletico and City away. Counter-attack -> ball to the wing, easy. Or corners. Scored 3 in 4 shots in the final. Ridiculous. Just look at the number of goals scored. Extremely low for top table teams.
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