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  1. Since craig bottled it, we have 29 players so far. Marius_R MaxeyN17 adhikapp Darius1998 managerdude_66 Haguey Yuko Harryseaess Sano sjg11 Butts Barry Cartman PaulHartman71 Citizen Kane Weezer SRL88 bestbrother trueblue.85 Scott1892 Crispypaul XuluBak Kawee Hazzaj Baptista_8 Jorg The Golden Boy grff SouthCoastRed Muzzza I'm going to start the draft tomorrow afternoon when I'm done for the day. Will clarify the rules once more and will find a format so everyone can play.
  2. I still can't get over 2008 and that elimination against Turkey. Could've won the whole thing, probably the most balanced Croatian team ever. Especially if Eduardo didn't get murdered a couple of months earlier.
  3. You probably already have 3 lineups ready. Looking at these historic tournaments now, it's too much of a chore to find who played when. But your suggestion is more or less the same as mine for final phases, just 1 extra semi-finalist. So I think we can go with this: Team rules: 1 player per nation 2 winners and 3 more semi-finalists For tournaments before 1980, you can select any player from nations that appeared in quarter finals since there are no official squad lists. (wiki pages have quarter-finals nations listed for 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976)
  4. Zlatan had a series of injuries since he accused Lukaku of voodoo sh*t. Coincidence?
  5. It's 29 with you. Hopefully we get 3 more by tomorrow night for full 32.
  6. I don't think it's that harsh combined with other rules. But we can make it quarter finals, because up until '96 it was just 8 teams. Which would make it only players who appeared in top8 up until 1996. With 2 winners and 3 more semi-finalists.
  7. Those were like final-four tournaments, quarters and 8x4 groups were still played go get to semi-finals. For tournaments before 1980, you can pick players from any of 32 teams participating in groups that didn't advance to semis.
  8. 2 players from your opponent, but you still have to keep your team within the rules, as PaulHartman said. Cmon, 6 more people.
  9. If you don't particpate, you're officially banned from posting in this topic!
  10. It has to be balanced out since there are more players. If it was just 1 player per round, then top10 picks would have huge advantage to get top players. But like this they can get their Cristiano or Crujiff, but then by the time it's back to them, others already have 3 players.
  11. That's why it's called average draft. As for the draft process, it would take too long for 32 people to pick just one player per round, so it's going to be 2 players per round, except for the first round where it's just usual 1 player.
  12. Fair enough, I also think de Jong has the potential to get there, don't think Depay is a tier1 forward. We've seen this season that all 3 teams those CBs play on completely fall apart in their defensive setups without them. And they play for some of world's best teams. That's a top class player for me. Someone who's indispensible for their team's system at top level.
  13. Can't wait for him to bench De Vrij again because he's not an Ajax product. What a time we live in, when everyone's healthy Holland's 3 best players are all CBs. They don't have a single top class midfielder or striker.
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