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  1. If you have AMC who geos forward a lot or even B2B CM that surges into the box, having two inside forwards will make things too crowded, especially if you give them attacking duty. I usually use one winger and one inside forward, with box to box box midfielder, playmaker that stays back and a DM. Attacking fullbacks, too. In my opinion, wingers can perform well on both duties regardless of tactics, while inside forwards have issues if you have a lot of other players coming forward and near their area.
  2. I'm not sure can you make it happen in the game, but Serie A teams that are playing in Champions League usually play their league games on Saturday if the CL is during the next. And there's gonna be a boxing day game introduction in the 2017/18 season. Supercup is in December this season only, not every season. It was on December in first and second season on my save. Now it's in August before the third season kick-off. Also, why is season 18-19 starting so late, 2nd of September?
  3. That's just how it is even in real life. Ever watched Juventus or Italy? Opposition can cross all they want but they won't get much done. Then we come to the fact that this is not real life, but a game where crosses are still overpowered. I personally tried using 3-5-2 in every version but I never had real success.
  4. BWM is as the name says, ball winning midfielder. That means he's gonna press more than your regular defensive midfielder and go out of his position to try and win the ball back. When that happens there's space behind him which is easily exploited. Then add Support duty and fluid mentality on top of it, that just means he's gonna run around even more. Then you have B2B midfielder. It's true he helps in defense, but he can't really help if he goes inside opposition box on the previous attack because he has no time to come back during counter-attacks. Then there's Attack duty on your AMC, meaning he won't really contribute much in defending. And wingers also don't do that well if you don't instruct them to close down more often. I personally play a very similar tactic, except that I use 4-3-3 formation. DM on defend duty who doesn't venture around, one b2b and CM playmaker with support duty. And wingers have close down more instructions. Works out pretty well.
  5. There shouldn't be away attendance information in games on neutral stadium such as Cup finals.
  6. My scouts found this guy, looks class. SS is from October 2017, not from start of the game.
  7. You absolutely need to use Kondogbia, especially with that style of play. His physical attributes make him perfect for that tactic. I'd personally use b2b+dlp in midfield, with Kondogbia/Brozović and Mario/Banega. Keep an eye on Gnoukouri, he's also Kondogbia type of player. But I don't really think that the squad is suited for that style of play.
  8. After playing for a season and a half, I have to say that ME looks great and tactics wise it's a lot better than in 16. Good work. Minor issue that's annoying for me it's kit selectinon. It's been happening for a long time. To simply put it, in three main Italian derby games between Inter, Milan and Juventus, away teams use second or third kits all the time which ruins the derby atmosphere and feeling from the game. I just can't get over playing in those Sprite lightblue-green shirts when I'm facing Juventus. Or playing in white against Milan. It's probably the fact that teams have three kits now and algorithms see third kits more fitting than third with different shorts/socks. But it would be nice if you could add some exceptions for big games.
  9. I'm not saying anything about that, should've known better. Had like 2 crashes total in FM16 and none in 13h of FM17, so I stopped saving every other game. Hopefully my info will be useful.
  10. What do you mean reproduce? As in can I reproduce it? I think I've just done it again and I'm so mad. Haven't saved for 5 games, just got in form and everything started going well after a rough start to the season and just before the game I'd save after it crashes, ffs. I think it occurs if I alt-tab just after pressing submit team, so before the ME loads. I think that's the reason both times. I also have a Champions League stream open in VLC player, so that might be causing some GPU errors, other video being played.
  11. Just had my first crash, happened at the sumbit team screen, probably issue with loading the match. Crash dump wasn't created in my user data folder, is it somewhere else now?
  12. He takes the ball forward in most situations and just shoots from 16-20m out because opposition DM doesn't press him at all. Never tries to try and make a pass into space towards wingers or the striker. Honestly, doesn't look as bad as the numbers, but it's kinda ridiculous to take 12 shots and try 2 passes towards the striker. Nah.
  13. Anyone else having issues with too many long shots? My b2b midfielder with no specific instructions except for shoot less often just had 12 shots in a game. I also have work ball into box in my tactic. B2b usually has at least 5 shots every game even with these instructions.
  14. I'm getting really frustrated with my team's inability to score goals. Chances are there, some decent offensive build-up, but every game is like someone put some kind of spell on that damn goal. Idk what to do because there's no tactical option which prevents your team from missing absolute sitters every game. It's FM11 (I think?) all over again. Artificial difficulty based on your world class players having their stats lowered by 80% as soon as they're in the box. And Central Defenders with Defend duty and no special instructions in a tactic with normal defensive line are just running at opposition offensive midfielders.
  15. Not really a game issue so idk where should I put it. Anyhow, Steam overlay (shift+alt thing) counts FM16 play time as FM17 beta. When I put my overlay on it says 13h in past two weeks and 13h total. Which is completely wrong and bugged.