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  1. I haven't downloaded an update since 20.7, so my apologies if I'm wrong, but one player that fist comes to mind is Perišić. I didn't see him on the list of players with increased CA on your site so I'll post here. He's not even remotely close to the player he actually is. His physical attributes are complete trash, workrate/team work also, dribbling is 12, etc. I think that's really harsh on a player that's been showing over and over again he's one of the most physical wingers these days.
  2. I usually do a weaker foot and closing down on the most dangerous opposition players, never had much success with man marking and such.
  3. There you go. This is actually by far the best tactic I've ever made in any FM game. I've also won Primeira with Valencia in first season using it and got 2nd with West Ham in the first season of EPL. But in all honesty I actually think it's not the tactic itself, but the FM engine which always favored lots of crosses and wingers more than anything else. You need all-round fullbacks with good physical attributes, a beast box to box midfielder who's able to cover everything. Other CM doesn't necessarily have to be a playmaker, I've also played with two B2B midfielders. With two B2B or even B2B+BWM you can have your DM set to DLP or regista, that also worked decently for me. Wingers don't have to be inside forwards, you can also have normal wingers. Striker has to be a real no9. So either AF, poacher or even CF. Not treq, DLF or F9. I've had Emenike and Sakho score 30 each in one season for example, so AF/poacher are the roles best suited for the tactics. As for set pieces, feel free to change it up depending on the players you've got. I usually have my fastest player stay forward after corners and depending on the DMs aerial ability I'll have him going forward or stay back during attacking corners. 433si_CC278B28-AADE-4ABD-AD9B-1428573D8DB7.fmf
  4. Yeah, nothing wrong here. He's a nervous wimp irl. On a more serious note, I've always struggled to get a striker to score a lot with 4-2-3-1 formation. It just gets too crowded in front of the goal, especially with RMD or IF wingers. Add the AM in the mix and that's a crowd. On the other hand when I used 4-3-3 with a DM and two CM I had +30 goals from strikers in every season. Even from average ones.
  5. Since it's been a mostly defensive EURO, gotta go with 3 man defense. ----------------Patricio --------Pepe---Bonucci---Williams Payet--Ramsey--Nainggolan--Ozil--Bale -----Griezmann-----------Ronaldo Player: Pepe.
  6. Yea, but he basically didn't play together with Payet at all.
  7. 5, 6 max. Football - below average. Three teams with great offensive potential (Belgium, Croatia, England) ruined by coaches. Italy with their worst generation and 5 best midfielders being injured played the best football basically. Spain and Germany disappointed. Weaker teams had pretty good coaches who knew how to set up the defensive play. Portugal deserved it in the end, masterclass from Santos with pretty average squad. Format - bad. 24 teams is too much. All of the weaker teams that played above expectations would've qualified anyway, except for Hungary. Atmosphere - terrible. Modern day football is eating away at the game we all grew to love. The atmosphere is getting disgustingly bad except for a few nations. But what to expect with those ticket prices and the distribution by U€FA where national FAs get so few tickets.
  8. One more.
  9. Tbh, up until Croatia game there was no reason to believe. Defense looked really shaky in the group stage.
  10. As I've written on that other topic a couple of days ago, Santos went to Greece to study the defensive art and it all paid off.
  11. Yesssssss!!! Btw, makes us wonder, what would happen in previous 20 free kicks if Ronaldo wasn't taking them.
  12. Since 1980 iirc, apparently that game was so awful and the teams looked so uninterested that they decided to abandon the third place playoff game. Thing that could actually be useful is shortening the ET duration to 2x10mins. If a team wants to win, 20mins should be more than enough.
  13. Too many clowns as coaches. England, Belgium and Croatia had really good teams and a chance to win even, but their coaches single-handedly threw them out of the competition. Italy had the weakest squad in history and 5 best midfielders injured for the Germany game. Germany also had injury and suspension issues. Spain diasppointed. When you add all of that up to some weaker teams having great coaches, we get this kind of football.
  14. I want Portugal to win with a 120th minute handball goal by Ronaldo. And then him to scream SIII in front of Holande as he's lifting the trophy.