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  1. Finishing and other obvious issues like pinball in the box after set pieces aside, because those things are hard to balance, one thing is should be easy to fix. Number of long balls over the defense and their accuracy. Even if the defense sits deep and doesn't have to cover a lot of space, those passes are absolutely perfect and make the game completely unrealistic. No point in defending deep when those passes just make the defense look ridiculous and conversion ratio is so low. Might aswell push it up at all times. Just reducing the long pass tendencies and accuracy would improve the ME by a lot. As I said some time ago, there has to be another attribute which determines passing range. If there's finishing and long shots attribute and if keepers have kicking and passing, idk why isn't there another attribute for players? Every CB with 12 passing looks like Xavi or Pirlo, multiple times per game.
  2. Why? SMS and Luis Alberto are maybe a bit overrated on FM, but considering all the EPL teams with players who're vastly overrated, Lazio is fine. Immobile, Sergej, Correa and Alberto have proven to be class players time and time again, especially this season. Strakosha is a very good, young keeper. CBs are average, Lulić is getting old on LWB, Leiva is useful, but also old. Lazarri is very good. Fairly rated, imo.
  3. After playing some more with the latest ME version, I actually think that this subpar (to say the least) conversion rate is down to top level goalkeepers being way too good in 1v1 situations. While playing friendlies against lower-level teams, my strikers barely missed any sitters, even with 60% match sharpness. They round the keeper, even chip it over and some shots which look like they're right next to the keeper go in (which usually happens in real life). But when they're playing in EPL, goalkeepers just make impossible 1v1 saves all the time. Diving saves on shots attempted like 5m away from the keeper shouldn't happen every single game on multiple occasions. Especially not in 1v1 situations. I don't recall scoring many goals (except for headers) where the ball went right past the keeper. Unless it's a powerful shot going in close to the corners, it's not happening. Everything sticks to them. While we're at it, goalkeeper ratings should be fixed. There's no way a goalkeeper should be rated lower than 7 when he saves 10+ shots on target, unless he makes a mistake on the goals he conceds. And long balls definitely need to be fixed. Idk, some kind of passing range attribute should be added. Defenders who're average with the ball making perfect 50m+ passes every single game is unrealistic. In real life the whole point of high press tactics is to make the defenders hoof it, but here it's pointless when most of them make Xaviesque passes while under pressure.
  4. Can you kindly go away? Your condenscending style is extremely annoying since you just basically dismissed everything I wrote and you're posting based on nothing but some anecdotal imaginary setup you thought of. I'll leave it at that. Don't quote me again, please. Not until you learn to read my posts in full and actually understand the point I'm trying to make.
  5. Yeah, harder to score as in my players having way lower conversion ratio from better situations than they get against top teams. I said that it's not about the chance creation, but way worse conversion from pretty much the same type of situations.
  6. I finished second with 82 points in 22/23 season with Villa and I lost only 2 out of 12 games against top6. And I should've lost at least a couple more. Got absolutely battered at Old Trafford, couldn't get the ball out of my box for the most part, but I won 1-2. Just an example. The only other two losses were against Sheffield and Newcastle, both 0-1 at home. Had like 50 shots total. Idk, I wanna have a sense of achievement when I play, which isn't the case right now. If I deserve to lose I wanna lose, but if I created 10 great chances per game I expect wins by a couple goals. Sure, games with bad conversion rate happen, but once or twice per season. Not all the bloody time. I don't think those stats would be relevant because the patch hit mid-way through the season and ME changed then. But from what I've seen, I haven't had many offside issues. My two biggest concerns are long balls being way too accurate and set-piece goals. It's true that second chance shots from set-pieces are probably the hardest thing to defend and player movement is fine, but the ball deflections look too arcadey to me. Pinball movement, way too fast deflections etc. As for the long balls, I think an attribute which determines player's passing range should be added. Or just make crossing attribute affect passes longer than 30m or so. Because there are very few CBs in the world who can constantly create chances with 50m+ passes and that's exactly what happens in this ME. Every game.
  7. Considering how a lot of people are complaining about not being able to easily win games against much weaker opposition and most of those games ending up with 1 or 2 goals at the most, despite having like 25-30 shots, I just checked some stats on my Villa save. This was from 2022/23 season, but top6 is still more or less the same, with the exception of my team also being in there. Scored 31 goal in 15 games (EPL + FA) against top6 teams. 9 of those were in 3 FA Cup games, so 22 in 12 league games against top6. 1.83 goals per game vs top6. Scored 73 in 38 games total, 51 in 26 against rest of the league. 1.96 in other games. Seems normal I guess. Home games are where it gets interesting. 19 games, 41 goals. 6 against top6, 14 goals. 2.3 per game! 87 total shots, 36 on target in 6 games. 16% total shots were goals, 38% shots on target were goals! 13 other games, 27 goals. 2 goals per game, so already a bit less. 223 shots, 105 on target in 13 games. 11% total shots were goals, 25% shots on target were goals! Basically a 33% efficency decrease against considerably worse teams? Could that be a coincidence? And I'm pretty sure if I go over each of the 10 seasons I played on two different saves it would be the same. Having more goals per game against top teams than against average squads is kinda odd to me. It's also obvious without even counting the shots or goals that weaker opposition averages way more goals per shot against my teams than the top teams. Idk, I just can't get rid of the feeling that the game acts completely different when you're up against underdog teams to keep things balanced. I just find it extremely annoying that nearly every single game against lower-table teams in any league ends up with my team completely dominating everything and barely winning by 1 or 2 goals. Except for usual couple of batterings where everything goes in. And that the AI somehow always creates a couple of good chances in the last 5mins + stoppage time and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. I would be fine with it if my team couldn't create chances against those teams, that would mean tactics are the issue, but when your chance conversion rate is noticably lower against weaker teams then I'm just left disappointed. (disclaimer: This is just my opinion, I'm not saying that any of this is a fact.)
  8. The thing is that this isn't a brand new game and that people are frustrated at recurring issues. 1v1 situations have been terrible for years. Final thrid situations should be the top priority because that's what football is all about.
  9. 89th minute, 0-0: But yeah, finishing is improved and accurate. Because this player would really bottle a chance like that. Easy lay off to the right. And why would the player to the left even run so close to him and be in offside? The guy who didn't pass, for reference. And because a guy will 10 finishing and 12 technique, long shots will obviously perfectly place it in the corner from the edge of the box in 92nd minute for 0-1. I feel like an utter moron for playing this game at this hour.
  10. Sorry, my bad. I screenshotted the wrong set piece instructions. As you can see, 2 players are in the wall there, only one in the game. For wide FKs, I had only one man in the wall with STC at 6N and DM at 6FC (#17 on the screenshot, he's in the position). Point still being that #16 is way out of position and when opponent has a player in the position where blue #3 is, it's always like that. If opponent has one player in the box who's far away from other player, he's not going to be marked. 6 yard zonal marking players don't mark him, but the area and never try to follow him when he attacks the ball. Players instructed to go back or man mark don't "register" him and noone goes to mark him. I reset it to default now, without zonal marking and as I said it's fine unless opponent has one player standing alone like that. Will update tomorrow after I play some more games, because I'm not playing right now.
  11. Even that would be good, because so far it looks like it's 15-20% in this version.
  12. Will do. To put things into perspective, it's pretty much the same thing as with the last version. Imo, when a striker receives the ball at around 25-30m and breaks completely free, it should be a goal 8 out of 10 times (if we're talking about EPL level strikers with at least 14-15 finishing and composure). I'm not talking about first time shots inside the box or such. Because if strikers aren't scoring a great majority of those chances when they have a clear path towards the goal, full control of the ball and can do whatever they want, then the game is still not balanced. You can get away with very high defensive line because strikers don't convert. Again, a small sample size of around 10 games, but I've still yet to see a striker round the keeper or chip it past him. Much like in the previous versions.
  13. Everything plays great except for the fact that 1on1 chances are still absolutely useless. Strikers do score and their movement is good. Except for those situations when they're absolutely clear, go towards the goal with the ball for like 20m and then just bottle the chance. Not fun, not fun at all.
  14. Alright, I'm completely dumbfound about this and it's really ruining my experience. No matter how I set up the wide free kicks defense, something like this always happens. The #16 on my team is standing outside the bloody box even though you can see that he's set to mark 6NC in the instructions. I don't like that zonal marking, but if I just put him to go back, then he'll go back with the others and #3 in blue will be completely alone like he is now. I've tried with all the zonal instructions, tried p utting 4 players into the 6 yard zone, but no matter what player at the near post is always completely alone. And it's almost always a chance against my team. And as you can see all others are set to go back and that even if I do have 5 players grouped up compared to opponent's 4, noone will take the #3 guy. When the wide set pieces are deeper and the opposition already sits near the 6 yard box before the shot is taken, the player instructed to mark the edge of the area always just starts running forward after the first header and leaves opponents lurking there wide open if the ball bounces to them. This is really frustrating.
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