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  1. Some of you are at 40 seasons already... Completed: 8 The Expanse s5 - Although the pacing was a bit slow considering there's only one season left, amazing season. 9/10 Ray Donovan s1-s7 - Like poor man's Sopranos in the early seasons, but still a great and very enjoyable show. I think the quality dropped off a bit in the final seasons, some of the events are just ridiculous and it got too repetitive. 7/10
  2. I have one of those 20€ wifi repeaters for my apartment. Modem is on one side of the apartment and signal was poor on the other side. Since I got it, it's been flawless. 300mbps speed limit, though. I can even get 2 bars when I'm in front of my building and I live on 3rd floor.
  3. Who would've thought that one of the all-time greats who was the youngest of them all when he entered the league would hold those records. If you look at all the advanced stats and the supporting casts they have, Jokić is the clear MVP so far. Embiid after him. Everyone else is behind. *Lebron is still better than both, but the media narratives they're trying to push are ridiculous.
  4. It's 2021 and there simply should be a law that every major subscription service with such huge user base should have a phone 2FA. Doesn't have to be mandatory if you don't want to use it, but there simply has to be an option. If there's no 2FA I'll never have an ongoing subscription to anything, I just pay monthly and remove my card from payment methods on the account every time I re-sub. Someone tries to log in from a new device? They also have to get the code from your phone authenticator. So simple, yet effective against 99% of attacks that aren't major breaches.
  5. Yeah, tons of people probably did. I know a guy who had it twice. Got it early on, then during the summer he acted like he'll never get it and got it again. I haven't had any symptoms. But considering that I see my mom very often, there's no way I didn't contract it at some point. Yeah, that's why I always hated biology. Even with the most advanced technology and studies, you can never know because everyone is different. Ever since all this started I was always supportive of lockdowns and all bars/restaurants/tourism being closed. I still wear a mask whenever I enter any k
  6. Definite 6MOTY, but there's no way they deserve 3 all-stars.. Demar definitely deserves to be in there. 20/5/7 with only 1.5 turnover per game on 49% shooting. Every other West team that's in the playoff picture has at least one all-star.
  7. My mom just called me, had to do covid testing for work. Turns out she has anti-bodies, obviously meaning she had the virus at some point. 56 years old, smoking a pack a day , never even had a cough. And I see her 3-5 times a week, meaning I probably had it too. <.< Meanwhile, I have healthy friends in great shape who're still suffering some issues months after they had the virus. I honestly don't know what to think about it anymore.
  8. Great show. It's from the creators of Gomorra. If you can, check it out. One of my favorite shows. Like a more brutal version of the Sopranos/Wire, as ridiculous as it sounds.
  9. Btw, what's the definition on pencakes in the UK? Because when I see pencakes in US TV shows and movies...ugh. Those aren't pencakes. These are pancakes : Then you roll them with whatever you want to put in, usually nutella or some kind of similar stuff.
  10. That's the narrative mainstream media is trying to push, but it won't happen. Just look at the starting lineup. 4 great shooters and 3 of them can easily create their own shots. You help off Gobert, it's a dunk. Won by like 20 against Miami while shooting 26% from 3. It's the closest thing to 2014 Spurs. Ball never stops, 6 perimeter players who're in rotation can all easily drop 20 on any given night. Even though Donovan was prone to chucking in previous seasons, he looks way more mature right now. Man to man defense isn't the greatest, noone except for O'Neale could get
  11. Wait, pancake day is a thing? What a coincidence. People usually make donuts before start of the lent here and there's a masquerade etc. Was at my mom's for dinner yesterday, had pancakes with ham, cheese, eggs and some other stuff. Also had some standard desert ones, with nutella and grinded nuts (well, that sounds wrong in English ).
  12. Finally started watching Ray Donovan, good show. Kind of poor man's Sopranos, but that's still a compliment. Only finished 3 seasons, though, I'll see if the quality decreases as it goes on, 7 seasons is too many for most shows.
  13. Get a wig like Conte. On a more serious note, it's all about head shape. If you've got one of those egg shaped heads, that's unfortunate. Still, as others already said, it's all in your head. Don't let the hair loss ruin your confidence. One of my best IRL friends started going bald at 18. He always had long hair, played the guitar, all that stuff. Genetics, what can you do. Then he just accepted it and shaved it all off on prom day. You can imagine the look on everyone's faces. And everyone loved it. It's all about personality.
  14. Give modders the source code, maybe they fix the game.
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