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  1. Any ETA? I'm eagerly awaiting for the final update, same as every year.
  2. I still can't believe this. Transfer delay prompts still occur due to "insufficient funds" and game not being able to adjust budget balance due to "contract talks still being open". Just now it basically ruined another save of mine. There's plenty of money to switch around in my current budget and I had 2 transfers set. But I had 0 on the transfer budget side at the time, and I needed 60k€ total. I had to cancel the transfers because there's no other way for it to get adjusted, delaying doesn't help. When I cancelled, I could get it up to 130k€. And now because the game counts it as "breakdown in talks" the player's damn agent doesn't wanna negotiate again and I'm completely f-ed less than a week away from deadline. Basically, if you don't manually adjust your budget balance every time and you initiate a transfer, you're f-ed because game doesn't recognize there's plenty of money to switch around. The worst thing is that this is so incosistent, because in a lot of cases you just get the "adjust budget and complete transfer" prompt and that's it. Lost all motivation to play now. Again.
  3. Is there a bug with season expectations prompt? I finished my first season on a new save and I didn't get any season expectations message for the upcoming season and it's already July. It usually popped up mid-late June every time I was playing in Serie A, after the draw for the new season. It's really bad because I didn't get any money or wage budget yet, and the transfer window has already started. Confidence still reflects previous season's competitions, for some reason new season expectations didn't trigger for the upcoming season. And it's less than a month away from Super Cup. EDIT: Here it is, 5th of July. And I didn't get any funds, even after qualifying for CL. Whatever.
  4. Second place at the end of the season with this crazy game in the end. Juve was in absolute beast mode and I had no chance, really. Detailed post coming tomorrow.
  5. There you go. 4231--_9DFB5229-18CA-40D1-924B-B4C23CBC02D6.fmf
  6. Haven't played at all in a couple of months, started a new Inter save last night. Gagliardini looks like he has a lot of potential. Brozović and Perišić were updated a bit, the rest looks pretty much the same. Mario has been changed to AM natural position. Since I had no success with 4-2-3-1 I'm gonna try that again now that the midfield is perfectly suited for the formation. EDIT: Quick update, so far so good. Really pleased with defensive efforts. Same player instructions from 4-3-3 tactics I uploaded earlier, I just got rid of most team instructions. Works pretty well.
  7. FM17 (v17.3.0) Player Attribute Changes

    Gagliardini got an upgrade. Perišić was also changed a bit. Joao Mario is no longer natural at CM. He's an AM instead. The last one is wrong if you ask me. Just because player is used in the position it doesn't mean it suits him the best.
  8. Young Italians

    Atalanta players will probably get updated in the winter transfer patch. Conti, Caldara, Gagliardini, Spinazzola and Pentagna have all been great this season.
  9. Experienced First Team CB

    Idk if he would come to Dortmund in the first season, but De Vrij from Lazio is simply amazing and complete defender. Can be obtained for around 22-24mil€ in the first season.
  10. Overrated/Underrated Thread

    It's really hard to replicate real life into the game, but I'd say that current EPL is really lacking in tactics department. Just look at Conte, he got most of it figured out in no time and has 10 wins in a row with Azpi as CB and Moses as RWB. SI either needs to lower mental attributes of most players or lower the stats from managers in EPL. But then, most of them are foreigners anyway. <.< As an Inter fan I think his stats are spot on and he actually always performed for me, like 7.5 avg rating in his natural role. Blind's stats are spot on, maybe even better than he deserves. He's really smart in the game, good technical abilities and really slow. Spot on, as I said.
  11. Overrated/Underrated Thread

    Underrated: Perišić Overrated: Kondogbia, Santon, Nagatomo
  12. No it doesn't. Every time during the beta phase I just let the game run without changing anything in terms of tactics. It usually goes great start->decent midseason->complete trash January-February->great end of the season. Without changing anything.
  13. True, but in FM it happens like every time. And it happens out of nowhere.
  14. No holding midfielder? You probably assumed I use that roles while playing. I just put BWM there because it's Medel. I always have it set to DM-D duty. There's a download link for the tactics, even. With Newcastle for example, I used the same tactics, just with standard mentality. With wingers having close down more instructions I eliminated the usual FM conceding from crosses issue. I also eliminated conceding from set pieces. But I simply can't eliminate conceding in 90+ from ridiculous ranges nor I can eliminate my players missing CCC. As I said, I'd be happy if my team was playing badly, because I'd know I had to fix stuff, but I can't eliminate good old nothing goes your way in 50-50 situations FM. My bad if I made a fool of myself, but I've yet to figure out a way how to improve in these aspects. This collapsing save aside, my opinion is that there's way too many CCCs in the game and it has to be compensated with the conversion ratio, otherwise there would have 5+ goals in every match. Momentum complaint still stands. Another reason why I didn't complain about tactics. It's impossible for my team to play perfectly in 5 games then just collapse in the next 5. This also happened on the same save in the first season. Had like +15 in January and completely lost my lead within a month.
  15. For the first time in like 10 years I'm on the verge of simply quitting the game and not playing it anymore. I just can't withstand watching missed sitters from my team and opposition scoring from every other chance they get. There's simply no solution for this. I can't fix anything when my supposedly top class players are missing clear cut chances every game. And then I keep conceding goals from 30m out from players that have low long shots attributes. It's also impossible to contain the game when opposition can score with a 30m assist to the box. Then there's the fact that this game is completely momentum based. If you win like 5 in a row you're gonna roll through the whole season. But if you lose a couple of games it's gonna be a struggle whole season long (tested with the same team and tactics). And as already mentioned, the squad strenghtening bug is ruining the game for me. There's also this thing of getting like 60mil€ for the next season's transfers, but also being unable to relocate any of that budget to the wages budget. All that while my club has more than 120mil€ in the bank. Whatever. Completely game ruining all of this. I'm currently playing with Newcastle, season 3 ongoing. After 3-0-1 at start it just looks like the game has decided it should be harder and that I should concede in 90+ whenever I'm in the lead. I also lost like 20 points last season to missed penalties, clear cut chances and conceded goals in 90+. Don't tell me it's my tactics because it's not. No tactics helps against conceding from 30m out or conceding from freekicks against players with 10 in those stats. Funny enough, that never happens before 80th minute. As for the momentum thing, I've had a crash during my beta save where I haven't saved for a good 3 months. I was doing real bad at the time, I thought it was my tactics because my team played terribly, unlike in the other save I'm ranting about. Then I just reloaded after the crash without changing anything. At the end of the season there was a 20points difference in favor of the second try. That simply cannot be right. Same players, same tactics and everything. Sorry if you feel otherwise, but it's simply bad to have this game based on momentum, player morale and nothing else. FM was a much better game before all of the player conversation and interaction thing was introduced. And before you call me bad at the game, I've actually won CL on FM17 with Inter in 3 seasons, you can check it out in my Inter thread (shameless advertising). And in the save before that one which got ruined I couldn't manage to do anything with the same tactics and players. Beats me. THIS IS A RANT BECAUSE I'M FRUSTRATED DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANNA HEAR SOME RANTING. TL;DR Game shouldn't be completely momentum based because it's impossible for a team that's on a 4-0-1 start of the season with 1 goal conceded to completely collapse because of one stoppage time goal conceded and completely fall apart within a month resulting in 14 goals conceded over the next 5 games. Class players missing CCC is also a huge issue, but attributes in the game are a complete joke in some cases. Maybe if Higuain, world's biggest choker, has 20 finishing , then I shouldn't expect anything from strikers with 15-16? (inb4 hidden attributes)