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  1. @Rashidi I would like to ask you the opinion on a 4312 tactic.I tried to emulate the Mourinho 2010 4312 tactic and i think i did good but i would like a second opinion
  2. @Hovis Dexter i looked at the thread,i also loooked on other threads and made this tactic but i am not too sure about the attacking line if it should be stanrd or lower also the pressing i should put higher
  3. this is the tactic i think i implemented and i think i kind got it right,not too sure about out of possesion but in rest i think i got it right
  4. I want to do a tactic in fm 20 that simulates the 4312 inter used in the seria a most of the time.I have the roles im mind: goalkeeper,two cd with stopper and cover,cwb attack on the right with the stopper covering him,a wingback defend/support.anchor-man,two b2b or a b2b and a mezzalla on sup.a treq two complete forwards on sup and attack,the attack one in the side of the complete wingback.As of tactics it was narrrow both defensively and on the offense,it had high tempo and more direct passes,it had pass into space,counter and counter press and quickly distrubution.The ling was high and it had tigther marking.I would like some tips please
  5. So,i am at Monaco,i am currently unbeaten after making myself a 4312 tactic,but i fear this tactic might not be enough against the teams in ucl so i came to ask for a good 4312 tactic,a narrow 4312 to be exact focused on the counter attack
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