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  1. Imagine this squad in 18 months time. Will be even better than it is now. It’s coming home, we just have to wait another 18 months.
  2. I’ve never really been an England fan, due to hating a lot of the squad. But this tournament I really got in to it, I like every single one of the players and it’s been a joy. They came second but a huge achievement still. Proud of them all.
  3. Surely it’s players putting their hands up at that stage isn’t it? Asking who wants to take one.
  4. He was ****ed all extra time and yet Southgate kept him on and he didn’t even take a pen. Madness.
  5. Maguire and Saka taking pens before Grealish and Sterling. Shows who’s got the mentality and who hasn’t.
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