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    Serps lives on, in the hearts and minds of all of us.


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  1. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Not bad!
  2. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Our biggest achievement to date.
  3. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Also finished 3rd in my Champions League group of PSG, Napoli and Villarreal. Got in the Europa league and beat Besiktas but then lost to Atletico 6-5 on aggregate in the second round, not a bad run and the board are delighted. Making a profit now too, hopefully can start to build a strong team that can do well in Europe.
  4. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Not a bad headstart heading in to the Champions Group.
  5. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Ended up winning the league in the first season. Now the battle begins trying to control the budget. Selling off some players that are on big wages, Pozuelo and Ingvartsen being the main two, managed to get £10m for the pair of them too.
  6. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    I finished second in the league, just going in to the Championship Group now. Samatta has been great for me too.
  7. Harryseaess

    FM19: KRC Genk

    Anybody playing as them? I'm halfway through the first season and really enjoying it, should be a good challenge to topple Brugge and Anderlecht. Ruben Fransen in the U18's looks a talent.
  8. Start of 4th season transfers and squad, trying to keep sensible with the spending even though I have £85m left in transfer budget (but only £77m in the bank). May splash out in January if the right player comes available.
  9. Third season lucky. As we've discussed previously, Juventus are awful on this FM.
  10. He said he has Origi and should have El Shaarawy too who can definitely do a job up front.
  11. Schick will be fine for half a season.
  12. That money is ridiculous for a 32 year old, sell everyday of the week for me.
  13. Yeah I know he's fickle, I'm mentoring him to hopefully change that. Barak looks good 12 goals and 2 assists in 33 league games, average rating of 7.33.
  14. Gutted and surprised! Who saw Udinese winning Serie A in the 2019/20 season??