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  1. Which supermarkets are doing the free starter packs?
  2. I'm fully expecting to get ****ed over at some point
  3. He's looking decent for me at the moment. Sent him on loan twice, hopefully he continues to perform well in the Championship this year and then I'll try to integrate him in to the first team squad.
  4. I released him on a free at the end of the first season. Offered him mutual termination and he accepted for £0. I've just finished season 2, just checked and he's still without a club .
  5. End of 2021/22 Season Won the league with 90 points. Won the FA Cup, 2-0 vs Arsenal in the Final. Knocked out in the CL Semi Final by Liverpool again (they knocked me out in the QF last year) and lost the League Cup Final to Norwich. Transfers In: Transfers Out: As well as a number of loans, with Jones and Wilshere released from their contracts. Squad Performance: Youth Prospects:
  6. The two English lads from the youth system are the top two scorers in the league. Both played off the wings too.
  7. That's true, however, I somewhat countered that by having the mentality on balanced. I like to keep the mentality at that and then the players perform exactly how set up, rather than the mentality having a direct impact as such.
  8. How is the AM-A doing? I assume you're using Bruno there? I had him in that role to begin with but he didn't perform until I changed him to SS.
  9. Sure. It's mostly just Gegenpress with a couple of changes.
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