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  1. They signed him for £34.5m in the summer and he's played consistently for them so god knows why his value is so low.
  2. Declan Rice. I tried to sign him this summer but he chose City over me, he looks very good and well suited to being a DLP at DM.
  3. This looks a good tactic. I'll have a play around with my United side. Will be playing de Ligt as a Libero in the middle CB role, will also have passing set to standard with everyone except de Ligt on short passing (he'll be on more direct). I'll also be playing with an AML on Inside Forward (with the sit narrower instruction) and a Pressing Forward up top, but further to the right, will see how we get on.
  4. Good end to the season, to complete the treble. And just in case we weren't already good enough: Mbappe is joining for £170m...
  5. Couldn't believe they let me have Hazard for that price. Wanted rid of Sanchez at any cost just to get his wages off the bill, was willing to let him go for £0. Neves was pretty easy to sign, only on £88k a week.
  6. I got a bit giddy with the spending...
  7. Also finished 3rd in my Champions League group of PSG, Napoli and Villarreal. Got in the Europa league and beat Besiktas but then lost to Atletico 6-5 on aggregate in the second round, not a bad run and the board are delighted. Making a profit now too, hopefully can start to build a strong team that can do well in Europe.
  8. Not a bad headstart heading in to the Champions Group.
  9. Ended up winning the league in the first season. Now the battle begins trying to control the budget. Selling off some players that are on big wages, Pozuelo and Ingvartsen being the main two, managed to get £10m for the pair of them too.
  10. I finished second in the league, just going in to the Championship Group now. Samatta has been great for me too.
  11. Anybody playing as them? I'm halfway through the first season and really enjoying it, should be a good challenge to topple Brugge and Anderlecht. Ruben Fransen in the U18's looks a talent.
  12. Yeah I was surprised to see him listed for that price. Lazio signed him for £25m at the start of the 19/20 season but he only played a total of 13 league games over 2 years. Sure.
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