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  1. I'm looking to start this challenge. Couple of questions: Do I manage both the club and the country? Can I sign and play foreign players for the club?
  2. I'd say we had a pretty successful third season... Talk about smash and grab, 1 shot, 1 goal! League went well too, really happy to concede such few goals: Etxaniz is really improving, looks like he'll be a starting CB for me for years to come: And finally, Benat is just incredible, 35 years old and performing incredibly. He has no legs (acceleration 7, pace 4, stamina 7) but he's just ridiculous:
  3. I’m halfway through third season, he hasn’t asked for a new contact yet. If he did I’d just give him one, lock in a high release clause. Losing a couple of years off the contract isn’t the end of the world as by the time he gets near to the expiry date he’ll be quite old.
  4. Second season, first piece of silverware! Safe to say it was a bit of a smash and run victory, but I'll take it!
  5. His legs are pretty much gone for me, 9 acceleration, 7 pace. But he just sits there in that DLP role and sprays passes.
  6. Finished 4th first season, currently 2nd in the second season, 2 points ahead of 3rd with 24 games played. Formation and current best team: Currently retraining Cordoba as a SS, finding having no striker really gets Muniain and Williams involved. Only had one youth intake so far, the best two players, both getting decent play time and hoping they'll be decent players. I'm especially excited about Etxaniz:
  7. How good is Benat for everyone? He's been phenomenal for me .
  8. This guy is incredible, I think I picked him up for compensation (£2.1m) at the start of the game, here he is in January 2024: Anyone else using him?
  9. They have regens at 14 but they can't play until they're 16/17 (depending on if their 17th birthday is before or after 1st Jan of the season you're in).
  10. Thinking about this, don't think I've got any chance of doing this with a German team, only 34 league games rather than 38 in the other top countries and only one domestic cup competition. Still, I'll keep trying!
  11. Oh, I forgot to add probably my best chance at doing this. I signed him for £3.1m when he was 16. Already played 13 games for me.
  12. Only early stages for me and doubt any of these will make it, but the ones with very slight potential to make it are: GK: None DR: None DC: Nicolo Armini - 55 apps DC: None DL: None DM: Sandro Tonali - 118 apps MC: None MC: None AMR: Kai Havertz - 63 apps AML: Thiago Almada - 126 apps ST: Talles Magno - 89 apps
  13. Anybody managing in South America? I'm about to start in Argentina, not sure which club yet but probably one of the big ones.
  14. Ignore my position in the league... But how's this for a title race!
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