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  1. I have one from 15th August, would that be okay?
  2. Barcelona have repeatedly made a non-negotiable offer for one of my players of the same amount. Every time I reject it. This happened 5 times on deadline day alone, surely can't be right.
  3. If you're going to raid Monaco you should try for Fabinho too. He was transfer listed at the end of the first season (I think, may have been end of second season...) and has been brilliant for me both as a midfielder and a right back when needed.
  4. So sweet to have Gribbin lead us to glory in the FA Cup and Champions League.
  5. The most annoying is when AI clubs reject your bid yet accept a bid of a lower amount from another club.
  6. When I make a promise and the player gets injured during the promised time period you'll get a news item near the end of the period saying that because they were injured they will give you more time to fulfill the promise. Sounds like what you're experiencing is a bug.
  7. Dybala is a goal and assist machine though, and younger than Lewa by 5 years. Would have been a much better long term buy, but each to their own.
  8. Going for Lewandoswki over Dybala is an awful decision IMO.
  9. FM 17 - Paulo Dybala

    Dybala and Kane playing upfront together: Dybala as a Complete Forward (support) and Kane as an Advanced Forward (attack).
  10. FM 17 - Paulo Dybala

    I paid £170m + 50% of profit (that's never going to happen). Bloody expensive, the most I've ever spent on a player. But he's phenomenal. Just under a goal a game and has about 20 assists as well. I'll post a screenshot at the end of the season.
  11. Sounds like your game is pretty realistic.
  12. Looking for a Center Back

    I find Rugani quite easy to get for around £25m. Romagnoli is the hardest for me, Milan seem to want about £60m every time I go in for him.