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  1. Third season lucky. As we've discussed previously, Juventus are awful on this FM.
  2. He said he has Origi and should have El Shaarawy too who can definitely do a job up front.
  3. Schick will be fine for half a season.
  4. That money is ridiculous for a 32 year old, sell everyday of the week for me.
  5. Yeah I know he's fickle, I'm mentoring him to hopefully change that. Barak looks good 12 goals and 2 assists in 33 league games, average rating of 7.33.
  6. Gutted and surprised! Who saw Udinese winning Serie A in the 2019/20 season??
  7. Not a bad start to his career. Made his debut v Juventus and then a week later bagged his first ever goal against Atalanta.
  8. This absolute beauty has just arrived on regen day... The coach report already says that he's well suited to Serie A football. Time to build my team around him.
  9. Absolutely gutted! He was having a brilliant season.
  10. I signed Luis Alberto for what I thought was a bargain £35m from Lazio, he did great for them last season, however, I've not been able to get him to perform. Currently playing him in the AMC spot as an AP(S) (his preferred position). Any tips? His stats look phenomenal.
  11. Let's hope so! Gegenpress 4-2-3-1, with a few roles changes and instruction changes from what's provided in the pre-select.
  12. I gave Higuain a run at the start and he was awful, gave Cutrone a run and he was even worse. Signed Belotti in January, he's done a bit better but still not amazing. Got Andre Silva back this season so giving him a run, so far has 1 in 3.
  13. I've struggled with strikers scoring on FM19, they don't seem to get anywhere near as many as previous versions.