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  1. This post is so worrying. Do your own research and decide. There's no problem with asking for advice once you've done some reading and come up with a few ideas yourself, but getting people on the internet to pick what you should invest in is not a good idea IMO. Only invest in things you understand.
  2. I wish I was one of the lucky ones!! About 7pm I started feeling really cold and aching. Was freezing and shaking but my head was on fire. Big headache. Was truly awful. Still got a bit of a headache this morning but everything else has gone. So much for drinking...
  3. Had my jab at 8:30, no side effects yet, not even an aching arm. Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones when it comes to the side effects.
  4. Can't believe you've ripped yourself before I even had chance!
  5. The shakes were probably due to your age, not the vaccine...
  6. "The charity advises people to consider not drinking for two days before and up to two weeks after being vaccinated." Two weeks after
  7. Doesn't say anywhere that I can't drink.
  8. FFS really? Let me check the piece of paper they gave me that I put straight in my pocket!
  9. I'm on a zoom call with my family at 19:30 and will be getting pretty drunk no doubt, so hopefully that masks any pain tonight .
  10. That's my first dose done, had AstraZeneca. The way the vaccine centre works is brilliant, so efficient and quick. An absolute credit to everyone working there.
  11. Nothing in it . Same as that little mug thing and the glass vase thing on the bottom shelf, nothing in them. I leave the decorating to her .
  12. . Told the Mrs she can only put stuff up there that is decorative, I mostly put that shelf up to hide the extractor fan a bit .
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