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  1. Apologies if I've missed this one but are nations youth intake dates now staggered? I've just reached the 9th March in my first season but Lyon are the only French team to receive a youth intake so far and from Germany, only Bayer Leverkusen and Dortmund have. I have both leagues loaded in full so just wondering if I should expect all the other clubs to have their intakes soon as per previous editions?
  2. This is a really interesting read For me, this is what the game is all about; looking to create intricate structures so as to manipulate the opposition and score all types of different goals. Who are you playing as out of interest? Also, are you finding these sorts of attacking patterns as easy to implement in a top side as a smaller side? (re difference in quality of opposition vs quality of your own players etc)
  3. No that wasn’t me! I have a save game from the release day patch and it is fine - I’m 2 seasons in and no sniff of a takeover at Ajax, however a new trial game started on the latest patch released in Feb has Ajax taken over by a French consortium within 4 weeks of game start date (July).
  4. @Reddiablo / others - anyone had any experience with this issue?
  5. @Reddiablo on the latest update, Ajax always get taken over by a consortium again. This had appeared to be fixed on release of FM20, but somehow has now made it back into the game with the release of 20.3 - any ideas on this?
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