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  1. I have to say I’ve found the same. Only in Feb ‘21 after starting a new game on the latest patch but in the Jan transfer window: Ajax signed 6 players - none of them Dutch Feyenoord signed 4 - none of them Dutch Utrecht signed 3 - none of them Dutch Definitely weren’t seeing those sorts of numbers Pre-21.4 patch.
  2. Hi @Andrew James, I've tried uploading my save game file to the SI cloud service but it isn't loading for me - is it down? I'm still having issues with this. Can you please take a look at it and let me know as it's really frustrating having that hang every time?
  3. Has there been any changes to the youth intake dates on the latest patch for FM21? Pre update I'd had 2 different countries intakes by 1st Feb '21 (all south American nations), however on a game started post the update, I've not had a single youth intake for any country by this point. I am using the vanilla DB and have the same leagues loaded etc.
  4. Not sure where the best place to post this is but I've got a really strange issue since the latest update. Game is still running super quick as before, right up until you enter the match day screens and then it has a huge lag. When I go to make pre-match tactical changes, opposition instructions etc there is now a lag on everything - this wasn't an issue pre 21.3 patch. I've tested it on both older saves, started before 21.3 and new saves started since the update and strangely the issue is there only on the new save. Older saves run as they always have, but the newer saves suddenly
  5. Thanks alot! I'm currently in March, have not spent a penny yet and am well within my wage budget and yet we are already £150k in debt. Is this normal for the Danish lower leagues? Will I be ok once we get promoted?
  6. I'm currently on course to get promoted first season with Fremad Amager. For the Superliga it says that each 25 man squad must have 4 players trained at the club, however I currently only have 1. Does this mean that next season I will only be able to register a 22 man squad total due to the 3 missing slots for homegrown players not being filled? First time managing in Denmark so a little unsure how it works. Thanks guys! @MS
  7. I’m managing in the Danish second tier and we’re currently in Feb ‘21 and yet already £100k in the red - should I be worried? I’m not spending over my wage budget but the club is just losing money every month. Is this just to be expected playing at that level?
  8. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any issues with player partnerships not forming? I’m currently in March of season 1. My RB and RW have started 23 games together, hardly been substituted and yet no partnership has formed. My 2 CB’s likewise have started 21 games together and yet no partnership either. I swear it happened quicker than this on past FM’s?
  9. Hi @Reddiablo, do you know if the Ajax staff has been fixed for the Feb/March update? I remember a few years ago a similar issue being there at release but by the final major patch it had been fixed, so just wondering if that was the case this year or not. Thanks
  10. @Andrew James any idea on this? It’s really frustrating now as it’s slowed the game right down for me.
  11. Hi Andrew, hope you’re well! Strangely, this issue has resurfaced out of the blue for me in the last few days. Nothing has changed my end, still playing the same career on the same laptop (only in Jan of season one so no youth intake or anything yet). However now whenever I try to navigate around the youth squads there is a noticeable hang of a few seconds that hadn’t been there for a month or so?
  12. Can anyone help on the above please? @ivanow42 @damian2112 @Hanga @MS
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