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  1. Is there any way to modify the zoom in/out options in preferences? Currently the only options I have are zoom in 85 or 95% or zoom out 110% and neither of them suit me perfectly?
  2. Has there been any changes to the youth intake dates on the latest patch for FM21? Pre update I'd had 2 different countries intakes by 1st Feb '21 (all south American nations), however on a game started post the update, I've not had a single youth intake for any country by this point. I am using the vanilla DB and have the same leagues loaded etc.
  3. I’m managing in the Danish second tier and we’re currently in Feb ‘21 and yet already £100k in the red - should I be worried? I’m not spending over my wage budget but the club is just losing money every month. Is this just to be expected playing at that level?
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced any issues with player partnerships not forming? I’m currently in March of season 1. My RB and RW have started 23 games together, hardly been substituted and yet no partnership has formed. My 2 CB’s likewise have started 21 games together and yet no partnership either. I swear it happened quicker than this on past FM’s?
  5. Great post I'm only 3 games into the season atm but won all 3 and starting to play some decent football. on FM20 I played as Cambuur and got them promoted and then to a 9th place finish so I'm hoping for a similar sort of journey this year with NEC. Joep van der Sluijs has been a nice surprise for me so far - only early days but I think I got a bit lucky with him stat wise as he's been performing above expectations.
  6. Sounds good! Who were your standout players from the original squad? Also, what signings did you make in prep for the Eredivisie?
  7. How are you getting on in prep for the 2nd season? I’m debating starting a game with NEC atm.
  8. This is a known issue with the screen hanging on the development centre. There is a thread on this and if you can load your save game it will help!
  9. @Reddiablo How will the situation at Utrecht be setup for release? Looks like Hake will be in charge until atleast the winter break with the option for him to win the job there. Will he be placed as interim coach for release or given a short term contract?
  10. I know, I’m not having a go at you as you do a great job! It’s just frustrating as it makes the game unplayable in terms of realism for me.
  11. Unfortunately I have holidayed and after only 3 months Ajax are taken over by a Frenchman and Icelandic consortium. Why does this continue to happen version after version? It is a game breaker and one that has been flagged up by many of us for years now.
  12. Apologies if I've missed this one but are nations youth intake dates now staggered? I've just reached the 9th March in my first season but Lyon are the only French team to receive a youth intake so far and from Germany, only Bayer Leverkusen and Dortmund have. I have both leagues loaded in full so just wondering if I should expect all the other clubs to have their intakes soon as per previous editions?
  13. This is a really interesting read For me, this is what the game is all about; looking to create intricate structures so as to manipulate the opposition and score all types of different goals. Who are you playing as out of interest? Also, are you finding these sorts of attacking patterns as easy to implement in a top side as a smaller side? (re difference in quality of opposition vs quality of your own players etc)
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