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  1. Apologies i was wrong, it was the rule change where you can play first team football at 16 now. Which has been implemented in the game. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/new-minimum-age-for-players-of-the-future-youssoufa-moukoko-10723 But i think the problem is his current youth contract expires in 2022 which the game has quite rightly implemented & I'm sure he has signed a pre professional contract I'm presuming. Which he will sign on his 17th birthday more likely than not. Here's the problem no one knows when that deal will expire! As of yet.
  2. I'm not sure how easy it will be to do but I'm sure you would need to change the rules that allow you to sign a professional contract from your 16th birthday now instead of your 17th in Germany. The rule was recently introduced because of yours truly Youssoufa Moukoko.
  3. I'm not so sure on the tax brackets in Spain but I am pretty confident that there is a bug in my game
  4. I'm not so sure on the tax brackets in Spain but I am pretty confident there is a bug in my game
  5. Hi Jack, I fully get what you’re saying but if a player doesn’t know how to play there naturally even if his stats/ability suggest he is better suited in a role and position. There isn’t much choice in knowing or letting me know if ultimately the player doesn’t feel comfortable/know how to naturally play that role & position no?
  6. I’ve noticed that aswell a player’s best position and role a lot of the time is a position that is not natural to them!
  7. From conference all the way to the prem and you never got greater sponsorship deals? Wow! Maybe that’s a bug pal?
  8. You and me both, hoping so too so I can crack on with a long term save
  9. Possibly might not have to continue now as the Chinese market looks like it’s coming to a close in regards to bringing in foreign talent...
  10. Ok not too long then, thanks for the reply!
  11. What month does the January update typically come out, Feb or March?
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