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  1. On FMs of old you got to choose what info you wanted to be told. For example, I don’t want to be told especially early on in the season every time I shift in league positions and also the scores of other teams during my game! Is there anyway to choose my preferences on FM21? As I’ve been looking for it all day to no success!
  2. Apologies for the late reply been super busy! I use logo and face packs if that's what you mean? Will that have an affect on stats not being recorded properly?
  3. I meant for other teams mostly, this is FM20 you could always see who was captain by the (C) icon, can't seem to find it in FM21.
  4. @Neil Brock Was wondering if you knew the answer to this?
  5. oh okay, yeah you're right my AM does play random u18s who i wouldn't want anywhere near the first team, I just never knew you could pick the players for friendly when I assign them to take control of friendly games. I'll give it a try though! Thanks again.
  6. Okay thanks for the advice it obviously isn’t your fault and all you’re doing is trying to help with I appreciate massively trust me. The only thing is it seems like a stop gap, and I’ll have to remember to do things to avoid stuff like this instead of them being automatic If you get what I mean
  7. Ok thanks for the reply I thought you could help potentially, never knew it wasn’t your role per say. Is there anyone you can pass me over to help things like club players still playing for me in friendlies while on international duty though?
  8. @CJ Ramson @FrazT I have logged so many bugs to no reply and no help! The latest one is players playing in a club friendly while away on international duty. which is a gamebreaker for me also my analysis is all broken analysis not corresponding with what the stats say they have done! Can i expect help or am i going to have to wait for FM22 to hopefully fix this??
  9. Might be abit of a silly question, but i cant seem to see who is captain on a particular match day. When i go on a teams match player ratings there used to be a little (c) icon next to their name now I cant seem to see it anymore. Anyone know how to help?
  10. Martin Odegaard got an assist for me that is not being recognised in the analysis nor is 1 other of his key passses
  11. my save has players winning more key headers in games than headers even attempted, Any way you can help?
  12. @Dan Ormsby @Pete Sottrel how doesn’t Kevin de Bruyne have tries killer balls often as a trait?
  13. Agree with a few things you’ve said about Partey and ESR. Would say Partey does try to play his way out of trouble and trust ESR does move into channels. Wouldn’t say Partey tries long passes though I think to clarify it as a trait it has to be something they do often. Also wouldn’t say ESR plays short passes often I think his just got good decision making on when to pass short and when not too but I do get what you mean on that one but I wouldn’t say that is a traitor his. You wouldn’t say ESR is an athlete?! The boy can move he is deceivingly quick. A Pires type acceleration is brilliant. I do get what you mean by cuts inside from both wings but I think he can go both ways as shown against Tottenham when he beat Højberg a couple of times on the outside. Would say he gets into pockets and between the lines of fullback and centre backs often which is why I said moves into channels is a trait of his.
  14. Always bugged me but was wondering why doesn’t KDB have tries killer balls often as a trait?!
  15. Thank for the reply @Neil Brock the difference between QME and FME is another problem in itself but a problem I’m not really talking about in all honesty. What I am talking about is, what the game even classes as a dribble made not corresponding with what happens in a game. I mentioned it in my previous post I’ve actually seen my winger literally face up an opponent and if the game which it clearly doesn’t at class this as a nearby opponent then the game is broken in that aspect clearly. This goes beyond my opinion of what a nearby opponent is but pure pure logic/realism. I’ll be lucky if the game picks up on it more than once even if that in a game.
  16. I disagree with the bit that the game isn’t broken. I’ve seen my winger countless times face up an opponent more than enough in my opinion to say that is a nearby opponent, and successfully dribble past them 3,4 times in a game. To then at the end of them game I’ll be lucky if 1 of them is picked up and recorded as a dribble made past an opponent. To say that is not a game that is broken in that aspect is bonkers!
  17. @Neil Brock @FrazT @Luke Hume @HUNT3R Any clarity would be greatly appreciated!
  18. 1. I would have thought it would have been the same as in real life as you get better by what you produce. 2. Clearly not as Dribbles made per game has not been fixed which is the headline of the post. I'm not or haven't spoken about key passes or key tackles in this post at all, Dribbles are not being recorded properly. 3. Yeah an opinion to an extent but a fact in there is proof the dribbles being recorded is broken from FM20 and previous versions, and also Real life to FM21.
  19. @zindrinho Because it is bigger than if all the players have low numbers it is fine. 1. It will affect players growth especially dribbling stat as it is not being recorded that they are doing it in a match often so in turn will have an affect on attributes. 2. Stats are not being recorded properly which is annoying since I've spent money on a broken game that has been reported countless times to no response or improvement as they have brought out patch after patch but have not managed to fix the dribbles made being recorded accurately. 3. I want to play a game that is as realistic as possible which i have been used to FM20 and previous versions didn't have these kind of bugs stats were perfect analysis was perfect imo.
  20. @francis#17 I provided screenshots of what FM20 was like as obviously you said you didn't own it, I think it is much more realistic to real life even after @vara has provided info on what FM21 actually records as a dribble. Let me know you opinion on that also yeah I agree and had done similar to you in putting leagues I care about to FME just so I can compare leagues to my own and that the numbers ain't to different which did annoy me, would greatly recommend to others too!
  21. @vara Thanks for the information and your opinion greatly appreciated and respected. This is my FM20 save, which i think is inline with real life the stats prove this. Even if we were all to watch a game for example, prolific dribblers mostly your Zahas your Saint Maxims, Grealish and Adam Traores you can honestly say they dribble past a nearby opponent more than once or twice a game we all know this! I've tried to get up the definition of dribbles made per game on FM20 to no success maybe the definition for stats recorded being labelled is newly introduced for FM21. So i get there may be a tweak in that but even so the the definition for what you highlighted of 'Any run with the ball in possession that takes a player past a nearby opponent' the numbers should be greater than your 1s or 2s per game. The last screenshot provided is the completion of the 19/20 season for people who played over 500 mins.
  22. Wowed by your players key passes compared to everyone else too lol
  23. Thank you much much appreciated! Really gamebreaking for me numbers are too too low. Will just wait for 2022 to come out and hopefully will be fixed or might go back to 20 for the meantime.
  24. Can people let me know preferably anyone near the end or at the end of their season, the most dribbles per game is in their league please. A stat I love especially when looking to recruit wingers per say but I’m sure mine is broken. Would be greatly appreciated!
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