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  1. So nervous, as a London Irish i want England (sorry Mr.brenford Daz), but this squad has made me proud of this country for the first time ever. For being English I hope the gods are on our side because this is a country that needs it and a country that would be deserved. The way England has come together over the past few weeks has made me say I'm proud to be English and not ranting about Irish for the first time in my life. I love it, and sincerely want an England win because it is there time to enjoy life
  2. I've woken up with a hangover, weird old day this is, nervous for a team I don't generally support but I think as has been said, this England team seems to represent the England that I grew up in more than any of those in the past, representing the cities and the multicultural society of England more so than any before. I know it has it's detractors but I do sincerely hope England win, I've seen more people than ever following them, from every background, its been quite nice that it's been two fingers up to the usual lot from this team and showing the real England. Whatever happens today I think Gareth and the squad should take massive pride in what they've done to a country as a whole. A proper bringing together this has been, hopefully, history will show it as victory as well.
  3. I'm always super skeptical about any articles relating to fans and violence, if it's happened than that isn't great but the chances of this being slightly embelished and largely over the top are quite high.
  4. I said before he was going to go because he is a positive influence to have around.
  5. I'm sure my aunty would be my uncle if she had a dick but hey-ho.
  6. Well it's a world leading producer of salt so that does make sense.
  7. Strange as those three, and as much as myself, were born in England, thus.....
  8. That he didnt try to parry it but actually went for the catch is the reason it popped back out. Unreal on the night but that was a bad decision.
  9. Not sure, but I've still never got over Wolves losing the FA Cup semi-final.
  10. Oh my gerd that ball 20ft away from the Danes must have really confused them.
  11. That was a bigger disappearing act than my bowels over the past 2 hours.
  12. Literally this. . My brother lives in the Midlands, going to watch it with him, am I hell getting back to Essex on time for work on Monday.
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