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  1. The Scots round London have been great craic, good on you lads.
  2. Off the club to watch this. Ireland arent here so England it is... I think itll be professional win for England but hopefully the Czechs nick it for the Scots so they can beat Croatia and go through. Think the England of old is gone that would approach this with petulance and arrogance, Scotland are an extremely good team and England will be focused on seeing the job through.
  3. For sure, ironically one of those times having Southgate at the helm will pay off for England, as he knows what the standard required will be. Think England will be as drilled and focused as they were against Croatia which by all accounts was a perfect performance, totally marshalled the game. Not to be against Scotland that said, just it won't be that England of old with a forgone feeling of 'we can walk over these', I think it'll be mentally drilled that focus is required for the full match. Future looks bright for Scotland, frankly against the Czechs it was bad luck, a wondergoal and a
  4. Nothing is ever a forgone conclusion, albeit I think it's that mentality that can see an England win as all of them will have to be on their game, because Scotland sure will be.
  5. Semedo looking good though, what it could have been like if Nuno took the brakes off.
  6. I'd think in years gone by England would see this as forgone conclusion, bit of arsehole arrogance, but Scotland were very unlucky yesterday so I can see England taking the challenge seriously.
  7. But he does have a hall of fame of consistently missed sitters.
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