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  1. One of the most unique ideas I've saw, brilliant work.
  2. Sorry to hear @Paddersbeen the gem of the thread is the length you've gone to on this.
  3. With English lower league saves, is the 'lowest' simply the level I choose to load down to?
  4. Looking for a bit of clarification on rules as with a new computer en route and a pending lockdown I'll be aiming to get stuck into something new. How does the divisional start work, for example, my club of choice would be Barking, would I load the tier above them and then repeat till they gain the necessary promotion to be eligible? Also I see a few nicknames, I am to assume this was fixed?
  5. It's a bug, I am in Malaysia and all my poached players are West German.
  6. I think a normal save without cavaets is just so hard to get into. With a youth only you get a bit more attachment to the players and can't simply buy the success. If I do a transfers save then I usually have some rather lengthy rules in place to make it difficulty, the last save I did on FM20 was Birmingham City with only being able to sign players from the seven West Midland boroughs, as an example.
  7. The thing about youth saves, least in my eyes, is because you generally have the same players for years then the chemistry element plays a huge factor in the teams being able to progress regardless of attributes, especially in the most recent FMs were I believe more emphasis has come from harmony, morale, understanding of the tactic (we can see in pre-match with players in this current version), but also that with the option to facilitate boards into expections that suit the squad (e.g. for 10 years I had my expectation to be to bravely fight against relegation, despite being what would be des
  8. Good reads so far gents, as an aside, has the issue with nicknames been fixed?
  9. Dafuge and Gundo in one thread, I feel like I've entered the vortex. Good luck bud.
  10. The additional of the Romanian Third League makes it's hard for me this year. Favourite club is not available, so really struggling to find something else to sink my teeth into.
  11. Anyone able to confirm if clubs coming up is still based on reputation?
  12. One of the best reads in years this has been @Jimbokav1971. Solid work, look forward to next year.
  13. Narrrt West. Good luck, will read, always fun for a few strange nationalities is the capital.
  14. I'm 22 seasons into a save in Romania and Steaua have barely made a dent at all, coming up to Liga I once before. Ironically, Czikszereda were an absolute powerhouse.
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