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  1. sc91

    England V Tunisia 1900 BST BBC1

    Fantastic post @samba23. The overall issue as mentioned though, I believe that the 'forward' that links the attack is key. Not to intentionally bring club football into it but as a supporter of a side that has employed a much similar tactic to great success over the previous season, I believe it has some relevance. The major success is the ability of the 'front 3' to drop into the midfield to commit runners and open up space on the flanks. The two wingbacks are key to exploiting and unlocking a defense. It's a large reason with the tactic to not actually didn't run with what is a stereotypical 'out and out striker' but more an individual that is comfortable in dropping into the midfield to provide the option and create the space for the playmaker to essentially do his work and maintain play. Arguably though a huge part of it, is having players comfortable with the ball. With ourselves we moved a midfielder back into one of the back three to have the vision to pass out, retain possession and keep the move flowing and then alongside the main playmaker we also had another individual who himself, was extremely comfortable with the ball and also able to pick out passes with ease (arguably playing as CB for Morocco currently, doing the same role). Big question is, who among the England ranks is able to do so. Do England have players that are comfortable filling such roles? I'd have arguably taken Shelvey simply because of his ability to pass and cycle the ball, especially if we are employing this tactic. However, last night, against opposition that we more than happy to sit, you often do not see the best of the tactic. Against opponents who will set out to play against you, your bigger teams say, the tactic I believe will be far more effective as a solid midfield/defense will then enable a quick spring to turn defense into attack and counter with ease. Often the matches where we won emphatically in the season past were when teams actually didn't stick ten men behind the ball but had a go and attacked.
  2. sc91

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Glad to see you on here Unai, already a more modern approach than Arsenal fans have been used to under Wenger.
  3. sc91

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    If anything Germany were missing a certain City player.
  4. sc91

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Yeah only beat the holders and arguably the biggest victory in their history. How dare they.
  5. sc91

    Germany Vs Mexico 1600 BST BBC1

    Ozil putting in an Arsenal performance there, epitome of useless.
  6. sc91

    Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00 BST ITV

    Eh? He’s seemed pretty decent to me.
  7. sc91

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Indeed, but nope, all the fault of the guy who banged in a hattrick and set up two glorious chances whilst breaking up play and generally dragging a poor Portugal side to a draw with Spain.
  8. sc91

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    Never knew body language had such a dextrimental effect on the outcome of the match. Also words to a teammate, fearsome stuff.
  9. sc91

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    De Gea to Karius ’Hold my beer’
  10. Spain doing a France.
  11. In Benidorm for the Panama game, might be a decent event.