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  1. My most local club. Barking FC.
  2. Accidently ticked the 'do not ask me again' box when sending players on loan to an affiliate, now I can only send them for a month and have no option to adjust for a year? How do I fix it?
  3. Hey, chicken shop, Turkish barbers, corner shop, pub and decent links to work and the area is nice.
  4. The nicer areas of Brent, but then again, my opinion of nice and not so no nice is varied to many others hah. I find Tottenham pretty nice for example .
  5. England is a bit weird in that because of the lack of space, especially in the south-east, you'll essentially have a low income council estate right next to a million pound penthouse block. It's one of the complaints with the country is the lack of affordable housing, but hey, that's another cookie.
  6. Best of luck with the thread, great idea. North West is a weird old place, great places of affluence and then some utter lunatic poverty in a 'so called' developed country. Got a few friends from the area, great bunch, large Irish community. Saying that, Kingsbury is one of the real nice areas, but also a good example, some run down tower blocks and then some wildlife reserves huge houses.
  7. The area purposingly surrounding the stadium is actually going under huge development currently, vast gentrification. The picture of the area is like many London boroughs though, vast poverty intermingled within some areas of utter affluence. There are some of the roughest areas in the country contained in Brent, famously, Stonebridge. People do have the nice images of England but generally the areas surrounding many stadiums are some of the poorest in the country. Take for example, White Hart Lane and it's surrounding area.
  8. When’s the Scottish highlights? Oh ****, about 20 years old.
  9. Can’t evpect the jocks to understand much, thick bunch.
  10. Pipe down, Buzz Killington. Uh-hah-har.
  11. You’re so edgy. It’s so cool.
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