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  1. Gratz. Find it funny all these years later that Forest Green still can't get out of the Conference .
  2. You can choose nationality 'Pays Basque' no?
  3. I've had to reinstall my copy of FM17 a few times recently, fired up my co-existing save (where German National Team worked) and it appears to have reverted back to not working? Is there a fix for this? I've deleted the fake files and yet to have a national call up?
  4. Glad to see you back at it, good work.
  5. Wouldn't even consider it, it was like walking into a hairdryer, all the more reason to swim in the sea all day.
  6. Lovely place is Aruba, totally flat and humid as **** though, but still, bloody lovely.
  7. Happy days!
  8. Do Kosovan clubs qualify for these competitions after the first season?
  9. Good idea I did something similar before but added well over 200 feeder clubs so I'd have youth from a vast quantity of Caribbean nations produced at the club. Quite fun. Issue with Montserrat is that players will get English citizenship (as per real life) and generally never declare for the nation.
  10. That being said, the names are distinctly Italians and English mix so I'm guessing it's lost in the code somewhere to have them of dual nationality.
  11. I'm surprised that you've not had more dual nationality Italians and English come through considering the influence both have had (and still do) on the country.
  12. I see, seems to be doing wonders over there, fantastic island that it is.
  13. Be interested in what tactical setup you've got going?
  14. Congratulations on the promotion. Cracking country is Malta and one hell of a challenge, had to laugh at a Norwegian coming through the ranks though.
  15. Portuguese decent make up 88,000 of the current Luxembourg population, the second biggest group after that is Bosnian (see Miralem Pjanic for example) and iirc around 37% of the population are of immigrant decent.