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  1. A few obvious questions but would these players have dual nationality with England and would this lead them to rejecting a call up to the national side?
  2. Postcodes. N, NW, W, WC, SW, E, EC, SE Anything else becomes the suburbs.
  3. I know Clacton is exotic, but this is something else. Brilliant.
  4. That he never got a cap for France or Algeria is a surprise.
  5. The one down White Hart Lane was my regular haunt when I was younger, nostalgia perhaps ya know. Chicken Cottage though, now we are talking, I went through a phase years ago where I’d just solely live on the peri peri strips and salad, that **** was hot and solid. Think Sanas might be a Kingsbury exclusive. Dixys went downhill when I was served a raw burger, even though the stacker meal (hash brown, cheese and hot fillet? Game changer) was on point. The classic of TFC (Tottenham Fried Chicken ofc) was the one, 2 hot wings and fries for 99p, never went hungry.
  6. I'd welcome one Barking way, there's a Dixy's but every other chicken shop ain't up to it, and the further you go out, they just become fish n chips with a bit of chicken on the side, you know their chicken game isn't on point if it ain't the focus. Anyways, less detracting, good luck.
  7. You know, one of my biggest surprises was going to Birmingham and seeing a Sams, it through me a bit.
  8. Accidently ticked the 'do not ask me again' box when sending players on loan to an affiliate, now I can only send them for a month and have no option to adjust for a year? How do I fix it?
  9. Hey, chicken shop, Turkish barbers, corner shop, pub and decent links to work and the area is nice.
  10. The nicer areas of Brent, but then again, my opinion of nice and not so no nice is varied to many others hah. I find Tottenham pretty nice for example .
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