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  1. Next stop, world domination!
  2. [FM14] Undrið FF, the Faroese Wonder

    Epic, one of the most enjoyable reads this was, glad to see it back.
  3. Who are they? Exactly

    This is one my annoyances about this version, complaining about first team football when they've been out with an injury. Frustrating. Nevertheless, keep it up bud.
  4. Who are they? Exactly

    Of course, views are your check for these sorts of things bud.
  5. [FM17] West Bromwich? I'll be 'em.

    . I'm a Wolves fan, I have a natural dislike for anything Albion, as such, I begrudingly wish you *some* luck with this.
  6. [FM17] West Bromwich? I'll be 'em.

    In fact your famous baggies are basically Frank Skinner and Adrian Chiles.
  7. [FM17] West Bromwich? I'll be 'em.

    Robert Plant is a Wolves fan.
  8. Silly question, club appearances counts as for all of League, Domestic and Continental appearances, yes?
  9. The names are brilliant. Dinamo Bender used to make the young me laugh.
  10. Nelson goes to Norway does have a ring to it. Like a Christmas special.
  11. Given the price of beer in zloty over in Poland, might not be a wise choice for Gazza.
  12. Gratz. Find it funny all these years later that Forest Green still can't get out of the Conference .
  13. You can choose nationality 'Pays Basque' no?
  14. I've had to reinstall my copy of FM17 a few times recently, fired up my co-existing save (where German National Team worked) and it appears to have reverted back to not working? Is there a fix for this? I've deleted the fake files and yet to have a national call up?