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  1. [FM18] The Perfectionist III - A sucker for pain

    Iirc they can't qualify for a World cup as they're considered part of France, much in the same vein as Guadelope, Reunion, Mayotte etc
  2. Good story, I like a game where there is an attachment.
  3. Bet David May was insanely brilliant off that logic.

    It was fixed? Legitimately they (and any other Liechtenstein club) should be allowed in the CL should they win the EL, as it has no baring on their own inability to form a league. Good luck.
  5. Whats your great ever FM Save?

    My current FM17 save with Las Palmas, where I am in pursuit of Real Madrid CL record, currently, I've got 4 of the buggers.
  6. Yeah thinking of dropping down from Tottenham before Christmas as a mutual meeting point from a friend who lives far south. Anythinh above £5 is a blessing in London, my local is still at £3.50, heaven.
  7. What's the pricing like? Keep meaning to go to East Dulwich to grab a game there.
  8. Great club, keep meaning to go down one of these weekends as it isn’t that far away (as tends to be the case in London). Great start.
  9. Brilliant, absolutely fantastic read Makoto, highs and lows have made this thread. Long may the highs continue.
  10. Island teams

    Tenerife C.F & U.D Lanzarote - Canary Islands. (Las Palmas has been mentioned).
  11. Next stop, world domination!