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  1. Users like you probably have no clue what it means to put in so much effort into making such a megapack, and then also check there's no issues with it afterwards, by simulating a few in-game seasons. I'd close this topic too, but to prevent people like you and a few others who can't wait for a few bloody weeks and have absolutely no respect for someone else's time and effort from posting in here. Well done.
  2. Landon Donovan. Played like 20 season in the Bundesliga on FM2007 with various teams (Werder, Hertha and Bayern) and he always scored against me, playing for Schalke. Wanted to buy the little s**t just so that he couldn't score anymore. I don't think I've won away to Schalke more than 3 or 4 times in 20+ seasons in that game. One place I don't think I've ever won in my CM/FM career is at the Camp Nou, no matter how good of a team I had.
  3. That was a pretty isolated case back then, now you have Real Hispalis and San Sebastian and God knows what other stupid names for clubs. I honestly didn't give a crap about that until now, as with the real names fix it was like 3 minutes away from getting the right names and the German, Japan and Netherlands national teams to be playable. But having Zebre vs whatever stupid random Spanish name in the QF of the Euro Cup just takes the realism out of the game for me. Are they going to go after someone like claassen, who keeps making the league activation megapack aswell? Activating the Japanese league and such.
  4. It's the reason I'm not enjoying Serie A saves as much as I did, I mean, Inter are the club I support IRL and always have a go with them, but when it will happen IRL, it's going to be a big task and it's going to be one hell of a team that finally stops Juve's streak, whereas in FM, there's hardly any sense of achievement in doing it, because they just implode 2-3 seasons into the game. Just checked in FM18 and they never got past the 90 pts mark in 6 in-game seasons, whilst I won the league twice with the lowest points tally ever since it went to being a 20-team league, 82 and 83 pts. Juventus finished on 78 and 76. Something is massively flawed in Juventus and it's been this way in the last three editions. Their transfers have been pretty much spot on IRL for a couple of years, probably some of the best amongst the top clubs in Europa, but that simply doesn't reflect in-game.
  5. Got the game yesterday and started my traditional Inter career that I do every year, went through pre-season and played the first game of the season.Still can't believe there's no way to defend against long ball over the defence, and how Hallfredson hit inch-perfect passes every time, that would make even Scholes or Hagi jealous. Corners seem OP as hell and the lone striker is useless. In terms of tactics, went with a 4-2-3-1, pretty much what Spaletti uses IRL and made no transfers during the first transfer window. Juventus sold Rugani and replaced him with Victor Ruiz , and also signed Mercado. Oh, and Allegri went to Real and was replaced by Conte. Will keep updating as I progress trough the game.
  6. I used my old computer for work, which is basically Gmail (and the GoogleApps it comes with), Microsoft Office and Abode Reader, and to play FM. It was from 2010, had an integrated graphic card and 4GB of RAM and had a pretty decent capability to run FM (didn`t use 3D graphics), I could run the top 2 divisions from the top 6-7 leagues. I bought a laptop this year for the same purposes, work and FM, and I probably will use it for at least 5-6 years. The day FM will become so demanding that I`d need a top of the range laptop/PC and have to upgrade it every 2 years, I`ll just stop buying the game. And my guess is there`s plenty of people like me.
  7. I always played using the default skins, either Dark or just the normal version, mainly because it didn`t kill my eyes when looking at screens. Guess I`ll have to use a custom skin for FM19. That purple....
  8. Or, as we Inter fans call it, the "Candreva" mode. Wondering if the set piece creator has suffered some much needed changes.
  9. As someone who plays as national team manager a lot, I totally agree with the suggestions from the OP and I`d also like to add two more: - tactical familiarity to work different than club level familiarity, of course you`re not going to play 50 games a year as a national team. I`ve never seen tactical familiarity reach max, most I got was close to 65%, and that was after a World Cup in which I played the final, that`s 9 games in 5 weeks (including the pre-tournament friendlies). Don`t tell me that my club midfield pairing that have played 200 games together in the last 5 years suddenly become unfamiliar with each other just because they play in a different jersey. - I know it would add very little to the gameplay, but I`ve always wanted to have the ability to select different venues for different games, I know IRL national team managers get to do that. I now play as Romania, and whilst I agree to play the important matches at the National Arena in Bucharest, I`d also like to play a pointless qualifier against Andorra in Craiova and then the friendly against Iran in Cluj. Maybe have a list of various stadiums the national team uses, I know they`re set in the editor, but the pick seems random, and get to choose from there. Same applies for new stadiums, the national team seems to use the same outdated stadiums to play at. - I find it odd to not have my contract revenewed and just have it roll along until I get sacked or I resign.
  10. The whole interaction (media and player) needs a revamp imo, it`s boring, repetitive and sometimes utterly ridiculous. Whilst I do like it being in the game, as it does add more immersion to the whole manager role, I find it annoying so many times, that I would like a big "off" button for it. Currently playing in Romania and the top division has a similar format to the Scottish Premier League, 14 teams, they play each other twice, then the league gets split into two, top 6 teams enter the Champions Playoff, bottom 8 enter the Relegation Group, points are halved and again they play each other twice. 2nd season after my promotion (2020-2021) I enter the Champions Playoff after finishing 5th at the end of the season. 4 games remaining and we`re 3rd, and before a game I get asked if I have faith that we can stay up. Really? There`s absolutely no way we can relegate, but I`m asked this question? Three weeks later, before the end of the season, I get asked the same question. For real? Like someone else has mentioned above, the lack of attention to details is disappointing to say the least. And don`t get me started on player interaction, and I`m going to give one example: I had a 5-star potential DC come up through my youth team, and since I was on a budget for most of the time, I gave him a chance in the first team quite early. After making around 15 first team appearances, he comes to me saying he feels he`s outgrown the club and wants to leave. And what I hate the most about player interaction is not being able to give the player the obvious answer, like transfer listing a player that says he wants to leave, offering him to club, but no one makes an offer, only for him to screw half you team because you haven`t kept your promise. Or a player asking for more first team football, then getting injured for 3 months, and again being angry because you didn`t keep your promise. You were in crutches ffs, how did you wanted me to play you? What`s even more annoying though is that these glitches have been around for a couple of years now and they still haven`t been fixed.
  11. That linesman must be blind, missed an obvious corner and now another obvious throw in for England.
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