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  1. I get it I don`t have the right scouting package, fair enough, I don`t expect David playing for PUB F.C. to instantly show on the player search (or scouting) screen, but it`s a bit silly to search for players of a specific nationality, say English, like the OP has, and come up with 40 players, and I bet they weren`t the top English players, but players closest to where he is managing. I`m a journeyman type of player and do both club and international management, so naturally when I`m approached by a national team I like to look at players of that nationality to see what are the options. I don`t want to scout all 3500 English players or all the 85 (random number) Colombian players that are in my game, I want to know the relative size of the national pool and if there are other players besides the ones in the national teams, both senior and Under 21s/19s/17s. Player filter should show at least the well known Colombian players, not the only Colombian playing in the German and Austrian lower divisions because my scouts can`t go further than Poland or Belarus.
  2. This is a bit silly, I was having a look at the Macedonia national team whilst I`m also managing Dynamo Dresden, just promoted to the 2. Bundesliga, 2022-23 season. As I said, I have a look at their national team, all good, full 23-player squad and the Under 21 team the same, full squad, some decent players playing for the likes of Lokomotiv Moscow, some Serie A and Serie B teams, and of course a few for Vardar Skopje. Since the national team is playable and their manager is on the verge of getting sacked, I enter the player search screen and look for all the Macedonian nationality players. It comes up with 8 results, all playing in Germany, Austria and the neighboring countries. Now I get it that my scouting package doesn`t cover much, but surely someone playing in the Serie A or for the Russian champions should show up, because that has got nothing to do with how good my scouting is, but rather with common football knowledge. Am I missing something? I know in previous FMs you could see the top players in the game world or players of certain nationality, even if there was no chance they`d ever join your team.
  3. [FM18] Brescia romena. Lucescu's path

    Nice career so far. One question, how did you get the match screen to look like this? Is this a different skin?
  4. FM18: Hidden Gems

    Was already at the club when I took over, but he`s a great signing for lower league teams.
  5. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Looks like teams are scoring for fun against Brazil in the World Cup.
  6. Your best/longest career?

    Best one (and the longest too) I had was some 30 seasons at various clubs in France and Germany on FM2007 (only leagues loaded because my PC was a bit of a wreck at the time). I don`t exactly remember, but I think I started with the Romanian national team and then took over Auxerre, played one League Cup final and took them from relegation to Champions League, then moved to Stuttgart and just two months later I was approached by Hertha BSC (think this was after the 2010 World Cup)...and it`s where the fun started, stayed there for 8 seasons, won 6 Bundesliga titles, 4 domestic cup, 2 or 3 German Supercups (or what it was called back then, I remember it was played before the season and it had like 8 teams taking part) and after losing 3 finals in a row, finally won the Champions League twice. (lost two against Manchester United, don`t remember who I lost to in the 3rd one, but I remember I won the first Champions League trophy against Liverpool). Left for St Etienne then, stayed there for 3 seasons, but I won nothing (did play a UEFA Cup final), and then I returned to Germany to face the monster I created, joining Bayern. Took me 3 or 4 seasons to beat Hertha to the title, also won a couple of Champions League trophies, but I had a poor start to a season and decided it`s best if I leave, buggered off to France again, this time at the team sitting dead last in the league (think it was Niort). Saved them from relegation eventually, but I don`t remember having any other notable results with them. With the national team I won the 2022 World Cup and 2024 Euro, left for Turkey and won the 2026 World Cup (had a brilliant team) and reached the Euro 2028 final (lost to Germany I think), and then I was approached by an underachieving England team who were preparing to host the 2030 World Cup. I won it in the end, I think it was in the QFs that I nearly lost to one of the South American teams, but I actually won on penalties and went through. Got bored at Niort and returned to Bayern (who had become a mid-table team) and turned them into the dominant force yet again, and then got a new PC and switched to FM2010. I`ve had saves on recent FMs going well into 2030s, but weren`t as enjoyable as that one on FM2007.
  7. Four games in seven days!

    Fair enough, my point is there shouldn't be two midweek games in the same week, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday, especially in a week with European football.
  8. Four games in seven days!

    The Bournemouth game does look a bit dodgy there though, I doubt games are scheduled on Tuesday when there`s European football two days later.
  9. FM18 ruined

    My biggest gripe with the UI this year is not being able to customise the match screen page. (or maybe I haven`t found a way to do it). It also looks crowded, you have both teams player info taking up lots of space, but then you have the scoreline and match stats almost squeezed in between the two. Maybe some like it, but I would like the option to edit the info shown there, like I could in FM17, for example.
  10. @Ben Kenney Thanks for the reply. I`ll look when I get home if I have a save game before the end of the season, if not I think I have one from the start of the season, I`ll just holiday until March/April, announce my intention to leave, then holiday again until June 30th. (hopefully I don`t get sacked ) There is one thing I should mention though, I`m using some custom files that activated the Romanian 3rd league.
  11. FM vs RL

    With the defending being all over the place, improving conversion rates would lead to ridiculous scores (not that now there aren`t enough silly scorelines, but it`s mostly due to OP tactics). Both definitely need improving, but not one at the expense of the other. Right now it feels like the ME is a compromise, poor defending is balanced by poor conversion rates from the strikers. Whilst I agree that unrealistic 3 striker tactics shouldn`t work as well as they do, buffing wide midfielders and wingers even more than they are now would be a disaster, wide players are so OP that it`s more rewarding to use wingers who are awkward in playing in the DRL/WBRL positions than players who are natural there, because of their better technical stats (higher attributes for crossing, dribbling, vision, passing and all), because the full-backs don`t do much when defending anyway. This I agree with.
  12. FM vs RL

    I wouldn`t take that vote too seriously or as a benchmark, because people have personal preferences due to the game being easier, having played that edition longer or having their most enjoyable save ever whilst playing that edition. In my view, FM12 is leading in that poll because every edition since FM12, the game has gotten more complex and more challenging for the casual FM player or the ones that weren`t that much into the tactics and man management, whilst the FM12 AI was very easy to beat.
  13. So, after 4 seasons and 2 back-to-back promotions, I decide around April 2021 I no longer want to continue at the club I`ve started at and announce that I will leave the club at the end of the season (which is also when my contract runs out, 30th June 2021). All fine, I go to My contract> Resign > Resign (end of season) and it immediately pops up in my inbox that I am to leave at the end of the season. Fast forward to July 2021, and I`m still at the club, even if the relegation/promotion play-off was played, the draw for the new season has been made, TV rights money have been paid, and guess what, I`m still at the club. Looking into My Contract page, I have the option to resign immediately or withdraw resignation, and notice I`m now on a month to month full time contract. I find it silly to not have manager contracts working the same way as player/staff contracts, as in your contract runs out, you leave the club, instead you have to resign to leave the club (which then automatically removes you from the club`s favoured personnel list) because your contract continues on a month to month basis even if you selected to resign at the end of the season. It`s a shame that an issue like this has remained unresolved after so many years, even if I specifically remember being raised in the suggestions forum last year (or the year before)
  14. Favorite FM Series

    No wonder the favorite FM series is the easiest one. FM 2007 is the best of the earlier series IMO, whilst FM15 was the best of the recent editions.