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  1. Germany beat France 3-1 in the final and Portugal beat England 1-0 in the 3rd place game.
  2. I`ve had an awful run with West Brom in my first season in charge (took over as manager in November 2017), I had only two wins in 20 league games, but despite I was losing, there were also good signs, and I`ve constantly tweaked my tactic, it took just one good performance and it was all uphill from there, I won 5-0 away to Huddersfield and I didn`t lose any of the remaining 6 games. I did get two ultimatums from the board, but I survived and 18 months later (and 150million spent in transfers ) my job status is now very secure. Like a few others have posted in here, I was never too critical of the players, despite losing (I never suffered a heavy defeat though, just once I lost 4-0 to Chelsea, no other game did I lose by more than 2 goals), I`ve held team meetings , and I think the most important is watching games closely, see how things change throughout the match, I`ve found that even changing the Adv Playmaker to Deep Lying Playmaker (which seems like a minor change) had a huge effect on how my team kept the ball once I was in front. One thing you should pay close attention is player interaction, I`ve had Chris Brunt complain about lack of football (that`s because Christian Fuchs was playing a lot better than him as Wing Back, and Zinchenko was a far better winger), the discussion went wrong, and all of his Scottish mates (and there were quite a few, think half the Scottish national team was at West Brom) Leigh Griffiths, Morrison, Darren Fletcher and Matt Philips sided with him, and that can be a pain in the arse, because having 3 or 4 players that are unhappy can kill your season. Luckily only Griffiths and Fletcher were regular starters in my team.
  3. It`s been like this for as long as I remember, only league stats are showed in history.
  4. Overall, I`m enjoying the game, but one of the things I hate is player interaction. Take this example: I`m managing West Bromwich and I have a 33-year old Chris Brunt who comes to me saying he wishes to leave at the end of his contract (which runs out at the end of the season) because he needs a new challenge, feeling he`s achieved everything he could at West Brom. I agree to have a private chat with the player, but surprise: I only have two options, I either tell the player to f-off and say he`ll rot in the reserves (that the exacting wording) until his contract runs out, or I tell him I`ll be looking to cash out on him whilst I have a chance. Whatever I say, I will have an unhappy player, because he`ll be unhappy if I tell him he`ll rot in reserves, and he`ll become unhappy at the end of the January transfer window (the request came on September 4th) because nobody will pay money on a 33-year old with 6 months left of his contract and he`ll consider I failed to keep my promise. The player no longer features in my plans, and I`d have happily agreed with his request, let his contract run out and allow him to leave, after all, he`s earned it after 11 seasons at the club, but obviously I can`t. I could swear I took a screenshot earlier today, when the conversation took place, but apparently I didn`t. And before anyone suggests so, no, I don`t want to try FM Touch.
  5. For the midfielder, Manuel Locatelli, Danilo Cataldi, Filippo Melegoni or Lorenzo Pellegrini. Striker - Andrea Pinamonti or Federico Bonazzoli AML - Federico Chiesa or Riccardo Orsolini Doubt any of those players will join Pescara on permanent deals though.
  6. I intend on using him as a Deep Lying Playmaker in my 2nd season at West Brom (2018-2019 season), he has decent stats for a Championship side, not sure if he can cope at Premier League level though, but I don`t have anyone better atm in that role. And there`s little money in the bank left to sign a replacement. Btw, is it alright if I post my progress with West Brom in here? There isn`t a Premier League thread or a West Brom one.
  7. I did manage Juventus on FM12, but only because they had a regen striker called Mark Whelan, who was an improvement on Messi (same technical and mental attributes, with 15s and 16s for heading, jumping, strength, to this day he remains the best player I`ve seen in an CM/FM game), and I wanted to see what I can get out of him. He was the top player in that save for years, think he was 25 or 26 by the time I joined (around 2024-2025 season, I previously had stints at Fiorentina and Bayern), he was a monster of a player, ended up winning everything, went unbeaten in the Serie A, only lost one game in the Champions League group stage and he scored some 60 goals in the Serie A alone and 4 goals in the Champions League final, think it was against Bayern Munich. I did beat Inter twice in the league, which felt awkward, but hey, we`re professionals and we need to do our job. Never managed Milan though, and I wouldn`t consider Roma or Atalanta as rival teams to Inter (teams I have managed at one point in my CM/FM playing days). I`ve had Guardiola sacked by Man City then join Man United on FM17, and Pochettino taking over at Arsenal after being sacked by Tottenham.
  8. The "Christmas Tree" formation was designed after Shevchenko went to Chelsea, with Kaka and Seedorf as AMCs behind the sole striker, who was mainly Pippo Inzaghi. Between 2002-2005, Milan played mostly with 2 strikers, Shevchenko, who I think you got the Complete Forward role to suit him, and Crespo or Pippo Inzaghi, who in my opinion are suited for the Poacher role, with Crespo maybe working as Adv Forward with attack duty. I also believe Nesta was a ball-playing defender and Pirlo is definitely a regista, although I don`t know how that role works in FM, because I haven`t used it.
  9. Italy usually overtake Germany in the UEFA coefficient ranking by the 3rd season, they`ve done so in every of the 3 saves I`ve played so far on FM17.
  10. The UEFA Europa League winner enters the play-off (best placed teams) of the Champions League.
  11. He was so excited he got to play, he forgot to take his training jacket off. (it`s Mehmet Topal, the player brought on at half-time)
  12. He won the Europa League and secured a Champions League spot, surely that should be taken into consideration by the board, despite ultimately failing to meet the league expectation.
  13. Did you set your objective as "Continental qualification via league position" at the start of the season? I guess that could be the sole reason for the board to be unhappy, but still, it`s a bit silly to face the sack after securing Champions League football next season.
  14. They spend a lot, at least 100M per transfer window in my game, most they`ve spent in my game was close to 240M (Martial 89M, Gabriel Barbosa 56M, Isco 42M, Goncalo Guedes for 36M and a few others) before 2019-2020 season, then the following season they went and bought Icardi for 130M. I had the first two leagues from Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany, plus the top divions in Holland, Portugal, Romania and Russia.
  15. From the 2018-2019 season onwards irl, I don`t know if it`s been implemented in the game.