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  1. Set Piece Problem

    I`m not a professional footballer, but even I have the ability to put the ball relatively close to where I want to. I`m experiencing the same with free kicks, especially those that are close to the corner of the pitch, there`s 5-6 of my players inside the box and an unmarked player lurking outside the area (don`t know how he ended up there, there`s no option in the set piece creator to have one there) and instead of crossing it into the box, the FK taker just passes it to the unmarked player outside the area who then send a shot that most of the times is either blocked or doesn`t hit the target.
  2. November results Serie A TIM Mixed results, 3-0 wins against Crotone and Juventus (YES!), but we lost to Torino, then drew Bari at home in a game where we were let down by our finishing yet again. Bari scored a late goal and left the Meazza with a point. Champions League Lost to Shakhtar after going down to 10 men in the 70th minute, but got an unexpected win in Leipzig which sees us go through to the next round. League table Torino are the surprise leaders, but I don`t think they can keep up, they have a pretty standard team with no standout player and they`re overachieving big time. I think it will be Juventus and Napoli that will challenge us for the title, despite their poor form of late. Lazio and Milan aren`t that far off, 1st and 7th are separated by only 5 points. Champions League group table Qualified with one game left to play, but the bug surprise is RB Leipzig not qualifying. Juventus and Lazio are still in the race to qualify, but they`ll likely to finish 2nd in their respective groups, whilst Sassuolo were once again useless and will finish 4th. Meanwhile, Monaco and Lyon have bottled it big time and are in danger of not qualifying,which is good news. Match of the month We showed Juventus who`s the number one team in Italy, we were superior in every aspect and the scoreline is no accident. It`s a little bit of revenge for losing the Coppa Italia and the Supercup to them. A loss against Leipzing would`ve complicated things in our group, but that wasn`t the case, as we won thanks to a goal from Joao Mario. Transfers & contracts Skriniar got rewarded with a new contract, that cooled down PSG`s interest in him and also meant he is now happy to stay at Inter. And Brexit happened in my game, club in the British leagues are restricted to 17 foreign players in the squad. Sounds like a softer version or Brexit. December fixtures An easier month, with games against Galatasaray in the Champions League, Udinese in the cup (great, an easy draw) and the Derby della Madonnina to finish the year.
  3. October results Serie A 4 out of 4 in the league, including a huge win away to (at the time) league leaders Napoli. but we nearly bottled it against bottom place Empoli, it was 2nd half goals from Perisic and Kondogbia that cancelled Mchelidze goal. Not much fuss against Fiorentina either, two early goals and then we closed out the game, I`m not taking any chances after throwing away a 2-goal lead against Sampdoria earlier in the season. Champions League Got FM`ed by Galatasaray, they scored in the 4th minute from what would be their only shot on target, whilst we`ve been let down by our finishing and could only gather a point. We left in late against Shakhtar aswell, I underestimated them and nearly got punished, but in the end we got the 3 points. League table We`re back on top, with Napoli close in 2nd, they`ve added Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo to an already decent team and look like they`ll challenge for the title this season, Sampdoria are the only undefeated team and Juventus have lost 3 games in a row (5, if we include the Champions League) and can`t seem to find a way out of the crisis. Champions League group table Top of our group and needing another win to qualify for the next round. The other Italian teams are useless yet again, at this pace Italy will lose a group spot to France, Sassuolo are bottom place in a group with Arsenal, Ajax and Sporting, Juventus are 2nd on goal difference in a group with Bayern, Dynamo Kiev and Standard Liege, but all teams except Bayern have 3 pts, somehow Juventus made a complete mess out of this group aswell, whilst Lazio are top of a group with Livepool, CSKA Moscow and FC Koln. Meanwhile, Monaco and PSG are top of their group, whilst Lyon is 2nd and with a high chance of progressing in the next round. Match of the month This is the reason I hate Andone, brilliant one week, then absolute turd the next three. Man of the match performance against Napoli,almost single-handedly beat them, then failed to score another goal for the rest of the month. This may well have been a turning point to our season, we`ve been in excellent form after this win. Against Shakhtar we had to win to not make or life complicated, and we did, much harder than expected though. They have a quality team, riddled with Brazilian players, I thought we`d have it easy, but we struggled to score, and with Candreva, Joao Mario, Perisic and Kondogbia injured for this game (and Andone being useless), it was Skriniar that scored the much needed goal following a free kick from Barella. Transfer & contracts Pinamonti has earned himself a new deal, quite a reasonable guy, given that others want wages of 10 million per year (*cough* Perisic *cough*) and offer close to nothing, he`s quite easy on the wage budget at 1.8 million per year. And I`m keeping a close eye on Anthony Martial, his contract runs out in June 2020, he`s unhappy at the club (has featured in 4 league games out of 10 league game for United), so it would be a huge blow to sign him on a free transfer. And I think we can compete with Leipzig and Dortmund in terms of wages, as those are the two teams that have declared interest in him. November fixtures Serie A Only 3 games in the league because of the international break, against Crotone and the two Torino based clubs. Would be great to beat Juventus, as that would put a dent in their title hopes. Champions League Two away games to Shakhtar and RB Leipzig, we`d better not lose any of them.
  4. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Wing back with support duty for Emerson. Totally forgot about Dimarco, might have a look at him, because he also qualifies as home grown. My youth intakes have been pretty crap until now, I only got one player who could become good enough for first team football in the future.
  5. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I rotated him a lot with Dalbert last season (I had Emerson on loan from Chelsea, with an option to buy for 22million), but now I sold Dalbert to PSG and he became my first choice LB, he`s good, but not as good as Dalbert was and I`m beginning to regret selling him. I had the chance to sign Fabricio Bustos from Juventus (yes, I was close to making a deal with the devil ), he was transfer listed, he can play both DR and DL, so would`ve been a useful addition and an upgrade to Santon, but our contract talks broke down and he didn`t want to enter negotiations again, and because it was deadline day, I signed Meunier instead. I`ll make a move for him again in the January transfer window though. I have this in defence: CB > Skriniar, Mangala, Bastoni and Miranda (+Vanheusde and Van de Eynden) DR > Meunier, D`Ambrosio DL > Emerson, Santon I had the best defensive record in the league last season, conceded only 16 goals in 38 games, but I had Sule on loan from Bayern too. When I loaned him in January, I tried to put in an option to buy clause, but Bayern wouldn`t have any of it, not even 50 million, so I settled for a 6-month loan and offered Mangala a contract in February to replace the departing Ranocchia. What do you know? Sule is now transfer listed by Bayern, with an asking price of 35 million.
  6. September results Mixed results throughout September, we won against Lazio, but lost to Roma, then won the game against RB Leipzig, threw away a two-goal lead against Sampdoria in the last 10 minutes and couldn`t score against Genoa, who are dead last in the league. Luckily we played Udinese, who have become our punching bag, we`ve played 6 games against them, won all 6, scored 16 goals and conceded just one. League table After being in a relegation battle for most of last season, Napoli remembered they`re considered a top team in Italy and sit top of the league with a perfect record, Juventus are having their usual start to the season with Leonardo Jardim in charge, whilst it`s pretty tight otherwise. Game of the month We beat RB Leipzig thanks to a double from Andone, we scored, they kicked off, lost the ball and scored again and it made the difference. And I wish we`d play Udinese more often, we have a 100% record against them. It`s worth mentioning I removed the "shorter passing" instruction for the Udinese game, as I felt we were just passing the ball around most of the time and also missed some good opportunities to break quickly on the counter. October fixtures Serie A We face league leaders Napoli a day after my birthday. I`d happily take 10 points out of these 4 games. Champions League I want nothing but two wins from these games.
  7. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    Same here, I like to have at least 2 players for each position, but I was just in my 2nd season with Inter and I had just cleared the debt the club had at the end of the season, so I was kind of restricted in terms of money, most of my transfers have been either free transfers, either loans with an optional fee. On the downside, I lost Icardi to Real Madrid for 110mil at the start of my 2nd season, and only 30% of that money went into the transfer budget. There was an obvious gap in quality between my first choice team, especially at the back, it`s one thing to play with Emerson-Skriniar-Sule-Dalbert or with D`Ambrosio-Ranocchia-Miranda-Santon as the back four. Against Chievo and Crotone it won`t make much of a difference, but it`s a different story against Milan, Juventus and Sassuolo.
  8. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I`ve had the same in my 2nd season at Inter, Sassuolo (H), Real Madrid (Ch League QFs, A), Juventus (H), Real Madrid (H), Udinese (A), AC Milan (A), Manchester United (H, Ch League semifinals), some ****** team I drew against, think it was Chievo (H) and Manchester United (A). Was an insane run of games in little less than a month. I nearly lost the league, got knocked out of the Champions League semifinals and then lost the Coppa Italia Final too.
  9. 2019-2020 season preview The players Goalkeepers Handanovic is still the number 1 choice for us, with Bardi and Radu to act as backup and make some appearances in the cup. Defenders We`re pretty well covered in this area, and we also have a couple of youngsters who can make the step up to the first team should we face an injury crisis. Midfielders This is where we are stacked, plenty of quality players, and also promising youngsters in D`Amico, Kouame and Odgaard. Couldn`t get rid of Eder and Borja Valero, they`re surplus to requirement at the moment, but no team was interested in them. Strikers Pinamonti has developed quite well last season and I`ll be looking to give him more playing time to aid to his development. We still have Colidio and Merola on loan, if an offer comes for Andone, I`ll accept it and rely on one of the youngsters as backup. Odgaard and Eder can play as ST aswell. Transfers Decided to make the move for Emerson permanent, whilst Meunier was a deadline day transfer to replace Dalbert. Mangala and Berardi were set since February last season, whilst Koaume and Lasconi are transfers made by the HoYD. In the departures, Dalbert asked to leave for PSG, I think I may have sold him for a lower price than what I should`ve gotten for him, but didn`t want him to become unhappy and since it was deadline day, I took the offer. Murillo and Ansaldi were done deals since the game start, whilst Gabriel Barbosa has become a below average player after his cruciate ligament injury which kept him out for 6 months. Pre-season Mixed results in pre-season, I didn`t want to play against lesser opponents and win 10-0 evey game, I wanted us to be put to the test after we built up our fitness and I have to say we did alright against Bayern, Dortmund and Valencia. August results The Italian Supercup was my 100th game in management, but of course the players had to make a complete mess out of it, we were already 2-0 down after 15 minutes. Also had an August game in the league, beat Benevento fairly easy away from home thanks to a brace from Ivan Perisic. Champions League group stage draw Not a bad draw, we should qualify for the 1st knockout round without much trouble, we have an excellent record at home in Europe and we should get at least an away win against either Galata or Shakhtar. September fixtures We face both Roma and Genoa clubs early in the season, whilst our European campaign starts at home against RB Leipzig.
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Yeah, it doesn`t make sense, I mean, the next Roberto Baggio...alright, fair enough, but the next Demetrio Albertini?
  11. Funny Screenshots Thread

    So I have Felice D`Amico, I take a look at his Information screen, and see he could be the next Roberto Baggio. Three days later.....
  12. Inter 2018-19 season review Board confidence Job security is untouchable, however I don`t understand why they`re disappointed with our Champions League exit, since the expectation was to reach the first knockout round. Player stats Goalkeepers Handanovic has been our number one choice for most of the season, with Bardi and Padelli playing in the cup and the last groups stage games in Europe. Even at 35, Handanovic still has 2-3 years left in him. Defenders Skriniar and Miranda was our pairing at the back for most of the season. Sule joined in January, when we only had two fit defenders in Vanheusden and Miranda, and made an instant impact. Would`ve loved to make the move permanent, but Bayern didn`t want to sell. D`Ambrosio and Dalbert played on the flanks, with Emerson and Santon also getting a decent number of matches. Ranocchia will leave at the end of the season, Sule`s loan will end and as for Emerson, it all depends on how much Chelsea want. It will be either him or Marcos Alonso who will leave Chelsea. Midfielders Matias Vecino, Candreva and Felice D`Amico were the outstanding performers in midfield, they were also the team`s top goalscorers, with 34 goals scored between them. Joao Mario has been hit and miss all season, if Monaco (who are interested in him) come with an offer, he`s leaving, whilst Perisic has been hindered by injuries all season long. If a good offer comes for him, I`ll be looking to sell aswell, his injury proneness just won`t allow him to get a decent run of games. Eder started the season well, but then went back to being average at best, and Gabriel Barbosa...well, all I`m going to say is he suffered a cruciate ligament injury in October and that ruined any chance of him turning into a decent player. With Berardi joining in July, he`ll be leaving aswell. Attackers Andone had a decent season, sadly he got injured on his debut and was out for 4 months, so we were left with just Pinamonti until December. He did bang a few goals, Iooking back, it`s not a bad return for a 19-year old, but we need a better finisher if we are to compete with the top teams in Europe. TACTICS 4-2-3-1 Control 4-3-3 Standard 4-1-4-1 Counter The 4-2-3-1 is inspired by Cleon`s thread, it`s been our main tactic once again this season. It`s quite simple, the only TIs are Play out of defence, use tighter marking, get stuck in, prevent short GK distribution and close down more. As for player instructions, the AM had the roam from position, more risky passes and shoot less often (this is selected for all the players in the AM strata, and it`s one of the reasons I use the IF on support duty), the AMR (usually Candreva) has the cross from byline and the CF has the move into channels selected. This, of course, can change as the match progresses. I tried using the 2 DMs in the MC strata and whilst I was creating more chances (I was averaging around 14-15 shots with DMs, with no more than 3-4 long shots, with the MCs I was averaging around 25-30 shots, but around 40% were long shots), I was also much more exposed at the back and was conceding around 2-3 CCCs per game, regardless of the opposition, so I ditched it. The 4-3-3 is our away tactic against the top 6 teams in the league (Juventus, Milan, Roma, Lazio, Sassuolo and Napoli), and in two seasons, we`ve lost only once against these teams away from home. I use Standard mentality, flexible shape, roam from positions, pass into space, higher tempo, prevent short GK distribution and mark tighter team instructions. I also use to change the CF to DLF (support) or Defensive Forward (support) during the game, depending on the scoreline or how isolated he is. The 4-1-4-1 was used only a couple of times, it`s basically sitting deep and looking to hit the opposition on the counter. It`s been used this season only against Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United (away games).
  13. May results Serie A & Coppa Italia We were close to the biggest bottle job in history, beat Udinese, then it all went downhill from then on. Lost to Milan, then blew the chance to seal the league win at home, nearly lost, and finally secured the league win after the draw to Empoli. Lost the Coppa Italia final in extra time to pile more misery on our run, then failed to beat Benevento at home. Game of the month: We needed a draw to secure the league title, and it`s exactly what we got. Champions League semifinals Won the 1st leg thanks to an early goal from Emerson, but our finishing let us down, we had the chances, but couldn`t make the most of them. United were surprisingly poor (and defensive, but they`ve still got Mourinho ) and we should`ve had a repeat of the Real Madrid result, but it wasn`t meant to be. 2nd leg wasn`t even a contest, we were dominated from start to finish we were dangerous only in the last 10-15 minutes, but couldn`t beat De Gea and score the away goal that would see us through. I can`t say I`m not disappointed to come this close to the final, but I have to be realistic and admit we overachieved in the Champions League this season, got lucky with the group stage draw and then got a favorable draw against Spartak aswell. We are far from being a top European team and to knock Real Madrid out of the competition is something I didn`t expect. League table We finished the season with a lower point tally than last season (we had 85 pts and finished 2nd), it`s been a pretty strange season, and in fact, we are the champions with the smallest number of points since the league moved to a 20-team format in 2003-04 season. Lazio were close and will be the team to beat next season, if they can keep De Vrij, Felipe Anderson, Sergej and Immobile, whilst Juventus have had a disastrous second half of the season and finish 3rd. Their domination is over. Sassuolo once again in the top four, whilst Milan narrowly miss on a Champions League spot (and they`ve sacked Gattuso). Bologna are the 3rd relegated team, with Crotone and Palermo gaining automatic promotion. SERIE A Team of the Year All our defence has been named in the team of the year, we`ve conceded only 16 goals all season. Surprised to see Kondogbia get an inclusion, I`d have picked Gagliardini. UEFA Champions League overview Manchester City won the Champions League after losing the final last year, with goals from Insigne and Fernandinho(pen) bringing the trophy. UEFA Europa League overview Juventus won the Europa League on penalties, Hazard, David Luiz and Andreas Christensen missed the penalties, whilst Mandzukic, Khedira and Bustos scored for Juventus. Matuidi missed on for Juve, whilst Giroud scored Chelsea`s only penalty in the shootout. Transfers and contracts I`m not making the same mistake as with Icardi, Gagliardini has been given a 5-year contract with no release clause. Like I`ve said at the start of the season, he is one of our most important players and definitely a future captain. I`ll make another post, with more info on players and tactics. Also feel free to ask for anything in-game related, player, domestic leagues screenshots, I`ll post them here.
  14. April results Amazing results this month, we started off with a clear win against Brescia, then beat Napoli and qualified for the Coppa Italia final, an away win to Sampdoria followed, a narrow loss to Real (more details a few rows down), a draw against Sassuolo and then two fantastic results against Real Madrid and Juventus. League table 7 points ahead of Lazio and Sassuolo with a game in hand, I don`t think we`ll bottle this now, not with the schedule we have. Juventus have been apalling this month, no win in the league in April, couldn`t even beat Bologna, Napoli and Udinese. At the bottom, Pescara and Brescia are already relegated, whilst Chievo look like surviving yet another season. Match of the month Used a rotated team against Napoli, but got lucky and was 3-0 up by half time. The last 20 minutes were insane though, could`ve ended 6-5, we failed to score on the counter and they couldn`t beat Handanovic. Against Juventus we were the rested team and just controlled the game from the 1st minute and the result is a fair reflection of what happened on the pitch. Champions League quarter finals For the 1st leg I tried to keep the score down and went with a 4-1-4-1 and Counter mentality, and it worked, Real dominated possession, but couldn`t find a way through, and it was a cross from Isco to Ronaldo and a shot from Icardi that made it 2-0. Vecino scored a crucial away goal late in the game, and I became a bit more optimistic for the return leg. The 2nd leg has probably been the best performance from any of my teams in FM18, we were simply unstoppable, I gambled and went with our 4-1-2-2-1 DM Wide, tried to put them under pressure and get a goal, but this was just out of this world. 10 CCC, hit the woodwork 4 times and were the better team in every aspect. Andone was the best player on the pitch, whilst Icardi...well, he won`t be winning the Champions League this season. Won`t be making any predictions before the game, that`s for sure. Transfers & contracts I signed a new contract which will keep me at the club until 2023. However, there were some bad news sadly, as Dalbert and D`Amico, two of our best performes, will miss the United games May schedule This is it, 5 league games, a Champions League semifinal and a cup final remaining.
  15. Actually, it`s the 4th division. http://www.uefa.com/teamsandplayers/teams/club=50065/profile/history/index.html UEFA recognise the team as the one that won the Champions Cup in `86. And like others have said, until a definitive decision is made, my guess is SI tend to not get involved with all the legal technicalities that exist and have led to this ridiculous situation, such as the Army having their own football club (like we`re back in the `60s) and claiming that the club stopped existing in 2002.