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  1. GK: Afinfeev (FM 2005) DR: Maicon (FM 2010) DC: Philippe Mexes (FM 2011) DC: Vincent Kompany (FM 2007-2011) DL: Sebastian Pocognoli (FM 2007) MR: Joaquin (FM 2005) MC: Miguel Veloso (FM 2008) MC: Esteban Cambiasson (any FM) ML: Ryan Giggs (CM 01-02) ST: Adriano (FM 2005) ST: Luca Toni (FM 2007) Subs : Ter Stegen (FM13), Javier Zanetti (any CM/FM) ,Gonzalo Rodgriguez (FM 2006), Diego (FM 2007, 2008), Vicente (FM 2005), Cristiano Ronaldo (any FM), Thierry Henry (FM 2007)
  2. Match engine

    Last season there was a 10 goal game (7-3, Sampdoria vs Pescara I believe), also quite a few games ended 5-3, 5-4, and Napoli and Inter won a game 7-1 against Bologna and Atalanta. More than one single match.
  3. Realistic Stadiums in 3d

    Time and budget of giving Benzema a proper haircut (who pays attention to this anyway?) could be used to improve something else in the game, like player promises, for example, which has a far greater influence on the whole game progress and gaming experience than Benzema having half an inch of hair or one inch of hair or Higuain`s 3D model being fat. The 3D graphics in FM will never reach the levels of FIFA and PES, because that`s not what this game is about.
  4. Suggestion FM

    That`s the case with the Premier League, but I`m pretty sure lots of countries don`t have a bonus scheme and the chairman just comes before game and says "win against bitter rivals, you get X amount of money". I remember each Steaua player getting 200k a few years ago for reaching the Champions League group stage. However, in FM you set competition bonuses for every competition before every season, so you already have an alternative to this.
  5. FM17: Arsenal

    SI won`t release an official update with the summer transfers, but I`m sure you can find a data update on one of the various FM sites that exist.
  6. Well, I beat them just twice, once with AC Milan, and once with Arsenal, but what I find surprising is the how easily their managers get sacked. For example, Mourinho won 2 Premier League titles in a row in the first 3 seasons (City won the first one, United finished as runner-up), one Champions League and lost another final, then had an off season and finished 3rd, got the sack. Pochettino took the role, won four Premier League titles in a row, played two Champions League semifinals and lost another final, then had a less successful season and finished 3rd, played the Champions League semifinal and was sacked. Seems a bit odd to sack a successful manager after having finishing 3rd in the league, it`s not as if they finished mid-table, and they were in the title race until matchday 37.
  7. No innovation from FM2008 to FM2017? We`ve had a total revamp of the tactics screen and tactics itself, a new scouting system, I think training is different from how it was in FM2008, much better player and media interaction, even if it needs improvement, and much more detail and much more options for international management. And that`s just a few of the things that I can remember. Of course the game at it`s core will remain largely unchanged, it`s focused around football management, but to say the series stood still from 2008 to 2017 is ridiculous IMO.
  8. I always set it to annually, been doing so since I started playing CM. That`s how players` wages are reported here, and that`s how I got used to have them.
  9. England Team

    You can`t swap them the same way you do when you take over a club team, you have to terminate their contracts and replace them with whoever you want.
  10. The game is trying to simulate the aspects of football management, now I doubt Ancelotti gets a "Gold Pack" every time he wins the league. And whilst press conferences and media interaction tends to get boring and repetitive after a while, it`s an integral part of the footballing world and it should be in the game. Totally disagree, you do think about those attributes, you hear them every day, every week in analysis made by pundits and managers, hell, even down at the pub during the Champions League final you here people saying how Ronaldo has an excellent positioning and off the ball movement, how Bonucci`s positioning is the best in the league, but it`s been crap for two of the goals, or how Kante`s work rate was instrumental in Leicester`s midfield....just because you think Ronaldo is a good goalscorer and a technically gifted player doesn`t mean it`s the norm. Like someone above said, you`re playing the wrong game if you want to simplify or eliminate most of the things that have made Football Manager what it is.
  11. Your top 5 FM17 players

    1. Mauro Icardi - Amazing goalscorer, played only one season with Inter , but he scored for fun, got some 45 goals in 47 apps. In terms of pure goalscoring ability, I think he`s the best ST in this year`s game. 2. Malcom - Might seem like a surprising choice, but he`s been tremendous in my Bordeaux save, good old-fashioned winger, had double figures in assists and goals for the 3 seasons I`ve had him. 3. Alessio Romagnoli - Best defender I`ve had. Doesn`t make a fuss about leaving either, unlike Dollaruma. 4. Danilo Cataldi - Excellent playmaker. 5. Ludwig Augustinsson - cheap to buy, turns into one of the most useful DL in the game. Honourable mentions go to Faouzi Ghoulam, Andre Silva and Christian Capone.
  12. National Team tactical familiarity

    I did see it increase slightly during the World Cup, but then it went back down again before the Nations League started. I`ll see how it changes during the European Championship, but my gues is it`s treated the same as the club`s tactic familiarity, but because of the lower number of games in international football, it takes ages to get it to the max.
  13. Mastering Finance

    There`s no guarantee you`ll sell the players after you`ve extended their contract. Like Kenco said, cut your losses and don`t extend the players you don`t see a future for at your team, you`ll end up spending even more money on agents fee and loyalty bonuses, and it would lead to an increase in wage expenditure, as players might consider they deserve a wage rise if you decide to extend their contract. I`ve played in France in the last 3 FM games and you can find some hidden gems in the Championnat National or even lower,in the CFA. And Lens have pretty good youth recruitment and facilities, try looking there first. I`d happily sell a high-earning player that isn`t in my plans any more for a smaller sum than his value, as players will rarely take a wage cut unless they`re in the late stages of their career (Bonaventura took a wage cut from 7.7M per year to 3.8M per year in my Milan save, as did Dragovic from 3.2M to 1.6M, something which Suso, for example, didn`t do).
  14. National Team tactical familiarity

    I`ve been manager of Romania for two years (and a few months) now and the tactical familiarity bar is yet to be half full, despite using the same tactic most of the time.
  15. It`s the same with league position, I finished the season in 7th place (which is not a guaranteed European qualification spot) and despite the FA cup final to be played between two teams in the top 4 (can`t be bothered to look back as to who it was), my players dropped the "wants to play European football" concern only after the FA cup final was played.