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  1. How can you not see that ffs?
  2. That linesman must be blind, missed an obvious corner and now another obvious throw in for England.
  3. Was Dejan Petkovic the guy with the corner kick goals?
  4. One of the pundits on Romanian television: "I liked the game, especially the way the French built their attacks". WTF?
  5. Denmark are passing the ball like they`re 3-0 up. Worst game of the tournament so far.
  6. Marius_R

    Poland vs Colombia (1900 BST, ITV)

    This Poland team put 6 past us in the two qualifying games and controlled both games from start to finish.
  7. Marius_R

    Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00 BST ITV

    Navas also got a slight touch on it, saw it on the the replay.
  8. Marius_R

    Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00 BST ITV

    Kostic keeping Costa Rica in the game.
  9. Marius_R

    Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00 BST ITV

    Nicely taken free kick.
  10. Marius_R

    Maradonna in racist behaviour allegations

    They`re making a big deal out of it because it`s been done by Maradona. If it was Vasilyi, an average Spartak Moscow fan, doing it, nobody would`ve given a crap about it.
  11. Marius_R

    Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00 BST ITV

    Was doing something on the computer and threw an eye on the TV here and then, took me 10 minutes to realise that Serbia are playing in white and not the usual red and blue.