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  1. What’s the money on Denmark dumping England out in the semi final?
  2. Uninstalled Steam, reinstalled Steam, and it was downloading in the background.
  3. I’ve just had the game download in the background but it’s locked to play, assuming that’s the BETA release for tomorrow morning. Have you guys tried uninstalling Steam, that’s what did it for me.
  4. I started a plumbing apprenticeship. But I managed to get adult wages, so it's not as painful
  5. I started work again on Wednesday, loving it at the moment
  6. You posted that seconds before I replied haha Good work though man, always good to have a positive change.
  7. You've not lost my body weight, with some change. Calling bulls***.
  8. Some of the best threads have been buried. It really makes you wonder why people bother. I know if the West Ham thread wasn't used this year, I wasn't going to do another one. Last years would have put a few people off I think.
  9. Start of the season was brilliant, his hand was forced and he couldn't play his darlings. Since Carroll and Nolan have come back into the side, we've become West Ham of last season.
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