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  1. I am a little surprised that Trevor Lawrence didn’t win the Heisman. With those few games he missed, was he injured or just being rested? I know losing against Ohio State (and Justin Fields) would’ve done him no favours, but he still had a pretty strong season.
  2. As a first round draft pick, he would’ve made guaranteed bank by now, right? Does anyone know if he was cut for a breach of contract or Washington just had enough of him?
  3. I don’t think you need a work permit for players already at the club, but you will for every window and/or contract after that.
  4. I tried using my Apple Music login details but it won’t work. Broken.
  5. I swear this gets asked every few months I’ve only really played FM, and FIFA Manager Mode (if it counts). I didn’t get into football until I was a teenager, so I never experienced the older style management games everyone else has played.
  6. Or consistently ask which console it plays on best
  7. I seriously thought Australia was stuffed when they got bowled out for 191. It didn’t appear like there was any demons in the pitch either, Pat Cummins very unlucky to not get a five-for.
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