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  1. I use him off the bench, AP (A) on the right wing. Mixed results really.
  2. I can't buy a loss at the moment. Hazard and Kane have just been amazing, with Kane keeping Costa on the bench.
  3. I started a plumbing apprenticeship. But I managed to get adult wages, so it's not as painful
  4. I started work again on Wednesday, loving it at the moment
  5. Is it just me, or is Cesc extremely injury prone? :confused:
  6. I have two Champion League group matches against Athletic Bilbao, a clash with City, West Ham and Norwich. Hope I can keep my hold on the top of both tables
  7. I watch my matches on extended, feel the same way. I've lost Courtois for five weeks. The injury happened after I sold Cech and decided to loan Scuffet back to Udinese. Stuck with Blackman for the next ten or so matches
  8. My goal scoring exploits have cooled down significantly, still maintaining a win-streak though that has extended to eight matches.
  9. Playing two up front is so old school, no one does it any more
  10. I saw that on the OTF Forum, great work Originally I was only going to keep Ramires, Obi Mikel and Cuadrado for a season, but they're performing amazingly well at the moment.
  11. They were random attributes, and iirc, they still are.
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