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  1. 2021-21 Season preview The players Goalkeepers Samir Handanovic is on his last season, so I`ve moved in that direction and already signed his replacement, Patrich Bruneck, 21 year old Austrian goalkeeper from Sturm Graz. And I`m not making the same mistake as last season, I`ve also kept Dekic around just in case. Defenders We`re pretty solid at the back, I also added Caglar Soyuncu on loan from Arsenal on deadline day in case any of the 3 regulars, Mangala, Skriniar and Bastoni, get injured or suspended. Van Den Eynde and Vanheusden count for the HG and rai
  2. Season 2020-21 Review Serie A Awards Our dominating season was confirmed with the end of season awards, it was a clean sweep from us, Handanovic won best goalkeeper, 3 defenders and 3 midfielders in the top 3 in their position and Pinamonti winning best striker. The clean sweep continued with the Capocanonniere award, best player and best under19 midfielder, awards won by Martial, Pinamonti and D`Amico Not bad for a free transfer and a player that`s played less than 30 games in 3 years at Manchester United Capocanonniere award Pinamonti won the top go
  3. May results Started the month by winning both home games vs Chievo and Milan, beat Sampdoria convincingly, then we missed the chance to beat our point record by drawing to Udinese and missed an unbeaten season on the last day, Match of the month A 2nd minute goal from D`Amico was the only notable action of the game, it was a borefest for the rest of the game. But a win is a win. Roma put an end to our unbeaten season right on the last day, whilst it was never one of my goals in this save, we were so close to this, that I was actually fuming after this defe
  4. April results Serie A TIM Another solid month in the league, 3 narrow wins and a draw (we failed to beat Pescara this season) to extend our unbeaten record to 33 games and maintain high hopes to finish the season unbeaten. After the Bologna game, we also made it 3 in a row, but this time we made it in style. The board also set the initial budgets, we`re slowly getting into a position of competing with Premier League and El Clasico clubs in terms of budgets, but I`m still taking the cautious route of loans, free transfers or looking at transfer listed players tha
  5. February & March fixtures Serie A TIM Happy with the results, we drew Sassuolo away from home to keep our 19 point lead intact, then won 3 games in a row without conceding before drawing Genoa away from home. Palermo game was pretty close, but we won eventually, we had no trouble against SPAL and Verona, Pinamonti`s hattrick got us a win in Benevento, but we conceded 2 goals for the first time this season in the league, then convincingly beat Lazio at home right before the international break. UEFA Champions League I have to say I`m really surprised, we got
  6. January results Another month has gone by, and we`re still doing great, beat Roma and Juventus 3-1, but then lost to Atalanta in the Coppa Italia, so for the 2nd year in a row, we`re out in the 1st Round. I should probably stop using weakened squads in the cup, to give us a chance. We recovered quickly though and won 3-0 at the San Paolo and ended the month with a draw vs Atalanta, in the league this time. Match of the month We beat Juventus again and for the second year in a row, we win both league games against them, Pinamonti had a terrific game and scored two
  7. December results Serie A TIM/ UEFA Champions League We`ve had a poor month by our standards, won against 2nd placed at the time Fiorentina thanks to a Skriniar goal, but then failed to beat Leverkusen and Chievo ( ), beat Sampdoria, but drew 18th placed Udinese. Our record against teams sitting in the bottom of the table is rather poor and I feel like my tactic isn`t working very well against this type of opposition. FIFA Club World Cup As I said above, we had the FIFA Club World Cup to play, and we made a complete mockery of our semifinal game vs Tigres, altho
  8. November results We fluked our way to a win at Stamford Bridge (more details below), then easily beat bottom placed Bologna 4-0, we were alredy 4-0 up after 30 minutes, then had a goalless draw vs Pescara in a game where the ball just wouldn`t go in, won 3-1 in Kobenhavn to secure 1st spot in the group and finished off the month with a 2-0 win against city rivals AC Milan. Match of the month I honestly don`t know how he managed to win against Chelsea, we were 2-0 down at half time, then Pinamonti`s goal gave a us a bit of hope, but I thought it was all over after
  9. Unbeaten might happen, even if I`m not specifically looking for that. As for 100+ points, that ship has alread sailed.
  10. October results 100% win record in October, but it was a bit more difficult than it looked. Things were easy vs Verona, Martial scored a double and solved the game early in the 2nd half, then things got complicated. Barely won vs Genoa thanks to an own goal, then deservedly beat Chelsea and struggled a bit vs Benevento as we scored 2 goals late in the game. Against Lazio, Pinamonti scored in the 2nd minute and then we closed the game very well and restricted any of their chances, and after Marusic was sent off, they didn`t do anything dangerous, but neither did we, and against Torin
  11. September results Really happy with how things went in September, we are playing much better and scoring for fun. Martial has been a huge upgrade on the left and with 7 goals in 6 games, he is our top goalscorer. We started the month vs Atalanta and in a place where we lost last season, we we rampant this time, it was our best performance of the season. Then came an easy win vs Kobenhavn, even if at half time it looked like it will be one of those games, we were simply unstoppable in the 2nd half. Sassuolo are a solid team and the scoreline doesn`t do them justice, they were on par
  12. Pre-Season Pre-season has been an absolute disaster, we`ve failed to beat any any half-decent team we`ve faced and not only that, but we aren`t scoring as much as I`d like. I just can`t get the AM to work together with the striker and I`ve fiddled around with roles and duties, and he looks isolated and uninvolved in overall play. Could it be that Joao Mario is just rubbish? August fixtures And after our poor pre-seasonthen, all of a sudden, this happens...two clear wins vs Juventus and Napoli in the league, a defeat to Chelsea in the European Supercup (Morata scored
  13. True. I wasn't expecting to win one so soon, but I'll take it. The good thing is it doesn't look like Milan will add any to their collection any time soon.
  14. So after almost 2 years, I`m back to playing this, couldn`t get into any FM19 save and didn`t even bother with FM20, which is the 1st installment in 11 years that I`ll skip. I don`t have a detailed review as I did before, changed laptops and I was already in November 2020 by the time I restarted the save, so I`ll a quick update until then and after that, I`ll revert to monthly updates. Season 2020-21 preview The squad Goalkeepers This is pretty straightforward, Handanovic still has it, despite being 36, whilst Radu will act as backup. In a worst case scenario, th
  15. Users like you probably have no clue what it means to put in so much effort into making such a megapack, and then also check there's no issues with it afterwards, by simulating a few in-game seasons. I'd close this topic too, but to prevent people like you and a few others who can't wait for a few bloody weeks and have absolutely no respect for someone else's time and effort from posting in here. Well done.
  16. Landon Donovan. Played like 20 season in the Bundesliga on FM2007 with various teams (Werder, Hertha and Bayern) and he always scored against me, playing for Schalke. Wanted to buy the little s**t just so that he couldn't score anymore. I don't think I've won away to Schalke more than 3 or 4 times in 20+ seasons in that game. One place I don't think I've ever won in my CM/FM career is at the Camp Nou, no matter how good of a team I had.
  17. That was a pretty isolated case back then, now you have Real Hispalis and San Sebastian and God knows what other stupid names for clubs. I honestly didn't give a crap about that until now, as with the real names fix it was like 3 minutes away from getting the right names and the German, Japan and Netherlands national teams to be playable. But having Zebre vs whatever stupid random Spanish name in the QF of the Euro Cup just takes the realism out of the game for me. Are they going to go after someone like claassen, who keeps making the league activation megapack aswell? Activating the Jap
  18. It's the reason I'm not enjoying Serie A saves as much as I did, I mean, Inter are the club I support IRL and always have a go with them, but when it will happen IRL, it's going to be a big task and it's going to be one hell of a team that finally stops Juve's streak, whereas in FM, there's hardly any sense of achievement in doing it, because they just implode 2-3 seasons into the game. Just checked in FM18 and they never got past the 90 pts mark in 6 in-game seasons, whilst I won the league twice with the lowest points tally ever since it went to being a 20-team league, 82 and 83 pts. Juventu
  19. Got the game yesterday and started my traditional Inter career that I do every year, went through pre-season and played the first game of the season.Still can't believe there's no way to defend against long ball over the defence, and how Hallfredson hit inch-perfect passes every time, that would make even Scholes or Hagi jealous. Corners seem OP as hell and the lone striker is useless. In terms of tactics, went with a 4-2-3-1, pretty much what Spaletti uses IRL and made no transfers during the first transfer window. Juventus sold Rugani and replaced him with Victor Ruiz , and also signed
  20. I used my old computer for work, which is basically Gmail (and the GoogleApps it comes with), Microsoft Office and Abode Reader, and to play FM. It was from 2010, had an integrated graphic card and 4GB of RAM and had a pretty decent capability to run FM (didn`t use 3D graphics), I could run the top 2 divisions from the top 6-7 leagues. I bought a laptop this year for the same purposes, work and FM, and I probably will use it for at least 5-6 years. The day FM will become so demanding that I`d need a top of the range laptop/PC and have to upgrade it every 2 years, I`ll just stop buying the game
  21. I always played using the default skins, either Dark or just the normal version, mainly because it didn`t kill my eyes when looking at screens. Guess I`ll have to use a custom skin for FM19. That purple....
  22. Or, as we Inter fans call it, the "Candreva" mode. Wondering if the set piece creator has suffered some much needed changes.
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