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  1. Had a busy few days ,cooking, walking and drinking mainly.
  2. Ended up walking 10.12 miles today. It's all good but my feet are sore.
  3. Watching 24. Outstanding show. Quiet day for me today.
  4. For some reason it was in the house, so decided to have one. It is what it is.
  5. There's the otherside of the coin too, you wake up the next day feeling rough and think... 'What did i do last night? Oh yeah, was just drinking at home' Or is that just me?
  6. Yeah, i ordered a record from Germany from eBay and had to request that they state it was a gift under the value of 10 Euros. They didn't have to, but kindly and thankfully did.
  7. Yeah, comes from Beers Of Europe in Kings Lynn.
  8. Ordered some Tegernseer Hell, Augustiner Edelstoff and Augustiner Weissbier. 3 absolutely epic beers that i've not had for a while, so looking forward to having them again.
  9. Started watching 24, it's outstanding, about 3/4's of the way through the first season, not sure why i didn't watch this years ago.
  10. Won a giftcard at work, so managed to get Sackboy for £37. Happy days.
  11. Preach that. Even i've stopped talking about it.
  12. I prefer it as a pint. King Tuts in Glasgow do an epic pint of it.
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