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  1. Barnzy

    [ENGLAND] Bristol City Data Issues

    Indeed, His aim of making us self sustainable needs to be remembered - if we are to complete AND do that we will need to bank profits from transfers
  2. Barnzy

    [ENGLAND] Bristol City Data Issues

    Whilst it’s clear we made a lot of money from transfers this season I think we’d need to be careful about what budget is given, I seem to remember towards the end of the window it being reported we were only interested in loans - giving the impression we were not going to spend money. Also remember is being reported that this year is going to be more of a consolidation year with FFP in mind. 2.5 million is a decent budget to be left with after all the transfer dealings we’d already done. The impression I get is we’re stock pilling the transfer cash in order to go big over one of the coming seasons. Having said that I would argue if it was put up 1-2 million
  3. Barnzy

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    Hordur Magnusson to score a hat trick 😎
  4. Feel this is gonna be a farce if officials scared to flag due to var. that would have been pulled back it a goal but the next phase of play could have resulted in a goal to, at which point it’s not pulled back
  5. Barnzy

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Corey Graves always been this much of a petulant child?
  6. Barnzy

    Funko Pop!

    I’ve never been interested in these things but because I’m following this thread I keep noticing them now and am becoming tempted myself
  7. Barnzy

    Depression (and other Mental Illness)

    This, I made sure I was out and about as much as possible while I was off - not sure what people expect isolating yourself will achieve
  8. Barnzy

    Weather Thread.

    The rain has hit Bristol! Hours of torrential rain so far
  9. Barnzy


    Was forecast it but nothing at all in Bristol!
  10. Barnzy

    Depression (and other Mental Illness)

    My mrs gets this so bad they make her go and do it herself in a machine in the corridor
  11. Go back through the thread, he has a special way of doing things 👍
  12. Netflix re-doing she-ra also
  13. Barnzy


    I’ve just bought a trial razor from the dollar shave club, still waiting for it to be delivered which seems to be taking ages. Anyone used them before? How are the razors? Ive been using a Gillette and it’s been like shaving with sandpaper, anyone got any recommendations? Electric doesn’t get close enough for me.
  14. Barnzy

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    This Cena/Bella break up is a work isn’t it?
  15. Barnzy

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Bliss had her boobs done? She’s looking even more amazing