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  1. Following a windows update I’m now lagging, anyone know the Nvidia settings as it seems a have reset one?
  2. Reported this a while ago but doesnt look like its been picked up - Kasey Palmer has appearance money owed to charlton in game. This should have been cleared when he moved to us from Chelsea.
  3. Bristol City - Kasey Palmer has a clause owed to Charlton of 150k after 10 games - obviously a historic clause that should be removed, given he transfered from Chelsea
  4. I’m in the same boat, gone from having 5 starts in fm19 to 1 on this. I have a Nividia graphics card
  5. Also Bristol City - Jay Dasilva, out for 6-9 months according to the game. In reality he's out for up to 5 months. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/recovery-milestone-for-smith/ Also Sam Pearson is on a season long loan to Bath https://www.bathcityfc.com/player/sam-pearson/
  6. They don’t include short term loans, of which all are
  7. Hordur Magnusson to score a hat trick 😎
  8. Feel this is gonna be a farce if officials scared to flag due to var. that would have been pulled back it a goal but the next phase of play could have resulted in a goal to, at which point it’s not pulled back
  9. Can potentially see that there are not many options going forward, I currently have Full backs in support, will it make the difference if I change these to wingbacks? That way I've more options out wide (assuming wingbacks get further forward), reluctant to put them on attacking
  10. I'm dominating games, making between 20-30 shots a game - however despite telling my team to work ball into the box more than half those chances are longshots and I end up with cracking stats but poor results. What am I doing wrong?
  11. Stephen Mallen of St Mirrin is a great bargain.
  12. Superb - thanks for this, one question is the processor at 2.6ghz (or 3.5 turbo boost) good? Could I get better if I sacrifice some hard drive space?
  13. Hello! Looking for a new laptop - needs to be able to play FM in 3d, play around 14 - 18 leagues comfortably (quick!) I also use the laptop for first person shooters and strategy games like age of empires as well as use excel and access for work on it so need a fair amount of space. Also watch TV on it so screen is important. Budget of around £800 but can be slightly flexible on that.
  14. Underwhelmed by Pearson? Who realisticly do you think you could attract that's any better?
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