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  1. What was the story behind the press ups on someone’s drive btw?
  2. Still think the director is the big bad, he planted the idea to bring the vision back
  3. Occupations will not be prioritised in the next level of vaccinations
  4. Anyone remember the user Powley?
  5. Loved that episode, pulled things together amazingly. Who was it that she saw in the infinity stone? And I’m sure the director was planting seeds that triggered what she did with the city and vision - he’s got to be the big baddie
  6. I always liked how many times people would be told to FOAD - it really is a different place
  7. I’ve lost people as well, but I’m excited and tbh relieved that an end is hopefully in sight.
  8. Teachers and school staff in special schools have
  9. With more testing and more mask wearing in secondary - we have to move forward at some point, the most vulnerable have been vaccinated and death and hospital numbers are coming down, this isn’t about case numbers anymore
  10. So all being well I can go to my caravan holiday on the 19th April!
  11. Barnzy


    Yep and me, happy with that
  12. Been for my latest Valneva check up today, all good so far. Interestingly they’re doing the Oxford trials on children starting next week, was surprised the youngest age they do is 2 months old
  13. They actually prioritised special schools and managed to do them quite easily, they contacted the schools themselves who arranged for all staff members to book appointments on line. They could easily do similar for certain key worker industries. Appreciate the numbers are huge in comparison though
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