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  1. Have to take into account what has already been spent, article was posted on June 2nd, assume you guys spent a bit of money which you’d need to take from any budget represented in FM - basically what we’re looking for is transfer budget once all the signings you made had been compete and not before
  2. @GriffiN94 can you log this as bug please? It shouldn’t be happening
  3. Why? Can you provide any evidence that it should be higher? (Reported failed bids, chairman quotes, anything really )
  4. Sorry a bit late to the party! Im the Bristol City researcher, can see Grippers already covered the transfer budget, just want to add the that with i felt we had spent all the money we wanted to this summer but always feel if needed there will be a bit of money to fill gaps for long term injuries for example
  5. Can potentially see that there are not many options going forward, I currently have Full backs in support, will it make the difference if I change these to wingbacks? That way I've more options out wide (assuming wingbacks get further forward), reluctant to put them on attacking
  6. I'm dominating games, making between 20-30 shots a game - however despite telling my team to work ball into the box more than half those chances are longshots and I end up with cracking stats but poor results. What am I doing wrong?
  7. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Stephen Mallen of St Mirrin is a great bargain.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to invite a friend to fantasy draft mode but not getting a response when I press the button - does the other person need to be not in career mode for me to invite?
  9. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Superb - thanks for this, one question is the processor at 2.6ghz (or 3.5 turbo boost) good? Could I get better if I sacrifice some hard drive space?
  10. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hello! Looking for a new laptop - needs to be able to play FM in 3d, play around 14 - 18 leagues comfortably (quick!) I also use the laptop for first person shooters and strategy games like age of empires as well as use excel and access for work on it so need a fair amount of space. Also watch TV on it so screen is important. Budget of around £800 but can be slightly flexible on that.
  11. Time to change the title I think
  12. Underwhelmed by Pearson? Who realisticly do you think you could attract that's any better?
  13. Yeah fair point, offside wasn't cutting it but that's due bro my poor defenders. How's the tactic performing for you with the new patch? I seemed to really dip in form, but sure if that's a coincidence or the ME fixes have something to do with it.
  14. Hi, been using this tactic and have been very impressed. I'm Boro and doing great in the league - couple of changes I've made to the base tactic defensively , I've changed one CD to cover , found that I was getting done by through balls and also changed the sweeper keeper to attack for the same reason
  15. You mention a midfield shield - how do would you set up 3 men in the centre, I'm having problems with mine currently I have 1 BWM with a support duty, 1 CM with AP attacking and a CM support - am I right in think the BWM and AP with roam from their positions to either close down or in the AP case receive the ball, assume this is why I'm conceding - they're vacating that midfield area.