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  1. [Bristol City] (Official) Data Issues

    Cheers I'll look into this.
  2. [Bristol City] (Official) Data Issues

    Cheers! Jake Andrews on fire currently isn't he?
  3. Can potentially see that there are not many options going forward, I currently have Full backs in support, will it make the difference if I change these to wingbacks? That way I've more options out wide (assuming wingbacks get further forward), reluctant to put them on attacking
  4. I'm dominating games, making between 20-30 shots a game - however despite telling my team to work ball into the box more than half those chances are longshots and I end up with cracking stats but poor results. What am I doing wrong?
  5. [Newcastle United] (Official) Data Issues

    They both exist on my game - which version are you playing? And is England loaded up
  6. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Stephen Mallen of St Mirrin is a great bargain.
  7. [Aston Villa] (Official) Data Issues

    If you are that unhappy amend using the editor
  8. Missing players

    Post in the spurs thread, and let them know which version you are on playing (I assume touch)
  9. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    I'm not sure if his experience playing for us stopped his affection for us but I'd change type from player to fan certainly
  10. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    Just noticed Marcus Stewart has favoured club as Bristol City due to having played for us, should say because he was a fan as he supported us as kid. I'm pretty sure he hated his time playing with us (friend of mine used to drink with him and he said as much), he really hates Gary Johnson, they didnt get along at all.
  11. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Jumping reach is based on player height
  12. [Chelsea] (Official) Data Issues

    Very hard to rate players who have only had experience playing youth football like Tammy had been so of course he was boosted because of his exploits with us this year. You have to be very careful as it's easy to get carried away, take a look in the Liverpool thread if the Liverpool researcher went with the suggestions that are being made there you'd have 5-6 players coming through to be star players when in truth you'd be lucky to have one.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to invite a friend to fantasy draft mode but not getting a response when I press the button - does the other person need to be not in career mode for me to invite?
  14. Hi, Not sure if I am doing this right but trying to invite a friend to Fantasy draft but the invite button doesnt do anything. They are currently in career mode if that makes any differance.
  15. [Bristol Rovers] (Official) Data Issues

    Researchers always need to wait until things are 100% happening, we've been caught out before with things like this, for example in one version Liverpool moved to a new stadium that was in the end not built. Ive no axe to grind with Rovers, I'm not a City fan that hates them. I just think with your current situation we need to be careful, so far the owners look to have had no interest in investing heavily in the playing squad, yes we know they have money but that doesn't mean they'll use it - they haven't come out and said we have x amount to spend and so far they've spent neither. neither training ground or stadium are 100% confirmed.