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  1. Yes that was him. He also had one blocked in extra time last night after it broke to him on the edge of the box.
  2. Rice and Phillips had decent enough tournaments, but they are both good players, not elite level international players. We need someone who can truly dictate the tempo, is press resistant and can help manage the game through difficult moments, or someone with the mobility to disrupt the opposition and stop them building waves of pressure. As it was, when Italy pushed up second half and got their midfield on the ball more, we couldn't really get near them.
  3. No, that's not how it works. Had the penalty not been given, we can ignore the pattern of play and confidently assert that it was guaranteed to go to penalties and then for Denmark to progress.
  4. Quite. Let the mask slip and embrace the hate. There's enough to dislike about us without building an OTT narrative around the penalty.
  5. Fair enough. My view is, I don't think any side will create loads of chances against England given how England set up, but there is a chance Italy's tempo can sustain waves of pressure more than the other side's England have faced. It should be a close game
  6. Not sure what your point is, unless you're trying to detract from England's run because you don't like them? There are no "top sides" in this tournament. There are faded names of once top sides and a few very good, but not elite sides. England will not be undercooked, they have played plenty of "good enough" opposition to be battle hardened. Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany and Denmark are all decent opposition.
  7. Can't agree with that "scoreboard" journalism comment. I was worried about the England defence prior to the tournament, but they've barely conceded any great chances let alone goals. Even the Muller example you reference was self inflicted rather than being carved open. That doesn't mean Italy don't have a better defence (for one they get exposed more as the team is more expansive), but the amount of chances created by England's opponents in this tournament has been very low.
  8. Thought Phillips was playing his way out of the side, but he had a very good extra time. Think assuming everyone is fit, Saka's position is the only one in slight doubt, but I'd still expect him to start the final. Probably drop Mount a bit deeper to try and match up in midfield.
  9. This team would go up a level with a midfield pivot who was press resistant. Kane in this mood would be picking it up and slide ruling it all day if we could get the ball into him enough. Agree with the Henderson for Phillips shout, game has passed him by
  10. Contrary to thinking the back 4 would be England's weakness, it's the Rice and Phillips combination. Decent players both, but together they look one paced and don't actually give great protection to the back 4. Think a ball carrying option like Bellingham would make a big difference
  11. This keeper wants Pyatov back in as well. It's not a Ukraine side without him
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