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  1. Manchester United Thread 2015/16

    Will be a decent acquisition for Prison XI
  2. Pearson did more than 'ok' at Leicester. Took over after Ian Holloway got us relegated to league 1. Got promoted immediately, recruited fantastically and got us to the play offs in the championship the very next season. Brought the pride back to the club after years of nothingness. 2nd spell, took over a squad built by Sven littered with big money flops and egos. Slowly but surely shipped the bad apples out, recruited fantastically again (Players such as Morgan, Drinkwater, Vardy, Mahrez) and got us playing the best football we'd seen in years in the Championship. Yes he lost the plot a bit last year, and displayed a lack of courage in setting us up too defensively from October - February, but ultimately we got out of it. The guy is absolutely tailor made for a Newcastle or a Villa right now. If your fans could accept potentially getting relegated, I have absolutely no doubt he would turn your fortunes around in the medium term and give you a club to be proud of again. If he could tempt his fantastic back room staff to follow him again, you'll have a real coup. He will also absolutely not be a yes man for the board, precisely the opposite.