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  1. Well deserved win for Croatia, by far the better side from 50 minutes onwards. We simply could find any way to wrest back control once they started putting the pressure on, got Modric into the game and got the fullbacks bombing on. No scapegoats, but Southgate got it wrong. Felt Delph or RLC was needed alongside Dier or Henderson to try and disrupt their midfield. Plus, we desperately needed Kane to hold it up and help us get up the pitch when the pressure came and he failed to do so. I understand why Southgate didn't do it, but the sensible football decision would have been to take hi
  2. There is this big clamour for Rashford which i struggle to understand. Probably due to the simple fact that he's not Sterling. He had a good 30 minutes v Costa Rica which included scoring a great goal. Aside from that, I've seen nothing to suggest from previous matches, or his season in general that he should be a shoo-in. Sterling hasn't played well when it comes to end product, but he is providing a link between midfield and attack which this system sorely needs. I know it was a 2nd string XI, but Rashford against Belgium was either on the shoulder, or coming far far too deep to co
  3. No. Vardy is the main penalty taker now. Seems he has a groin issue which isn't the best when you're a guy who tends to smash their pens. An glad in a way as would have been slightly disappointed had he chosen not to step up for other reasons. Regular penalty takers at club level should be taking them.
  4. He plays and thrives at a standard higher than most international football every week. Look at the goal return against big sides. The late development in his career is pretty irrelevant to what he is like as a player now as is what clubs he has played for. I have no issue with people saying he doesn't fit the style (indeed he can only really play the role as main central striker where he is of course 2nd fiddle to Kane) but to say he is not of international quality isnt right imo. He is a better player than most think, even if his main attribute is pace in behind. Anyway, It's
  5. Garbage - he is the second best English striker around. He came on tonight to be an outlet for hoofs to relieve pressure. It's fine to suggest Rashford over him given the system England play in normal circumstances, but given the circumstances of the game with 5 minutes left when coming under pressure, it's not stupid to bring him on at that moment.
  6. Vardy seemed to have a problem with his groin by the look of it. I would have thought he would have been one of the 5. Disappointed if he didn't fancy it rather than injured though, his last few pens at club level have been superb (not just hit and hope like previously)
  7. Vardy necking the port (http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11712/10597701/leicester-citys-jamie-vardy-admits-to-port-routine-before-games) ...and Lingard dancing.
  8. Marquez was probably touching world class back in his Barca days. Chicharito nowhere near world class at any point in his career.
  9. He actually had his worst season in a while.
  10. The side was always going to struggle with the midfield personnel we put out, along with 2 forwards who want to make the same runs. We had no link between Midfield and attack, and until Maguire came on, nobody in the back 3 whose distribution could break lines. Nobody really did enough to force themselves in, even Rose who would have been the most obvious change to make. So therefore can't take too much from the team display, but on an individual level: Dier - Neither mobile enough defensively, nor progressive/dynamic enough on the ball to be the lone "pivot". A dismal effort from h
  11. Assuming Brazil beat Mexico, I'd prefer the Colombia then Sweden/Swiss route. Thinking about what the bookies odds on the To Qualify market might be, I guess it would give England a 40% chance to get past Colombia and Sweden/Swiss and a 30% chance to get past Japan then Mexico. That chance increases further if James Rodriguez is injured. Had Japan topped the group, finishing 2nd would have been a massive advantage of course, not so much of an issue now.
  12. Only change i'd definitely make would be Rose in for Young. Loftus-Cheek in for Alli if Alli not 100% fit. Sterling given 1 more chance to start, but hooked after an hour and dropped for Rashford going forward if ineffective again. Vardy to get at least 30 minutes if the game is wrapped up either alongside Kane (with a change of shape) or in place of.
  13. Oblak Dani Alves Van Dijk Chiellini Alaba Vidal Verratti Bale Mahrez Sane Icardi
  14. Expecting Lozano to have a good tournament and get a move to a big European League, although not as if he is an unknown quantity already.
  15. Maguire has been decent this season, not perfect by any means, but his inclusion in the squad is justified given that he has performed well for England in the most recent batch of fixtures and he fits Southgates desire to play out from the back.
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