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  1. It's not a moan, it is feedback Also, if you provide feedback after a defeat then it becomes misconstrued. Feedback after a victory comes across as more balanced
  2. So three things. AMC's work maybe a bit too well, especially those that have an "arrive late into the box" PPM. Wijnaldum has 7 in 4. I can't get strikers to work. Lacazette spent most of that game passing backwards instead of shooting, Aubameyang also does very little. They don't seem to move into channels like they are meant to. Strikers just seem so static. Goalkeeper ratings are broken. Leno was at a 6.6 before the seventh went in and he magically went to a 7.1
  3. So I barely played the Beta due to numerous reasons. Finally got stuck into a save on this game and I'm quite disappointed. The ME feels slightly better than FM20 (which I hated). Central play is better, but I find strikers are still frustratingly bad. Dribbling seems to still be a thing as does long range passing. I am seeing a lot of long range strikers too. Player ratings seem even more broken than usual The UI is woeful. It takes more clicks than usual to navigate, the fitness system is just not good at all.
  4. Really hope more people post pictures of the pre game editor being available. Definitely makes my pre-game editor appear
  5. well no, players kneeling before KO happens all the time in the Premier League. Managers don't do Fortnite dances on the touchline.
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on set piece goals? I've not seen any mention of it...
  7. I would love to play with an AM, but I find that they disappear too much. I have Aouar and Bernardo Silva who would both be perfect for the role you are describing but I'm not sure it works on FM 20
  8. I have mixed around the forwards quite a bit. I had great success with Aubameyang as an AF in that system. Tried Joao Felix as more of a DLF/F9 type and he was truly awful. I struggle to see how different the roles are with strikers, I didn't see Felix play like how I wanted him too. So I sold him to City where he's been as bad as he was with me I find that most are either playing 4-2-3-1 or the same as me. Sometimes I come up against a back 3. The AP isn't something I always use, I just happened to use it in my last game as I'm trying to find a solution to my problems
  9. Yeah so I'm Arsenal. Fairly successful, but I'm finding the game unbelievably dull. Every game against the weak sides looks largely the same, I feel like I've tried so many different tactics with limited joy. My team can create but a 1v1 in an easy game is apparently more difficult to score than in a harder game. Most of my goals seem to be crosses/set pieces. My only PI on the team is "dribble more" for the mezzala who is Bernardo Silva. The results are fine, but my issues are the games like Bournemouth, Watford and Palace.
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