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  1. CM4 literally had a "game breaking" bug where goals would disappear after half time. I remember leading a game 5-0 at HT and losing all my goals when the second half kicked off Players would also disappear from time to time too
  2. I'm sorry, but SI have somehow managed to make this game worse, and I barely played it at all due to how bad it was. It's hard to hold onto possession because players just hoof it, defenders cannot defend the high ball but it's fine as strikers cannot score 1v1s anyway. What I am seeing does not resemble football at all. Aubameyang has had 21 shots over the last 4 games. I reckon at least 12 have been 1v1s. No goals scored.
  3. I choose to have the game on windowed mode with smaller text. Since the update game doesn't remember this so the game loads in full screen with bigger text, which is really frustrating.
  4. I've barely played this game as I've just not been impressed at all with the ME. Decided to play tonight for the first time in well over a week due to the new update. Instead of seeing cross shots, terrible striker movement and 1V1's missed, I'm seeing loads of shots, loads of long balls over the top and not a lot of possession football. Basically, the old problems have gone and new ones have been created. If I could get a refund on this game, I would. It's just not fun to play at all. I feel like SI have lost sight of the fact that this game should be fun to play and to top if off, this update has created a bug where my game doesn't remember that I play in windowed mode so I have to change it whenever I load the game. That's not unbelievably annoying at all. Also it seems like pressing has been toned down so much it's broken and the best way to play is to play long balls over the top.
  5. strikers for big clubs not being able to score/get involved regularly Wide players hitting the ball into the side netting
  6. How and what do you test? How much do you test big teams vs underdogs as the single biggest problem I have found since FM19 post BETA is that strikers do not play well v packed, deep lying defences? They just stand there and don't make attempts to create space
  7. I just had a match, on extended highlights, that had ZERO highlights despite my team having 17 shots. Is this normal? has anyone else experienced this? The other thing I've noticed (beyond the dreadful striker play) is a high number of goals disallowed due to VAR. I'm getting at least one a match
  8. I'm not sure if this is better or just different. The crossfield passes and long shots have gone, but 1v1's and long balls over the top seem to be worse?
  9. I haven't read the whole thread but after two longish term saves I've found that the problems I've had with newgens are that they aren't varied enough. There's a lot of excellent South American midfielders. Most players don't have good leadership skills or jumping reach. On my Arsenal one which is in late 2030 I've noticed a real lack of left sided inside forwards. Just makes squad building really dull and affects the longevity of the save. This is the first FM (I didn't play 17 at all and barely played 18) where I've noticed a real issue with newgens
  10. I mean they say that they've fixed it but I don't trust that they have
  11. Yes, that they've fixed it for new games since the latest update but not for saves created before that update. It looks like it's an issue every 4 years from 202021, so in March 2029 you will probably have some Premier League games during the international break much like I had
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