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  1. Portugal to retain, Southgate to absolutely bottle it in a big knockout by going full sufferball
  2. Euro 00 was the best international tournament of all time
  3. That was covered in the first part which is the only memorable and good thing for me. I think the rest were either barely memorable or just made the tournament *****
  4. 2010 was dreadful with very few redeeming features
  5. Yeah, not looking forward to an international tournament is a sign of misery It's got nothing to do with Arsenal. I've enjoyed plenty of tournaments in the past irrespective of what Arsenal were doing. I just think I'm burnt out with football due to it being on for pretty much an entire year non stop and I think the quality will be the lowest it's been for ages, which in some ways is good preparation for the next World Cup which is going to be a disaster
  6. I'm not hyped for this at all. I think I'm burnt out and I think more importantly the players will be too Lack of fans will hamper this as well I think.
  7. Forgot to update this. We completed the treble by smashing Man City 5-1 in the final and comfortably beating Juventus 2-0 to win our first ever CL as a club. Moukoko finished with 46 goals Fast forward a year and we are one game off of winning the lot as we've just beaten West Ham 3-0 in the Cup Final. Transfer wise we sold DCL to Real Madrid for £80m and Martinelli to Roma for £40m. We bought in a back up regen left back and a back up regen striker. We signed 3 more regens for the future too. We lost 2 of our last 4 games to ruin an unbeaten season. To date these are our o
  8. Anyway, I've almost finished season 4. Camavinga came in on a free and Foden joins for £64m as he wouldn't sign a new deal at City. We sell off a load of squad players for the value of £110m meaning we turn a profit again. It was our worst season defensively, we conceded 32 in the league. However it was our best season offensively, scoring 107. We won the league despite only leading the league for the first time on game 37. Leaving the table as this. Martial had a mad season, although DCL missed the last 6 games through injury. DCL's replacement? This guy A ridicul
  9. Aubameyang picked up two hip injuries during his second season so he fell off a cliff. I released him at the end of S3 and he's spent the last year at Preston
  10. So Bellerin is my captain, has 2.5 years on his contract and yet I get these pathetic offers I negotiated the Juventus one to £60m up front and they came back with This has to be a bug right? This cannot be done by design
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