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  1. Really? I answered the question and there has been no response for 18 days?
  2. Is this thread dead now then?
  3. I'm not sure how I can do that as I'm not sure the bug happens until it actually happens. Plus I'm not going to save the game before every match
  4. No, I have montly rolling saves so I doubt I'll have one right before?
  5. I almost certainly won't. The only two scenarios where I could see myself buying it is if the feedback is really good after a few weeks or if we are stuck in another lockdown
  6. Yet another bug found. I was in the title race until the 37th match and I get this from the board. Save game uploaded as club vision bug
  7. Honestly this just kills any sort of desire to play this game. Could have won that 4-2 on players laying the ball off instead of shooting alone. Thats without factoring in players just hitting it at the goalkeeper from 6 yards out.
  8. Both. Same issue both times
  9. Not even sure if this is the right place to put it but here goes. I tried to make subs after 75 minutes. As you can see the subs never happened. West Ham v Arsenal.pkm
  10. Weird bug. Every time I look at another club's team it messes up my squad overview I've cleared cache, I'm not using a custom skin. I've tried a new game and it does the same thing. It's incredibly irritating. Save uploaded as "Arsenal Squad Bug"
  11. It always staggers me how many people are not aware of this law
  12. It makes sense if you actually read my previous posts. You know what the word "context" means right?
  13. Again, I wasn't moaning about the lack of clear cut chances I was highlighting that it's easier to score from long range in a match against a team playing defensive than it is playing against a more open team. Because it's easier to score from 30 yards on this game than it is from 3. How are you not getting my point??
  14. The last person to hit over 80 shots on target in a full season was Suarez in 13/14. Kane has hit 70's twice since. Both Kane and Suarez shoot from everywhere too, whereas Haaland is very much a box player.
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