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    Originally Posted by Sy13 Klopp, Mourinho, Redknapp, Moyes, Ancelotti all superior to Wenger.

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  1. 57 shots in 2 games, 1 goal. The majority of the shots came from close range.
  2. I'm experiencing lots and lots of missed chances, particularly 1v1s
  3. I've had 6 pens in my last 4 games, luck or is this a bug?
  4. I really hope they fix this game tonight, as the ball over the top nonsense is every bit as annoying as the constant crosses. No balance with this game at all
  5. The curved long ball over the top seems massively overpowered
  6. Oh so it seems like through balls are a thing now, but scoring from them is not
  7. Why is this happening on the final day? We should all be kicking off at the same time Also, those matches should be at half time when I kicked off, not full time.
  8. It's really not annoying when the AI switches to that broken 3 striker formation and it becomes impossible to defend. Not annoying in the slightest
  9. You are playing at a lower level where there tends to be more space. When you are at a big club playing against teams that pack the defence space is obviously at a premium, which makes the midfielders ignoring through balls all the more frustrating
  10. So Mesut Ozil, who has 19 vision and "looks for pass" PPM consistently shoots from long range despite having much better options to pass to. Players clearly passes, especially to those that make runs in behind. I really hope SI are looking into this, but considering how long crossing has been an issue for I will not hold my breath
  11. Come on SI, this is pretty much game breaking
  12. Dummett actually picked up some sort of muscular injury Which is fine as it won't have a massive impact on matches and I imagine the length of injuries will come down