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  1. Trying to play the One Nation objective and twice I've been through on goal, twice I've been hacked down for a penalty and twice my opponent has quit. This game is full of awful toxic *****
  2. So the season is over. Last time I posted we had beat Newcastle and Liverpool had lost to Wolves. The title was in our hands. Our next game was CSKA at home, which because of our commanding win away from home I could rest most of the side. We had lost Lacazette to injury and I needed to rest Auba so we had no recognised striker. Pepe went up front and opened the scoring in an easy 3-0 win, with Smith Rowe and Xhaka adding to the scoreline. Patino and newgens Sweeney and Suleiman made their debuts, with Sweeney being the youngest player to play for us and in the Europe league at 16 years a
  3. A HUGE moment in the title race Newcastle actually had the better xG too, we were just clinical. Martinelli is out for the rest of the season though which is a blow as he'd score some vital goals since his return from injury, 7 goals in 10 starts is a great return.
  4. Just played the type of player that makes this game ****. 4-4-2 deep but with both CDMs playing between the defenders. Both wide players high and wide. Defend deep, hit to the wings, spam bridge and cross. I don't get how people enjoy this? It's so unbearably dull. I've been using Jovic and he's a lot of fun, so there is that
  5. Well I've just packed Jovic so this is now the greatest promo ever
  6. I don't mind so much the concept behind the boost, but the players are so dull. Just no thought gone into it at all.
  7. Promo and no one is posting. Sums this game up. Awful promo. No imagination at all
  8. So, to update on how the season has gone since then. Transfer Window I usually deal with transfer windows get well, tend to get any business done early and just wait to see what happens later on. However, not for the first time, Brexit has ruined EVERYTHING. I had already agreed an £8m deal for Reading's Michael Olise who went straight on loan to Nimes. Nketiah and Balogun also left on loan. I also sold a few of the youth team players whose contracts were running down. All I wanted was a LB. Had a deal wrapped up for Tsimikas for £11m. Failed a work permit. Got Alberto Moreno in
  9. Is there nothing that can be done about it? I have started a save with Arsenal and I'd hate to have to start again. The In-Game Editor doesn't actually allow you to edit clauses for some reason
  10. Season 1 So, with the new update and the signing of Odegaard I started a new Arsenal save. The only changes I've made was to Saka, whose PA I upped to a-95 and I made his finishing, decision making and passing slightly better whilst dropping his corners and long throws. I also turned off transfers for the first window. It's also worth noting that with the new update Partey seems a little improved and Pepe and Willian have been destroyed. Pepe is terrible now. Oh and the board want a top four finish whereas before you could get away with a top six. My plan going into the season w
  11. This game cannot track stats properly at all and people want to do away with attributes? If they remove it completely from the game, SI will lose a lot of customers including myself.
  12. So I paid for the In-Game Editor to fix the following data bug as Arsenal should only be covering Ozil's wages until 2021, not 2024. However, the In-Game Editor doesn't allow me to make that change? Is that right?
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