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  1. I haven't read the whole thread but after two longish term saves I've found that the problems I've had with newgens are that they aren't varied enough. There's a lot of excellent South American midfielders. Most players don't have good leadership skills or jumping reach. On my Arsenal one which is in late 2030 I've noticed a real lack of left sided inside forwards. Just makes squad building really dull and affects the longevity of the save. This is the first FM (I didn't play 17 at all and barely played 18) where I've noticed a real issue with newgens
  2. I never got offered an interview but they gave it to Emery. He left a year later and I couldn't apply for that job
  3. Update - I added a new manager to Barcelona and retired hoping that would work. I now cannot apply for the job.
  4. Valverde was sacked on the 7/6/21, it's now the 24/7/21 and nothing has happened. I applied for the job and I've not even had an interview. During this time the Liverpool, Chelsea, Napoli, Valencia and Sevilla jobs have been filled. save game is Andrew Wilkins - Hertha Berlin.fm
  5. What about the bug where I have to play matches during the March international break?
  6. So my save is basically broken? Why was such a huge bug left in the game from November until March?
  7. I mean they say that they've fixed it but I don't trust that they have
  8. Yes, that they've fixed it for new games since the latest update but not for saves created before that update. It looks like it's an issue every 4 years from 202021, so in March 2029 you will probably have some Premier League games during the international break much like I had
  9. It's a huge problem as shown by the amount of reports on it This is one of multiple threads, unfortunately SI don't look like they are doing anything about it
  10. Club matches clashing with international ones
  11. I would just like some communication from SI and for them to answer my questions. I don't think it's acceptable for them not to provide a hotfix. There's still 4-5 months left of this game cycle, which is why I questioned the point of me uploading the save. If they cannot fix it for FM 19 what's the point? The two teams I'm playing has barely any internationals so I'm almost certainly guaranteed two defeats. When I had to play Barcelona in the super cup they had considerably fewer players away on international duty than us.
  12. I've uploaded the save anyway Andrew Wilkins - Arsenal.fm so let's hope it actually gets looked at
  13. Is there any point in uploading the save if it cannot be fixed? Is there any point in me continuing the save if it cannot be fixed either as surely this will consistently happen if I win the Champions League? Is it right that my save is possibly broken due to a really basic error? That is what I want to know. Will this happen most years as if it does there's no point in me bothering to play this game
  14. Really? Nothing? Do I just have to play the games? Will there be no quick fix?
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