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  1. It's Bamford's time Wait, what was all this about club biases again? In seriousness though, very intrigued to see how Toney gets on next season. Bit of luck he might become second choice but he'll of course need to perform very well.
  2. I mean, I completely understand discussing Southgate's flaws, because there absolutely are some, but to act like he's done a terrible job is just straight up bollocks.
  3. Even with Jorginho's record, for some reason I had absolute confidence Pickford was saving it. Feel for him really, he had a fantastic shootout, can't really ask for more from a keeper.
  4. I think they're elite at what they do, it's just having the two of them on limits us going forward. Now, this actually worked pretty well for a lot of the tournament, and as Asta said it's not like Italy were having bucket loads of chances, but there's always a risk when the team keeps dropping deeper and deeper of conceding a goal at some point. Not going to criticise Southgate for playing them, they did the job he was asking of them and we came within penalties of winning the thing, but hopefully moving forward we can see more of Bellingham playing CM as if he develops into the player he looks like he will, then that will help immensely.
  5. That's very true. Ideally, you'd want one of them playing, with someone else who'd be there to get on the ball and dictate things. They're excellent at what they do defensively though. Hopefully Bellingham develops into the kind of midfielder we need.
  6. His ball recovery is exceptional, he's constantly pressing the opponents and cutting off passing lanes to prevent easy passes, his passing is excellent. He's used in a different way to his role at Leeds where he's better, but I've naturally followed his performances incredibly closely and I can promise he's been brilliant. He's not gonna dribble round a million players or anything but the midfielder is absolutely weaker without him in it at this moment in time.
  7. No idea how you can watch England this tournament and not be a fan of Phillips. He's had a very good tournament.
  8. How is Donnarumma player of the tournament? He's great and has had a very good tournament, but really?
  9. That's why I'm not arguing it was a good performance, and that Italy were clearly the better team.
  10. Second half was poor especially, no doubt Italy deserved the win, but I don't think the performance was as bad as people suggesting. Was mainly the second half we completely fell apart for a long time. We regained a little bit of control after the equaliser at least unlike 3 years ago, so improvement I suppose So many situations where we were in the box or around the box and the pass was wrong or whatever. This is a young group and I'm optimistic for the future.
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