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  1. Forgot to send in my answers but tbf I'd have only got the first question so no big loss
  2. "Don't worry, it'll get easier as the months go on" I told myself at the start of this. It was a lie.
  3. It still baffles me that they thought that tweet was a good idea
  4. I'm giving myself a personal special bonus point for being sort of on the right lines for number 4. I mean, I was still completely wrong, but I was in the right sort of area
  5. I feel like I'm remembering a lot less than I did last year, and that was a terrible effort from me as well
  6. Allardyce said we should drop Trippier against Sweden, I wouldn't trust him to have done better. I don't think he'd have focused on the mentality quite like Southgate would have. I know he's quite underrated for some of his techniques especially from his days at Bolton but I can't imagine the team being so relaxed and happy as they were with Southgate and I think that was a huge part of us doing well.
  7. He...what? I mean, they weren't great first half but France were very good second half. Froze ffs
  8. Doesn't have enough Championship experience anyway imo, wouldn't want him
  9. Keown tends to say a crap joke then repeat it at least twice, presumably in the hopes the commentator laughs. They never do.
  10. Couldn't give a rat's arse, this world cup has been brilliant and the last 4 being comparatively "weak" has added to it
  11. God I want a Croatia goal soon, would set up the final 10/15 minutes so well
  12. Will any player ever score for both teams in a world cup final again?
  13. Oh my ****ing god this final, this world cup, I love this
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