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  1. Weirdly, I actually found my gag reflex fine when someone else did it, compared to doing it myself where I couldn't stop gagging at all after a few seconds.
  2. Not gonna pretend it's pleasant, but it's really, really not that bad. It's just mildly uncomfortable for a bit but then it's done.
  3. Yeah I didn't get into MM at all. Good few years since I've played it tbf and I don't think I gave it more than a few hours so will try it again at some point, but yeah I just wasn't a fan at all. Played Link's Awakening finally after getting it for Christmas, really really liked it. I wish I was better at Zelda games though, think Phantom Hourglass was the only one I didn't use a guide at all for
  4. Got told I was posh at school a couple of times, then at uni was told I sounded "well common" I've definitely got a northern accent but it's not overly thick I don't think. Mostly Lancashire but some Yorkshire in there 'cause of my dad.
  5. I think complaints about the price are pretty valid, full price for an old game isn't great. But some of the complaints about the game itself I don't get at all. Fi could get a little annoying and the constant text boxes when picking anything up weren't great either, but nowhere near enough to mean it's suddenly a terrible game.
  6. People are extremely overdramatic about the motion controls. There were issues, don't get me wrong (the final boss fight took me forever because of the nunchuk in particular) but for the most part they worked fine, and some of the dungeons were great, the ancient cistern in particular probably being my favourite of any Zelda game. Hopefully the option for buttons will allow people to experience it for what it is instead of "I don't like motion controls therefore the whole game is bad." EDIT: FWIW I get if motion controls aren't your thing then it can make a game much less fun, but pe
  7. Loved Skyward Sword, dodgy motion controls aside
  8. Crisp butties don't do anything for me but nothing against them. I get the appeal. Skips are ace. Tbh I love most crips. Prawn cocktail Walkers or Seasalt probably the best.
  9. I liked that as well. I absolutely loved the whole game tbh. Helps that I got it for like a fiver in some bargain bin years after it came out but I remember loving the whole game.
  10. Yep, I linked it earlier in the thread. It's impossible to find with the search function but I traipsed through a load of pages to find it because I seemingly have too much time on my hands.
  11. I agree, and as well so many different genres cover so many different moods as well. Mood playlists may grow huge but you can get rock songs that are happy, pop songs that are sad, etc etc. Plus there's people who will want their own mood playlist within a particular genre, like a wind down hip hop playlist or something. I don't think mood playlists in and of themselves are particularly new as well anyway, there's been radio shows for god knows how long for "a relaxing Sunday afternoon" or "your Friday night hype tracks!!!!" or whatever 'mood' and those still usually end up covering diffe
  12. Yeah, that makes no sense to me either. I mean, sure, there's a lot of music that kind of blurs between genres, but hasn't that been the case for about a million years? We're not going to suddenly stop using genres altogether.
  13. I think it was maybe summer 2011 but I could be wrong. I can't remember how long they were down for, my memory tells me about 4 weeks but that's just 'cause I was a sad bugger and missed this place and was checking every day for it to come back and it felt like forever.
  14. I look forward to the piece in the local press if they pick this up, perfect for Look South or whatever they call the local BBC news down there
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