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  1. And then likely Spain in the quarter final as well, hardly a cruise to the final.
  2. Yeah I like Scotland, have always wanted them to do well when it's not against us. I know most of them won't feel the same about us, but oh well
  3. Shaw in to try and get a little more attacking threat?
  4. Why come out screaming at a linesman when there's VAR anyway ffs
  5. With still got at least another couple of games for Morata to do something worse
  6. It does amaze me how many top, top players are just so completely useless at any kind of analysis.
  7. Enjoyed them against Ukraine so looking forward to watching The Netherlands
  8. Yeah that's fair. They did have a good period in the second half even without the goals, but yeah overall they were underwhelming. But with the likes of De Bruyne you can get through some below par performances.
  9. Sparing Schmeichel's blushes? He's gone up for a last minute set piece ffs, he's not made some mad error
  10. As good as Belgium have been to get back into this, they've been pretty poor since they got the second.
  11. If you're gonna dive at least wait for bloody contact ffs
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