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  1. Portgual ruining my hopes and dreams. Wales on here and a tenner on France, if Portugal had done the right thing and lost to Wales I'd have been rolling in it
  2. 5/10. Still enjoyed it but blimey there was a lot of ***** games.
  3. If by lucky penalty you mean completely stupid of the German to give it away then yeah fair enough
  4. Portugal are doing a Greece, who beat the hosts in the final, which was funnily enough Portugal.
  5. Thought I saw the hand up watching live but thought the ref was stopping for clash of heads as well yeah
  6. Clear penalty for me, another stupid raised arm for no reason.
  7. France have got better as the tournament's gone on, we got steadily worse from an already average level.
  8. All of a sudden they're banging them in
  9. 3-3, yet we're in sudden death Awful
  10. Should have gone for that again
  11. Lads, you're not meant to doing these as **** as you can, you're meant to be scoring
  12. Should have bet on it.
  13. Every player who ever looks that obviously to one direction is always going to hit it the other way.
  14. Stupid run up, ***** penalty.