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  1. I'm absolutely sure if his mate Lampard got to the quarters and lost narrowly to France he'd write a critical article.
  2. Does anybody anywhere genuinely want any goal to be disallowed for that? The rule makes sense as you don't want subs running around on the pitch and what have you, but seriously it's a couple of subs one or two steps on the pitch about a million miles away from any action. It should definitely be a rule where discretion is applied as it was here. L'Equipe have been utterly embarrassing in the aftermath of this game.
  3. Thanks for reminding me I said this @aggressive minor, as if he scored a hat trick and still everyone quite happily agrees Messi was player of the tournament think it goes some way to showing just how good Messi was overall and in the final
  4. Livakovic/Bono, Gvardiol, Amrabat, Griezmann, Messi, Mbappe have to be in there, the remaining ones could be a few different options.
  5. Tbh, given his world cup, I'm amazed and impressed he had the balls to take the pen vs Netherlands and to score it. A bad world cup, but if he misses that who knows what happens so he deserves at least a little smidge of credit for that.
  6. Just think lads, it could be Rishi Sunak consoling Southgate instead.
  7. Hahaha, and even better is you know some absolute weirdos will be furious for that as well
  8. Tbf I'm pretty sure VAR was giving it if the ref didn't. But yeah, that really kick started the absolute madness, what a final.
  9. Could maybe have given some yellows but overall he was brilliant yeah.
  10. Don't think that needed goalline tech, but either way I love it. No controversy, ref waits about 2 seconds before going "yep, it's in." Lovely stuff
  11. It was, but sometimes it's just crap officiating rather than a conspiracy which is what people on Reddit were going on about
  12. The amount of crying comments on reddit about every decision this tournament has been remarkable. There were people crying conspiracy about Croatia not getting a penalty in the third place play off, which they won anyway fgs
  13. Oh absolutely. Without the daftness from Otamendi this probably drifts away to an easy 2-0 win.
  14. I'm only 30 but the ones I can remember have mostly been a bit meh really
  15. They weren't exactly good until the penalty though. They were better following the change but this feels like an Argentina collapse rather than anything else
  16. I think it's more to do with France not having a shot on target until Mbappe's penalty tbh
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