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  1. Oh my days I can't believe I forgot that one until now Does any wrestling thread regular one Royal Rumble when some guy decided to really aggressively post for no reason about how wrestling was fake and we were all idiots, as though it was completely brand new information to us all that it's scripted? That was a fun half an hour or so until the moron got banned.
  2. Will try and find it Edit: Found it @Harryseaess He streams on twitch sometimes, last one a couple weeks ago, username minnowmize.
  3. My favourite memory was bomma making a really good save, but then spending a few seconds being so delighted with himself that he didn't notice someone else having a shot that gently flew into the net I wasn't expecting to have as much fun as we did either, one of my fondest memories of uni tbh, despite the losing.
  4. Pretty sure we didn't, we definitely came close a couple of times though. Dunno if @brez22and @bommawill remember differently. We weren't very good I don't remember the 32-something but doesn't surprise me.
  5. Still read it from time to time, the sheer indifference is just incredible
  6. Why would you go into the Singles thread posting about a girlfriend anyway?
  7. This thread is making me realise just how much I've missed over the years
  8. Wee Aja making a thread dramatically revealing he was actually an alias and how horrible he felt about it all, just to be met with a collective shrug of the shoulders. Egghampton's existence. Making a 5-a-side team at uni and never winning a game.
  9. I'd be happy to chip in some money to that hospice as well if you post the link
  10. Please donate £15 to the hospice if my name is drawn @Weezer
  11. So glad to see the odious Edwardian ghost focusing on the truly important issues
  12. Permanent ban for anyone that tries this, the sick bastards.
  13. The hospice is going to be so grateful but incredibly confused by this surge of money with random names/messages on
  14. One of the best posters in general as well tbf, if that makes you feel any better Unrelated of course, but does flattery make you any more likely to win the prize orrrr?
  15. Came in to make a "reset post count" joke but already beaten to it Really nice gesture though. One of the best Championship thread posters as well, even if you're a Wednesday fan
  16. I'm assuming so, imagine wanting Mahomes to go ffs. The stats won't reflect his performance at all but I really don't know what more he could have done last night.
  17. I think there could be a similar situation as with America, where a lot of people on the left think "this isn't the guy I want at all, but it's a far, far better option than the guy currently in charge." Or at least that's how I'll feel and hope others do. I'd definitely far rather vote for someone further to the left of Starmer but I'd also much, much prefer Labour be in than have another few years of shambolic Tory government.
  18. Absolutely, haven't really seen much he's done wrong. Some good runs, and I don't think all the many of his throws have been inaccurate at all, a lot have been really good considering the pressure but they've all been dropped.
  19. Mahomes has been extremely unlucky his team have caught sod all the whole evening
  20. Not a fan of The Weeknd at all, but I'll be damned if Blinding Lights isn't a banger
  21. This is awful from the Chiefs. Constant penalties.
  22. These penalties man, killing them
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