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  1. Not gonna argue he's having a great tournament, but what does that have to do with his excellent City form? Pep plays him because he suits his system perfectly.
  2. He scored 18 goals and got a boat load of assists, but yeah, only playing for City because he's English.
  3. That's nonsense. Henderson probably makes the most of it, but he's nutted him. You can't do that.
  4. Think he's trying to get that back across, very difficult chance
  5. We having a sweepstake on how long it takes Scott to moan about Sterling being in instead of Rashford?
  6. Henderson alone scares me a little bit, but Lingard and Alli's movement so important.
  7. I miss the days of us being laughably woeful. Likeable wankers making it gutting if we lose instead of funny
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