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  1. This basically just looks like Mike from Breaking Bad coming out for a match ffs, what even is the point in Goldberg
  2. I was thinking this when I entered. Interest is so low even the Rumble is barely getting any interest. Bit of a shame really, but I think I'll always enjoy the rumble, always fun on here too.
  3. What "irrefutable evidence" would you accept, out of interest?
  4. I feel like I read in high school about the chances of a pandemic happening at some point being extremely high and effectively being an inevitability. That's why the whole "who could have known this would happen" stuff annoys me, 'cause yeah sure, nobody knew specifically when it was going to happen and it was always going to be very difficult to handle, but to act like a virus occurring and infecting a load of people was something nobody could have predicted is nonsense. I mean, ffs there's the film Contagion from back in 2011 about a pandemic and it might as well be a 2020 documentary. This
  5. Anyone else just had 4 dudes on horses trotting past their window or is it just me?
  6. Wife has been glued to her phone for days, been getting minute by minute updates Only money she can afford to lose anyway like you, but it's still exciting/stressful. And I've been promised some kind of gift if she wins so I'm invested now
  7. You're more than welcome back any time @Tikka Mezzala Certainly don't want you gone but you health and wellbeing certainly comes first so whatever you feel is right for you.
  8. There'll probably be some lobbying for some regulations to prevent this happening again I'd imagine. This is a unique situation and almost certainly a one off though in any case. Hope people don't put whatever they make onto some other stock and just lose everything.
  9. Wife managed to jump on this early, been interesting following it. Funny hearing them complaining about it like they've not exploited and manipulated the system for years to make fortunes.
  10. On the flipside, I had a constant sore throat for about 2 weeks earlier this month, and it's still sore now in the mornings, and I tested negative recently. So who the **** knows basically If data keeps showing it's a common symptom it should be encouraged for people to get tested if they have it, but I've idea at what point that would be.
  11. I do wonder if those symptoms might be added to the "if you have these don't go outside" list with the cough, fever, and loss of taste and smell. I seem to remember the taste and smell thing took a while to get added.
  12. Feel like I'm seeing more and more about sore throats lately, anecdotally. Think a couple here have mentioned it, and my mum as well had a very sore throat for several days after she tested positive.
  13. Royal Rumble Sweepstakes 1. Confused Clarity 2. Leftback in the changing room 3. darren1983 4. MavReck 5. Pompeyboyz 6. Ronaldo Beckham 7. Kanwulf 8. Icelander83 9. craigcwwe 10. The Wednesday 11. given1legend 12. HopOnBaby 13. Stig 14. Merry_miller 15. BamaZeus 16. TM 17. bazaod 18. gus crazy 19. Pukey
  14. The whole concept of "manliness" is daft sometimes and I find it bizarre when people feel the need to criticise others for eating or drinking a certain thing as though you can't possibly be a man for eating X. I got so much stick (mostly very lighthearted in fairness, my friends weren't complete nutters) when I was younger because people were drinking beers and I preferred cocktails. I didn't understand, and still don't, how happening to prefer one drink to another could somehow make me any more or less of a "man" and it's the same with eating meat. Why on earth would eating steak mean you're
  15. Seems we won't even need the Rashford bat-signal this time round either.
  16. I find the guys (and I assume others as well, but it's mostly those blokey blokes you mention that I've seen) who act like the very idea of cutting down on meat is offensive very, very weird. There's some who seem to think that it's impossible to have a nice meal that doesn't have meat in it. I remember watching one Come Dine With Me episode and there was an vegetarian Indian lady on and they all acted like she was odd for not eating meat, then they went round to her house last and a couple seemed devastated when she made clearly the nicest food all week with loads of vegetarian samosas and cu
  17. That's an absolutely spectacular **** up
  18. Those aren't the main series though tbf, handled well a TV series could be a huge hit with my generation who grew up with the books/films, and then watch it with their kids who'll probably love it. And you say not set the world alight, which while they haven't they've still might a pretty solid profit. As long as it's not really bad and has enough likeable, it will be a big hit I think.
  19. I get flu jabs with work and on the day a couple years ago I had a bit of a cold so they gave me a choice but recommended I wait, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a similar scenario here, though obviously not 100% the same especially as your dad has seemingly recovered from it. I doubt they refused to give it though and like you say, more likely they mentioned it and he decided not to take it, for whatever reason that may be.
  20. Not good if everyone there was positive tbh, that's a lot of Covid being spread
  21. Yeah, I've watched a lot of crime documentaries and some of the incompetence from the police beggars belief, especially when you watch something like The Confession Tapes. It kinds scares me how many police officers on these kinda shows still say things like "well, they acted this way and that's just not how someone should act when a relative dies" which is just the biggest pile of horse **** going.
  22. Only had about 60 guests for my wedding in normal times, just couldn't imagine a 400 person one and that's before even taking into account the pandemic ffs
  23. We're all here for you mate, even if it will mostly just be by chatting our usual nonsense.
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