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  1. So forgive me for not being arsed either way about a result between two reserve teams
  2. Danny Rose making a great case for being picked. Nobody else impressing greatly really. If Sterling had the performance Rashford is having Scott would be complaining.
  3. Lot more long balls than what we've done in the first 2 games.
  4. Incredible Missed more chances in half an hour than most players will miss in the entire tournament.
  5. I don't feel like we're trying to lose, I just think Southgate knows the result is fine either way so keeping the best 11 fit is arguably the best thing to do, whether we finish first or second.
  6. Lots of places seem to show Januzaj wing back but the official Belgium account puts T Hazard there
  7. We need to get to the quarters in the first place, coming top and playing Japan gives us the best chance of doing that. Get top, play Japan and (hopefully) win, then worry about the quarters then.
  8. We should beat them, but in a one off game? They can easily get a 1-0 win. We need to get to the QF first anyway and winning the group gives us the best chance of doing that.
  9. Sweden and Switzerland won't be byes. Switzerland drew with Brazil who many people seem to be terrified of for a start.
  10. I'd far rather face Japan than Colombia, even though Colombia didn't look great there.
  11. In fairness Senegal look like the ones needing a win, Colombia very poor.
  12. Great idea of moaning about something and distracting the Colombia players, but the execution so bad with the shot
  13. Senegal done great first 27 minutes, completely nullified Colombia so far
  14. I wouldn't change every player or everything but not rotating would be crazy. Rashford, Dier, and Rose would be nailed on to start for me and I'd maybe make another couple on top of that.
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