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  1. Seem to remember it being £15 to replace the last one I lost. They send it out to your address and you can get a paper ticket for the any games that are on while it's out on delivery.
  2. Just back from the game, West Brom were absolutely woeful. Have any Premier League teams come to Old Trafford and attacked us?
  3. The only slight positive is at least the injury was in a position where we have plenty of cover. Blind, Rojo and Young can all cover LB. God knows what we would do it that happened to Smalling or one of our attackers. Would also like to see more of Pereira please, feel like he could have a bit of a break out season if he's given the chance.
  4. Nah definitely don't want Rooney on pens. Fairly sure he's got a pretty poor record for us, in fact I seem to remember there being a statistic about it when RVP took over from Rooney, and Rooney's ratio was quite poor.
  5. https://twitter.com/manutdmen/status/642772842929647616 This may be my favourite quote ever. Oh and Martial :cool: what a ****ing introduction, buzzing for the kid!
  6. Fellaini starts up top, I imagine he'll offer a bit more than Rooney has done so far.
  7. Likening Martial to Bebe ffs, just because you haven't heard of him doesn't mean he's rubbish. He's quite highly rated (okay not €80million worth, but still) around Europe and has played at good level last season. It's not like we've scouted him from the homeless World Cup ala Bebe
  8. Yeah I agree with what Harry has said on the whole, if we had signed a good CB and kept RVP possibly, then it would be around 9/10 imo. But a 7/10 is where I would place us for now.
  9. The rumoured clauses (take with a pinch of salt of course). € 30 million up front, followed by four payments of € 5 million each year in July. €5 million each time Martial is the top scorer in the Premier League, to a maximum of € 15 million. Another € 5 million will be due if Martial wins Golden Boy. The final € 10m will be paid if Martial won the Balon D'or career in Manchester. No where near as bad as it first sounds (if true), basically if he turns into the best player in the world, then we pay a fee more worthy of the best player in the world.
  10. Get him back in the sticks for the Liverpool game please.
  11. I would imagine that fee includes wages as well?
  12. Haha nope, that was my own screenshot rather than something off twitter
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