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  1. Cheers. Here's my regen then. I was playing with PSV for about 10/11 seasons and this fella came through my academy. He had good attacking stats, and 15 for long shots, so it become my goal to turn him into a goal scoring Libero. I moved to Chelsea after things became stale with PSV and had to bring him along with me. He's such a fun player and it's so good when he slams home a 30 yard screamer .
  2. How do post an image like the ones above fellas? I used to know how to do it properly but I've forgotten now. I want to show off my sweeper who's probably my favourite ever regen from any FM.
  3. Hello guys. I have a idea for a challenge which imo could interest many people and hopefully would be a successful idea. It would be called Barcelona Academy Challenge and the idea would be to build a squad at Barcelona using only players that came through the academy. Then see how many trophies you could win. I'm not to sure on the scoring for the trophies, but maybe only get points for winning trophies when 75% of the squad is HG. Hopefully you guys will help I will make a list of all the current HG players at the club (e.g Messi, Bojan, Puyol) and then another list of all the non HG players (e.g Ronaldinho, Henry, Deco) at the club , then a 3rd list of all the HG players not at the club (e.g Fabregas, Pique, Arteta) So before I make this challenge I would like your opinions
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