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  1. Not to be a Debby downer but swaps is terrible player wise.
  2. I’ve got a pretty strong Manc accent I think, I didn’t really realise until I had to live in Portsmouth for 9 months and people couldn’t understand my accent or some of the slang I use
  3. Yeah that’s the ideal situation from a fan perspective I think, but there’s no way Pace/Nagy don’t go down swinging and unfortunately that means they’re likely going to trade away lots of picks.
  4. The Colts were always a much better fit for Wentz than the Bears were in my opinion. The Colts are a more complete team and he’s now under his old OC, could be a good trade if he returns to his old form. A big if however. No idea what the Bears are going to do now though, potentially try and trade up for a QB or test the market for someone like Carr? I just hope it isn’t Foles
  5. Colts win the Wentz race (just beaten by G-man)
  6. I remember on MW2 we were on a pretty big win streak on domination and one game was really tight and we were going to lose the game. Everyone was feeling down that the win streak had finally come to end, until you call in a tactical nuke right at the end of the game to win it for us and the party erupted
  7. And if wasn’t, then @ajw10may be in luck. Because the CDM should be packs, I would imagine they would have to grant you the CDM version whilst also keeping the RB version. So could very well end up being a 2 for 1 stroke of luck.
  8. Jose! So your name got changed back eventually, I didn’t even realise
  9. Awful news has just come in RIP VJax, one heck of a WR
  10. Ahh yes, I knew there was more names but I couldn’t for the life for me think of the names/usernames, so thank you for the reminder! Chops was a top bloke, I used to speak to him a fair bit on MSN and stuff.
  11. Classic, I forget he made a few videos! I definitely remember Dan having ‘a penalty theory’ that people always tried to shoot top left and he saved something ridiculous like 15 penalties in a row
  12. I was just flicking through my DMs trying to find the username of Dan I believe it was @Dan_rm. I was going to edit it in I promise. Another good memory of playing games with people from here
  13. I remember playing COD 4/MW2 a fair few times with Powlay. He was a lot more cheerful on the mic from what I remember than he’s perceived on the boards. From memory @gillsminnow @DanielM_90 @mwalker99 @Danny Ess Jose_9_Reyes (I know he changed his username but can’t remember what to) @H.O.V.I (and a couple others who’s names completely escape me at the minute) were the ones who played pretty regularly. Playing COD/clubs with those boys for a couple years were my favourite memories of OTF, I had a lot of fun and laughs over that time. Also, as @Gizzymentioned earlier. Had great fun pla
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