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  1. jonahno6

    Love Island

    Yeah that new girl, Megan, is a bit of a sort.
  2. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    It’s Group H.
  3. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Well you basically get an icon for free, and you don’t have to spend much at all to get an icon really. I spent about 150k and got Blanc. A mate of mine got Ronaldinho in his 3rd pack and another mate got Hernandez after about 125k worth of packs.
  4. jonahno6

    Britain's Got Talent 2014

    Yeah the Giang Brothers were definitely the most talented on the show, shocked they didn’t make the top 3.
  5. jonahno6

    Love Island

    Not ashamed to say I love it.
  6. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    It was introduced as there was a no loss glitch in FUT Champs which involved closing down the app via the middle button. So not allowing people to press the middle button without disconnecting is a temporary (permanent now) fix.
  7. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I’m not sure, I’ll have to check later tonight. I collected my rewards on the app so haven’t been able to check. I thought someone in here mentioned that you couldn’t put I’m not don’t know for certain.
  8. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Oh ****, I can’t play in the DKT if I’ve collected my rewards can I? Damn it. Ah well, on the positive side of things I managed to get Kimmich out of one of the upgrade packs.
  9. jonahno6

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Every weapon on the map is gold. So you have the Scar, Famas, Heavy Shotgun, Deagle and Suppressed Pistol all gold. There’s also the gold RPGs and Grenade launchers but they only come out of the large crates. Oh and the bolt action and semi auto. Main difference is that there’s no tac or pump shotgun which is a big plus imo.
  10. jonahno6

    Fortnite - All the kids are playing it

    Just noticed my favourite game mode, Solid Gold is back
  11. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    I got Gnabry and he’s a pretty damn good card though. I wouldn’t mind getting a CB or a central midfielder on Tuesday as that’s what I’m team is lacking the most.
  12. I’ll have no slander against Rachel Zane thank you.
  13. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Well, time to save up for the new Bale card. The 91 did me a great service, can’t wait to upgrade.
  14. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    You reckon? I think he looks great, tempted to play him at CB though.
  15. jonahno6

    The FIFA 18 Thread

    Got Oblak 2nd time around which is slightly disappointing but at least I don’t have to spend on a keeper anymore.