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  1. Think I'd go Sterling, Shaw, Maguire, Walker, Phillips. Stones could maybe be in there over Phillips as Phillips tailed off a bit over the tournament. First 4 are nailed on for me though.
  2. No of course not, there are lots of players better at taking penalties than others just like those who are better at putting in golf than others with poor short game. I still think there's more of a lottery aspect to it in penalties in football though, with more variables in a penalty than say in a golfer on the green. We shouldn't have had some of those taking the pens tonight, but if they say they're up for it and have previous form of taking pens then I don't disagree with them taking one or the manager putting them in for one. Saka 5th was a travesty though and I feel for the poor kid.
  3. Of course they are....you can practice as much as you want but on that stage it can just go to pot.
  4. Pens are pens...complete lottery, plenty of experienced players have ballooned them over before. Is a bit weird to put Saka on at the end of them, but then it's stage not age innit. Gutted though, I thought we had it even in pens with how it started. Amazing from England though, and the best team generall won there as Italy were very good, but we have a future at least now. Grealish I think won't ever become a starter, it's surely got to be Foden going ahead and I think both are ace, I just don't see how Grealish comes back here from this unless he moves and becomes phenomenal which he could well do.
  5. I posted that I was behind them, but I do completely understand why they don't with us, as I think I did explain. I get the idea that they would be behind our opposition, but I find it hard to understand why they would be so annoyed if we did win it fair and square. Of course they want others to win it, we're the 'bigger brother' and they should think that in terms of wanting us to fall on our sword etc.
  6. Got a point....doesn't excuse a lot of what people do of course, but it does seem like we want to take down so many people who make it to the top of their profession or status.
  7. I think if it was Scotland, Wales, Ireland/N.Ireland in the final I'd be behind them completely. I know that's not the same as it must drive fans from those countries nuts regarding the way England media and fans go on, but I just find the hating neighbours weird. Of course, if any got trounced I'd find that funny, as I'm sure they will if we end up getting that tonight, however I'd still be behind them (I was with both Scotland and Wales this tournament and previous).
  8. It's happening isn't it....as in it's really happening....like now....it's about to start with all the build up...as in now....it's happening....I'm not sure I'm ready for this
  9. Maybe it's just the English semis of 90 and 96 that have coloured my judgement and the fact we never get to a final. I liken it to club level though, I've always hated it when Spurs get knocked out in a semi than losing in a final. Of course, I'd rather win the final, but at least just getting there is enough for some of us at times.....but that won't happen tomorrow....it's coming home!!!!!!
  10. No way, at least you've had the occasion...if you get knocked out in the semi then you have had none of it, may as well have gone out at the start.
  11. Yeah definitely, I think even if we lose it won't hurt as bad as say going out at the semi final stage. To be in the final is just amazing and I just want to enjoy it no matter what.
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