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  1. Is that a 433 we're going with and new fullbacks....ooooooh Gareth you saucy minx
  2. Sunday 20 June Group A: Italy 2-0 Wales (17:00, Rome) Group A: Switzerland 0-0 Turkey (17:00, Baku) Monday 21 June Group C: North Macedonia 0-3 Netherlands (17:00, Amsterdam) Group C: Ukraine 0-1 Austria (17:00, Bucharest) Group B: Russia 1-2 Denmark (20:00, Copenhagen) Group B: Finland 0-3 Belgium (20:00, St Petersburg) Tuesday 22 June ***Group D: Czech Republic 0-3 England (20:00, London)*** Group D: Croatia 2-0 Scotland (20:00, Glasgow) Wednesday 23 June Group E: Slovakia 0-2 Spain (17:00, Seville) Group E: Sweden 2-0 Poland (17:00, St Petersbu
  3. I think they should do whatever they plan to do. I don't think there's any arguments here.
  4. I thought France ended up playing and looking really similar to what England did really. Italy looked the best for me so far, albeit Turkey really didn't trun up. For me, it's a wide open tournament and there's not one or two really dominant teams...yet! Early days though.
  5. I remember not really understanding the implications of staying on when Lloris had that incident years ago and after reading up on it, it is crazy we are still seeing this nowadays....that Lloris thing was proper years ago, how is just not a thing now???
  6. Southgate could wear a gimp costume if we win the tournament for all I care.
  7. 3-2 to France in a corker I predicted. I did tip Greece in 2004...so go with that!
  8. Wednesday 16 June Group B: Finland 0-1 Russia (14:00, St Petersburg) Group A: Turkey 1-1 Wales (17:00, Baku) Group A: Italy 2-0 Switzerland (20:00, Rome) Thursday 17 June Group C: Ukraine 2-0 North Macedonia (14:00, Bucharest) Group B: Denmark 0-2 Belgium (17:00, Copenhagen) Group C: Netherlands 3-1 Austria (20:00, Amsterdam) Friday 18 June Group E: Sweden 1-1 Slovakia (14:00, St Petersburg) Group D: Croatia 2-1 Czech Republic (17:00, Glasgow) ***Group D: England 2-0 Scotland (20:00, London)*** Saturday 19 June Group F: Hungary 0-3 France (14:00, Buda
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