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  1. When I selected to change the theme I crashed out. Then when I changed the currency to £ from $, this caused another crash. Then 3rd time was again currency change. I was live streaming my playthru to YouTube at the time so I have a record of it. Here is the video link-
  2. I had this same issue on my TV and has to go into the TV settings and select "Just Scan" doing this made it fit
  3. Guys I will be live streaming FM 2020 Stadia edition on my YouTube channel today. Will be using Chromecast and TV and controller only from the setup onwards to check speeds, ease of use and performance. www.YouTube.com/TheGamesDenTV
  4. Thanks for the update mate. But not being able to save your tactics seems like a huge mistake as it will be painful making every tweak manually every match etc
  5. I am finding the Beta harder than ever to score. Playing as West Ham and having 30+ shots and 14 on target and losing 1-2, this kinda thing happens most games. hardly realistic. Been using your FM 19 Unplugged 4231 which I think is great. Just my players miss nearly all one on ones and seem to hit the bar or the post endlessly, plus the 2 disallowed by VAR. VAR ruins FM as you stop celebrating
  6. I think they should just unlock the unobtainable achievements for everyone. Otherwise we are all stuck unable to get 1000G on our favourite game series.
  7. So what is the latest with the achievements fix? Also will we ever be able to access the Touch version as its so much slower on GamePass than the Steam version weirdly. Got a bad feeling SI will just sidestep these fixs and focus on stadia instead. Shame as this is a missed opportunity
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