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  1. You never know, Ham might show up... ah, I see what you're saying now.
  2. Could have been worse, at least Giggs wasn't in the dug out. Proud of the boys regardless, just had nothing left for today and were beaten by a better side.
  3. Ended up on the weaker side of the draw( on paper) if we can get past Denmark then I'd fancy our chances.
  4. He's too used to watching Rugby. He thought a 5th goal was worth a bonus point. Easy to do when trying to remain impartial on such a big game.
  5. Think he let himself down in a few moments, but overall his ability to stay impartial (especially in a game of this magnitude) has to be applauded.
  6. Can't fault anyone today, from Big John Hartson in the commentary booth to Ian Rush in the stands. On we go
  7. 5 years today for me and Gazza arriving in Bordeaux, could never have expected what I was about to witness. Best summer EVER
  8. Unfortunately, like Gazza, we lost all our tickets we had. But very excited for the Euros. Big Kieffer to show Europe why he is the best target man in the world Regardless of what happens I hope Rob Page is given a chance to get the role full time.
  9. Whilst that is all well and good and they are deserving charities, when am I going to get this
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