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  1. Luck was definitely not with a few tonight, probably could have ended up 4th or 5th (only had 1 warning) but that would have just been from misfortune of others than anything great on my part.
  2. Was on track for a decent finish there and spun, exploding wall was a bit weird but I'd have been last and needing to pit again so race was over any way. A bit more exciting than Sunday though.
  3. Just "Mav overtakes me" on the highlights been demoted from breeze past status
  4. I can give you another infraction if you want to feel like a rebel I am tempted to revoke that infraction though because Ham does sound like Julian Clary
  5. Monty!!! What a pointless race for me tonight, lost a wing with a collision with Tony at turn 1, he isn't at fault for it think someone in front went early on the breaks and he was avoiding them. Last place at lap 1, having to do a different strategy to everyone else. Happy to finish 11th, but **** me what a colossal waste of time. At least we have a new winner to make it slightly worth it.
  6. I was too slow, but the same sentiment from myself.
  7. I read that as excrement and it summed up my feelings completely.
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