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  1. As I am sure you are all aware, it is our beloved @MavReck30th birthday today. Ever since my brother Recky_D stopped posting here, I have sort of adopted Mav as my own brother. So it would mean a lot to me if you could send him your well wishes on this special day!
  2. Glad you've sorted it, I don't have avast installed on my laptop
  3. Great news, the game will no longer start up for me
  4. I think the only people who could find anything wrong with Maxeys post are probably sex pests.
  5. That would be everyone's favourite poster Ronaldo Beckham.
  6. Ned also won big on who wants to be a millionaire
  7. Getting a bit much now, do they do refunds?
  8. I remember my brother used to post on here, don't know if anyone else remembers Recky_D?
  9. You forget that she didn't like pizza I seem to remember he was sharing pictures of her on twitter, and thats how Cleon (i think) managed to find out who she was. Whoever it was that found her messaged her about Tom, and she had no idea who he was. Then I think Tom was PMd asking what he was doing, because the girl who's photos he's sharing online isn't his girlfriend. He then made up some bollocks how it was all true, so all the info was posted in the singles thread. Within minutes he deleted his twitter page and I don't think he ever posted again.
  10. These days you get arrested and thrown in jail if you say a woman is beautiful
  11. Just to confirm, if I win I'll keep the money for myself
  12. What a wonderful place this is. I am truly lucky that I can call @SouthCoastRedone of my friends, so have fully jumped on the bandwagon of support for the hospice he mentioned. I do wish to take part in the prize draw, such a great thing to do @Weezer
  13. Think Mav has been practicing on Wreckfest all week with that performance.
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