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  1. This month has brought back my love for the game. It has made me feel slightly embarrassed I didn't try harder to watch the team more often. Just want to keep watching Wales, wherever I can.
  2. Yeah that's a fair point. Where are you boys in Lyon. We will be appproaching shortly.
  3. Holiday approved, Eurostar booked, Hotel booked. Not sure how much work I'll do today or tomorrow now These trips are costing a fortune
  4. We were only in Lyon a couple of weeks ago (for Northern Ireland vs Ukraine) didn't expect to be back there so soon
  5. Hope all you of you out there enjoyed yourselves... On to Lyon
  6. Great atmosphere in the stadium... Now to get tickets for Lille.
  7. I've got tickets near the blue stand... I'm hoping it's the Wales end.
  8. Portugal vs Hungary / Austria vs Iceland

    Got themselves an extra €500k for winning the game rather than drawing.
  9. Best thing about getting Northern Ireland would be if it forces Belgium to finish third and go into the other half of the draw against France
  10. We need Ireland to win or Sweden to win by less than 4 (unless Ireland also win). Plus any set of results that isn't Austria and Hungary both winning to get Northern Ireland. If both Austria and Hungary win we have Turkey, won't matter about the other result.
  11. Yeah, but your table shows options of Albania qualifying but not Turkey. Can't happen as Turkey are higher in the 3rd place standings.
  12. The 2nd or 3rd option can't happen, as Turkey can't not qualify if Albania do. Just 4 options