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  1. Goals from all over the pitch though, the wingers have really contributed well my top goalscorer is joint 6th in the chart, AvR - 4th and Assists - joiny 8th. so not far off
  2. my latest tweaks fwiw the only individual instructions remain the two centre midfielders as pass it shorter and Use Tighter Marking & Play for set pieces are optional depending on opponent. 4 games to go? can i get a consecutive promotion?
  3. Absolutely love the tactic. Got promoted from league two in my second season and am now on the verge of promotion from league one in the very next season despite having a small squad and budget. One change I've made since my last update is to have my default mentality as defensive, but with tempo set to higher, I also set 'use tighter marking' on against stronger teams. I found that when I was set to balanced or positive that I would dominate weak teams but lose cheap goals on the counter and get well beaten by better teams so to be defensively solid was a priority
  4. just thought i'd update here with my progress using this tactic in FM2020 Started off at Northampton in League Two simply because with my somewhat limited knowledge of the league, I knew they had a few key players that would fit the formation well at the start so it wouldn't be such a struggle. Alan McCormack is a feisty albeit ageing BWM, Mark Marshall full of pace on the wing and a massive 6ft6 lump up front in Harry Smith. After starting with initial window disabled i was glad to see that they also have a strong defence with a lot of depth, a couple of good options to play BBM, a secon
  5. Really weird but I can see all the images in the mobile browser, just not on the desktop one. No worries I can just check this thread on mobile
  6. That's weird they are all broken for me. I can't see the images in your blog either. Anyone else reading this thread who can check?
  7. Keown has used the water carrier carrying champagne gag about 6 times in this match
  8. One shot on target from perisic and I am a rich man. Come on Croatia!
  9. That's VAR officially ruining this world cup. Doesn't overturn the griezmann dive, bit allows a penalty for a soft handball
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