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  1. Rate Euro 2016

    They were ****ed by the format. Two group winners had to play runners up in last 16. Every other group winner got a 3rd place. And that was because of the format.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo

    He has more talented strikers, plus Di María. And not all of the strikers can play. So I don't buy this. I think quite a few of the Portuguese midfielders would make the Argentina XI at the moment. In fact, now I think about it, I reckon a combined XI would have more Portugal players than Argentina.
  3. Your Team of the tournament

    Ozil > Kroos. Kroos started great then got worse after that. Ozil was really good in most games, and I'm usually an Ozil sceptic. Also, Payet disappeared for the semi-final and final. Although he made my team on the strength of his tournament up until then.
  4. Your Team of the tournament

    Buffon; Srna, Bonucci, Chester, Raphael Guerreiro; William Carvalho, Ramsey; Blaszczykowski, Ozil, Payet; Griezmann
  5. Rate Euro 2016

    6. Think the new format is rubbish. If they're going to have 3rd place teams progress, then they need to do the knockout draw mid tournament, after the groups are finished. And then base the draw on group performances. Can't be having two groups ****ed from the beginning.
  6. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Whose scoring record for France is now worse than Giroud's. Benzema for Real Madrid and Benzema for France are different players
  7. Portugal - Euro 2016

    Yay. Go Portugal. I don't know any Portuguese, so congrats. Complimenti ragazzi, etc.
  8. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Haha. So happy for you guys. I believed!
  9. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    The Payet tackle should have been a booking.
  10. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Hadn't seen that clip before, of Ronaldo getting one of his teammates to take a penalty. Who was he talking to?
  11. Next England manager?

    All well and good him saying he's not ready yet, but the problem Pardew has is that if he's going to do it, it needs to be now. Guys like him only get chances when their stock is high, which for him is now after what he's done with Palace. As soon as they dip, he becomes someone who won't even make the conversation
  12. Referee performance

    Think the refereeing has been superb. There's a decent crop of refs at European level now, as opposed to the two or three good ones you had 10 years ago. Cuneyt Cakir is appalling and thinks we're there to watch him, but the others are good. Rizzoli, Clattenburg, Brych, Kassai and Jonas Eriksson are all decent and I wouldn't mind them reffing any of my team's games. Damir Skomina is alright too.
  13. Semi Final 2 - Germany vs France

    I don't rate Mario Gomez at all, but they missed him last night. And versus Italy when he went off. Also Schweinsteiger is finished.