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  1. I always thought Holland looked better in a back four under Koeman. Feel the same here. And they'll be better when de Ligt is back. They don't have many top players so always going to be tough when one of them is out, especially if he wants to persist with three at the back
  2. I thought England were pretty decent. I didn't think they were as impressive as Italy or Belgium, but then they were playing a better team - Russia are a very poor team, and I think Turkey just wanted a 0-0 and played for it. Croatia aren't a top side, but they're better than those two and actually played to win.
  3. Should bring on Grealish for Pickford imo and really go for the jugular. Cowardly from Southgate
  4. Modric hasn't been on the ball enough. Feels like he's a bit high
  5. I don't think I've wanted a player to fail as much as I have Grealish at this event.
  6. Witsel hasn't played since January and yet got picked in the squad? And England fans thought they had it bad with Henderson and Maguire
  7. Belgium can't call anyone else up to replace Castagne now the tournament has started, right?
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