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  1. Astafjevs

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    'Ruin' the previous 30 pages? Full of nonsense as well
  2. Astafjevs

    It came home. Hope, hope came home

    Not for everyone. Which is why you get the people here gloating.
  3. How strong are Croatia mentally? Absolute granite. Got to respect that * Go behind in all three knockout games * Play 120 minutes in all knockout games, still have more energy than England * Miss a late penalty against Denmark, beat them on penalties * Concede a late equaliser to Russia, beat them on penalties as well
  4. Keane absolutely going for it. Go on
  5. Why is Pivaric not holding that in the corner? And why is Badelj giving England a set piece ffs :D
  6. I know fresh legs in midfield will always help, but taking someone like Modric off, who can take the ball under pressure as well as anyone, doesn't strike me as a great idea when you're going to be backs to the wall
  7. Chill, England fans. Theres a good 13-14 mins left to score. There will be chances. Multiple chances. Croatia will be edgy and will now just defend. Make the fact they're under pressure count, build it around their area etc. They conceded late vs. Russia
  8. For all their domination, Belgium haven't created much. It's been great to watch, but how many chances have come from it? France have had more or less all the good ones
  9. Two really odd systems. No way you can say Belgium is a 'classic' 4-3-3 when you use your eyes and look at where their players are. Chadli is playing super high, Vertonghen is barely crossing halfway and playing more like a left central defender in a three. Hazard is floating around as left wing back but isn't really sticking to it Edit: now I see 4-3-3. They change completely with the ball
  10. They didn't even play with wingbacks last time. Kind of interested to see what he does. Just sticking Lukaku further to the right again probably won't work.
  11. Should probably wait at least one more tournament before declaring a new dawn for England's team
  12. Saw a great tweet earlier, that since 1982 there's been an Inter player in every World Cup final. And Croatia are the only ones left with Inter players in their squad
  13. Astafjevs

    Overated players

    He might have done had he not been injured three months before the tournament