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  1. Enigmatic has been a consistent embarrassment with his description of Italy's run. Just ignore it. You'd think we stumbled through the knockouts and won by luck.
  2. Hate stupid videos for lineups. Just give us a graphic. Donnarumma; Walker, Bonucci, Maguire, Spinazzola; Højbjerg, Jorginho, Pedri; Chiesa, Lukaku, Sterling ^^^ UEFA team
  3. Nor did I. Mainly thanks to his reaction. I was waiting for our next taker
  4. Well if you mean Denmark, they had an easy group, and then knockouts of Wales and Czech Republic. I'd expect Denmark to beat Wales. Czech Republic is a 50-50 given how the Czechs played. But I certainly don't look at their run and think 'wow, didn't they go further than they should'. They went as far as their draw allowed them and progressed from their group with a massive 3 points
  5. Bastoni and Romagnoli should be enough. Bastoni struggled in some of his games because Mancini plays high and front foot and he's from a club that doesn't play that way at all. And he's slow so he needs to learn to defend in those teams, like Chiellini has
  6. Kind of how I see it. If England win the shootout nobody says a word about the game. We'd be told how Southgate planned it all perfectly and got everything right, anyone saying Italy were the better team would just get told to 'suck it up' or something like that. But they lost and so there's a few complaints about the approach and how they should've been braver. You either accept the approach and hope it works out, like it did for France, or get someone in who will be more expansive
  7. 'He was good' should be what matters though. Donnarumma; Walker, Bonucci, Chiellini, Shaw; Pedri, Jorginho, Pogba; Sterling, Schick, Forsberg Think Schick has to be the striker. He played five games and scored in four of them. Not like he bagged them all against Scotland and then did nothing. Scored in both the knockout games he played in.
  8. Wasn't this for covid reasons though, to make sure it was all covid secure etc.
  9. Juve definitely the best place because he'll play and they're in the Champions League. We need more players playing at that level really. The improvement in Barella over the last two seasons since he started playing Champions League is amazing. He didn't have a good tournament but he's becoming a top player. Also 23 isn't young. Not for a forward nowadays anyway. Now is the age he needs to kick on and become a fuoriclasse. He turns 24 next season - in the season Sterling turned 24, he scored 18 league goals, four in the Champions League. That's the standard.
  10. You kind of worry what would have happened if the stadium was meant to be full, as in all 90,000 ticketed and not 60,000. I know Hillsborough is difficult to repeat with no fencing, but you'd be heading for a situation that's similar at the very least I guess the argument is that people might not have tried, but some of the stuff going on was so bad. To have such poor stewarding and policing for an event like that is criminal.
  11. What we really need is Chiesa to take the next step. He's good, but we need consistent product if he's going to reach the category of Sterling/Gnabry/Salah/Mané, and he's not there yet.
  12. Tonali. Bastoni, although he needs to get used to playing for a team that plays football. Hopefully Luca Pellegrini because we need fullbacks. Zaniolo would have been in this squad if not for injury - need to see if he's the same player because he's had two ACL injuries. I'm hoping Kean can settle down and become consistently good because we need a forward They're all players you've probably heard of. Rovella is probably the best one that people won't have heard of. But he's not got much Serie A experience as yet and unless he makes an incredible jump he's unlikely to get called given the competition in midfield
  13. I didn't either. Saka missed and I was waiting for the next Italian taker. I don't think Donnarumma strolling off to the side with no celebration after saving it helped
  14. He was excellent. Probably our most consistent player, and it's nice to see a goalkeeper recognised. Chiesa was more noticeable, but not as consistent, and didn't score or assist enough goals to win player of the tournament. If they're going to give the award to an Italian player, the other candidates would be Bonucci, Spinazzola or Verratti. But Verratti didn't play every game and was subbed off a lot, and Spinazzola didn't play two important games in the SF or final. So it was basically Donnarumma or Bonucci. He made some important saves - vs. Wales and Austria. And saved 3/9 penalties in shootouts.
  15. I said it before the tournament too. And tbf he got injured 20 minutes into his second match and didn't come back until the QF.
  16. England played this way for most of the tournament. And in 2018 I think. You have to accept the risk that if you're going to be defence first, and play to keep things tight rather than try and get on the front foot for most of the game, then you're going to lose some tight games once in a while. Germany game went in their favour because they had more quality and better players and created goalscoring chances in the few moments they had. Ditto Denmark. Colombia in 2018 as well where they allowed Colombia back into it and then came through a tight game on pens. England didn't lose this - it will go down as a draw - but their quality wasn't as apparent and they weren't able to create chances against good Italian defenders, and so gave Italy the opportunity to win on pens.
  17. It's a two way player England miss. Or multiple two way players. Verratti is so good because he can contribute offensively and defensively. So can Barella but I don't tihnk he had a good tournament. Rice and Phillips only contribute to a good enough standard in one phase. Mount can be a good two way player. So can Foden with a bit more game time there. Bellingham already looks like he is one and just needs more minutes at club level in the biggest games.
  18. The problem with Rice and Phillips is that when England decide they're going to sit back and let other teams play, they're not capable of getting on the ball and changing the game. They're good at stopping the other team, and by and large that's what they did because it's not like we had loads of chances. But they're also part of the reason England had one shot on target in 117 minutes. Henderson as well.
  19. gunman actually made a good point for once. Our midfield depth when Lorenzo Pellegrini, Zaniolo, Sensi, Tonali all get into this squad will be great. Won't have to bring on garbage like Bernardeschi, or players who aren't good enough for this level like Cristante. Locatelli, Verratti, Jorginho, Barella, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Zaniolo, Sensi, Tonali. Eight really good central midfielders. Sensi will be injured for the rest of his life, but oh well.
  20. Just so proud of how we kept playing football no matter the situation or how tough it got. Got so much **** about 'shithousing' for the last 15 mins against Belgium, but we played football for every other moment in that match. We played great football in the groups. We played football against Austria but just weren't on it, and didn't execute well. It happens. But we kept going anyway. We tried against Spain but couldn't after 15 mins because they were better. And we kept playing here even when England scored early and were playing well. We didn't stop and in the end, despite all the talk on how England's change to 3-4-3 was a genius tactical move, we forced them to copy us after 70 mins by continuing to play football.
  21. Foden has central midfielder written all over him. It just needs someone - either Guardiola or Southgate - to actually play him there regularly. Mount, Bellingham. Rice (if he performs like he did tonight). That's four already. Maybe Grealish can play there but I'm less certain of that. Not much you can do with the goalkeeper. Donnarumma is going to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if he's not already. But Pickford saved two penalties in that shootout. If you said beforehand that your goalkeeper would save two pens in a shootout, you'd expect to win most times. You're not going to come up against a Donnarumma-level goalkeeper in every knockout match.
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