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  1. You don't know me at all so that is not true, but happy to concede that perhaps my wife's 'friends' and family are truly not very nice.
  2. My wife is English with a Scottish parent and brought up in Scotland. She's always told me she hated growing up here and was made to never feel welcome. We have friends and family that quite frankly have taken friendly rivalry and shown themselves up as people full of bile and hatred towards the English. Yesterday my 3 year old daughter was even receiving comments for wearing her England shirt out in town. This is not the thread to discuss my entire personal circumstances just to justify what I said. But I don't want my children to experience the same as what my wife did and yesterday was a nasty insight into that. So you can laugh all you like. I love Scotland and a lot of the people here but many, including people that are supposed to be my friend have showed themselves up massively and I am embarrassed for them.
  3. I am talking specifically about his decisions in the final. He bottled them and got it all wrong. Made some great decisions before that and in the tournament in general and the way he's handled things off the pitch, but specifically for that game. Pretty poor
  4. Southgate bottled it really. Does he really have the instinct to lead this team to win a tournament? He just doesn't seem like a winner to me.
  5. Bit of a sad morning but everyone did themselves proud and the hype and buzz created in the last two tournaments have been so positive and unreal, what a great time to support England even if we couldn't quite do it this time. Getting to a semi-final and a final in consecutive tournaments is inspiring especially at a time where fans had almost become apathetic from past failures. I'm confident this and the previous tournament will be remembered for good and results to celebrate and be proud of. Come on England!
  6. Watched it at a hotel bar in Edinburgh where every other game had had a nice vibe but today was full of bitter scots who will never see something similar in their lifetime
  7. Incredible tournament England. I think Southgate ****ed it and didn't learn his lesson from the Croatia semi final. Very proud of the whole team though and gutted for Saka who should never have been taking that penalty. There are fans of other teams getting a kick out of this who will never know what this is like.
  8. I'd rather be a Scot than an England fan like Heartwork. always going on about other fans. Give it a rest
  9. Almost as if it's a load of old bollocks and the fella could just say I just don't like England or the English
  10. This is why night kickoffs are always a terrible idea for big games as all the Bertie big bollockses have been piling in the pints and coke. Saying that I know a fair amount of people that can't remember a single moment of Millwalls 2004 cup final and that was a 3pm kick off
  11. Not really nervous at all. I feel really content with our tournament and the way we've played and unless we are completely humiliated in the final then there's nothing anyone can really say against us. Winning would be absolutely outstanding though and I really hope we do it.
  12. Been hearing the Italians have requested the longer version of their national anthem today as it will be harder to consistently boo throughout. Gamesmanship.
  13. Where is the luck? If we had finished second in the group and won the last 16 match we'd have played France, and our last 16 match when winning the group was always going to be France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary which seems to me like it's been set up for us to get knocked out at the first reasonable opportunity
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