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  1. Was just a joke based on some idiots comments yesterday
  2. Should have sold 90k tickets, then they wouldn't have needed to get in without a ticket.
  3. Loads of people knew that people had been getting into Wembley for these games for free. So you really have to question how the police & Wembley didn't know, and why there wasn't an increased security presence.
  4. For the ABE lads I'll take credit for that having switched from BBC to ITV 5 mins before the Italy goal.
  5. Change the channel at 7.55pm Mute the TV at 8pm
  6. I heard ESPN were rewarding Boris for ending the super league, so they won't show any highlights on the penalty incident.
  7. Yeah, I'm sure Kane still scores from the rebound if the penalty wasn't given.
  8. I'll stand in solidarity with @MavReck
  9. You'll be looking for a long time if you want refs and assistants from countries that don't hate England.
  10. Has anyone mentioned Denmark's free kick, the extra ball on the pitch or England's penalty yet?
  11. I agree we'll probably take a step back. But I look at the younger players, and we have to develop that talent, because there is potential in every position.
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean about AWJ, but at least now we can focus fully on the Lions!
  13. Made it to the knockouts again, next step has to be getting to a world cup. I just can't be sad watching Wales in a major tournament.
  14. I'm not one to make excuses, but it is extremely difficult to win with only 10 men.
  15. First time under Page I'm not sure what we were attempting. If we want to be a counter attacking team, there needs to be an attacking option to pass to when we win the ball back.
  16. Andy Robertson and John McGinn were playing table tennis with him last night (from Andy Robertsons Instagram).
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