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  1. Hex will just get angry at spoilers if he does that tbf.
  2. I really don't expect any points on the last question.
  3. My answer was "A Flight to New York. Three hundred quid (i think), Clothes, a Playstation Classic. I really can't remember in total." He said Playstation Mini, I said Classic, I remembered that off the top of my head, surely that's the same thing? Or are you being pedantic on that?
  4. Umm, @Wigmore Why haven't I got three points?
  5. Sent. Have a feeling Sebsy might be winning this tbh.
  6. Wigmore has already confirmed that there are no signs of my cheating. You're accusing the quizmaster of lying, that'd be a points deduction in my book. Suck it up sailor.
  7. You want the questions to all be about you, don't you?
  8. Uggggh. My favourite show of the year too. Assumed it was something sensible in Better call Saul. Serves me right for being sensible.
  9. FFS, I nearly said Ant & Dec, but worried you'd count that as two and would punish me. Also considered Attenborough too, but thought he would definitely be well known outside the UK.
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