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  1. I don't think you can. Best I can suggest is that you save it the day before the promoted teams are announced and keep trying to reload, though it's very unlikely it will happen.
  2. The only way i could get my Stuttgart B team into 3.Liga on my Germany save was to use the ingame editor to artificially boost the B Teams reputation the day before the league switch over (and then drop it back down again). I tried reloading the game about 30 times without success before I tried that way & it worked first time.
  3. He's enjoying himself after winning a World Cup. How can anybody find anything to dislike about somebody in that?
  4. The Wales manager, on ITV on being asked if Croatia can hold their heads high for not freezing on the big stage comes out with the hot take that he thinks France in fact froze. Yeah, that's always good to hear from your countries manager.
  5. I personally disagree with the VAR decision, but that post right there really is absolute nonsense.
  6. Lads, having felt the pain of losing in a semi-final of a major tournament myself & come out the other side, am here if you need to talk. Especially you @Bliss Seeker :hugs_emoji:
  7. While I really can't bring myself to cheer for or want England to win tonight, I'm also happy for you guys to be able to enjoy these moments, (well most of you anyway ) If that makes sense. Having been through a very similar experience in 2016, can definitely say to just try to enjoy tonight win or lose. Can understand the nerves/anxiety thing too. I was an absolute mess going to the stadium for our Semi final against Portugal. I enjoyed it and allowed myself to just be in the moment, but that anxiety was definitely still there.
  8. The only entertaining thing about Danny Murphy's commentary is when he forgets he's commentating and just talks under his breath like he's in the pub before remembering he's on TV and starts talking twice as loud. Like just now, he mubled in response to a statement by saying "yeah, he was". Then clearly suddenly thought "better say more"
  9. "Only Henry, Trezeguet & Platini have score more for him than France" Nice one Al! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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