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  1. Lineker: look they're even talking tactics when it's going to penalties Klinsmann: No no, he's just circling the penalty takers. Lineker: Yeah, exactly.
  2. How many people at the BBC does Danny Murphy have incriminating evidence against?
  3. Yeah, pretty sure UEFA would have the right to display that advertising as per the agreements for hosting. They've chosen not to upset their host countries. Bit of a dress rehearsal in how to handle this stuff ahead of next year's World Cup I guess. FIFA will hopefully be watching closely.
  4. Yeah, Page will need to stay for the time being. As i've said before and elsewhere, I think Giggs is done regardless of the outcome of the trial. If he's found guilty, he'll immediately have his contract terminated. If he's found not guilty, they'll release a joint statement saying that they've mutually agreed that the best thing for him right now is to step away to deal with his own personal situation. Page needs to do well during the next period for him to be considered fulltime, but otherwise, I think i'd rather him be involved with the setup still, but with somebody else coming onboard.
  5. That's more of a red card than Moore's was a yellow card yesterday. You were vociferous in your agreement with that decision but criticising the officials here? Suck it up.
  6. Reading through that Colin Millar thread it's as clear as day that UEFA have agreed to Hungary's demands and are now scrambling as it blows up in their face.
  7. Well yeah, it was a crap question to ask and wasn't the right time to ask it. He was right to walk off rather than answer it.
  8. Got tickets for Wales vs Argentina on the 17th July too. So some things to look forward to.
  9. Yeah I know what you mean. I think for me. I went into this game wanting the team to lift me after the AWJ stuff and well, they didn't. But overall, to even get to the knockouts for a country our size, with the player pool we have, it's still a massive achievement.
  10. Deflated. Man what a crap day. AWJ out of the Lions tour. Wales out of the Euros. Absolutely devastating day of sport.
  11. We started well, but fell away quickly and didn't recover. Roberts going off, the Yellow cards for Rodon & Moore all had an impact, but Denmark recovered and found a way through against us and we had no answer for it. Congratulations to any Danes that are on the forum. If we were to go out to anybody, with what happened to Eriksen, then I'm glad it's you. Will be cheering you on for the rest of your time in the tournament.
  12. It was you lot all praising us that did it. I nearly said for you all to stop.
  13. What are you talking about? His arm was by his side as he's coming down from the jump and it just brushed the blokes face.
  14. What was Moore supposed to do there? It was just an unfortunate coming together. That's a nonsense yellow card. If Wales win, he's out of the Quarter Final. Players shouldnt be missing massive games for things like that. It's nonsense.
  15. Nobody from the UK can go, but anybody living in the EU could, so guessing these are all people that live over there or near enough to travel.
  16. They've been doing it for years. It's just a thing they do as a squad for a bit of fun and levity.
  17. The FAW have been putting a lot of good media out at the moment in support of Cymru. Love this one in particular. Love how they embrace songs like Yma O Hyd to help get them hyped. For those that don't know, Yma O Hyd is a Welsh folk song by Dafydd Iwan. It's always been popular with Welsh language speakers but has been embraced more as a general patriotic song with non Welsh speakers too. Both Wrexham & Scarlets play it regularly at their games too. Have added a version of the song with an English translation too.
  18. It becomes political when governments make it political and then organising bodies don't want to upset those governments when they're desperately wanting to maintain a stadium in that country as a backup for the Semi Final and Final.
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