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  1. Ok, I think i might have posted in the wrong place on this even though I have this issue. I just did a search of the forum, on the top level and it brought me to this in the sub-forum. I dont think i've used the Advanced rules at all, I've just done changes on the base level. Is there a way to make the changes outside of the advanced settings? Is it better I ask on the main?
  2. I'm also getting it right now. Anybody able to help? Going to tag my mates @KUBI & @Wolf_pd to see if they might know on this at all? Ive run a few tests, some seasons its failing at Season 1, some seasons it gets to season 3 or 4. In a live test, the game plays through for other nations, but stops part way through the "Break" season for the leagues i've edited too.
  3. Hex will just get angry at spoilers if he does that tbf.
  4. I really don't expect any points on the last question.
  5. My answer was "A Flight to New York. Three hundred quid (i think), Clothes, a Playstation Classic. I really can't remember in total." He said Playstation Mini, I said Classic, I remembered that off the top of my head, surely that's the same thing? Or are you being pedantic on that?
  6. Umm, @Wigmore Why haven't I got three points?
  7. Sent. Have a feeling Sebsy might be winning this tbh.
  8. Wigmore has already confirmed that there are no signs of my cheating. You're accusing the quizmaster of lying, that'd be a points deduction in my book. Suck it up sailor.
  9. You want the questions to all be about you, don't you?
  10. Uggggh. My favourite show of the year too. Assumed it was something sensible in Better call Saul. Serves me right for being sensible.
  11. FFS, I nearly said Ant & Dec, but worried you'd count that as two and would punish me. Also considered Attenborough too, but thought he would definitely be well known outside the UK.
  12. I thought you were going to admit to your mental impairment then.
  13. I assumed it was about a pairs competition.ah well. I also don't know how I didn't answer question 8 at all, as I knew that one.
  14. Thank god for that. You can't expect me to know the answers to questions about other peoples posts in my threads. I don't pay attention to what everybody else has to say!
  15. errrm, the answers there are the wrong answers, do keep up old chap, no wonder you're flagging so far behind the leaders.
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