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  1. It becomes political when governments make it political and then organising bodies don't want to upset those governments when they're desperately wanting to maintain a stadium in that country as a backup for the Semi Final and Final.
  2. Disgrace is a bit much. Poor, sure. Disgrace? Come on dude.
  3. While Hartson & Savage are clearly biased on their commentary. I wonder if those English people in here criticising it have ever actually considered what it's like for those of us in the Celtic nations having to listen to commentators on England games and the ridiculous cheerleading that goes on there.
  4. What's the Italian left back got to do to get a card? All he's done is kick lumps out of our wide players. Felt the red was harsh, but can understand why it was given, but please be consistent.
  5. One thing from the ITV coverage that i'm aware of but always forget about. Three captains of Wales in three Football codes. For one year group, in once school to have had a Wales captain in Soccer, Rugby Union & Rugby League is absolutely bonkers.
  6. You're blaming the victims of genocide and ethnic cleansing for them being the victims of genocide and ethic cleansing. So yeah, I'd say you said something wrong that I disagree with.
  7. Football is a game of combinations. Spurs see the best of Kane when he and Son play together. England either need to switch things up to find a combination that gets the best out of Kane or a combination that doesn't include Kane. Right now it's clear they're not getting what they need from him.
  8. Just saw this and wanted to share to see what others think. Raph Honigstein laments Sancho not getting on yesterday and Matt Scott responded to him. As a neutral, reading all that, I find myself thinking "wtf is wrong with Matt Scott?" But would be interested if others view it in the same way or not.
  9. Wales would have beaten Portugal if they had their best XI playing in that game. Ramsey being suspended was a major blow to us. I said on here all the way up to the tournament, that while Wales didn't have the greatest squad, that their best XI were a match for any side. Everybody laughed at me and mocked me. Then our best XI got to the semi final and people understood what I meant. The wheels only came off when we lost two of our best players, one before the game and another in Allen early in the first half. Ramsey was fantastic back then, he's still fantastic now when he's fully
  10. Bale & Ramsey were both world class in 2016. They're still capable of world class performances now. Other players like Williams & Allen were a level below but playing at their absolute peak.
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