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  1. Worth uploading a save with a season played at least if you think you have an issue. But our stats consistently show injuries being around 80% of real life levels, so I'd be surprised if you're getting anywhere near that.
  2. You can effectively ban transfers in a league in certain conditions, but you can't force player exchanges / trades system
  3. Thread has already been responded to by staff, so it is being looked into.
  4. The update only had a few select "fixes", I'm afraid. We are working on it to resolve the issue of the button doing the correct thing depending on whether its ticked or not
  5. Have you tried starting from scratch, ie: Clearing cache Removing texture packs Reinstalling the graphics Only then restarting the game?
  6. @WillGriggsFire @bakersdozen22 @mattj646 @bartdude @__lazio__ I've removed your posts from the thread as they are taking this off topic. Please try not to bump threads in the bugs forum - we generally work from oldest threads first, so bumping threads will take longer to get a response. Likewise, this is a bugs forum for reporting issues, not a discussion or feedback thread. Please use general discussion for feedback. @Jack Joyce may have an update but at this time we are still investigating reported issues. The public beta is just that - a beta, and is not necessarily the final version. Thanks for your patience while we look into this.
  7. Yours would be a separate issue, can you post your own thread? Thanks.
  8. @SuperRedditch @kandersson Probably for the best to just not post rather than take potshots at each other with off the cuff remarks. I've removed your posts. Thanks.
  9. Weird. Have you tried changing the location in the preferences at all?
  10. Right click one of the files you downloaded, go to Properties and look at the Location field to know for sure.
  11. Ok, are you sure where your graphics are is the same place? You might be confusing that Documents folder as your one drive location. That's the main thing I can think of here causing it.
  12. Type in location in the preferences - what is the location of your FM folder in there?
  13. Have you tried clearing your cache in the preferences reset menu?
  14. Are you sure this is the same graphics folder that FM is looking for? Whats the actual filepath of that and whats the file path of your save game? If they are incorrect thats why. Beyond that, I can't help you with individual packs and installing them.
  15. That would explain why I've not experienced the issue, despite playthrough to attempt to. There isn't always much to communicate re: issues but we are actively investigating. Thanks for reaching out.
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