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  1. Check out this thread if you need a team to start your FM21 journey:
  2. .... though seriously, it was being used less and less, and it was decided after some moderation changes some years ago, other forums (Stories, Challenges etc) were just as appropriate for it. Frank still lives.
  3. Someone started a save as River Plate and the forum had to be shutdown.
  4. Already done, please don't reshare that sort of content on the boards, thanks.
  5. Thanks for hosting this btw, it was a lot of fun and I really did better than i ever thought I would.
  6. I'm anti monarchy but said yes anyway. Would likely be getting one anyway had he won the Euros for us.
  7. Grealish felt a bit overhyped to me, but it was great to see him coming on had impact at times. I know Barry said this before but Sterling would be one of the world's best if he could finish and picked the right moments to pass. It was pointed out to me not a single goal conceded in open play and only from set pieces, which is still amazing to me. Only player that disappointed me was Mount. Apart from one chance / miss and the set piece crosses he took he seemed to be irrelevant in more games than any other player for me. Felt Kane grew as the tournament went on but sti
  8. Which will be two-legged affairs making it more difficult for lower ranked sides. You say its strange having 12 teams eliminated but there should be some risk/reward for doing well/badly in the Nations League, otherwise teams just won't really bother.
  9. Looks like I wasn't far off then from the proposal. (Edit: Also realised I can't count) Don't think League A should be getting playoff spots though, they should rightly not qualify if they finish bottom of their group in League A. All but ensures all of League A qualify, which isn't really fair.
  10. Think thats where the Nations Leagues come in, which have been successful in their own right (compared to QF groups anyway) and would tie in nicely to qualifying for tournaments. Hosts might still get a regular round of fixtures and competition rather than a bunch of friendlies. But I think if it was every 2 years it would dilute some of the achievement of winning a World Cup or a Euros for me if it were to happen.
  11. Tactical know-how All tournament he was lauded for his tactical flexibility and willingness to make changes. We didn't really adapt well to their changes in the second half and ended up defending for most of it. It didn't pay off yesterday and that happens. Some of the changes were predictable though and some of the players were unable to effect the game to their best level. He can only play the team he's got vs the team in front of him, I don't think it's down to tactical know-how.
  12. Said the other day in another thread I thought this was likely to happen. Probably a qualifying structure like this (+ up to 4 hosts?): 12 teams from League A, 8 from League B, 4 from League C and a playoff of 4 from League C vs 4 from League D for the final spots (adjusted for number of hosts). Don't mind it too much but there is a big risk of a fair few sides in for a hiding at a major tournament.
  13. Was disappointed with the penalty loss and it felt all so familiar, the performance last night. Going in front, defending, conceding and eventually losing is something that I feel like I've experienced far too much as an England fan. But I wasn't angry or annoyed over the penalties. I realised that had we won, the only thing that would have been different was we scored more pens than the other side. In that situation it's harsh to say one side deserves it more than the other. We both took it to the very end, and we should be proud of that and the entire tournament. There are some q
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