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  1. Can you try the following please? Verify the game files Verifying your game files ensures your game is installed and updated properly. To verify your game files:
  2. Screen turning green will happen when there is an issue with the output from your computer to your monitor. This can happen due to the wires you're using, heat of the graphics cards and the machine as well as if you are streaming as well at the same time. It's extremely unlikely to be caused by FM. If you are using multiple monitors this can exacerbate any issues you are having. I would suggest completely uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics card, rolling back to an earlier version if you previously had better results. You shouldn't always need to restart your PC w
  3. The crash you originally supplied indicates the issue is within your Intel Graphics drivers so we would need to know: Have you ever been able to run the game with the graphics card When did this issue start happening Did you install any programs or updates at this time, for your graphics card or your OS? What are you seeing on the screen when the game crashes? Do you have a screenshot? Providing as much information as you can for the above will help us get a better idea of what is going on when the game is crashing. Thanks
  4. Can you confirm if this is with an existing save game only, or with a new save game as well? Appreciate if you can tell us and let us know. Thanks
  5. The user in the first screenshot, is that from both trying to start a new online game, as well as viewing the lobby? What the message does mean is that its unable to connect to the game service to connect for online games (ie; Epic) You may want to try restarting your computer and trying again.
  6. Do you have Steam running at the same time?
  7. Were you able to play before this date? Have you ever been able to play? Has something changed since - a graphics card driver update, Windows update or similar?
  8. Hi, have you used the in-game editor or a third party editor, per chance?
  9. Close the game. Disable night shift, then clear your cache and preferences. Restart your computer and Then try running the game again. Please try in this order as described and let us know how you get on.
  10. Just as per above, the game is not supported on this operating system. The OS itself is something we are looking at for future, but it is currently in a Beta state which means any software (even Safari) is liable to be very buggy and may not even work. That's been the case with me looking at Big Sur today, and until the operating system in beta has had some fixes there isn't anything we can advise or do at this point. We can only recommend that you run the game on supporting operating systems and hardware.
  11. Couple of questions: - Have you tried changing the wires/adapter for your monitor, or using a different input? - Have you tried setting the monitor as the primary display for your Mac? See here for a detailed how to guide: https://www.howtogeek.com/443460/how-to-use-multiple-monitors-on-your-mac/#:~:text=To change your primary display,display as the primary monitor. Setting the primary display and then clearing your cache and preferences and giving things a reboot may help Let me know how you get on.
  12. Hi @Zyenne Can you tell us if there is any difference when turning off Targeted Advertising and Enable Data Collection in the preferences? You can do so by going to the preferences and searching for the keyword "data" It would also be helpful if you can provide speed tests for the following: Speed without FM running on Ethernet Speed without FM running on WiFi Speed with FM running on Ethernet Speed with FM running on WiFi I'd recommend Ookla speed tests for this - and please always choose the same location option for each test: https://www.speedte
  13. It's most likely an issue with either: Your graphics drivers - please ensure these are up to date as directed Your cache and preferences - ensure you've deleted these so the game recreates it on launch Your user data folder - sometimes something in here can be corrupted which can cause issues when launching. This might be graphics files, which is why we ask you to remove them. What you can do with the user data folder is just rename the folder "Football Manager 2020" to something else. The game will then recreate the folders needed. If it launches at this point then you
  14. We can only suggest uploading the save for us to try to replicate the issue ourselves. Hopefully we can get some insight into the issue and have further info for you.
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