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  1. Surface Pro is a laptop so runs Windows 10. As such it will run the PC version of FM Touch, which is sold separately to the Tablet and Switch versions of FM Touch. With the PC version you can "remove nation and league restrictions" to increase your database size and number of leagues you run.
  2. No. Console and Tablet versions are single player only.
  3. Mine is on FM Scout. https://www.fmscout.com/a-nexus-classic-fm19-skin.html
  4. It's not supported so can't be discussed here on these forums.
  5. Sometimes but then I make sure I have 3 or 4 keepers.
  6. Sounds like an issue to me, I noticed that when you change the ass man, the responsibilities page doesn't correctly reflect whats actually selected. What appears to happen in an FM sense, is the responsibility changes to the Manager when the staff role changes, but doesn't change back when you appoint a new one.
  7. Try changing it to backroom staff, then switching it back to Manager. If its still not working for you, let me know.
  8. If I'm not mistaken (and I've mentioned before), the number of leagues was looked at previously and unfortunately, it's not so straightforward (number of clubs retained, players needed for all those nations, etc). The situation you mention would put FM over the allowed limits for memory reasons. The tablet capacity will only be able to use what it's allowed by the operating system, its not like on a PC where you can just use what you want - on a tablet the OS will kill your app, so there is a limit that FMT has to work within if it's going to provide a stable game. It's not set for any arbitrary reason other than to provide a stable game.
  9. You can't install custom graphics on iOS I'm afraid.
  10. Probably because you're using the American language in game?
  11. No. One for the Wishlist though.
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