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  1. No details have been announced yet for FMT features.
  2. News on a compatibility list will be released when we have it.
  3. I understand but that's not really the point. It could have the highest RAM and CPU to rival NASA computers, the screen size is still too small for the game. Touch is designed for bigger screens.
  4. Touch is for tablets Mobile is for mobile iPhone is a mobile, not a tablet. Hope that helps.
  5. FMT news will come when it's ready, but there are some release dates:
  6. Your best bet is probably something like CrossOver, or other VM tools most likely for 32-bit apps and some games. If you want to run any 32-bit software natively you'll need to stick to Mojave. Go64 will tell you what 32-bit apps you do have installed if you have them, so you can check before you make the jump what else you use might not work on Catalina.
  7. Covered on this forum many times before, and there is a wishlist thread for suggestions.
  8. @rich10 I would wait until there's more information on FMT. FMT is its own game, while some features do make their way over it's best to wait for more info to see it. Graphics Improvements are a given (least on PC), in any case but as the news is more about PC right now, I'd wait for specific FMT announcements for other platforms that will hopefully come.
  9. The store selling the game sets the prices.
  10. No I'm afraid, there isn't any way to customise the database size on tablet devices.
  11. No, it wouldn't make a difference and depends on the storage type of number used. There's no difference between 1 and 20 in terms of size, unless you stored it as text, which absolutely doesn't happen.
  12. You realise that's how all descriptive or visual indicators work? They are just a number under the hood, either calculated on the fly (like CA/PA) or as representation of actual data (rep stars) They will exist regardless. The question being raised is whether represented by something more abstract, whether that can make the game more realistic, easier to use and relatable to the end user.
  13. Yeah it’s a requirement I’m afraid due to it being on the Switch.
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