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  1. Hi guys, Couple of potential solutions for you to try. But first, please read the following: The error message shown in the screenshot says "Too many files", there is a way to show us what files are generally being loaded in and on very very rare occasions this has come up in the past. Step 3 below shows you how you can share this info for us. On that dialog that shows the crash info, look at the line that says "Crashed Thread", and note the number. Scroll down to that paragraph and screenshot that for us. It'll give us more context to advise further. Potential Solutions: 1) Turn off skin caching In the preferences folder, there is a "cache_skin.xml" file. Edit this in TextEdit, and change true to false. Save this. Delete the caches folder, so the cache file is not loaded by the game. And now relaunch FM. If you are still having issues then please see solution 2: 2) Removing user files For this we need to know if you are using custom graphics of any kind, and can you let us know if these are in flat file format (ie. a bunch of filetypes, perhaps from an unzipped folder); or, whether these are FMF files from Steam Workshop. If you remove them all and run vanilla, this should resolve the issue for you. If it does not, then we'd suspect the issue is elsewhere in your user folder - perhaps lots of tactics files, for example or an obscene amount of save games. Try reducing the amount you have - you can take a file count to let us know what you've got. Just right click the folder and go to Info. The inspector window will tell you how many files and folders there are within a folder, and how much space this is taking up. Please try the above, and if you are still having issues, please do the following and copy and paste the information: 3) Activity Monitor Open Files Recreate the problem you are having, but don't close the Crash Dialog when you see it. Launch Activity Monitor. You can do this in Spotlight, or from the Launchpad's Utilities folder Double click Football Manager 2020 in the list of programs and processes. A window will now popup, with three tabs on it, "Memory, Statistics, Open Files and Ports" Click Open Files and Ports You should be able to select and copy all the text in the box below. If not, scroll to the very bottom and take a screenshot and share this with us. From this, we will be able to advise and see what the problem is. Please let us know how you get on, thanks.
  2. Can you please attach the crash dump for us to look at?
  3. Thanks for letting us know, glad you are up and running. Glad we could help.
  4. All I can suggest at this point is the following:- Delete the Sports Interactive folders in Public, Shared and Documents Completely uninstall the game - check where it is installed and remove any files left over in Application Support/steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2018 Make sure there's no cache and preferences folders left over. Reinstall the game at this point Then, try to launch. Since we know that the game was working on your system at one point, the best solution is to make your system as clean as possible to try and launch it again. You might also consider upgrading to 10.13 High Sierra, and see if that helps.
  5. Some questions to help you try and work out the issue: When it was first working, were you running a different version of MacOS than you are now? Can you tell us which MacOS version you have running? (Apple logo > About this Mac) Are you running Mac OS on Mac Hardware, or on a "hackintosh", a custom built PC? Are you trying to use any graphics files, facepacks, logos or editor files? Are you running the game on an administrator account? From what you describe it sounds as though there is something in your Documents / Sports Interactive folder that may be causing the issue. You can delete it and then try launching the game again. It's important to clear the cache and preferences again though, the reason we ask this often of people is when you first launch the game ever, these do not exist, so it helps to boot the game in a "factory reset" mode. Hope that helps.
  6. Fee is what you pay for arranging the friendly Income is what income you would get for the friendly.
  7. You can only have multiple managers on PC, not on Tablet or Switch.
  8. Just the tex/FMF file will do, you can find it in the exported teams folder.
  9. It should just work, if you're finding this to be the case please post a bug in the bugs forum for the team to look into.
  10. @drizzlynewt Please don't misrepresent staff and target moderators with such comments. I've had to remove your post for this reason. There were some comments you made that were fine; but making comments directly laid at particular people and posting misinformation is not acceptable.
  11. No news and I can't promise anything. This is dependant on Google's processes I'm afraid. As it says in the original screenshot, this is due to Google's verification which has changed over time. We are still looking to get this resolved with Google. Hopefully when it is, it will just work. Thanks, and apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.
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