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  1. You'd both need the same setup and graphics files installed on both machines. Having played online myself as a client as well as a host, so long as the graphics files are installed specifically they should appear. They won't appear for the client if they don't also have the graphics files. The game only sends the game data across from host to clients, not the graphics pictures as well. It sounds from my reading of the thread that the issue is specific to one user whether they are hosting or joining and so the issue would be with their graphics file setup.
  2. You can change the system display resolution to something non-retina using a tool like Retina Display Monitor for Macs: https://github.com/avibrazil/RDM At your selected resolution using that, this effectively turns off the retina scaling system wide so it would improve performance. It's worth making sure you've installed all OS updates as well if you can. As for troubleshooting in-game, the crowd is usually the biggest taxing thing, so if you turned that off (or used 2D classic) you should see better performance generally. Try both of those, and if you can, support a sup
  3. Mac and Windows use different rendering systems. For those of you with the issue, if you can try adjusting anti aliasing level and let us know if that helps or not, and what the differences for you are when changing rendering quality.
  4. Command button + spacebar on your keyboard and type it in. I'm trying to help. Reading your messages back it sounds like you're arguing against my suggestions rather than saying you've tried them and what the result of them is. So, please do the following: Double check your screen mode (full screen | windowed) along with zoom as I've suggested and do this twice before quitting to ensure its confirmed The zoom and resolution settings matter because it will indicate whether your system is upscaling FM or not. Please do that, and tell us what zoom
  5. Again I refer you back to my earlier suggestions, if you check and adjust the zoom, let us know if it's any better, or not. Failing the above if you can supply your Mac System Profile (through the system profiler app), we can take a look.
  6. If you can double check your resolution and zoom setting please. Go into preferences and set the zoom level to what you require. Then go back into preferences again, and set it a second time and confirm -- see if that helps.
  7. The game uses the match tactics selected. There's no change to roles or mentality, as there is Match Plans for that purpose.
  8. Does sound like a Steam issue. I'd suggest closing Steam completely and trying again
  9. Do you have a screenshot? You can go to preferences and adjust the size of text and images from there.
  10. Restart Steam. and please use the official feedback thread. Thanks.
  11. We outlined above we sourced a machine specifically to reproduce the issue. Again this takes time to get to the developers and testing team to work on a fix, which we are doing. We can't provide timelines on individual fixes, it's not feasible simply because creating a version of FM that could be released takes a few hours before it reaches the QA processes, as we stated with the release of the Early Access Beta. Please be patient until we're in a position to update you. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. We appreciate it's frustrating. Rest assured we haven't forgotten, and we are working hard on the issue in question and it's a priority. When we have more information and a resolution, we will provide an update. Until then, please be patient while we work on it. It's unfortunately a process that takes time. Thanks.
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