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  1. Check the eligibility criteria on the League rules page.
  2. Not really. I can see why sometimes people will have a different interpretations on closing threads. But it's nothing to do with purposefully snuffing out, or imposing authority. I don't understand why you would think a moderator would feel the need to do anything of the sort. Moderators would rather there were a little moderating to do as possible. In this case of the thread you mention, as has been said, the answer is always the same and this kind of topic frequently comes up every year. It's not unreasonable it was asked, answered and closed as there is nothing more to add to the discussion.
  3. None of this supported by the way, you might risk issues if you do something wrong and you’d need to reinstall.
  4. England, Italy and Brazil give you the most players. Bear in mind apart from ~3000 top World rep players, its just loading all the players within those playable leagues. So the save will be slower as its processing many matches you might not be that bothered about (and not to mention you just fill the database with more lower rep and ability players). So if you only play as the top leagues, or just in general for transfer AI, you are better off choosing ones most related to the teams you expect to manage in your game. So something like lower league in England you'd benefit from Scotland being loaded. If you're managing in Brazil, then Argentina, Chile, Colombia would be good picks. For South Korea, China and another would be a good pick.
  5. iirc theres a panels folder, and titlebar xml - just delete it. It got broke with one of the patches for some reason.
  6. Why "should" they be youngsters? There's no hard rule in FM that says newgens have to be young. They are newgens - newly generated players, not regens - regenerated players.
  7. Not much SI can do when any submission goes through Nintendo so Nintendo do checks before a patch or release is approved.
  8. No. CA = Current Ability. PA = Potential Ability. You just can't have the son start out with CA more than 50% greater than his Potential (which is capped and hidden). The CA is calculated for you based on the attributes you give him. So you can have it even less than the maximum if you wanted.
  9. No, you can't. Your son's potential is based on what your club is capable of producing in line with its youth facilities, so its slightly random up to a point Your son's max CA is capped at half their full PA.
  10. No. FM is not FM Touch. You can only play FM Touch saves on any FM Touch game.
  11. Each Scout has a "Size of Scouting Team" variable, determined pretty much by their scouting attributes. Just get a better scout. It can get better over time though with the same scout due to CA increase.
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