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  1. Doubt it very much. No information yet on feature reveals at this stage in any case.
  2. They do care, I won't have that You can use iTunes file sharing, I believe to copy a save to your computer then upload it. If you haven't don't worry, I'll try to chase this up for you
  3. His age, iirc. Just offer him a clause for optional contract extension and trigger it when you need to.
  4. Scout players, look at reserve teams in the league above... The first two transfer windows I usually find to be difficult at smaller sides. Have a look at players who may be leaving at the end of the season. Eventually as you scout more and more this aspect of the game will be easier for you.
  5. Lucas

    Football manager 2008

  6. Not sure there would be much point as it’s unlikely to sustain itself past the original release burst. May as well use the Careers Update forum and tag your thread.
  7. What I want to know is why won't he deal with it... what has he tried, if anything?
  8. They do, I was there not long ago . The bugs forum is prioritised along their other work (ie. FMT19) but its still very much worth your time posting so they can look into it for 19. They might be able to sort something with your current save too. Let me know if you're not getting a response on this issue and I'll see what I can do.
  9. If you have a save before that option appears, or you can provide some information to SI how they can reproduce the same issue (the team you were managing, what league you are in), then that would be good to post in the bugs forum.
  10. If you're playing FM then this is the wrong forum. This is how you let your assistant do it for you in FM Touch.
  11. Actually, it can mean nevermind. Probably why you shouldn't use text speak Right well... you can't. The assistant should be in control of this already. When did this suddenly start happening for you?
  12. Because the post by you was edited as “nevermind”, so it was closed for that reason. Would have been good for you to explain why, and whether you need help still.
  13. It won't be until a couple of a days before release or on day of release, if previous versions are any indication. In other words, not until it's ready basically.
  14. I've replied in the other thread you posted.
  15. Squad sizes are limited in FMT (around 40 players) and only players over the age of 16 can legally be included within the game.