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  1. I last looked into this in detail for 19.1, so it's probable some tweaks made along the way. In order of injury risk, you have: Tactical Possession Balanced / Technical / Defence / Attack / Set Piece Physical Bear in mind from time to time the weekly schedules under the hood are also influenced by your tactical style for your tactic, as well as how many games you have in any given week. I'd recommend looking at how much game time you're giving players, and ensuring they get rest as well.
  2. Sorry, I know -- I meant a different thread. This one already has a mark on it as under review. Easier for SI to track issues individually, so they can make sure different individual ones like yours are being addressed.
  3. Best to post your own thread and upload the save for SI to take a look: @1magine
  4. It's a fair point if these roles are confusing to some people and the more exotic ones probably are to an extent. But then there are lots of ones that are straight forward and give you more flexibility anyway. You don't need to use them to have success in the game.
  5. You realise interface design is more than just colour and has actually, barely changed in the last few versions including the one you like a lot?
  6. For some reason automatic PKMs not generating at all on Macs, so unable to grab all the different variations the game generates at the time the warning appears. Happy to help though Curty Hopefully the PKM is helpful.
  7. New features in the game will have meant older versions were no longer compatible, so yeah.
  8. Just try it I guess, there wouldn't be any guarantees it will work though, bit like with editor files.
  9. I believe so but don't quote me on that
  10. Not sure why you're making stuff up. FMT is designed for a different audience, so its nothing about being 'greedy'. Without FMT, the full match engine version on Tablet, Switch, and Vita would not have been possible. And you can play these saves on your PC too with Cross save. For a customisable version that's what the full game is for really - its made for PCs primarily so doesn't have the same kind of restrictions you find common on other platforms which are controlled by Sony/Apple/Nintendo etc.
  11. I love many of these suggestions because you will find them in FM Touch. I don't really understand your aversion to FM Touch when it offers practically everything you are asking for (yes, you can play it on PC).
  12. Not that unusual for a player to announce retirement ahead of time. They are more likely to state they want to retire if they are being used less and less to the point they can't break into the first team. I usually try to avoid having players retire at my club, unless I'm trying to get an unlockable or its a third choice keeper.
  13. It's not as simple as that. Mobile devices and the OSes they operate on are not as free as their desktop counterparts. For a start, there are developer guidelines and rules that must be followed in order for an app to even be released. OSes on Tablets are much more restrictive what they allow apps to do with memory budgets etc, whereas on desktop this isn't the case. I know from experience it's something SI have looked into continuously before and it wasn't possible in order to provide a full experience of 30 seasons. That doesn't mean its never going to happen but that's the reason there is the current situation on Tablets. If you want a more fuller experience on a Tablet/Laptop hybrid then I'd suggest something like a Surface Pro or another similar 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrid experience. I have the Surface Pro and it plays very nicely on that.
  14. Check the eligibility criteria on the League rules page.
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