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  1. Tick remove nation and league restrictions when starting a new game...
  2. Lucas

    FMT19 on Switch

    If there's no announcement yet, then there's no news yet. Just searched Twitter, it's coming soo.
  3. Tablets have memory restrictions that PCs don't have. They could do it but that would probably mean that the season limit of 30 seasons would have to be less, just an example.
  4. The unlockables unlocked for me but then I got them on the pre release beta and did not holiday.
  5. I've completely overhauled the squad at Pohang, even made North Koreans my captain and Vice Captain. Have really improved the pace in this side, and got an Australian striker coming in next season (if I get into ACL I will stay) to replace my ageing South Korean striker whose contract ends at the end of the season. Will be great if I can get the team doing well with North Koreans (there's more of them now than South Koreans in my squad).
  6. Go to Hong Kong. Only an 18 game season. I think it should be a relative step up there but you have a nice limit on FGN players.
  7. Ended up instant resulting my last three games as it looked like I wouldn't get promoted (and thus sacked), but then I got promoted as results went my way No CSL jobs were wanting me, so I decided to take up Pohang Steelers for next year (2022) on less money and 10% manager compensation (so I can try again for a bigger club during the season, or A-League, if that comes up). Career Stats: 84 Games (52-13-19) - 2 Promotions, 1 Cup win, 1 League win First signings for Pohang will be a youth from Seongnam, and a striker from Kitchee (both former players) as backups for depth up front. Pohang finished 9th while Seongnam finished 6th in the K League Classic. Should be an interesting season coming up.
  8. Started a Twitter thread for mine: Career to date: 2018: Unemployed until end of December. 2018-2019: Southern District (Hong Kong) : Finished 5th - Took Kitchee job end of season 1 2019-2020: Kitchee (Hong Kong) : Finished 1st - resigned after being refused to move to Guangzhou 2020: Seongnam (Korea) : Finished 4th, promoted to K League Classic - left at end of contract. 2021-current: Beijing Renhe (China) - in China League One, one year contract My managerial career so far, in Chinese League One, and about a third of the season left to go. Remit is to get Beijing promoted, but I'm only on a one year deal and will be leaving afterwards. Did buy a player from Seongnam and from Kitchee over to the Chinese mainland. Have my eye on CSL jobs, as well as Australian A-League now. My next job will hopefully be in one of these leagues (or K League Classic) and take a team to ACL glory. Overall career stats at time of writing: 72 Games (44-11-17). Small chance I might get sacked at Beijing, I'm 6th, 4 points off the promotion spots (1st and 2nd), so "Insecure" right now.
  9. You can enjoy the game though, that's my point. And even if you're not happy with it, you still have options. I think you can tell someone to go and play something else - there's a few ways games companies will sit up and take notice: If not enough people buy the product If people simply are not playing the game If people are raising their issues to be resolved in a practical manner (again, feedback forum isn't the most effective way you can effect change). The amount of people playing FM at any given time makes it one of those popular games on Steam so it does put yourself in a minority if you are claiming it's unplayable really, isn't it? Anybody who experiences an issue or a bug, tends to be unable to 'unsee it' and it does become an issue that matters to them. There are some that want their issues fixed immediately, and I can understand that. What frustrates people is seeing issues in the final product but thats also why these things take time as they go through various checks to ensure that they are resolved. People also have a demand for seeing Match Engine updates regardless. Some even seem conditioned that because SI release patches on a schedule, that somehow the game isn't finished until the very last one It's just one of those cases you can't please everyone no matter what you do or how much you provide to improve the game long after it's been released (something not all Devs do either). Match Engine ones are always more difficult and nuanced because its in a constant state of development. It's a very different kind of bug to a button not working, some text being incorrect. If the game is personally making you feel like you don't enjoy it and you've already raised your issue then all I can say is wait for an update, do something else or opt in to the public beta program and see development through there which is a great innovation by SI this year. Moaning just isn't going to get you anywhere or make the fixes come any quicker.
  10. For providing feedback about the game, yes. But its not a place for reporting issues that you want fixed with specific examples. Which is the best way to ensure your issues get seen to and resolved quickly. And that's where the bugs forum comes in. Some issues are specific to save games, setups and personal settings you have set on your save game, which SI have no way of replicating without seeing your specific issues, PKMs and Save Games for investigation. Just think how massive FM is, and all the various permutations and ways of doing things. It's actually really important to provide bug reports if you want to make sure your issue is fixed. Posting your opinions in the feedback thread isn't the best way of getting what you want resolved sorted out for future updates.
  11. Moaning doesn't improve the game. Bug reports do, which is what SI are asking for. But I suppose if all you're going to do is post in the feedback thread where somebody who can fix your issue, won't be able to see it, then yes, we all keep going round again.
  12. In any match engine you can pick out any number of things that need to be improved. Some things you might notice more than others depending on how you're playing the game. Pressing was a problem in BETA and still is (it was rather overpowered, and still is to an extent). There are improvements being worked on no doubt. It is 'fine', because you can play the game as @RTHerringbone. As I say there's improvements to be made but the game isn't unplayable at all. It's probably worth taking a step back from reading a lot of people's subjective comments, either just play and enjoy the game or go and play something else really until you want to try it again. If SI stopped at every bug or complaint raised before updating the Match Engine, we'd never see an update. They do have to be pragmatic and draw the line somewhere in order to actually release a game.
  13. According to some people (or depending who you ask), every ME is the worst ever. Until they decide to pick out some arbitrary random ME they enjoyed for nostalgic reasons they happened to be frustrated by the least. Rolling back the ME is not an option. The ME is fine in my view, there's always things to refine (counter pressing effectiveness for a start) but it's certainly not broken by any means.
  14. I didn't realise that when linked to Twitter, if I didn't go to Preferences to turn off automatic updates, it will literally post about all my friendlies and pointless league games.