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  1. Its definitely hard coded by SI. I started another file with a south african team using the base update (i.e. before 20.3 and 20.4). Once i started the file there were 2 teams each to qualify for the champions league and confederation cup. Just prior to the season actually starting towards the end of August it reverted to one team each. The league table only showed two qualification slots. Bizarre Hopefully can be fixed at some point.
  2. you'right when you start the game there are two teams per country already present in the competition but for the following season its showing there only be one. On my save in-game when I go to the rules for the south african league it shows one team for champions league and one for the confederation- this is reflecting on league table as well. strange..
  3. I started a file selecting the south african league which is a pre-installed league on the game (version of game 20.4) and only one team goes to the champions league and the runners up to the confederation cup. What version of the game did you load up your file with?
  4. oh ok understood. Thank you. Hopefully on the next FM SI can alter this.
  5. **What im looking to do is just change how many teams can qualify to an existing competition in the game i.e CAF champions league**
  6. Thanks for information. Ive had a read through from the link you showed me but this is for creating a new continental cup completely. What im looking to do is just change how many teams can qualify from an existing competition in the game i.e CAF champions league Thanks again
  7. Could you assist on how to work with the continental rules? i wouldnt know where to start. thanks
  8. Hi, With regards to the leagues you have produced how many teams do you have qualifying for the CAF champions league from their league? for example the moroccan league has the top two- have you added this? Thanks
  9. I believe its been fixed like this for a while- 2 teams from each of the highest ranked countries ( there is a CAF 5 year ranking).
  10. Thank you for your assistance. Ive just realised something else. I thought the issue was only affecting the african custom league databases but the south african league which comes as a pre-installed league on the game only has one team that qualifies for the caf champions league from the league positions. I dont know if the SI have overlooked this.
  11. Hi All, Ive been using a few custom league databases from north africa such as Egypt and Morocco. However Ive noticed that the custom league databases only allow the winners of each league to go to the CAF champions league- in reality the top two from each league qualifies. I wanted some assistance on how to alter this on the advanced rules on the fm editor. Your help would be much appreciated.
  12. hopefully the fm 20 in game editor allows you to remove national team backroom staff. Ive always wondered why only the managers of national teams have contracts and not their backroom staff in the game- its an oversight by SI
  13. Thanks for your swift response. Yes i agree national team managers can be added and removed. But with regards to removing national team backroom staff hopefully its something they add to the in game editor later. Because it makes sense- if a national team manager is sacked 9/10 times they're backroom staff are released too. Hopefully this addition can be added to the editor in future.
  14. With regards to the in game editor is there a way to move national team coaches from international teams? So with the in game editor club players can be moved over to other clubs and even released on a free but I've noticed with international teams this isnt possible. Have I not noticed how to do this or is this something that could be added to the in game editor in the future? For example there are many instances during the game when a national team manager may get sacked but his backroom staff are still assigned to that nation.. Thank you all.
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