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  1. Just a minor point but Hamble have their city set as Eastleigh when it should be Hamble-le-Rice. Also appears that Shaftesbury and Tadley Calleva don't have their cities set.
  2. I know it's too late to get this sorted but just a note for when John Mills (Bath) history is updated. He was set on loan to Westfield of the Southern League when it should have been Westfields from the Midland League.
  3. Just seen that Ethan Wassall has 1 appearance listed for his time with Hereford on loan this season. That should actually be 5 league appearances without scoring.
  4. Jordan Lam (74046017) joined Bristol Manor Farm on 16/11/18 after being released by Hereford. https://twitter.com/ManorFarmFC/status/1063522293064892417 Callum Sainty also joined Bristol Manor Farm on 16/11/18 after being released by Hereford.
  5. Gloucester signed Josh Thomas (95034611) around 07/12/2018 from Midland League side Westfields where he had made 14 appearances without scoring this season. https://www.tigerroar.co.uk/joshthomas.php
  6. Ollie Butler (28067644) joined Westfields 05/06/2018: https://www.yourherefordshire.co.uk/all/sports-news/busy-day-westfields-butler-signs-jones-hayes-agree-new-deals/ Jamie Molyneux joined Westfields from Highgate 16/06/2018: https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16295632.former-hereford-fc-striker-jamie-molyneux-returns-to-westfields/
  7. Ade Shokunbi is missing his loan with Nuneaton from last season. Joined them 19/01/2018: https://twitter.com/ReadingFC/status/954398044534931457 Gabriel Osho is missing his loan with Maidenhead United from last season. Joined them 23/02/2018. https://twitter.com/ReadingFC/status/967014216296169473
  8. Billy Collings (Brighton) is missing a loan with Didcot Town from the 15/16 season. Joined them around 26/02/2016. https://www.bicesteradvertiser.net/sport/14319592.football-steedman-joins-millers-play-off-push/
  9. Will Dennis (Bournemouth) is missing a loan spell with Guernsey from last season in his history. Joined around 14/10/2017 and left 05/01/2018. https://www.guernseyfc.com/team/goalkeepers/will-dennis Jordan Holmes (Bournemouth) is missing a loan spell with Weymouth in his history from the 15/16 season. Joined them 20/11/2015 and left 01/12/2015. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/14115419.afc-bournemouth-rookie-keeper-holmes-recalled-from-weymouth-loan/ Jack Simpson (Bournemouth) also had a loan with AFC Totton in the 15/16 season that is missing however I can't seem to find any exact dates. https://www.tribalfootball.com/articles/bournemouth-defender-jack-simpson-afc-totton-loan-ideal-for-me-4248207 Matt Butcher (Bournemouth) is also missing a loan with Poole Town from the 14/15 season. He joined them 26/03/2015 and left 31/05/2015.https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/sport/cherries/clubnews/15843551.Midfielder_Matt_Butcher_signs_new_deal_with_Cherries/
  10. You might know about this one already but Marko Radovanovic no longer plays for Souths United as he moved to England last summer. He started the season with Buckland Athletic before moving to Cirencester Town around 23/11/2018 but has left them (not sure when). https://twitter.com/Radovanovic_1
  11. Coventry United no longer ground share with Coventry Sphinx they moved to Butts Park at the start of the 17/18 season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-37327701 Romulus moved from Coles Lane back to Vale Stadium for the start of the 18/19 season: http://nonleague.pitchero.com/news/romulus-move-castle-vale-stadium/ Also their current midweek match day is set to Wednesday they now play on Monday's instead and their weekend match day's should be back on Saturday's again. Westfields changed their midweek games from Wednesday to Monday as well for this season also their record attendance should be 1825 against Hereford 0n 31/08/2015 in the Midland Premier League. Shepshed have also seemingly moved back to playing on a Tuesday from Wednesday. Worcester should be set to play on Wednesday's to avoid clashing with Bromsgrove.
  12. @GKE20 Thanks for the post. As has been mentioned multiple times in this very thread short term loans such as Yates, Wassall, Finn and Lloyd are not included in the database. The same goes for Adam Hockey at Lads Club, Brandon Powell at Pegasus and Harry Franklin at Redditch. Unfortunately the transfers of James Roberts, Tommy O'Sullivan and Tom Owen-Evans to Hereford happened after the data was locked so that's why they are not in the squad. The same goes for Jordan Lam, Jamie Bird and Lewis Hall, their departures came too late to be included for the release date. It is up to the individual clubs to provide images of players so presumably Bristol City did not send one of Smith and the same from Gloucester for Morford. The change of captain from Liburd to Smith again was after data lock so couldn't be included. James Watts is set as general manager in the database however there is an issue within the game that is making GM's come up as chairman. Jonny Evans has dual roles as he has a secondary role of youth physio set in his profile. But I will get the other staff added when possible. Researcher's don't set which players are key players or hot prospects, that is down to their ability and reputation. Thomas' ability and stats are currently based on how the Gloucester researcher rated him last season and if he continues to play like he has then he will probably be increased for the January update as he has been our best player but that's not saying a great deal at the moment! I'm not sure what is happening with the away kit as I've just checked my files and both the shorts and socks were set to black but the home socks are my error so apologies for that. I'm also not sure why Jewson is still appearing as I removed all trace of them and replaced it with Central Roofing.
  13. Watts showing up as chairman is known about as for some reason staff that are set as general manager are appearing in game as chairman too. The second point you mention is an interesting one as the club would definitely turn professional if promoted like you say so I'll see what can be done there. Unfortunately I don't think there is a better way round the ownership situation at the moment.
  14. James Bowen (Leamington) is missing his history from last season. He made 11 league appearances scoring 1 goal for Hereford before leaving for Solihull Moors on 17/10/2017. He made 10 league appearances without scoring for Solihill in the 17/18 season. He re-joined Hereford on loan on 06/02/2018 where he made a further seven appearances without scoring between then and the end of the season.
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