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  1. Matt Sysum left North Leigh for Westfields 16/07/2017 - http://www.herefordtimes.com/sport/15352775.Fields_out_gunned_by_big_money_clubs/ Mark Magee left North Leigh for Westfields on 28/09/2017 - http://www.herefordtimes.com/sport/15565169.FOOTBALL__Striker_signs_for_Westfields/ Sam Mendes also joined Westfields from North Leigh in January this year.
  2. Thanks, I've added the same for Beadle senior.
  3. Timma

    [England] Free Agents

    Its probably worth removing youth coach Liam Brewer from the DB as he's been banned working with children: http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/15893815.Junior_football_coach_downloaded_child_sex_pictures/?ref=mr&lp=1
  4. Hyde's Matthew Beadle could have his dad and Hereford manager Peter Beadle (2003428) added to his favourite staff.
  5. Not sure how that has ended up in his history as even though "Hereford United" signed and used dozens of players that season Moli never joined the club and was only mentioned by the manager as someone he was planning on signing so that does need deleting.
  6. It appears that the loan box needs checking in Rhys Healey's history for when he was with Newport last season.
  7. It looks like Arnold Garita needs the loan option box checking in his history for when he was at Plymouth last season.
  8. Angus MacDonald needs the loan option selecting in his history for when he was with Salisbury in the 2010/11 season.
  9. Daniel Gyollai needs the loan option ticking for when he was at Nantwich in 15/16 season.
  10. The loan option box needs ticking for when Jack Fitzwater was with Chesterfield in the 15/16 season.
  11. In Toni Martinez history the loan option box isn't ticked for when he was with Oxford United last season and the same with Doneil Henry and Horsens.
  12. Timma

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Burnley Data Issues

    The loan option box needs ticking in Luke Hendrie' shistory for when he was with Kilmarnock last season.
  13. The loan option box needs ticking in Tyler Cordner's history for when he was with Bashley last season.
  14. Timma

    OTF World Cup 2014 Predictions Competition

    Thursday June 12 Brazil 2-1 Croatia: 21:00 Friday June 13 Mexico 1-0 Cameroon: 17:00 Spain 1-0 Netherlands: 20:00 Chile 2-0 Australia: 23:00 Saturday June 14 Colombia 2-0 Greece: 17:00 Uruguay 2-1 Costa Rica: 20:00 England 0-1 Italy: 23:00 Sunday June 15 Ivory Coast 1-1 Japan: 02:00 Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador: 17:00 France 3-0 Honduras: 20:00 Argentina 3-1 Bosnia: 23:00 Monday June 16 Iran 0-1 Nigeria: 20:00 Germany 2-1 Portugal: 17:00 Ghana 2-1 USA: 23:00 Tuesday June 17 Belgium 2-0 Algeria: 17:00 Russia 2-1 South Korea: 23:00 . Who will win the 2014 World Cup? (5 points) Spain 2. What round will current champions Spain be knocked out in? (3 points) Winners 3. How far will England get? (3 points) Group Stage 4. How many European teams will make it past the group stages? (2 points) 10 Tie breaker in case of a tie: How many goals in total (excluding extra time/penalties) will be scored in the entire 2014 World Cup? 152