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  1. Don't get me wrong, I too prefer it to be a single (double) country. But with the exception of Baku it really isn't, distancewise, any issues. And even with it isn't much of a difference to what can (and have) happened in the WC's. Seville to Baku is just under 3000 miles. 2014 in Brazil had about 2000 miles from one end to the other. 2026 in north america will have about 2500 east to west and 2700 north to south. If they had been a bit smarter about the groupings and ditched the whole "host nation stays at home as much as possible" crap then it could have been pretty good. Of course money and politics meant that wasn't going to happen but still.
  2. Seems they failed at fact checking. No team went through with 3 points in -94. There where a few that did in -90 and -86 but of course back then you only got 2 points for a win so...
  3. And a bad GD to boot. Will really help the teams in later groups to know the results, another drawback of the 24 team system.
  4. Seems like a quirk due to those teams being very close in strength/odds. No clear favourite and thus the best team gets the nod in both categories. Kind or an "either" v "either or" difference. But I could be wrong, haven't done statistics since I left uni.
  5. Blame UEFA as it was their system that made that possible. As all teams won v the 4th team then that win only mattered as a win, not to the size of the win. Under the FIFA system to decide placing the size of all group matches would have mattered before between meetings and thus all Italy would have needed to do was win bigger than either of Sweden or Denmark did and they would have gone through (and thus made the Sweden v Denmark game into a one team decider). Of course they didn't actually win big enough for that but I guess they had had some better motivation if it would have mattered. I always thought the funniest part of that was that none of the Swedish media had even considered the possibilities of the 2-2 result when the Italian media started making noise about it (nor had something like 90%+ of the Swedish fans). Laughed quite a bit at this in the crowds during the game.
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