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  1. The "show reply" feature

    Yea I just added you as you've posted in here before and might know who to poke to get a response. And that's mainly what I'm after, a recognition that it has been, then they can fix it or ignore it as they see fit. Other posters have noticed the issue I might add, they've just not taken the time to try and understand what it is.
  2. The "show reply" feature

    Should expect this to have been seen I guess but since the issue is still there and no one has commented in the thread I'll just add @FrazT and @Lucas Weatherby to be sure.
  3. The "show reply" feature

    Might add that as I said in the OP this issue shows up when you use that little black "new posts has been made" box to refresh the page or if there have been posts made since the page was last refreshed and the page is refreshed because you just posted a reply. In short the problem arises when the page is refreshed by the forum software because it works fine if it is refreshed by the browser.
  4. The "show reply" feature

    As this is still there and other posters have noticed it too I thought I see if there where any interest from the team to look at it. I'll even provide a screenshot this time, both the two highlighted areas should never be visible at the same time.
  5. Automatic logout from forum?

    Yea that I've had too. Apparently the forum software can handle the jump between log ins from several computers/browsers but once you do it from a mobile device it gets lost.
  6. When you are browsing a thread and new posts are made in it you get that "show reply" alert down at the bottom of the window. And if you click it it shows the new posts just fine. But if one of those posts are made by a person you have blocked it shows you their post(s) along with any others (you get the collapsed "this person is on your ignore list" thingy too). Though any previous posts by them already at the page stays collapsed (or open if you have chosen to open one).
  7. The /code function

    Also it would be nice to have a simpler way of editing the code parts of posts. Currently you can't edit a coded text once it has been inserted by the editor and you can't even highlight the coded text while inside a post (pre-posting or editing a post). So if you see it coming out wrong while writing your post you have to post it and then copy the code sections before you can try to fix it.
  8. The /code function

    After using it a bit more I've got to say that the way it works now is not only annoyingly roundabout but also it isn't working as it should. This is what I get if I c/p a text which, using tab (that's called the same in english right?) looks right before pasting it into the code editor. Saturday 20th August 2016 Stoke v Man City 0-2 Burnley v Liverpool 1-2 Swansea v Hull 1-0 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 2-0 Watford v Chelsea 0-2 West Brom v Everton 1-0 Leicester v Arsenal 1-3 Funny thing is that while inside the code editor it doesn't look aligned but it comes out correct. Problem is that last week when I did the same it neither looked right inside the editor nor did it come out right in the post meaning I can't trust the editor to get it right (unless you have changed something about it in the last week). The problem is compounded by the fact that if I use tab to line it up, then it looks aligned inside the editor but comes out like this in the post. Saturday 20th August 2016 Stoke v Man City 0-2 Burnley v Liverpool 1-2 Swansea v Hull 1-0 Tottenham v Crystal Palace 2-0 Watford v Chelsea 0-2 West Brom v Everton 1-0 Leicester v Arsenal 1-3 And this isn't correct so I can't trust this part of the code function either... I know it's not an important part of the forum functions but still, it would be good to have it working right or at least have it working incorrectly in an consistent way.
  9. The /code function

    Ah I need to paste it into the box instead of pasting it into the post and then designate it "code" as it used to be. A bit annoying but that will work. Thx for the info
  10. The /code function

    Also is there a way to use BB code formatting when posting, i.e as we used to be able to?
  11. Is there something different about the code function since the change? You used to be able to copy/paste tab separated text into it and it would keep the formatting but now it seems to loose it on the way, maybe not a major issue but it's annoying.
  12. Deleting quote boxes

    Haven't tried it on mobile but on desktop there are no issues. You just have to treat it as a separate box so positioning the marker after/below the box and then the first "backspace" highlights the box and a second one deletes it. But yea they are working a bit different/strange nowdays. For example if you delete quotebox and then chose "re-do" (or whatever it is called) then you won't get the box back, it will just re-do whatever text formatting you did before deleting the box (if any).
  13. # of posts/threads per page?

    But it doesn't load the threads, only the headings. It's not much difference tbh. It is however quite a difference to have to jump between multiple pages with a limited/slow connection (like the one I use atm).
  14. # of posts/threads per page?

    That's no help though, if the thread is on page 3 then it will be way down in the activity stream to.
  15. Mate this is for issues with the forum software, you'll get much better responses/more gratitude if you re-post it in the correct bug forum.